REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode Twenty… “Strip Down Memory Lane”



Season Four, Episode Twenty… “Strip Down Memory Lane”

by Sandi Duffy

FINALLY!  The last episode of Real Housewives of NJ.  It’s been a bad TV weekend.  First, ION TV took Psych off.  I love that show.  THEN, I think Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is back on, but when I tuned in, it’s just regular people, not D list celebrities.  I can’t make fun of real people with addiction problems; that’s just mean.  It’s only fun when it’s people like Janice Dickenson or Amy Fisher.  Finally, once again, I had to DVR Masterpiece Mystery (because sometimes, even I need a little quality TV viewing) for RHONJ, which should have been over about 10 episodes ago.

In other words, this had better be all that Bravo has promised us, the viewers.  I am not, however, upset about missing the Emmy’s for this.  I could care less about a bunch of self-important idiots congratulating themselves for reading words people much more talented than them wrote and reading them in a way people much more talented than them direct them to.


Now, buckle up people because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Kathy should really be careful about picking her nose when there are cameras following her.

After the “models” do their walk, Kim gets on the mike and is as wasted as all hell.  She’s so gross.  Teresa and Melissa go to the bathroom together. Teresa asks Melissa who Angelo is and Melissa pretends not to remember how she knows him.  I like Teresa’s blinged out bracelet.  Teresa tells Melissa that he told her that she used to work for him at a gentlemen’s club where Melissa used to dance. Teresa says she doesn’t believe him.  Melissa swears she just bartended there for a week because her cousin ran the place.  Melissa apparently was a school teacher teaching second grade.  Is this true?  I knew she supposedly went to school to be a teacher, but I assumed she never even finished college.   Those poor second graders.  About how far into the school year do you think it was that her students realized they knew more than her?

Angelo then is overheard telling someone that Kim and Teresa told him to set up Melissa.   Teresa can’t pronounce coincidence when she TTCs.  I just enjoy pointing out Teresa’s lack of command for the English language.  Melissa calls her husband to “take care of the situation.”  Joe is like 4’2”, what can he do?  He’s probably the unscariest person ever.  Jacqueline claims to be getting texts from a mutual friend of her and Teresa’s who tells her someone is being set up, but it’s not her, so stay at the party.  I think Stoopid Housewives has ascertained that this was a show producer who has since been fired for not being impartial and being too involved with certain members of the cast.

If Melissa doesn’t want people to think she used to be a dancer, then she shouldn’t dress like one.  Although I do find it hard to believe because we’ve all seen Melissa “dance” and she sucks at it.

Jacqueline is still getting texts that Teresa met some guy at a salon she doesn’t go to who plans to embarrass Melissa.  We all know that Teresa didn’t want to have anything to do with this.

Teresa doesn’t want her brother to get into a fight and get in trouble, so she goes to confront Angelo, but he already left.  I’m still not seeing a set up by Teresa here.  I see a set up by Kim D (and Bravo), but not Teresa.  I don’t care what some bitch is texting Jacqueline.  Teresa is just happy that Angelo left because she thinks it’s over.  Not likely, Teresa.

Lauren has too much to say about everything and why the hell is she even there? She’s not a housewife.

Kim D. comes to the table and “apologizes”.  Right, Kim D.  You set up Melissa, which is fine by me, but everyone is blaming Teresa for it.  Why doesn’t Melissa just leave?  I would.

Melissa’s argument is stupid.  Teresa shouldn’t have told her.  Teresa should have let a stranger ambush her.  Teresa’s brother-in-law comes to the table and gets her away.  Caroline decides to put in her two cents and show Melissa the texts.  Nothing like stirring the pot, Caroline.

Everyone goes outside for “air” or to await the arrival of Joe Gorga.  Richie and Joe both show up, like they are a couple of bad boys.  Who is watching Joe and Melissa’s kids if they are both at the fashion show?  Just wondering.  Jacqueline is walking around with a stupid look on her face the entire time and telling anyone who will listen that her “friend” told her Teresa arranged the set up.  Jacqueline is an idiot.  Richie and Joe both need to shave.

