KATHY WAKILE: Dear Kathy… You Got Mail!

September 24, 2012  11:35 am

                 Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile, Teresa Giudice… “If we had a food stylist, our drinks would look perfect!!!”

NOTE:  SH gets lots of emails…

Got the following email from a “QVC Food Stylist”… which apparently was meant for Kathy Wakile.  So, Kathy… if you wish to use this “Food Stylist” for your QVC appearance in December, let SH know and we’ll get you her info.

HOWEVER… Kathy, would suggest that you read the email several times. Would you really want this “Food Stylist” who cannot compose sentences or spell correctly?  OK, maybe that has nothing to to with “Food Styling”… but it does give a glimpse into the intelligence of this “Stylist.”  Just a thought.

BUT, after looking at your dessert menu, maybe this “Food Stylist” would be a great fit!

“Hi there,  I am a freelance food stylist @ QVC.  I was an on air guest for 9 years and food styled for 11 years and still going.  QVC has stylists as well, but the difference between a freelance stylist that is in the building all the time or someone that works solely with QVC is personalized attention.  My hours are not set and I am there when you need me for however long you need me.  Your product comes to me and I bring it in the building unless it is so fragile you bring it in on show day.  Of course, you will send one sample or two of each product you are still for a still shot that is included in the what you get and will be show when you go on air.  QVC does handle that, however if you want me to direct that shoot as well so it is presented the best possible, I can handle that as well if so want me too.
I must blab just a bit.  I do not always watch the show due to my grueling styling schedule at QVC during busy times, but have been known to tune in to see the drama.  Isn’t that we are supposed to do?  I like you. You are real.  Just wanted to throw that out there and I agree if you are going to put our a cookbook and say its yours, then it should be yours.  And even though I love Teresa, she was not nice and doesn’t know how to plan in the sandbox.
So all in all, if you need personalized attention to detail and know that you can use a freelance, even though QVC will state you have to use them!!! I can be your stylist.  You should be doing the guest course soon, no?  If that is the case and you would like to meet me, name the date and time.  I would love to meet you and your publicist and marketing folks.  If you would love to discuss and explore possibilities, I would be happy to assist.  There is also great reps in the food area that are fabulous that do a lot better than QVC in getting your product to air on better times.  QVC is solely about the money and believe me, you are no different than any other product.  Their goal is to give you as little for your product as they can and hopefully you do well.  But a rep and I can give you more insight.
My information is as follows:
In Kathy Wakile’s dessert tent…
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82 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: Dear Kathy… You Got Mail!

    • That 1st pic leaves much to be desired. Thought it was Kathy’s mother or something. Front and center person is scary looking! That is Kathy right? Or her diablo twin. *shudder*

  1. Whenever I hear the word “freelance” I think of the word “unemployed.” (I’ve been a freelance writer for years lol!) What a pain the a** this stylist would be at QVC. Of course QVC is about making money. Why pay someone extra unless you have extra cash lying around? Just ask Melissa to freelance style your cannoli kits; she can dress them up in little sparkling bikinis and make them dance! Hope you forwarded this to QVC as well.

  2. Frog face needs a stylist more than her food! And she better not bring her nasty drooling ape husband if she wants to sell anything food related.

  3. “if you need personalized attention to detail”……let Ms. SH know so she can forward this email I just sent to the wrong person. She will get the job done!
    Ms.SH, maybe Kathy W. sent you this email on purpose. She may have wanted you to know she was very sought after.

  4. Kathy is the most pathetic member of the cast. She is so far up the Manzos asses it’s unreal. Why don’t they help her with her fishy desserts?

    • that’s what I was thinking. If her desserts are that fantastic, why not feature them at the Brownstone or set up a “Dessert Room” where folks can come just for Dessert and after dinner drinks or coffee

        • She doesn’t want to be a caterer ‘cuz that’s hard work. She wants to slap her name (as if it is worth anything) on a mass produced product that someone else makes and rake in the dough. She wants easy money, without putting in the sweat equity. She thinks that by landing this gig on RHONJ, she won the lottery and will get her “piece of the pie”. She and her desserts make me want to puke.

  5. Katfish needs to stop testing her food…she’s getting fatter by the day. I wouldn’t touch any of your stuff for fear that the fish mongler was near it. Baaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Barb, i so noticed how much weight she has put on when her and richie went to meet with the guy who is backing her stupid product. Looks like she has hair extentions also. I wonder how her creepy hubby feels about all the weight gain.

