MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s BravoBlog… “Doesn’t Want to Waste Her Time” … Why Bother?

September 25,  2012  9:45 pm  Bravo

There you have it. I don’t feel I need to waste my time and give you a blow-by-blow of what happened in this episode.  NOTE:  If there was ever a time to give a blow-by-blow of the finale, it would be in this BravoBlog! 

I think there were far too many “kawinkydinks” and the writing is on the wall. I know by now you all know me, you know my family, and you know my values. I live my life by three words: trust, loyalty, and respect.

I have forgiven and forgotten many things, but I will not let anyone, whether it is an aunt, cousin, sister, mother — I don’t care who it is — ruin my family. I am a mother and a wife, and that comes first with me. I have to protect my family, and if that means staying away from negativity, then that’s what I will do. I would do the same if it was my own sister.

At this point I think I only have one word to describe what has happened and what’s to come: D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L.

I love all your beautiful emails and support that I’ve gotten over the last couple days. It’s been unreal. I wish I could write back to each and every one of you.

Thank you! Thank you!

Lots of Love,



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220 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s BravoBlog… “Doesn’t Want to Waste Her Time” … Why Bother?

  1. Miss SH there is a blind item on another site that one of reality stars is getting boot& clues lead to Kathy! I so hope she gets her cookie crumbled! Ugh!
    TV junkie, I Cosign ! What is funny is that they think we r really stupid & wouldn’t see right thru the BS! So fake& these ladies cannot act! Who said Razzies? Perfectly said!
    In regards to favoring of Tre here, not true, there r 2 sides, peeps like MeHo or Tre.. Any woman out there have all met a Melissa in their life! I know many& can’t hang w those types! Jealous& do anything for attention.. Melissa wants to be FAMOUS, point blank period! Does not care how she gets there! It just happened to Tre, she didn’t really seek it as it came to her. Melissa was green w envy as why should Tre be famous & not me? That is what started this downfall of misery! Amazes me what people will do for fame w/out thinking of consequences..$$$$& fame drive people apart!

    • What MeGo and the other housewives do not understand is that their blog is supposed to be their perspective not a “blow-by-blow” or recap of the epi. Teresa’s blogs are interesting and attempts to answer questions that the viewers didn’t get answered from the show. I don’t care if Tre writes her blogs or not, the point is she hires people that do exactly what they are supposed to do.

      • So, MeGo values trust and loyalty, yet she’s not ticked that DonCaro and crew are still friendly with Kim D, who very clearly had involvement. And I don’t consider it blow by blow for T to post Q&A’s, which HH above is absolutely right, she’s answering the most hot questions. Regardless of whether Tree has PR or not, that was the most appropriate way of handling an end of season blog. Meanwhile, MeGo doesn’t feel like doing a blow by blow yet was on Wendy Williams, cover of magazines, etc. this past month? Okay. Whatever.

      • housewife, I love your use of the word “perspective” because in Teresa’s latest blog, that really stuck out to me. She said she took time away to film Celeb App and leaving her NJ bubble made her re-evaluate life, priorities and people. At the same time, a commenter on Jac’s finale blog nicely detailed how she “has no objectivity” and keeps inserting herself into drama. I also don’t care if Teresa, or any of these people, write their own blogs. It would probably be better if more of them had help, instead of trying to tackle it virtually alone because for some more than others the lack of perspective is really transparent in the many-changing colors of their explanations (or lack thereof).

  2. MEHO will NEVER be called out on her B.S. BRAVO would not allow it. Hard as they try to make it the MEGO show, it blew up in their faces. She is talentless, not very attractive (Bangs could be her best friend if her styliest would speak up about that forhead) and most of all, she is evil incarnate. Just look at her eyes…dead inside. She actually gives me the willies when she speaks because she thinks she lies so well but she can’t keep her stories straight. I wish someone with a little more time on their hands would list all of her “explanations” and her story changes to fit the question of the moment. We have to keep in mind that she did come on this show with the promise to take her SIL down at any cost and her puppet of a husband went along with it, not caring about his elderly, ailing parents. She puts words in the puppet’s mouth, i.e., when they were pulling away after the fashion show,she told him to tell his sister “shame on you” and he did just that. I guess she forgot she was mic’ed. He is such a p%&&y. All so that he can release his “poision” ew.

