TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree Appearing on “Anderson”… MeGo Appearing At “FleaMarket”

September 26, 2012  10:15 pm

I swear on my A******c child that I did not see the info on the Anderson Show site re Tree’s appearance tomorrow on Anderson!  The last time I checked, Anderson had all of Kelsey Grammer’s info re his appearance up and nothing re Tree.

However, Tree IS going to make another appearance on AndyCoop’s show to address the mad tweets re her appearance this morning.

Hmmmm…. so Tree is going back to see AndyCoop after a berating by AndyC?  How convenient!  What a set up by AndyC and his good friend at the only channel AndyC watches, Bravo’s MissAndy!   A manufactured “twitter war” instigated by AndyC to grab ratings.   Wasn’t it a bit suspect when AndyCoop found that one audience member to discuss if he was too hard on Tree?  After which AndyCoop invites everyone to discuss Tree on twitter!

AndyCoop KNEW that by going after Tree, it would cause an uproar.  It will be interesting to see how tomorrow’s appearance goes.

Also… as a body language afficianado, when AndyCoop asked Tree about a spinoff show, her body language gave her away.  Tree may have been saying “No”… but the rest of her was saying “Yes!”  There has been talk about Tree negotiating for her own show and many think that it will be a show about Tree coping with four girls while her husband, JuicyJoe, is in da clink… with Juicy’s brother, Pete Giudice and his wife, Sheila, in supporting roles.   IMO, Tree would be better off with a cooking show, as had been rumored long before the “Single Tree” spinoff rumor.

QUESTION:  Has Tree agreed to be this season’s “VILLAIN” to be beat up by MissAndy, AndyCoop… all the way down the RHONJ chain, including GayRosie… in exchange for her own show?

While Tree is busy negotiating and building her brand… as is the goal with every Housewife… let’s take a look at what Melissa Gorga is up to!

MeGo has an exciting schedule, which includes an appearance at the largest flea market in Florida… Flamingo Island!  Did JLo ever make flea market appearances??  Howz about PitBull?

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184 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree Appearing on “Anderson”… MeGo Appearing At “FleaMarket”

  1. The two famewhores are at it again. Meho at a flea market is very appropriate for her level of talent. A spin off show with Tre – oh boy, not another loud, insufferable jersey show. The obsession with NJ is getting old. Tre needs to take an English class, not another show.

    • Yes MeGo needs to get rid of some of her fleas. Like grandma use to say, “If you lay down with dogs……” hehehe.

    • I’ve been to Bonita Springs and it’s a sleepy little town on the West coast of FL, full of retiree’s (snowbirds) from the NE. I can’t imagine who she thinks would be excited she will be there. It’s just such an odd appearance location.

  2. Tre needs to go back into the line of fire on LOOSE BUTT HOLE COPPE.She did not learn anything the 1st time.If you are not going to break it off in Cooper’s loose butt hole dont go back on the show.

    • Funny SH won’t publish my comment from yesterday, People complain about Bravo blogs when this seems just the same. Still going to try though I doubt this one will go through either, but this is a very homophobic remark and you publish this but won’t publish my comment stating it is such.. Very disappointed in you SH.

      • Hi Krystal, I dont get the homophobic remark. Coop is gay. Greg is gay. These are facts. Gay men put their peetoms in each others bungholes. Fact. Over time that is bound to get loose. I say this as the owner of my own bunghole who has had a peetom in my bunghole a time or two(ya know special occasions and whatnot) and I must say…. things aint right back there for quite sometime afterwards so I could only imagine what a daily assault would do to it So to my why of thinking the loose butt hole thing is more of a shout out to the prowess of his tiny boyfriend.

        • Why does the song ‘Burning Ring of Fire’ pop into my head as I am reading your description of the aftermath of a peetom in the bunghole?

          • lol. For real! And guess what, whenever I try to steer the hubs from this by saying something like “stop that, its soooo gaaaaaaay”(sing song voice) Do you think it offends him? Heck no, he just grins and keeps on coming for it. Men! They are all the same.

              • Tee hee. yes. only! Funny story. I don’t enter(oh punny) into things like this blindly. So I took myself down to the local gay bar because they had a book store in there and purchased me a book on …well… tips for first timers ifn ya now what I mean. I aimed to educate myself fully going straight(another punny) to the source. Anyways this book stayed in the nightstand drawer for years.. had forgot about it.. until momma was over helping us pack up for a move. And the funniest part was the nightstand that the book was in was on my husband’s side of the bed. I let her stew on that on for a while before I sheepishly explained myself to her.
                Bottom(punny)line: even with the book. No way around it, it hurts like a sumbeech.