This episode should be called, “If We Keep Saying Teresa Set It Up Over and Over Again, It Must be True.”  I also can’t figure out why Joe  Gorga is now after Pete Guidice.  What the hell did he do?  Someone, is it the salon owner, is texting Angelo, the strip club dude, to come back. Yeah dude, come back to get your ass kicked.  I would rush right back.

And then Kim D. shows up, acting like she doesn’t know what’s going on.  Kim D. will do anything for camera time.    Joe Gorga tells her to go sniff another line, and I find that funny.  Kim D. really does look like an old coke whore.


I know this has nothing to do with this episode, but I can’t help but wonder if Chris Manzo is still BFFs with Kim G’s son.

While all the women are outside ruining the night, Teresa is still inside having fun.  Good for Teresa.  Caroline, Jacqueline and Lauren are stirring the pot big time.

Jacqueline tells everyone that Teresa was standing next to Angelo when he said he was going to set up Melissa.  We all saw that isn’t what happened.  I guess if I tell Jacqueline that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real, she’d believe that too.

Teresa finds out that Jacqueline is telling people Teresa set up Melissa and confronts her.  I am really sick of hearing about Jacqueline’s “friend”.  Everyone else’s name has been dragged through the mud, but Jacqueline is protecting this “friend.”

Again, off topic, but if Lauren’s make-up job is anything like what she does at Cafface,the stupidest name for a salon ever, I would never set foot in that place.  My six-year-old daughter does a better job of putting make-up on.  Of course that’s not surprising because my six-year-old daughter is much more pleasant and more mature than Lauren.

Teresa outs Jacqueline as a former stripper.  YES!  In your face, Jacqueline!

Some other girl at the Posche fashion show confirms that Melissa has was indeed a stripper.

At the end, we find out that Albie and Lindsey are no longer together and I am shocked, I tell you, shocked.



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262 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode Twenty… “Strip Down Memory Lane”

        • Thanks. IMO He has that look to him that says he just might be an opportunistic lying SOB. That certain mark that certain people who indulge in certain drugs have on them and it colors their motives and dictates their unscrupulous ways. And as any law enforcement officer knows there is no honor amongst these type of people. They will embellish when they think it will benefit them.

          • No honor amongst thieves. Wonder why Bravo didn’t snap up Johnny and Penny? Or Angelo? Seems that they are all connected and the cocaine word is being thrown around a lot.

            • I hear ya but it is usually a little tattle tale sign of a certain segment of the population. Check out this romeo as he talks about the boone county mating call. My point is there is a certain look that all hard core drug abusers have and it don’t matter where they come from they all end up looking the same.

            • Oh I agree. He looks like a meth head if I ever saw one. That whole documentary was a train wreck I couldn’t stop watching…LOL. I was saying he’s going to soak up every bit of his 15 minutes of fame he can so he can either buy more drugs or get his teeth fixed. Heehee Side note I just read the article and agree it just looks like a recap of the show, to me.

            • Thanks Made. We are on the same page. If you look closely we saw the Jersey version of this all season among the minor players. I wonder what Bravo left on the cuting room floor. JoGo screaming “go do a line” and “drunk and high” was very comfortable to him.

  1. I think Melissa can’t stand to see Joe and Teresa getting along. She wanted something else to happen causing friction between them again. She was the only one grinning from ear to ear the entire time. She couldn’t that smirk of her face. Did you see her outside telling Joe ” Why did you come”….erm because you told him to! She holding him and back and egging him on all at the same time. We clearly saw how she manipulates him. When his family is in his life that becomes harder to do. She plays him like fiddle. When she was on the phone with Joe he asks who the guy was, she says “some guy named Angelo”. A minute ago you didn’t even remember him, yet now you know his name? Melissa doesn’t know how to share Joe with his family. I sure it’s tied to some deep rooted daddy issues.
    Teresa immediate reaction to Melissa calling Joe, was to protect Joe from doing something stupid that would get him in trouble. That right there speaks volumes.

    I wonder if Pete and Sheila got on the show, for next season. We sure have seen awful lot of them this season. There is clearly animosity there between the Gorga’s and Pete. Wonder if that’s because of the money Joe supposedly owes Sheila’s brother? And that just another example of Melissa ridiculousness, ” I hope he kicks Pete ass!”. For what??! Does she want to she Joe get into trouble?