    • “they try to make it the MEGO show, it blew up in their faces. She is talentless, not very attractive (Bangs could be her best friend if her styliest would speak up about that forhead)”


      Whoever does Melissa’s hair must hate her because all that forehead makes her look like a drag queen since it makes it appear her hairline is receding. Everyone wants to be some Victoria’s Secret model with their wavy hair but all the fiveheads forget Tyra Banks, who did the fivehead properly!!

  3. Funny how whatever she has to say to make her look like the victim is what she claims to be true. I wish Brave hadn’t wasted our time with her storyline. I/m/o you can’t believe anything when it comes from a total fake.

  4. Melissa failed in her promised take down of her SIL – even with her “family”, even with her new friends, even with her new friends’ disgraceful children, even with producer interventions – she didn’t deliver the goods. What is delusional is Melissa’s desperate need to be a victim of a botched “set up”. Melissa destroyed the Gorga family and IMO, they will be better of without her and the wee willie flasher.

    • If Andy can ask Joe G who was on the phone in Cal, can he ask Jac who was texting her at fashion show. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Bet Andy doesn’t, this should prove once and for all it was Bravo who set up the whole mess. Still can’t tell me Joe Go did not know about it for him to show up at fashion show so fast. Who was watching the children when he left home.

        Cohen will never cop to this set up.
        I’m no Tre lover but they’ve made her a sympathetic character. If they were trying to make her look like the villain… EPIC FAIL!

      • Exactly! We all know Andy won’t, though! And what was the time lapse between when MeGo called Joe and Joe/Richie showed up at the fashion show? Wasn’t the fashion show ‘far away’ (New York?) how far was it from their home(s). Because it sure looked like they got there pretty quick, considering there were children that needed sitters and the commute there. Would it not surprise us all if they were instructed by Bravo to be already in the parking lot, waiting for their moment to walk up?

      • I want to know why Joey Gorgas the self professed “angel from God” didn’t get called on why he called his sister and Kim D. “Butt-buddies”??? Andy has crucified Teresa for her husband’s comments in Season 1 but failed to even mention this??!! It was said at the Fashion show and on that doofus’s talking head.

    • That’s what gets me! What set up??? I saw no such thing. It’s so pathetic the way she continues to stretch this bull for all it’s worth (not much!). What a phoney piece of crap. The only negativity that came of this is what she herself created. That being said I really didn’t see what negativeity did or could have came to her from this. It’s a bunch of frikken nonsense. I can’t believe any networks are giving this chick the time of day. Mind blowing for real!

    • My eyes! My eyes! Now I have that horrible vision in my head. I am a mother of three and while I may have been a wild child many, many years ago, there is a HUGE difference between displaying love (and sexual chemistry) between a husband and wife and this “on display, on display” that is something out of a soft core porn movie or a soft core porn music video. Meho, begone!

    • And is that not Caroline front and center? Can see her daughter over to the left with Greg laughing their “A” off. They really are sick, low life people.

    • Midget Joe is too short to have MeGo on her knees in front of him. She has to sit her butt all the way back on her calves to reach his junk and then she still has to tilt her head down and hunch her back.

    • sue: OMG a picture is worth a thousand words. just shows how these two attention seeking whores will do anything, especially w/an audience. and the ladies really do not believe mego
      was a stripper, dancer, whore. shame on them all. i am sure mego’s mom is really proud
      of her daughter. and the way caro is laughing, miss garbage mouth. would that be o.k.
      w/ her if that was any of her 3 kids? i really do not think so. u ruined it all caro, by being
      someone u were not. all for jealousy, hate, money. karma is a bitch. u should all watch out.

    • I wish SH would make this the wallpaper of the day! Maybe a caption contest? LOLZ! Is Melissa giving JoeG a blow by blow?

