KATHY WAKILE: Dear Kathy… You Got Mail!

September 24, 2012  11:35 am

                 Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, Teresa Giudice… “If we had a food stylist, our drinks would look perfect!!!”

NOTE:  SH gets lots of emails…

Got the following email from a “QVC Food Stylist”… which apparently was meant for Kathy Wakile.  So, Kathy… if you wish to use this “Food Stylist” for your QVC appearance in December, let SH know and we’ll get you her info.

HOWEVER… Kathy, would suggest that you read the email several times. Would you really want this “Food Stylist” who cannot compose sentences or spell correctly?  OK, maybe that has nothing to to with “Food Styling”… but it does give a glimpse into the intelligence of this “Stylist.”  Just a thought.

BUT, after looking at your dessert menu, maybe this “Food Stylist” would be a great fit!

“Hi there,  I am a freelance food stylist @ QVC.  I was an on air guest for 9 years and food styled for 11 years and still going.  QVC has stylists as well, but the difference between a freelance stylist that is in the building all the time or someone that works solely with QVC is personalized attention.  My hours are not set and I am there when you need me for however long you need me.  Your product comes to me and I bring it in the building unless it is so fragile you bring it in on show day.  Of course, you will send one sample or two of each product you are still for a still shot that is included in the what you get and will be show when you go on air.  QVC does handle that, however if you want me to direct that shoot as well so it is presented the best possible, I can handle that as well if so want me too.
I must blab just a bit.  I do not always watch the show due to my grueling styling schedule at QVC during busy times, but have been known to tune in to see the drama.  Isn’t that we are supposed to do?  I like you. You are real.  Just wanted to throw that out there and I agree if you are going to put our a cookbook and say its yours, then it should be yours.  And even though I love Teresa, she was not nice and doesn’t know how to plan in the sandbox.
So all in all, if you need personalized attention to detail and know that you can use a freelance, even though QVC will state you have to use them!!! I can be your stylist.  You should be doing the guest course soon, no?  If that is the case and you would like to meet me, name the date and time.  I would love to meet you and your publicist and marketing folks.  If you would love to discuss and explore possibilities, I would be happy to assist.  There is also great reps in the food area that are fabulous that do a lot better than QVC in getting your product to air on better times.  QVC is solely about the money and believe me, you are no different than any other product.  Their goal is to give you as little for your product as they can and hopefully you do well.  But a rep and I can give you more insight.
My information is as follows:
In Kathy Wakile’s dessert tent…