    • I suspect everyone knew someone was going to be set up. Only a few were told the truth, many were played. MeWhore knew (really no big deal if she was a stripper, just watch her these 2seasons) . She just did not react like a person who was afraid of infor getting out. BTW, she knew T was being set up, why blame T for the set up when angelo said ” hello”. JoeGo is a ‘disgraziat and a cornuto’, nuf said.

      • PDKhair retweeted this comment made by a viewer: “Teresa is the ONLY one who didn’t know wtf was going on” . Then PDKhair tweeted: “Fact :: @Teresa_Giudice had no idea of anything she was in shock with the whole thing.” Read her tweets from last night…apparently she and others have known all about M for years and it’s her cousin that owns Lookers, not M’s.

        I do think M. probably instigated the whole thing, or at least went along to be able to play poor victim at the finale. It was a setup but T was the target, not herself. T almost blew the whole thing by trying to stay out of it, but the subject/reveal of ‘stripper’ was supposed to put M in league with the A listers who had headlines about sex tapes, etc. J was her cohort in making sure it went as a T setup while M was busy playing victim and egging on her dumb as a brick husband. She wanted a big fight that night, IMO. Carowhine and Lapband were just in on it for grins, but they definitely knew.

        • lynsee. did u notice in a couple of the pictures above, at the table and again outside.
          jac is having a big old laugh. but what, after that she had a nervous breakdown w/in hrs.
          and could not be on the reunion? she was afraid tre would finally our her for a lot of stuff;
          that before tre thought she was set up, and maybe by jac, she would never have done.
          tre still did not out her, says a lot.

      • JoGo is awful! KimD may be rough around the edges, but no
        woman deserves to be spoken to in the manner that JoGo did to KimD. He is garbage and should consider his beautiful children he has at home instead of running his mouth like that to a lady. Despicable

    • I’ve tried posting this several times on Caroline’s blog. However, for some reason they don’t want to take notice of it. However, If Caroline had no idea anything was about to happen, then why did she tell Joe Gorga, “I’m here for you guys.” To me, that was the only real “Gotcha” moment in the entire show. If she had truly had no clue anything was about to happen, why did she need to be there for them? Yes this is my first time posting, but I really love this sight.

      • Howdy Lisa. You make a good point. Someone else pointed out that her over-explaining why she was so late was suspicious too.

        • Hi Madepiley, It all seems so weird to me. I’ve never gotten so wrapped up in a TV show in my life, but none of this makes sense. I just thought what Caroline said was way more telling than Angelo saying “My friend Johnny called me and said Teresa and Kim D wanted me to come.” Who in their 30′s would possibly take “he said/she said” as credible information??

      • Carowhines just the “Gotcha” type too. Trying to point fingers to make herself feel better. Silly ole’ goat.

    • Agreed, Melissa was way too calm in this situation. Calling Joe while Teresa pleaded for her not to, to think of the 3 kids at home, etc. When he shows up she asks why he came? Telling him to say “Shame on you” to Teresa and just drive off? Taking too much of the higher ground for me to believe it. This is a woman who shrieked her head off in less than a foot of water on a canoe ride. Jacqueline should just stop lying, she can’t keep track of what she is saying and her recreations of reality are just too varied to believe. Funny how Melissa was a dancer and then morphed into a stripper. The two are very different under the law in NJ as well as NY. One has to have a great memory and perfect consistence to lie successfully.

      • MeGo had that smirk on her face the entire evening, while Teresa seemed genuinely concerned. Jax also was all smirks and grins, didn’t show any real concern about her buddy, MeGo.

    • It is not Melissa’s ridiculous antics that bother me, they are pretty transparent. Like you said, how did she know Angelo’s name, and the countless other points that show it was just a big self set-up. What bothers me is the media and the t.v. hosts affirming her “truth” and supporting her version of the story. They have to know it is fake. Why are they perpetuating the lie? It all back to that old Martha Stewart way of thinking- the big circle of support. Fine I guess if it is all about making money, but eventually it gets boring for us to turn on the t.v. to see fake interviews. So is it really the smartest move? Seeing the big picture, we are a world of the the internet and other media that is only growing larger. Maybe they should get back to the real interview before they are cut out completely in the years to come. I have never been a huge fan of Kathy Griffin, but at least she does not let everyone run her scripts. I wish more people were like that.