              • Made, that’s too funny. If my mom found that, she’d probably die in front of me. Hmnnnn, where did you say you got that book? lol

              • We have a gay bar in town and they used to have a book store in it. I got it there. I think they have since taken the book store out because not enough straight girls such as myself buying how-to books to support it :)

        • I am sorry I offended you zxtry. I was just trying to qualify my opinion basing it on real life experience I have had. I apologize. BTW pleasing ones husband is very wholesome and I wont apologize for that or think that its slimey.

          • I’ve only had my cocyx adjusted via the bunghole and things aren’t right for a few days because of the size of my 6’3 chiro’s finger .. I couldn’t even imagine anything larger .. more power to ya

  3. I’m having a garage sale next month. Maybe MeHo will make an appearance. She will have to mark down her CDs tho. A couple of bucks sounds about right.

    • Aint Pittypat….Ha ha ha too funny, although I would reconsider an appearance by her, you do want people to show up don’t you?

    • Ain’t Pittypat or Anyone, PLEASE tell me why poison, the self professed “angel from God” has NEVER once been taken to task for calling his sister and Kim D “butt-buddies” on the last show?? Teresa has been crucified and bullied since S1 when Juicy made a comment. They have both appologized MANY times……yet poison’s remark has NEVER been mentioned and it has been a year. MeHo & JoHo have been on WWHL several times. This???? is annoying me and really posses me off at the obvious double standard. HELP ME TWEET, FACEBOOK, MEESAGE AND LET BRAVO AND ANDY KNOW WE THE VIEWERS ARE SICK OF HIS FAVORITES GAME. Can any one tell me why nobody has even brought it up??

      • Tre and Juicy both still call things ‘gay’ and Juicy still says ‘faggot’ while on the show. Now not for nothing, but don’t you think that if they’re actually sorry they would stop. You are playing favorite games. Just as sickening is the way that you Teresa sympathizers are blind to everything that she does and just wants to nit-pick at everything else. I love how in her book this week she is like ‘I don’t lie, i’m honest, blah blah blah” yet how many times this season has she told us two stories?? Like she didn’t get paid to do the covers, but then you hear Juicy telling everyone that they just do it for the money b/c they get paid for it. GIve it a rest, Joe Gorga did not mean it in any way like that and you know it. Besides, how does that offend you but Juicy making a remark about how loose Greggy Bennets asshole is does not?

        • It isn’t that any of it is OK and accepted…. it is that one person is held accountable for the things she says while the other is not.

        • How, pray tell, did he mean it? Other than is obvious ignorance of how the female body is made, he meant to insinuate that Tree(HIS SISTER and Kim D where bumpin ugies) And where do you get that Joe and Tree STILL do or say anything? The show was filmed over a year ago. And I have never heard Tree ever say anything was “gay” What episode was that?

          • Well it’s nail Teresa to the cross while everyone else gets a pass. Do you think Andy cares? Because it was in reference to straight females so Joey G gets a pass. You can always bash Teresa tho . You might actually receive a bonus for getting in on the gang bang. Twitter or text her Tre with mean, made crap? Probably earns a vaca. Add Facebook to the mix or blog anonymously? Add the spa package. Total take down at the reunion? XANAX for everyone? And give me a break if you are genuine and speaking with the courage of your convictions why do you need xanax? I

            • Exactly. BTW, Andy is not very gracious to his lesbian counterparts either. With all that lady-pond crap. I really was hoping Cindi Lauper might have taken him to task over that but..didnt happen.
              Andy and Co are pandering plain and simple no question about it. And watch the comments for confirmation of my theory on this. Mostly the conservative defend Tree and the the liberals want to burn her at the stake. Blinded by anything good she does simply on how she and her husband were presented regarding the gay issue. I know there are exceptions but for the most art is falls right down party lines.

          • I apologize, as you are right about that one… I was thinking of when Tree called someone a ‘retard’ in the last couple episodes….if anyone truly believes that Joe Gorga believes that his sister is cheating on her husband and having an affair with Kim D and that is what he was implying by that you are more delusional that anyone on this show and you should reach on to bravo b/c you’d make the cut for next seasons cast

        • It was less offensive bc greg isn’t joes sister….for cripes sake….talking to your sister that way on national tv is beyond crass…..I know, i know….I’m stating the obvious

      • @tiagia, the only thing I can think of is that since it happened on the finale, it should be brought up at the reunion. They never discuss anything before it has aired. Now if it’s not brought up, I will never watch another HW’s show again, and only get info from SH. What about Richie’s “muff diving” comment? Was he ever pulled through the ringer for that?

        • None of them are held accountable except Teresa and Joe. Shame on BRAVO and Andy. They are showing their ignorance in being prejudicial. Either hold ALL accountable for all remarks or hold none accountable for any comments. True activism is for ALL LBGT people….not favoring one group over the other.