      • In one interview “Kathy-snake in the grass” [wanted to be consider as 'T's' twin, equal, caliber.]” “K” said things about having things! Also, they wanted the same chance as “T” and it would be nice to later having her nose done, things tweeked, fixed, done” And have money and the fame that the show could bring them. It was in one of “SH” recap tapes, I just saw it again last week.

        • All chunky fish is looking for is hand outs from BRAVO. You have to earn them fishy and you haven’t. I dont need your Canolli Kit I have my own and why QVC, I thought that station was smarter than that. I guess we live and learn.

          • Barb Aroneo Roach, yes!

            I have not been able to take her (look) at face value. ["Also, the one who has been following me around and copying my penned style and passing it off as her own! The nerve!"] She chatted that her family talked about how it was advantageous for their immediate four, Never, once did she mention that it was invasive to her cousins privacy and lively hood!

            Not to forget to mention the lack of love for Teresa’s whole family’s. Teresa then having to face “the firing squad of the in-laws invasion.” Now that QVC has chosen to lay down with – what was that captured phrase Kathy “copied” from the “coined” infamous phrase? “Lay down with …” along that vain! I can quote my own “coined” words and writing style because it is not copywriting!

            • Yes! Of course I will!

              I have not been able to take Kathy at face value. Kathy said she talked with the four immediate members of her family about how it was advantageous for them – the Wiklies to join the show. Never, once did she mention that it was invasive to her cousins privacy and livelihood!

              I did not want to forget to mention the lack of love Kathy showed for Teresa’s whole family! That being Kathy’s aunt, her own mother’s relationship with her adult relative whom ever that is – I am unsure, her cousins children! Teresa then having to face “the firing squad of the in-laws invasion – that cussed sister-in-law and the rest of them!.

              ”Now that QVC has chosen to lay down with you know whom – (pigs!) They too, will stink – whice was Kathy’s remark about Teresa. So, I was playing on that captured phrase Kathy quote “copied” from the “coined” infamous phrase. Kathy said “lay down with pigs – you know what you will get!” Kathy was jabbing Teresa implying that Teresa is filthy-guilty, about Jax’s and perhaps Caroline also, even, along that line!

              P.S. Also, on a totally separate note! But “annoying” all of us never-the-less! “My friends and I have” been observing my post repeatedly being redubbed-fact! “[Their is some one who has been following me around and copying my penned style and passing it off as her own! The nerve!]” So, I was taking the liberty of squeezing in “the reference of noticing and went on recorded as having been repeated annoyed!” Thus the remark: “I can quote my own “coined” words and writing style because it is mine; and it is not copyrighting!” Yes, it was off topic but I was hurrying to get the message across as I needed to get through to get to other pressing matters! I was trying to “kill two birds with one stone” – adage – along that same vain! “Ha, ha, ha!”

              P.S.S. Since I was rushing at work and did not take the time to proof or and spell check. “I was assured” that everybody would know what was meant. It is a chore to grasp what others are on about many times also! Lol. But if it is not in “good company” here – where – Bravo? Lol. In the future — I will not be worried or offer a personal re-write for any other! Lol I have work in the morning and this was my evening to get to sleep early! Did not make It! Darn! Lol … !

              I was beginning to feel like “The infamous scare-a-crow!” Bits and pieces of me were being found all around the net. Friends were supportive but unable to render a soultion. “Head-on, is always best!”

              “Sincerely Yours,”

            • I would have to agree however, I’m not convinced that it’s not just for “drama” and ratings to try to have their contract renewed

  6. Hello Ms SH! Love your site, I’ve been reading for quite some time and just love it. I for one am appalled at this email. I hope it is sent to Qvc so they are aware of just who is working/freelancing for them. I for one will never purchase anything that Kathy has to sell but this is just crazy! Anyway thought I would throw my two cents in. I am totally disgusted by this season, all of the hate and vitriol are just out of control. After last night I have a feeling I will be commenting more. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi, there! Just a side note – “I will not be buying anything from “QVC!” Clearly they want to have their grubby little paws in everyones (fish) pies! QVC’s pander off shows “low-reputation” as if these foods are the ones to market. Out of all the foods vieing for a chance to be noticed!