    • You aced it and have Melissa measure exactly for who she is. You could not have said it better, how she manipulates JoGo was plain to see. How about her, like a snake, whispering in his ear in the car to yell out to his sister. She’s evil.

    • right stinker, i have always said Melissa dosen’t want Joe to have anykind of an relationship with his sister, how sick is that. She has been trouble for the whole family since day one. Too bad Joe didn’t see her for what she is before having kids with her. I don’t see their marriage lasting for the rest of their lifes.

      • They are perfect for each other so they should be together for the rest of their lives. Any brother/sister who is ok with their spouse conspiring to bring their sibling down is a low life. I for one was not surprised by the way he spoke to Kim D. Look at how he treated his sister at his own son’s Christening.

    • Melissa not only remembered Angelo’s name, but told Joe he works at a strip club!! Um… no, Melissa! It’s a bikini bar. You never worked at a strip club!

  2. who is the blond in the back round mouthing the words “oh my god” when angelo is at the table asking Melissa if she remembers him? She obviously knows whats about to go down. Is that Petes wife Sheila?

  3. Between the email Ms. SH received and all the comments, it sounds like Melissa’s old friends played a pretty big part in orchestrating the Lookers set-up, or at least fed the information. I think the rest of the cast took the opportunity to blame tre for it with the inside scoop it would happen from Cat. I had made some comment while ago and someone stated that maybe it was as simple as Melissa ignoring her old friends and pretending to be someone she was not.(hmm) I think there may be a sliver of truth to that. Then the information about Caroline and Jacq being angry about losing their opportunities to promote various products, being the real reason for their original anger.

  4. What a huge anti-climatic finale it was! I was left thinking so that’s it, if so I’d like an hour of my life back watching that garbage! That’s the BIG ordeal they were all harping about? Melissa was set up by T but I just do not see it!

  5. Times the heck out. Who paid for MeGo’s boob job? The manager at Lookers, right? Are we supposed to believe he paid for those things even though she was just planning on working there for a week? Bish please!

  6. I have been Team Teresa for most of this season and still essentially am but I have no doubt in my mind she totally knew Angelo was going to embarrass Melissa not that he did a good job of it.
    What told me she knew was her phony reaction at the table and then when they went to the bathroom she asked Melissa who the bald guy was and did she know him, she was desperatley trying to out Melissa as a stripper.
    Truth be told if Teresa so loved her sister-in-law the way she says in her place I would have done one of several things. Firstly when he just so happened to be at the salon (For One Day) doing what exactly?? I would have told him to shut his mouth and left.
    Failing that I would have called Melissa immediatley and said guess what this guy over here is saying you worked for him. Failing that when he walked up at the fashion show I would have told Melissa who he was and told him to take a walk. Failing that I would have said nothing to Melissa at all and just blown the whole thing off.
    It is my belief Kim D and Teresa are responsible for the debaucle the problem is they did a real see through shitty job of it and it backfired on them.
    Jacqueline, Caroline and lapband Lauren are idiots it was really none of their business, Kathy (Yawn) all I could think about when she spoke was her husband saying she tasted like fish!
    Joe Gorga really needs to settle down what the hell did he think he was going to do anyway he made himself look like an idiot right along with Rich (The heavy mob).
    My overall take on it is you reap what you sow, meaning Melissa and Kathy came on that show to knock Teresa off her pedestal and failed miserably, Teresa retaliated and also failed miserably.
    Kim D along with Bravo put the plan into action but I am certain Teresa knew what was happening the entire time.

    • I honestly believe T was not part of the set up. T is a terrible actress lol and her body language/facial expressions showed she was not the instrumental player in the set up. I’d have to re-watch the episode (even though I felt it was such a waste of time and a huge let down) to observe her body language more closely. Mel, on the other hand, gave some huge signs that she KNEW who that guy was when he approached the table and made it more suspicious. That half smirk and eyes down cast with fidgeting fingers was a gave away. However, I was exhausted so I may be imagining that so I ll re-wtach to see if I did see that.