          • I hope what I have to say puts this baby to bed…Juicy,Joe, Teresa, Kathy and Richie were raised by poor immigrants. I greatly doubt any of their parents were provided with an education. We saw Teresa, Juicy, Kathy and Joey’s parent’s village when they visited in season 2. It looked as though it had not come up to speed of the 20th century, let alone the 21st. Richie’s parents were from Lebanon and I believe he said he didn’t come to the states till he was 8. They all had HUGE educational disadvantages A) Because of their parents lack thereof and B) Speaking a different language in their homes. There were no ESL classes, it was sink or swim. I’m not that ancient and I was asked in middle school to tutor a girl whose family had just moved here from Italy. Not because I spoke both languages but because I was Italian; true story! I only knew the curse words because after my grandparents learned English Italian was forbidden. They came here to be American and Americans don’t speak Italian. My grandparents learned English from their friends that came here from Italy as well. Can you imagine? Lol! My nonna told me they would ask there friends questions in Italian and have their friends (who spoke “broken” English) answer them in English. They could not read the language, and very little of their native language. They were restaurateurs and tradesman. They could cook and build homes. They made enough money so their children could finish high school and then my parents made enough money for us to attend college. What does all this have to do with their lack of finesse while speaking? When you are not educated, you tend to speak slang. Ebonics ring a bell? I doubt when they were in school that they were hanging around many people outside of their families. Immigrant parents tend to be over protective because it is a scary new world, especially when you have an issue with the language. Therefore, their children were not exposed to different experiences and people. Does this mean that they formed prejudices, no, it just means they did not form social etiquette. Okay, so far, we have minimal education plus language difficulties plus lack of social etiquette which all together culminates in using words that those of us would shy away from to express ourselves. It is evident, if you are not looking for the hair in the egg or looking to push an agenda, that these slurs were not said with malice, nor even used in the correct context. Referring to something as gay was very popular in the early aughts when my teenage daughter and her friends would declare everything from soup to nuts as gay. They never considered it to be a gay slur and they were not homophobic in the least. I would chastise my daughter and her friends constantly and they finally realized their error. I recall when I was in high school it was a common practice for people to use “pussy” or “faggot” when they were calling someone out for being reticent about something i.e. chicken shit. I don’t think I ever heard it used as a gay slur though I’m sure it was but, it was not common place. In fact, discussing someone’s sexuality was verboten. I know now that I had gay family members but nothing was ever said and they certainly were not chastised. They were loved as much as any of us and never picked on. I do want everyone to know that I have met very, very, very few Italians that are prejudice in any way. Our people were far too prejudiced against for us to hold any prejudice toward anyone. We’re lovers! We love everyone! We work hard, we love hard we fight hard. We hurt easily and forgive easily. My friends are always astonished that I can forgive so quickly but if someone asks my forgiveness who am I to not give it! I plan on being forgiven for all my sins. I certainly do not hold a higher place than our creator who forgives us if asked. You can witness this in Teresa and Juicy, they fight like cats and dogs, say and do hurtful things to each other, they get on each others nerves but, in the end, they love each other and forgive each other.

            All that being said; if Cohen is going to crucify one then he should crucify all.

            Also, if anyone has a problem with holding grudges and getting payback you need not look further than Cohen. The way he punished Perez by calling him out and making him apologize to SJP on the show was reprehensible. Not how I would have handled it at all, very middle school behavior.

            • so… what u mean is… people in other countries dont know manners and etiquette? I apologize for not readin your post in its entirety. Once i got tht impression i wanted to comment on that. Ur statement is a blanket statement not only about italians but about any immigrant. I believe values are taught and if your family doesnt teach you the correct ones, you just dont learn them. I dont think it has anything to do with not living in america, we all know people who are very rude, ignorant, and crass that live right here in the US, born here and parents arent immigrants. Plz correct me if i got the wrong impression of your response, as i am not trying to argue with you, just stating my opinion.

              • Va fa I know what you are saying and might i add in that Some parents teach the wrong morals but as adults we learn and change out beliefs we dont have to hold on to what our parents teach us case in point My mom was a racist she was horribly bad and she taught us kids the same when i left home I found out black,mexicans ect were just like me
                they had different customs but I find that fasionating I dropped the racist beliefs my mom pasted down to me.
                and you are right we have home grown ignorant people,crass and rude people.

              • @ Va Fa Please read the whole comment then question away. I think you will find the answers in the totality of the post. I am the grand-daughter (both paternal and maternal) of immigrants. Please do not jump to conclusions.