      I have had the “supposed best” they have to offer. I did not reorder any of it! It was frooze foods and over priced qvc. They grasp at any ploy to flog their wares! The “so call – spokespersons” are visions in their own minds. It is laughable to hear their comments though out a day. They have about three key phrases – their gestures and the watching themselves on screen is the same as their low tackyIQ’s. Their thinking that watching them chewing their cud is adorable, is displeasing!

  7. I think the emailer was a genius. She/he got their message out for all to view so maybe they will pick up a few jobs from it. BUT you should of done spell check first emailer. It would of sounded a little more professional. I’ve seen cannoli kits for sell at Costco so it’s a good idea. People do buy them. Darn now I’m hungry.

  8. This is too funny. A freelance stylist sends an email to Stoopid Housewives? In error!!!!

    Well, I think she won’t be employed by Kathy. I guess this stylist sends emails to Stoopid Housewives.

    Snakes all.

  9. Ugh. Making Cannolis at home is easy. They sell the shells in bakeries and supermarkets. Cora Brand is excellent. To make the cream, you use ricotta cheese, a little sugar, about a TBS of vanilla and some chocolate chips. There. You have it. Free of charge. PS..I can guaran freaking tee you that buying the shells where you live is a lot damn cheaper than buying them from QVC…

    • In my opinion & I am Italian & a really good cook as well. They are not easy. Especially if you want to bake your own shells. Pizelles are tough too, you gotta do that iron just right.

      If, like you say, Kath’s kit includes ready made shells then forget it. I’ll just keep looking.
      I want to make my own.

      • Nikki making the shells is the most time consuming part… I only imagine that the kit includes pre made shells, otherwise they’d also have to include the tubes! And you’d still have to go to the store and buy the ricotta! I do have my grandmothers recipe for cannoli including making the shells, but with 4 kids running around it was just easier to go to my local Italian bakery and buy a dozen of theirs.

        • Yes, I too am 100% italian and making cannoli shells is very very tough. However, why the heck would I buy it on QVC? By the time it was shipped to my door the shells would be crumbs. No thanks. Costco it is!

    • Heck why make them when you can stroll down to Whole foods and buy them, they are yummy (the ones they make)

    • Yup. I’ve bought pre-made shells at Italian Pork Stores that were decent. I’ve made my own shells too. You burn your thumbs a lot, but you could get the hang of it. With the filling, I strain the ricotta for 24 hours. I add a bunch more ingredients (a dot of cinnamon, a dot of almond extract…) I usually add a tsp of hazelnut liquor too. And the chocolate chips have to be the mini-chips. Unless Kathy is selling the filling + the shells, it’s not worth it.

        • Yup, me too, but isn’t mascarpone cheese really ricotta that’s reduced (just like greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt)??? That’s why if you reduce it in a cheesecloth, overnight, you get the same effect.

          • No, they are two different cheeses with different textures. Here’s what I found: Ricotta is a soft Italian fresh cheese, slightly grainy and naturally low in fat. It is used in desserts and pasta dishes. Mascarpone is a triple cream, high fat Italian cheese; an integral ingredient to Tiramisu. It is has only slightly less fat than butter.

            • Thanks for that answer. Okay, then straining the ricotta will only make it similar in texture. It’s hard for me to find ANYTHING Italian in this area. I soooo miss my Italian Pork stores up north!

            • I don’t know if you have a Whole Foods store near you, but I think they carry mascarpone. Heck, I don’t even need the cannoli–I’m happy eating just the ricotta or mascarpone straight from the container, but that makes my waistline very UNhappy :-)

            • Nope! I wish!! We’re on the gulf side of FL (central) and there’s nothing remotely healthy (or even Italian) around here. Ugh! When I want some Italian products, I actually have to order them online!

            • If you’re ever in the Tampa area, there is a place called Mazarros (sp), their stuff is fantastic… even passed the toughest test of all .. my crazy Italian grandma (who doesn’t believe in ordering things off the “computer”)

            • Just me: THANKS!! I’m rarely in Tampa (it’s about 25-30 min from here), but I’m realizing more every day that we should have lived much closer to there b/c of jobs, stores, etc……. We chose the beach area b/c we envisioned beaching it daily. Turns out I really don’t like any of the beaches here so we never go!