        • yes, very weird how T didn’t know his name but Melissa called him by his name. You can totally see T was taken completely by surprise over the whole ordeal, starting with the salon and that same night at the show. Why did Melissa call her husband, she could of waited until she got home to tell him her lies. Poor T was so scared that her brother was going to do something that could get him into trouble ,maybe even get arrested. Why did Joe have to bring Richie with him. They really do think the viewers are stupid. It would of taken Joe close to rwo hours to get a sitter for the kids, go get Richie and drive to NY. Joe knew something was going down that night and so did Melissa.

          • I listened twice and Teresa said dancer and MEHO SAID STRIPPER so the pig was a STRIPPER. What the heck was that moron Melvin doing wearing that gooblini he looked like a real moron…and Ritchie should have crawled into a hole.

          • I thought it was WEST NEW YORK; not NY. Looking at the scenary too, it definitely looked like the one in West New York (NJ). Caroline also mentioned that her boys’ place in Hoboken was right nearby, which it is.

            • I just don’t understand the over the top reaction by these women – Caroline, Melissa, Caroline’s daughter but especially by Jacqueline. Really? Continuing to harp on this makes them look like they have nothing better to do in life. Or that they don’t have a life outside of RHONJ. Please, it’s a tired old song. Just let it go.

            • I was thinking there’d be some answer or resolution on this episode, but it was a lot of one-liners and it was as though nobody was speaking to each other. It made no sense. I’m done.

    • I tend to think Tre was caught between a rock and hard place. She couldn’t just call Melissa after the salon and say hey this guys is spreading rumors about you because of Tre and Mel’s history. Melissa would have immediately started saying Teresa was shit stirring and run to Joey. Melissa would have twisted what happened, and because of the bad blood in the past it would have been believable to Joey. Tre knew this.
      She couldn’t very well say anything when Angelo approach the table because then, she would have to explain that she met him earlier in the day. Melissa would ask why didn’t you call me to tell me what he’s saying. However you see it Tre loses.
      I think after Angelo approach the table Tre realized at some point or another it was going to come out that she saw this guy earlier in the day. Which is why she is then in the private bathroom telling Melissa she saw him earlier.Notice she doe not do it at the table, (negating DonCaro theory of Tre only does things in front of an audience)when she did that she had to tell Melissa what Angelo said. Tre had no good options in this situation. It was all a self for-filling prophecy.

        • I don’t think she looked guilty at all. Tree and Katfish were the only ones who looked clueless. Me Ho couldn’t even fake acting surprised when Tree told her what he said. Not even a gasp. She was way too calm.

          I don’t understand why she should have told him to get lost at the table. She should have caused a huge scene and then announce to the whole table why she just did what she did? He said hi and walked away. When did he embarass MeHo?

          MeHo dragged the info out of Tree. MeHo had to tell her to talk and asked her over and over what Angelo said. And Tree shouldn’t have said anything? Imagine how MeHo would’ve twisted that. ‘Tree knew what that guy said and didn’t tell me!’

          We all know how MeHo and JoeG feel about Tree telling them rumors she has heard.

          • I think she looked stunned and troubled (not because she was guilty) I think she had a AH OH moment of her own sitting at the table. I dont like Tre at all but I just know she is that good of a actress and she cant hide her emotions.,

    • DuchessofDuke,I TOTALLY agree,Teresa knew exactly what was going on and possibly was in on it from the get go. I am nor team Teresa or team Melissa. For me it was very plain to see Teresa was guilty as heck. She has been trying to out Melissa since last season!!! If Melissa was a stripper in the past, I don’t think she is an awful person for denying it on national TV. We all did things we are probably not proud of in the past and don’t want our children to know. Maybe Melissa tried to turn her life around, that is not such a terrible thing nor does it make her fake. I think Tre was just as wild as Melissa, maybe not a stripper but I don’t see her being all that innocent either. I think all the NJ ladies have a mean girl streak in them, just in different ways. I wouldn’t want any of them as a friend because when they hit back, they hit really low.