            • Not true about ESL classes not being available back them I dont about New Jersey But i went to school in the LA country school district in inner city LA schools and the Kids that were from Mexico who didnt speak english spent half the day in spanish speaking classes then other half in learning in english. and this wa sin the 60s they were taught to speak english once they started school. Now like i said thats just Calif

        • Dance on a table with toilet paper stuck to her shoe. Soooo sexy.! Perhaps she can get a Charmin endorsement. She is, after all an asswipe. That was one of my favorite MEHO moments. LOL

      • OMG, MP! You brought back memories with that video! My ex was from the Montgomery area and I remember that spot! I used to goof with him and sing it at random times.

        It’s just like, it’s just like it’s just like a m-i-i-i-ni mall!

        Gotta hand it to the man….he has a memorable jingle and he dresses quite well! Props to his tailor! It has been my experience that large men usually don’t wear clothes that fit that nicely.

        • Yes that tune just grabs hold of ya dont it? And yes, for the time, his suit was too fine for a flea market…. or a mini-mall. Wonder what sort of get-up MeGo is gonna wear for her appearance? If she wants to really fit in she needs to make it an airbrushed sumpin or the other. And a fanny pack.

          • I’m thinking she could wear one of those t-shirts with the outline of body wearing a bikini airbrushed on it, but with pasties instead of the bikini top in homage to her former profession.

            • Perfect! And lets not forget the requisite sun visor. Then the flea market uniform will be complete. Ya know I was thinking the other day how we always seem to be thinking along the same lines a lot of the time. So I was just wondering are you left handed too?

              • No, I’m not left handed, though I can write almost as well with left hand as with my right. But, if you could see my handwriting you would know that was faint praise, indeed. I can also write backwards (print and cursive) and upside down. This is actually easier to do with my left hand.

              • Ambidextrous.I knew it!!!! Me too. I can’t write right handed but I cut hair right handed. Bat right handed. I think our brains work the same. My handwriting is atrocious too.

              • Well I will be bitterly disappointed if she does not wear her “I’m With Stupid ” t-shirt if JoGo accompanies her to my garage sale. Joey can wear the requisite sagging denim with hi ” I am My Wife’s ATM Machine”.

      • Thanks. Some might say I’m brilliant, though I hope they wouldn’t mean it a snarky sarcastic way. That might be considered an attack and would be against the rules. ;-)

  4. Tree,
    Unload on him! What he did to you was disgusting. And for all that bullcrap you had to swallow over people saying you shouldn’t let your husband talk crazy to you. Well what you do in your marriage is between you and your husband (I am married to my childhood sweetheart too so I know a thing or two about long term marriages and picking battles and whatnot) But dont let this outside dude, Cooper, disrespect you. Tell him whats what and then tell him again. Make sure he knows and dont leave till he does. And I love you.


    • Teresa, I agree with what Made said! Go in there and kick ass! You should bring up how Bravo chopped up the editing to make Juicy look bad. I would love it if you brought up the Cat Rodrigues crap so everyone knows what happened. Don’t allow him to antagonize you this time. Bullys are in reality cowards! Once you defend yourself with authority, he will back down. He has turned into a big P*ssy since he’s been hanging with Andy.
      Love you Teresa!

      • I didn’t see AC show, but then i never watch him, i just discovered he had a show besides CNN, he and Andy are BB’s, I thought Tre blocked whacko, I am so sick of this story. I say it blow it Teresa, AC lost his professional when he started doing appearances on WWH. But then CNN ratings are in the tank.

    • Yeah, go after him and cuss him out. Prove to the world that you are not a loud, obnoxious, uneducated, inarticulate, irrational banshee from NJ. Oh, wait; too late!

      • Did Teresa ever hit somebody out of anger? No she flipped a table, and pushed Ms. Andy but she never pulled somebody’s hair, or punched her sister in law, or punched her ex in the balls(Like Ashlee and Jacqueline)

      • I don’t advocate dog cussing anyone out. Telling someone whats what can be done without using bad words. And I really don’t think the new albino Sally Jessy Rafael wanna-be “highly respected journalist” is worthy of getting Tree rattled to the point of cussing. I simply think she needs to put him in his place.

  5. I swear I cannot stand Andy Cohen and now AndersonCooper! If I were Teresa, I would politely tell Anderson, no thanks, he had his chance and frankly screwed up. But now he will enjoy huge ratings tomorrow because of how he treated her! And his ratings suck on his talk show-Tre is doing him A FAVOR! Sickening! I really wish she would go to another network! I hate NBC!

  6. That’s a joke, right? As in MeGo’s being set up, punked or needs to fire her PR… Um MeGo, here’s your competition at the flea market. Good luck!