            • I actually live on the beach here on the East Coast… I’ve been here since 91 and have found exactly 3 places where the “italian” goods are actually palatable. There’s a place a few blocks from me that has the best broccoli bread .. almost as good as Grandmas and Mazarros. There are actually a few decent places that serve more upscale southern type italian dishes but, only 2 “markets” I buy anything from on the rare occasions that I do cook traditional Italian food

            • I live in NPR and for the past 13 months I haven’t found a decent Italian restaurant or store. I’d rather just cook it on my own (I’m picky anyway!)……

    • if you are pre buying the shells, you are not “making cannolis at home” and that recipe doesn’t exactly look like the one my (off the boat) great grandma passed down to my grandmother who passed it down to my aunt who passed it down to me ….. that sounds like what you get in a chain restaurant or from the bakery counter at a grocery store

  10. Is TWITchie-Richie a dead ringer for The Incredible Mr. Limpet? Google that cartoon (images) – you’ll see Uncle Richie…swimming amongst his favorite dessert….”fish” lol

  11. “she was not nice and doesn’t know how to plan in the sandbox.”
    If I had a nickel every time I heard that Tre doesn’t plan in the sandbox…LMAO Sounds like a 5th grader wrote this email.

  12. I have a few cats that would love to play in the sandbox. -?? What on earth is she talking about? I guess she means “Doesn’t play well with others.” But look at the “others”. I think Tre would rather be with Nicole Kidman & her “Others” than these. (Ghost movie reference for anyone that hasn’t seen it)

    • That would be the obligatory butt kissing and insincere flattery in an attempt to land the account for Kathy’s crotch rot cannolis.

  13. I have a question, I don’t watch QVC, but if Rick/Rich/Mr. Classless is on QVC with his bug eyed wife, do they have a time delay when they air? They will need it, I don’t know but I don’t think QVC will want him telling their viewing audience that his wife tastes like fish, that he needs a tampon because she cut his jollyballs off, and the endless, classless comments this JackHole makes. If QVC is smart, they will ban this whoremonger from the studio.

  14. Well, this email going to the wrong entity may be an omen for Kathy’s product launch. I don’t think QVC wants an email out there that is dissing them. Tuna Kathy better contact QVC and say she has nothing to do with it.

  15. She wants to “blab”, I don’t watch the show, but I watch the show? Gimme a break. What is “titimasu”? lMAO

    • “Titimasu” is a dessert featured in Italian porn movies ;-) Note to Kathy: it’s “limoncello,” not Lemon Chello.

  16. Kathy, did your husband say what I thought I heard? Did your children hear it? Do you and they understand? He has been degrading and perverted in the past, but if he said THAT, you cannot stay with him. I thought the Italians were the most disgusting and hated women, but Richie has ruined the show for me. Whatabout you? If he touches you, you’ll throw up, and your son will never be the same. I can’t believe he could cancel my viewing, but Tre was right when she said he made her nauseous years ago. She is right for a change.

  17. I’ve known and worked with a number of Lebanese-Americans, and they are the polar opposite of Richie; they are highly proper, well-mannered, and sophisticated, and vulgarities like Richie’s would never come out of their mouths. He is one or all of the following: a) mentally ill, b) mentally challenged, c) highly insecure about something, thus the need to draw attention to himself the only way he knows how, by making vulgar, perverted, and low-class remarks.

  18. Oh – just thought – this is the family which is “old school”? My god, I’m 77 y.o., and most of what fat, filthy Joe says turns my stomach (as Tre laughs), and when I even look at midget-retard JoeG, I feel disgusted (as Mel says, “stop that”), but I never thought Richie could get more disrespectful than he usually is – when I had to listen to it 3 times, then wonder does his daughter and wife have to listen to his garbage all the time, at home, I was really i shock, and I’ve now become a Bravo drop-out, cuz if the producer let this air, he must be pretty hard up for viewers. Andy, in fact, is getting distasteful lately, too, and I’m sure my ears aren’t as virginal as his Jewish mother’s. Bye, Bravo……I always thought Kathy was more intelligent and much more ladylike than Teresa, and her baking still looks delicious to me, but if she lets her husband touch her again, now that we all know she doesn’t shower, eeewww, I gotta start thinking of something else!!!!!!

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