GRETCHEN ROSSI: Slade Says Wretched Is “Prepping” For RHOC Season Eight!… VIDEO

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16 comments on “GRETCHEN ROSSI: Slade Says Wretched Is “Prepping” For RHOC Season Eight!… VIDEO

    • Last I read about his “show” is that he is on for 1 hour (yes, one hour) a day between 12 and 1 Monday through Friday. That would be 5 hours (yes, five hours) a week. His first show a few months ago was on a Saturday and it was three hours. It may have changed since then but that’s what it started out as.

      • Don’t forget he is also a paid comedienne as his other Job and then their is all that time he is working on Gretchen’s career. This man is a loser with a capital L.

  1. Hard to believe it’s been on 7 seasons already. I didn’t think the first couple of seasons were as interesting as the last few. I wish Gina hadn’t left. If nothing else she gets Miss Tammie (Barney)’s goat.

  2. Gretchen has become a wealthy entrepreneur, perhaps her plan for success can be used by Slade. What was her plan again???
    Lets see….hmmm…oh yea – get a rich old coot with one foot in the grave-one foot on a banana peel and con him into leaving you a little money. You don’t need millions and millions of dollars. Just 2.5 million would be nice….

  3. I don’t think Slade is as bad a guy as some make him out to be. He just seems really needy. Think about everything he did for Jo to keep her & now he depends of Gretch. In a different way but , still depending on her. He needs to learn to do for himself again. Maybe then Gretch would be ready to marry. You have to giver her credit. She didn’t plan behind the older (sick) man’s back to have a child & push him into marrying her. I don’t think she’s the gold digger people make her out to be. If she was she would have dumped Slade along time ago. Think about how long he’s been with little to no cash flow now. For some that’s the whole point of marriage is to have someone to support them. If Gretch was that way Slade would have been put out along time before.

    • I respect your opinion; but that first season when he was with Jo he kind of reminded me of the creepy husband from “Sleeping with the enemy.”
      He was beyond smug about being some sort of successful guy. It was all a charade.
      Last season I really felt bad for him because Gretchen showed her true colors when she said she couldn’t marry him because of his financial issues. If she REALLY made her money the way Bethany made her money, there would be no worries about finances. But it doesn’t seem like her bags-cosmetics-or songs are raking in unlimited amounts of cash.. so little by little – Jeff’s money is slowly draining away.

  4. Ahh, didn’t know he was tight with the show creator. & actually I couldn’t agree more about the control thing when he was with Jo. It just made him look all the more needy, to me. It was pretty clear Jo wasn’t ready to settle down & be anyone’s ball & chain. Funny , it seems like he knows just how to get to Gretchen when he’s not happy about something. Remember the “I’ll walk home.” thing in the park. That seemed to actually bother Gretch. She should have just said “Okaydoke! Meetcha’ there.” & drove away at top speed ;P

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