  7. Unfortunately this just may be another hoop the sadist Andy Cohen is making Tre jump through to secure her new show, but I do agree if only Cohen and his minions didnt have their hands in most of the networks I would love to see Teresa leave him high and dry, but I a firm believer that Andy will get his for letting this happen and so will all of his friends such as Anderson Cooper who seem to sit back and laugh like they are sooo far above everyone else when they better relize it us “everyone elses” (meaning the viewers) that put their asses where they are today!!!!

    • Stop with the “you people” already. It’s getting old and repetitive. No one said she’s saintly, but a few morons who continue to misrepresent or misunderstand the position of “we the people.”

      • What is getting old and repetitive is all the hate toward people who are not Tre fans. “You people” are as bad as the manzoids, lol!

        • Bless your heart. No one hates you suga. I was trying to introduce two lost souls.

          Next time you compare “we the people” to the Manzos, I’m sending you Katfish’s cannoli and the stripper’s CD!

      • Agreed Antonella. If people want to comment and have it taken seriously, they need to stop starting with “You people” think Tre is a saint, or “You Teresa fans” are stupid….bla bla blaaa.
        If you want to make a point about Tre, just spill it. Just say, “Teresa is wrong/stupid/fugly because….”. As soon as people read “you people”, we see it as an attack from an irrational person, not a funny, insightful, or informative comment worth reading.

        • What an interesting analysis, after Antonella’s comments above. And all other comments are so insightful and informative. I’m so ashamed.

          • Don’t be ashamed, just try to comment in a manner that makes people want to listen to your views. You’d be surprised how many people may agree with you or actually want to hear your opinions and info. If I began a comment with “You people who are Teresa haters are so stupid..”, I’m sure you’d be turned off too and not care what I said after.

    • I’m sorry, but I am still giggling about the flea market appearance comments – some very funny people on here. Geez, zxtry, I really haven’t gotten the impression people here think Tre is saintly – just tired of seeing her slammed week after week over the dumbest nonsense and would like some fairness/justice. She has issues, for sure, but they ALL do……and if you want to compare mouths, Lauren and her mommy have it all over Teresa…..and Joey Gorga has got to be one of the nastiest little fools who ever came down the pike…..and his gross buddy Rich. We want to be fair here and I personally don’t care if you don’t like Teresa, but be a little respectful toward those who do when you voice your opinions. And, yeah, AC WAS a respected journalist – let’s all check back in tomorrow and see what happens??

    • xstry,

      After the bullying that has been done to Teresa for two seasons, over 21 people bullying her on the show, I’d say her comments are mild in comparison. 21 people beating her down – could you handle that without lashing out at them? I don’t think ANYONE could! She is now calling them out on everything now that she knows how deceitful and how they betrayed her. I think she has every right to defend herself.
      If Anderson Cooper was still a highly respected journalist, he wouldn’t be hosting some hokey Jerry Springer type talk show.

      • Spot on, TV Junkie. I would like to add, what are Teresa’s sins? I know she is not refined (though she seems to be striving towards that) but I want to know what hse has done???? Okay, she flipped a table and had an ugly exchange with Danielle (made even uglier and accelerated by – wait for it – JAACKO and ASSLEY!)but…has anyone considered that Teresa may have been in her 1st trimester with the baby and was massively hormonal on top of all the crap that Caro must have been egging her on about behind the scenes, not to mention what Teresa was witnessing herself as well as having to face her world turning upside down? When Adam Corrola was asked ot comment on Tresa he said she was Naive and I agree with him. People took it as a slam, which I never understood. I think he saw just how easily she trusts, not that she is an idiot! Teresa has expressed that she was NOT proud of the table flip and her cast-mates are on record saying that is not the Teresa they know. Teresa did mention that she had witnessed her BROTHER and her father do the table flip, hmmmm. Teresa was very contrite for the table flip. Remember the director’s cut of the “Last Supper”? Good gosh, Teresa TRUSTED the Manzo’s, emphatically, and she was COMPLETELY betrayed by them. The Manzo’s supported her through this for a hot minute and then proceeded to throw her under the bus as soon as she showed that she didn’t need to genuflect to them and was going to get herself out of the shit-hole they ( Teresa & Juicy) got themselves into. And she did it so well! She snagged CA which, if I recall correctly, Carowhine thought SHE was going to get the CA gig. Carowhine has been living in a fantasy world where she is all knowing and can succeed in anything she would try ( and she holds the same delusion about her children) but she is really a talent-less, bitter, lonely woman, not to mention a full blown narcissist! She even threw her beloved *fambly* under the bus for her pitiful performance on Sirius, claiming that THEY (not HER) screwed it up for her! In her talking-head she claims that “Al and the kids were so terrified, almost to the point of embarrassment, almost, like, Oh, my God I made a mistake, I look like a fool”. NO Carowhine, you need absolutely NO ONE to make you look like a fool, you do quite well on your own!

