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September 25, 2012  2:45 pm  8:55 pm

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NOTE:  Occasionally, SH will add a little delight to your lives… by sharing with you some of the comments which you don’t get to see!  For SH’s eyes only!!  It is words and the mindset of anyone who can write such BS that is simply too (insert your own descriptive word/s here because there are just too many to choose from) … and THIS is a mild trashed comment!!   According to THIS person, who actually spends their precious time not only READING SH, but takes the time to write this junk… SH is going to be arrested!!  

[A Housewife, name taken out] isn’t stupid first of all the title of this page is spelled incorrectly , second of all your first quotation was broad-casted on the hit T.V show the real housewives of new York city . I wholeheartedly recommend you stop putting up hate pages about these amazing people , they are not to be mocked, this is a form of cyber bullying (WHICH YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR AS IT IS HARASSMENT !)


OK!  Let’s take a quick look at what’s goin’ on over at the RHOC!  

                                              Which style is the better one for describing “da Bravo Boot?”

First, is Alexis Bellino leaving the RHOC even news?  We been sayin’ that at SH for months.  Alexass had this to say to People

“Although Bravo made me a very generous offer and I’m thankful to have had this experience, I will be leaving the show behind to focus on my family and other opportunities.”

Let’s say it again:  Alexis Bellino got da Bravo boot!  Alexass and her “character assassinated” hubbend, Jimbo, can spin it any way they want… and they will for the next few months!… but Alexass will now be a permanent fixture at the TinyTerrorTotsTrampoline Palace in Anaheim!

Of course, Alexass will STILL be “designing” her KOO-TOOR clothing line in between jumps on the trampolines…’cause Alexass’ career as a dress designer has skyrocketed and her dresses are on the “must” lists for stylists to the stars.   ‘Cause Alexass does what Alexass wants to do… we all know who wears the pants in da Bellino fambly!

Perhaps Alexass can give Alex a ring… Alex McCord seems to have been handling her life after gettin’ da Bravo Boot fairly nicely!


From @RyanCulberson

According to @BrooksAyers… he’s still with Vicki Gunvalson and Crooks is still at with Tamballs Barney.

Who is the ONLY person who can settle this question of whether Vicki and Crooks are still an item?  It’s Vicki!  And, according to @VickiGunvalson, she’s taking a pause… and would like for Tamballs to shut up.

Vicki is busy gettin’ ready to address the new FemFessionals branch that just opened in Orange County!  If you’re in the Costa Mesa area and are interested in registering to hear Vicki address YOU, hurry on on over to FF… the cost is a straight $65 for members and NON-members!  That just might be a typo, but they have to honor their mistake (if it is one!).   Hmmmm…. hope there isn’t one of those “fees” that are always attached to Housewives events!   Maybe there’s a “fee” attached for the NON-members!?  Yes, the MEMBERS price is $65… NON-members will be charged that pesky little “fee” of an additional $587.44!  Well, not sure if that’s the actual “fee” or even if there is a “fee”… but it’s just a reminder to all you Housewives-lovin’ event goers that it’s those little “fees” that getcha!


Anthony Bitar, better known as the guy who co-wrote “On Display” will be displaying his own talents with his new CD and video being released next month.  This deserves a mention as it will be interesting to listen to his new music… will it remind anyone of his “work” with Melissa Gorga?

From June 2011… the moment of discovery!

20 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Briana “WaitingForBaby”…Vicki “OCFemEvent”… “On Display” Co-Writer Goin’ Solo… Trashed Comment!… The RHONJ Daily!

  1. When I think of Alexass and trampolines, I can’t help but think of The Man Show and the girls on trampolines bit they used to play. Maybe Jim the Chin has her jump around on them as he tapes it to watch in slow motion later.


  2. I dunno, I think Alex may have left because Jim couldn’t stand most of the other cast members. Just my opinion. If a booted cast memeber lied & said they were invited back but turned it down , I wonder if Bravo would bother with telling the truth publicly.?? Seems to me they’ve done that before with HW but I can’t remember which show & which person.


  3. Oh, my. I hope Brianna has that baby soon! I think she’s not due until some time next month, October 10 sticks in my mind. Poor thing looks like she is ready to pop!


  4. And Icky and Crooksey taking time for themselves. Icky is obviously trying to figure out a way to get rid of him without acknowledging the complete idiot he made out of her.


    • I know if he comes back on the show I will no longer watch. It is up to her if she wants to stay with him but I can’t stand watching him, so I won’t.



    Bahahahaha! If you come to SH’s “online house” to read it,how exactly is it cyber Bullying? You might want to stop posting those note to Ms Sh however, because that my friend is harassment.
    Better read about Freedom of speech for the rest.

    Vicky is faking a her “pause.” The only pause she want is the attention from the media.


  6. ~SH~ If you read this and have a moment to respond, I would like to know if it’s okay to discuss who sent you the trash comment. For some reason, it just “smacked” of one of the NY crew, and I would like to put my thoughts out there, but don’t want to cause any trouble to you either. So, I thought that I would ask for your thoughts.

    I thoroughly enjoy your site…it’s never a dull moment here!


    • It not only smaked of a NY HW but a new one at that… someone too stoopid to appreciate that being talked about AT ALL=money. Also it is worth mentioning that PT’s first interview with SH the first thing out of her mouth was to change the name of the site. And she used an expletive. Just like a Vassar educated would be expected to do :)


  7. Hmmmm, that opener is a toughie, but I’d like to go out on a limb and guess that the [A Housewife, name taken out] resembles a certain paper towel. We all know she doesn’t like the name of this site, which proves right there that Stoopid is the perfect moniker. Thanks for the laughter!


  8. I swear that when I read the name FemFessionals I pictured a woman sitting in a confessional booth like the old MTV shows used to have and spilling some horrible thing they’d done. Then I thought it might be some sort of lesbian porn. Couldn’t figure out why anyone would pay for that from a HW when they offer it free on TV. And then I still couldn’t figure out why anyone would pay for what FemFessionals actually turned out to be!

    I’m going to picture FemFessionals as women telling tales of their lust for other women. That’s a lot more interesting, don’t you think?


    • Yep. When i hear the word “fem” I right away think of feminine hygiene products. Its just an icky title for what maybe a good cause. IDK.


  9. I think so too, made. I hope Brianna becomes a housewife. I really like her. I do think vick is planning to dump crooks in a way that will put her on top of the situation. Fingers crossed, I never want to see him or dirty George again.


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