      • Best idea EVER.

        I don’t understand how she would avoid giving a blow by blow recap of the show, a fairly benign and safe way to spend one’s time, but she has no trouble being on the receiving end of even more poison. I hear swallowing poison is bad for your health.

  5. I dont know… Tamballs was a mother and a wife – Then BRAVO gave her more money than Simon gave her and old Simon got the boot. MeGo seems to REALLY love the spotlight. I think you can hide your true self for a couple of seasons but the longer she’s with the show the more true MeGo we’ll see go.

    • True. But I don’t know if I can take it. Whenever I see reruns of Tamera fake hyperventilating when Simon was hugging her I get ill. Simon’s thought bubble might as well have been “WTH”
      Anyway, MeGo said something like “What does she want me to do bring out divorce papers?” I thought was a bit odd given the context. IF we are supposed to believe that Tree was outing MeGo’s past and her brother knew nothing about it then wouldn’t HE be the one bringing out divorce papers? She showed her hand just a bit with that remark.

  6. You can tell Tamara knew her marriage was over & just stayed (i/m/o) for the money. & yeah as soon as she had Brave to fit the bill she finally left. It’s like I said before she told at the end of the season (5 I think) that it was over 5 yrs. before but all the sudden Sophie came along. (Of course being in ther 30′s & having 3 kids she was shocked!!) & that was why she stayed. So i/o/w she clung to the marriage by having another kid & stayed stressed & snappy (remember the Gretchen stuff) until Bravo came along. I think that’s why she was so fake during the hug. She had known for some time. She just decided not to pretend anymore.

    • FANTASTIC ARTICLE!!!! This is EXACTLY why I love this site. BRAVO may have gotten me hooked on their “reality shows” but this site exposes the true reality. And the comments are real (not edited like the Bravo blog comments) I no longer go to the BRAVO site… I come here for reality TV – reality…Way to go!!!!!

  7. Take the high road Melissa. She does have class, you gotta hand it to her. Teresa has zero class, as she would say “Nuttin”. I think Tree should save everypenny she makes. Celeb Apprentice made her look like an untalented dunce, this show makes her look like a monkey faced out of control hating jealous liar & her hair products are not that great. I think people are on to her & tired of giving this wench money so she can pay off her creditors at a discounted rate, the IRS at a n agreed sum as she continues to buy more crap while everyone else struggles. That is the deal folks we all pay for her to be a douche and her hubs to be a crook & get away with it.
    I like her books & Fabellini. I just think her 15 are DUNZO.

  8. Carowhine (Tre) & Tamara (Gretch) . It’s odd , if you look over the facts it seems like the most flawed are the very ones trying to call the others names. Neither Tre nor Gretch are perfect , but the people trying to call them out are like 3 times more flawed than they are. :p Too funny!!

  9. I just watched Theresa on Anderson Cooper. He was bit of a dick to her. Only showed a clip of her calling Caroline “blubber, blubber and more blubber”. She said they were all against her and she was just fighting back and that is not the real her. She asked if had watched celebrity apprentice where that was the real her and Anderson said he can’t bring himself to watch that show because he is loyal to Bravo…..huh?

    • You are so right! Anderson was a dick! He jumped her badly. Andy might get jealous he so f her up. The reality bitch was there also and she sucked too….Speaking of butt-buddies Anderson you used to be open and unbiased. Not! What happened on that cruise anyways?Some guy in the audience tried to call him out but sounds like they shut him down and made some snide comments about him. Said Tre stormed out, well duh..I would have slapped him before I stormed out…

  10. When people get like TheDon , stressed, unhappy & blaming someone else, that’s what happens. They get so wrapped up in wanting to believe something that they can’t tell truth from fiction. I don’t think Carowhine would recognize the real Tre anymore. So why bother??

  11. Kathy looks like a man in a bad wig and icky dress…I still haven’t worked up the stomach to watch the Season Finale..Thanks for all the great work, Ms SH :)

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