    • I read these blogs daily (actually I check several times a day…and think I need rehab!! :)) and I don’t ever remember reading that anyone said Teresa is saintly!! LOL!!! As a Teresa supporter (just the past 2 seasons) I find that hysterical!! Seriously?? With all the Melissa “thank you Jesus” and that Poison is an “Angel of God” crap…I think if anyone thinks they are saintly…it’s the Whorgas!! lol…Teresa has a temper, she doesn’t think well on her feet, she gets loud and occasional flips tables, she doesn’t do well backed into a corner (neither do I frankly), and she is sick and tired of talking about the same BS over and over again! (cookiegate, cookbookgate, strippergate..”setupgate” etc)…but that’s all the other 4 can bring up all the time!!! And when Teresa mentions she’s upset because of Melissa exchanging private info with Danielle…she is told she is holding a grudge….UH HELLO!!! THEY ARE ALLLLLL HOLDING GRUDGES….but the other 4 don’t want to hear that about themselves…and instead no matter what happens to them it’s teresa’s fault….seriously….Melissa said Teresa called a night club and she lost an appearance there? really? really??? because I think that would be in the news by now…lol..

    • He lost his credibility when he signed up to do a show about fluff. Also when he outed himself as gay, everybody got a good laugh because that has been widely known for years, and who cares. Now that he is playing butt bongo with Andy Cohen, the credibility meter actually fell off the machine. Quack, Quack. Hack hack.

  8. You’re right! It’s a conspiracy! First, Andy Cohen and his team of sinister producers activated the chip they implanted in Anderson Cooper’s brain, then fed him talking points, and then watched as his eviscerated their prey.

    So what now? Is everyone going to make homophobic remarks about Anderson Cooper now? Is he “Ms. Anderson”? Or is he a bully? Or better yet, biased. Biased is good because it would just be UNETHICAL for a serious journalist to be biased when it comes to serious issues like the Real Housewives.

    • Thats just it, in my opinion, cohen being the “make as much as you can at any price” attitude has gotten out of hand. When these shows started they were innocent and we all knew that with reality tv the drama had to be magnified, but Cohen and Bravo took it too far when they brought family members in to take other family members down and innocent kids were/are involved. and now to find out that producers were behind alot of this to destroy Teresa and her family. Ya know, no wonder RHONJ is the one show that really makes many viewers sick I truly think its because its the one that is really and truly hurting famlies and its disgusting that Andy/Bravo, Anderson Cooper,Kelly and Mark Ripa (I put it like that cause he is nothing without her, let be honest) and all the rest of them sit back and laugh, and no, I am not one of these people that believe the people I see in Soap Operas are real if thats what you think, I just think the dynamic of NJ housewives is at a level that is in no way entertaining and frankly is something that should not have been televised to begin with.

    • OMG Connor, do u really think it was an implanted chip? I saw the Manchurian Candidate, but I assumed that was fiction. Could it be real?

    • If Anderson Cooper is going to invite a guest to his show, then as a serious journalist he should remain neutral and at the very least unbiased and be objective, Regardless of how irrelevant the subject may be to the worlds issues at a whole, yes.

      If he wants to be perceived as a serious journalist and is above entertainment drama then he should host serious topics with professionals. If you are going to host topics that you think you are above and not take it into consideration at all or do any kind of research then you are a fool and are deserving of the backlash.

      If you are going to host a topic with an agenda to make them look bad without their knowledge then your just a ratings whore like the others.

      If I have a chef cook me 5 star meals everyday, 1) why in the heck would I walk into McDonalds 2) what gives me the right to treat the workers there like a piece of crap 3) why do I need to tell them how aweful their product is as I willing eat it? If I did that I would appear to be a real ass, no?

      Same thing here…just my opinion but in general…Regardless of what Anderson has accomplished and what he is above he willingly hosted a topic and invited a guest and therefore it is his duty to be professional and treat the matter in the same manner that he would of any other journalistic piece. If he wants to come down from his pedistal and play in the mud he needs to dressed for it.

    • Connor,
      To quote your last sentence: “biased is good because it would be unethical for a serious journalist to be biased when it comes to serious issues like the Real Housewives”.

      No “serious journalist” would be hosting a show that deals with issues like the Real Housewives in the first place. He would be hosting a show like 60 Minutes or something of that caliber. Watch some of the guests and subjects he has on his show. He brings them on, then humiliates them. You know, just like Andy does on WWHL with the housewives.

    • You cannot claim to be a *serious* journalist and a gossip monger simultaneously. After all, when are we, the viewer, suppose to differentiate which face he is wearing? He is AC’s puppet. Might as well be Satan’s puppet. Seems that Anderson has jumped the shark. How low can you go…

  9. I just hope she’s focused and gathering her thoughts and she is ready. I don’t wanna see her expecting friendly conversation and gettin her feelings hurt by some rude old man again! Seriously, Anderson is showin some age.

