ADRIENNE MALOOF: TWO Days of Softcup Beauty Retreat… Held At Adrienne’s Home!

September 26, 2012  3:33 am

The Softcup Beauty Retreat kicked off the countdown to the Emmy’s today at the lavish home of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof (who coincidentally put her home on the market the same day for a whopping price of $26 million).

Celebrity guests and tastemakers had the chance to relax, unwind and pamper themselves prior to the awards while enjoying delicious bites and libations created by Adrienne’s private chef Bernie Guzman, indulging in various spa treatments, and sipping specialty cocktails by ZING Vodka, the Maloof family’s brand new spirit venture. Celebrities in attendance at the event included Diane Neal, Alexis Bellino, Taryn Manning, Brooke Mueller, and Fiona Gubelmann.  

VIP guests spent the day either inside the exclusive spa or outdoors in Adrienne Maloof’s lavish backyard as they pampered themselves at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. 

Beautiful floral arrangements at The Softcup Beauty Retreat were provided by Telefora and perfectly complimented the colorful décor.

Guests snagged OMG! Cases, Adrienne Maloof’s iPhone case product – just in time to adorn their new iPhone 5!

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Adrienne Maloof greeted guests at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. She was calm, cool and collected as she channeled her inner housewife and being the perfect hostess. She took a break to pamper herself with a manicure by The Painted Nail and snagged some 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt in order to sustain her energy. 


You can’t be a housewife without beautiful jewels! Adrienne Maloof fell in love with all of the Effy Jewelry at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. Afterall, diamonds are a housewives best friend!


“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Alexis Bellino complimented her new ‘do with some new bling as she received a beautiful pair of Effy earrings at the Softcup Beauty Retreat.

While getting her makeup touched up by Color Science, Alexis Bellino checked out the newest offering from Softcup. After she was getting beautified, she treated herself to a ZING cocktail at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. 

Brooke Mueller loved Effy Jewelry so much that she asked for a pair of earrings for her mother at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. Talk about a great daughter!

Purses are the perfect accessory for any woman, and Brooke Mueller was no exception as she modeled her new La Vie handbag at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. She ditched her old purse and left the party proudly carrying her latest arm candy.

“Law & Order: SVU” actress Diane Neal and “Wilfred” star Fiona Gubelmann fell in love with the vast array of Effy diamonds and had a blast trying on a variety of styles at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. 

The second day of the Softcup Beauty Retreat at the lavish home of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and mogul Adrienne Maloof was a hit!

Celebrity guests and tastemakers had the chance to relax, unwind and pamper themselves prior to the awards while enjoying delicious bites and libations created by Adrienne’s private chef Bernie Guzman, indulging in various spa treatments, and sipping specialty cocktails by Adrienne’s newly founded endeavor, ZING Vodka.

Celebrities in attendance at the event included Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Adrienne Maloof, Faye Resnick, Shenae Grimes, Camille Grammer, AnnaLynne McCord, Melissa Rycroft, Kym Johnson, Lisa Rinna, Dana Ramirez, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Garcelle Beauvais, and more!

Sisters and BFFs Kim and Kyle Richards attended the Softcup Beauty Retreat together with close friend Faye Resnick in support of their friend and co-star Adrienne Maloof. Kim and Kyle were overheard telling Adrienne that they were there for her and were just a phone call away. 


Camille Grammer attended the Softcup Beauty Retreat with her new squeeze Dimitri Charalambopoulos. She gushed about how she has never been happier with any man. Dimitri was completely smitten, holding her purse the entire afternoon, especially when she wanted to pose with co-star and close friend Adrienne Maloof. 


Diamonds will forever be a girls best friend! This was evident at the Softcup Beauty Retreat as Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards, Shenae Grimes and Garcelle Beauvais excitedly checked out Effy Jewelry. The Effy booth was everyone’s first stop at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. 


At the Softcup Beauty Retreat, Yoplait Greek Yogurt was the snack of choice! Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick gushed over the variety of flavors, and Kyle maintained that it is the perfect snack for her family. Jamie Lynn Sigler was also caught snagging spoonfuls throughout the afternoon. 


The Effy Jewelry booth at the Softcup Beauty Retreat was the place for a girl to grab some bling. Melissa Rycroft showed the jewels off to her young daughter and Melissa, along with AnnaLynne McCord, Lisa Rinna and Kym Johnson, all bedazzled themselves in Effy Jewelry. 


It’s never too young to introduce a girl to beauty! Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland brought their daughter Ava Grace to the Softcup Beauty Retreat for a day of pampering, mingling and family fun!

