TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree Appearing on “Anderson”… MeGo Appearing At “FleaMarket”

September 26, 2012  10:15 pm

I swear on my A******c child that I did not see the info on the Anderson Show site re Tree’s appearance tomorrow on Anderson!  The last time I checked, Anderson had all of Kelsey Grammer’s info re his appearance up and nothing re Tree.

However, Tree IS going to make another appearance on AndyCoop’s show to address the mad tweets re her appearance this morning.

Hmmmm…. so Tree is going back to see AndyCoop after a berating by AndyC?  How convenient!  What a set up by AndyC and his good friend at the only channel AndyC watches, Bravo’s MissAndy!   A manufactured “twitter war” instigated by AndyC to grab ratings.   Wasn’t it a bit suspect when AndyCoop found that one audience member to discuss if he was too hard on Tree?  After which AndyCoop invites everyone to discuss Tree on twitter!

AndyCoop KNEW that by going after Tree, it would cause an uproar.  It will be interesting to see how tomorrow’s appearance goes.

Also… as a body language afficianado, when AndyCoop asked Tree about a spinoff show, her body language gave her away.  Tree may have been saying “No”… but the rest of her was saying “Yes!”  There has been talk about Tree negotiating for her own show and many think that it will be a show about Tree coping with four girls while her husband, JuicyJoe, is in da clink… with Juicy’s brother, Pete Giudice and his wife, Sheila, in supporting roles.   IMO, Tree would be better off with a cooking show, as had been rumored long before the “Single Tree” spinoff rumor.

QUESTION:  Has Tree agreed to be this season’s “VILLAIN” to be beat up by MissAndy, AndyCoop… all the way down the RHONJ chain, including GayRosie… in exchange for her own show?

While Tree is busy negotiating and building her brand… as is the goal with every Housewife… let’s take a look at what Melissa Gorga is up to!

MeGo has an exciting schedule, which includes an appearance at the largest flea market in Florida… Flamingo Island!  Did JLo ever make flea market appearances??  Howz about PitBull?