    • Teresa should limit her answers to yes or no and don’t give him any bait. If she can’t control herself, then I hope she rips his balls off!

      • Ya, if she reaches low enough maybe she can find them, if Mandy doesn’t already have them bronzed and sittin on his trophy shelf on WWHL…

          • No, it’s a joke, and I’m not bashing other commentors. I’m not spewing hatred at everyone who may or may not agree with me before they even get a chance to read what I’m saying.

            • Frankly Z if I cared I would point out that after what u say about Teresa, u comparing “we the people” to her, is personal. Furthermore u indicated that like Teresa “we the people” make things everyone else’s fault. So might I suggest u lighten the heck up. Enjoy. Life is too short to be a nitwit.

            • I’m getting too personal? Lol, I don’t remember searching for YOUR other comments to continue arguing. I’m just trying to tell you that you may want to consider just stating a comment, without the “You people”, which is offensive, as it immediately turns the reader off. As you just said, you seem to see everyone as “you people” or “us people”, and that isn’t conducive to lively debate and discussion. If you really wanted to make a point, you would do well to just make your points and state your opinions, and stop taking the time to point out that you feel like its “you people” against “us people”. We are all the same people here, people who watch dumb reality shows and like to chat about it. I know I personally would welcome any opinion of Tre that makes for good discussion, and would actually listen to what someone has to say if they didn’t immediately call me “you people”.

          • Sista, stop the crap already. No one cares about what u consider rationale and informative (except ur other accts)

            • Man Antonella, THOSE PEOPLE! LOL I just don’t understand why some people, not us people, but those people, come here just to bash people. It is so much easier just to lose the “you people” and start the comment already, so we can read it and respond to those people. And a little sense of humor goes a long way…

  10. I can feel the weight of the world taking Tre’s side over me,
    I want to feel the spotlight, but somehow it doesn’t want me.
    Because I’m On Display, On Display, On Display
    Each and everyday, everyday, everyday
    I really really really want Tre to fall, but she keeps on making money, making money!!

  11. I don’t know about JLo at any flea markets but she and Ben used to visit The Avenues Mall in Jax, FL when they lived in GA. Maybe MeGo could resurrect the “mall rat tour” of the old days with a side of orange/pecan stands tour! I think it would compliment the flea markets IF she stops at random boiled peanut stands along the way. Ooh, and she should totally tour this route on the BLK bus.The possibilities are endless!!

  12. Why should Teresa be given preferential treatment? If she’s invited back, why not have all of them back to refute anything she says. Guess I should wait until the broadcast to see what transpires, huh?

  13. I just watched the video clip of the AC interview. You can tell AC is in Ms Andys hip pocket. Trying to keep their “friendship” alive and kicking. AC put her on the spot because if Ms Andy did that he would be accused of what the viewers have said all along….he has it in for his cash cow, Theresa. So staged and phony. All this from the man who was put on the map with his coverage of Katrina. I had such respect for him then. Now its just another Jerry Springer show. Hope she kicks his ass this time around. Just another bully.

  14. Did I read that correctly, MeGo is doing an appearance at a HIGH SCHOOL after her flea market appearance? Wow! She really has hit the pop-star big leagues now!

    As far as Anderson Cooper being a “serious” journalist… I believe he traded that title in for the title of “talk show host” now! He is now sitting at the table with Wendy Williams, Rachel Ray, the women of The View, Tyra Bank, etc! Wouldn’t you agree? How embarrassing for him!

    • I wonder if she will class it up for the HS appearance and leave the stripper shoes, sequin bikini tops and cleavage at home?

  15. First of all Teresa has to and will do anything her Devil boss tells her to do. You make a deal with the Devil now it is time to pay up. They will all have to pay soon. Andy is the Devil. Unfortunately because Teresa has to most financial debt at this time she is in the most desperate situation. Trust if Teresa didn’t need the money she could call more shots. Second Teresa participated in the relentless bullying of Danielle in the season 1 and 2 so now the tables have turned. Boo woo. But I kind of feel sorry Teresa. I think she will eventually crack under the pressure.

    • Teresa does not have the most financial debt. The banks sold their buildings, and that paid off a great deal of it. I think Chris and Jax hold the record with their $8 million.

    • I agree that it is like making a deal with the Devil. They signed on for the money/fame/etc., but all that is fleeting, and in the meantime, Andy is making a total mess of their lives.