The “Dancing With the Stars” bond never dies! Melissa Rycroft and Kym Johnson were delighted to reunite at the Softcup Cup Beauty Retreat. Kym especially loved gushing over Melissa’s beautiful daughter Ava Grace. 


Who doesn’t love a red velvet cupcake? ZING Vodka served red velvet cocktails at the Softcup Beauty Retreat, giving guests like Lisa Rinna, Shenae Grimes and Garcelle Beauvais the opportunity to indulge in red velvet without the calories!

“90210” star AnnaLynne McCord relaxed and pampered herself at the Softcup Beauty Retreat. The young star was mesmerized by Adrienne Maloof’s house, and was overheard stating that she hoped to have a home as beautiful someday. 

Photo Credit: Todd Seligman / WireImage

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  1. These women always look so old with all of
    that makeup on, why don’t they just take a rest. I thought Teresa looked so youthful at the salon without any makeup. And Alexis? Oy, pounds and pounds of it.


  2. The product placements are ridic! It read like a never ending infomercial. What I am interested in is who h3ll would actually buy a Maloof iphone case or Zing vodka? And what’s with the red velvet cocktails, borrowing ideas much? I did find it hilarious how the attendees stuffed their faces with Yoplait in desperate attempt to be the next face of Greek Yogurt! Like vish said these stoopids need to take a rest!


  3. So, does each guest get a piece of jewelry free? I’m not understanding the promos for these products…hand bags free also? The “free” stuff seemed rather large to me, not small sample items one would think to be passing out to that crowd. I know this is a marketing ploy…but diamond jewelry?


  4. What I take away from this post is that 1/you’re never too rich to throw a trade/trunk show party at your home 2/ Maloof has a D-list rolodex 3/ Jamie Siegler (aka Meadow Soprano) really, really needs an acting job & 4/ Dimitri still dresses like a bum.


  5. I can’t believe I just googled “Softcup”! I officially have no life. However, Softcup is a reusable 12 hour tampon/cup/sponge thing for your period. Yuck! No wonder anyone didn’t relax on the Softcup towels!


    • Seriously?! That is really gross. I cannot believe there is a market for that. I assumed it was a bra. Maybe Sonja should have been the one promoting that, with all her cycle issues. I am starting to wish I grew up in the 50’s, between Vitos tattoo, Joe incessant humping motions, and katfish bait(Hubby of katfish)and many more, I have been pretty grossed out.


    • Speaking of googling stuff n stuff. When I went searchin on the youtube for info on that Lookers dive I got spit into a rabbit hole I like ta have never climbed out of. And now youtube is “recommending” all manner of filth for me based on my prior views. Whoa is me!


      • Oh nooooo! Time to start searching for fluffy kittens again, but before you do, try googling “butt-chugging” a new trend at UTK where some not too bright frat guys thought it would be fun to “drink beer” this way cuz their breath won’t smell and stuff. Anderson Cooper mentioned it today! So proud of my hometown!


    • I can’t believe I’m defending menstrual cups on SH, but they’re really not bad. Some women are starting to use them as a safer alternative to pads/tampons. Safer as in the bleaches/chemicals that are used in making tampons are not good for the ph of women among other things. Plus there’s the whole reduced waste, saving money on tampons/pads thing.


      • I actually LOVE the softcup….although I can’t stand Adrienne anymore so I am now annoyed with the company.To me it is less messy than tampons or pads. However it is hilarious to me that these “celebs” are walking around promoting it like it is some sort of hot new thing. I wonder how many had no idea what it was? However I am now worried I have caught PT’s delusional victim mentality as my defense of the product is directly related to the complex I develop whenever someone thinks something I use/do is “gross”. I look forward to reaching an age where I no longer give a damn.


        • Yeah they’ve been around since the 60s at least. It’s helped a lot of women I know have better cycles.

          Hush – you’re not PT – unless you had your pervy father write your post for you, you’re good!


  6. Hate the zipper in front dress Alexis wore.Wonder if it was from her collection of crap.Her clothes were too short and slutty for the average mom to wear.Hooker clothes.Hater her new look.Ex HW that has lost her edge and freebies.


  7. Poor Alexis, she didn’t realise the dress actually goes the other way round, I bet the reminder tag fell off that said “remember, zip at the back”.


  8. Seriously, Alexis being labeled as a “Star?”…..LOL! She looks like a drag queen and she doesn’t have a brain! Sadly, this looks like a “D List” event in a beautiful setting.


  9. What is going on with Paul? I liked him, and pretty much only him on the RHOBH….is all this crap about choking his kids and shoving Adrienne true? He never showed a temper but she sure did..


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