  16. I read here all the time, never posted, but I live about 15 mins away from this flea market. My 10 year old son loves to go there and walk around, so we go almost every Saturday and I saw the poster for the Gorgas visit last weekend and laughed so hard, this is NOT a big flea market, I figured if she appeared at a flea market she would at least go to the one in Ft. Myers which is twice the size of this one??

  17. Yeah the flea market, seems fitting somehow. Dogs love to play with sqeaky toys that aren’t really what they seem to be. Fake burger , fake football etc. Megofakeo meet Fido.

  18. Thanks for posting this SH. MeGo made a comment that Teresa blocked her singing career by calling venues and asking them not to book her. MeGo is such a liar. There are so many venues in the U.S., yet no one is booking her. Her problem is that you must sing live when someone is paying admission to see you perform. She can’t sing. The only venues that she can perform at is a place like Six Flags where people pay admission for the park activities not her performance.

  19. So, after reading all of these comments I’m wondering what happened to the SH rule that commenters not bash each other.

  20. Okay, first of all; all these women sign up to be on this reality program; this leaves them to all exposure; TV, Radio, Internet etc; also the right for any hosts to ask them almost anything. Again, we (I) do not know most of these women; I base what I see on the program. I think what is the worst is these women; some worst than others fight so dirty and hit below the belt. Again, question….who does this? Have any of you fought with friends, famliy and or coworkers like this?
    The name calling; are these women getting to the heat of the problem; why are they so angry at one another; why they hate eachother? Are any of them taking any responsibilty? I am talking about all franchises here. We are women, we can all be bitches and catty; is reality fame worth how they come across; ruining families, marriages; dirty laundry for everyone to see. I enjoy watching these programs even though my husband thinks I am cray cray for doing it and pitch in with the blogging and bitching as well; but where are the good examples of how women should be for women?

    • “is reality fame worth how they come across; ruining families, marriages; dirty laundry for everyone to see.”

      Whether this is all scripted or whether it is in fact reality, the majority of people on all of these housewife shows have done irreparable damage to their families. I don’t feel sorry for any of them because they have made conscious decisions to get involved in this but I feel very sorry for all of their children.

      None of the adults on these shows are any better or worse than any others. They have all sold their family relationships for the almighty dollar. Sad.

  21. SH, are you thinking that this whole thing with Teresa was a pre-arranged agreement? Just curious as to your thoughts on this…. You mentioned that perhaps this whole ‘abuse Tre’ storyline was (potentially) agreed upon in advance to set up her spin off possibilities.

  22. Now MeNocansing is saying Tre blocked her singing by calling these people up? Really, either the need for attention (& pity) is getting stronger or sompin’s wrong with the way this girl reasons things through. How would Tre or any of the other Hwvs. have that kind of power. They’re on the tube yes , but none are in the postion to canel someone elses appearences. If the people who own the clubs (or wherever she’s trying to sing) thought they would make money they would be booking her. Simple fact of life.

    • I agree. If a club really wanted MeHo, why would they care what Tree or anyone else says? They wouldn’t. They are businessmen/women who’s objection is to fill their club. Doesn’t make sense.

    • That’s funny. “Uh, sorry we can’t book yous Melissa, your sister in law called us and said we ain’t allowed to. If we don’t do what she says, she said she’s gonna call our mothers.”

    • MeNocansing …. I will be laughing about that for days !

      I think she has actually deluded herself that she’s a fantastic singer and believes all the things the midget tells her to keep his poison receptacle . I would not put it past her to honestly believe Tre is behind it because she cannot fathom that she is just without any talent. I also believe it’s just one more shot in the dark at making Tre the villain

      • I would love to know who tells these HW they can sing becaus enon of them cant
        I do think Melissa has the better voice surley better then That Kim Z who sounds like 2 cats mating. But they all are bad real bad

  23. From what I have read on another cite all of the housewives franchises including NJ have producers feeding them all lies and gossip about each other. Their angry and rage have nothing to do with the storyline presented to the public. The housewives are not allowed to confront each other with the reasons why they are truly mad at each other. If they did then the truth would come out and the truth would be too boring for TV. It is now starting to make sense to me why a housewife would fly of the handle over a flip or rude remark. That is not how normal people behave. A mature person will either ignore the dis or have a private conversation about it. I think that Jacqueline, Caroline and crew actually have confidential talk about their story lines to stay ahead of the curve. That is why I think that Juicy tells Teresa to shut up on camera because he knows that how things will play out. Teresa needs to watch her back with Dina because Dina whole life is a fake and will throw Teresa under the bus after she makes up with Caroline. I will never give any of the housewives a pass on their vile and ignorant behavior but now I understand how things behind the scene are manipulated. I must say I am disappointed with being played but I now can know view these shows with a different prospective that’s even if I bother the continue to watch any of them. I think that the housewives franchise has jumped the shark.

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