      • sorry, no way did T know what was going on. She would never put her family (expecially her parents) thru that heartache. She was scared to death when Melissa called her brother because she didn’t want him to get into any trouble. I will never believe T had anything to do with this set-up.

    • Have had an inkling of a thought that Kathy was jealous of Teresa since Tre was obviously the pretty cousin; and let’s face it, Rich acts like a horn dog who can’t have the pretty, vivacious cousin so he keeps tormenting her w/ caustic comments as a way of punishing her. Perhaps Kathy has sensed this herself and resents his constant attentions to Teresa, even though they are rude and insensitive. Saw that kind of behavior in high school.

    • So did I. Can someone tell me why a teeny boutique in a strip mall in NJ has an extravagant “fashion show” in a restaurant in NYC? Plus explain to me why Posche’s fashion show this year is in October at the Brownstone? Is all forgiven on the Kim D end but Teresa is still Dr. Evil? Oh pleeeeeeeeeeease.

  7. Does anyone remember that twitter Jac left either on the eve or morning after the Posche “strippergate” that she received txts with pictures of Joey Guidice’s affair at TGIF during the Posche show? There was no mention of that during that episode, weird. I was wondering of some of the txts during the Posche show were from Tom Murro or Kim G? Hmmm.

  8. Rewatch the episode and see how people swarm towards Teresa, so many people wanting to say high, toast with her, talk to her, simply wave and Teresa always obliges with a smile. How many people are shown interacting positively with any of the other “housewives”? How many people even say “hi”? Any “so nice to see you Caroline”, “Jacqueline, how’s your lovely daughter Ashley doing”, “I live your knew song Melissa, when’s your next performance”, or “Kathy, I would like for you to make some desserts for or my next event”? None. Nothing. Remember, these are mostly people that live in the same town so they all know (of) eachother. Isn’t that telling???? Gives you an idea of who’s liked and who isn’t by people who know the real them, their families, their reputations. Hmmmm….

      • Thanks! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Teresa is not perfect but I am disgusted by the other women’s attempt to manipulate us to “read between the lines” and have such a vendetta against Tre.

        • your right Real, the general public loves T, you know the rest of them are just fuming because people are talking to T and not them. What a burn car, jac, mel and kathy.

    • No matter what we think of her and her imperfections, you gotta admit that gal can put away her troubles, put on a happy face and work a room. The others are all so busy huffing and puffing and Teresa is like: oh, well, bitches are gonna think what they wanna think, so let’s go have fun, Pete! She may be delusional at times, but I am sick of looking at Caroline’s scowl and would rather see Teresa smiling and trying to make the best of things.

  9. I started watching RHONJ this season. I did catch reruns of last season this year. Season 4 should really have been called Season 3.1. It was all one tremendously looooooooong Season 3. What a let down. None of the ladies were able in all that time to deliver their scripted lines with any credibility or authenticity at all. They are horrible actors and horrible people. I had always heard how crazy and awful Teresa is, but you know what? After watching the last kajillion hours of the show I find I actually like Teresa. What will happen now? We are right back to the moment last year’s reunion was filmed, no one is speaking to Teresa and why the hell is the PFS happening at The Brownstone next month??? I can’t stand Caroline or any of her spoiled children/token gay best friends. Jacqueline seems to have failed at her only mission- she spent two long years trying in vain to get Teresa to fess up to something (anything!) on camera which never happened, so she did what she does best: sob uncontrollably. Kathy and Richie – well, what can anyone say? Famewhores and perverts. Same with Melissa and Joe. Poor Melissa- she can’t act, sing or dance. And WTF is Lauren even doing at the reunion with her face painted up like a clown? Who cares? The only thing I got out of that is that she truly is a mini-me of Carowhine. Ugg. Will there be a Season 5? Would it be too much to ask that they simply fire the entire “supporting cast” and keep the Guidice’s (especially since everyone seems to finally agree on how to say their name)? While we’re at it, how about firing Miss Andy too? What a horrible mess he’s made of the last two years! I don’t know if I can bear to watch the hours and hours to come of the reunion show. I will definitely read about it here. But I don’t know if I have the energy left to actually watch it! It has been exhausting!

  10. Miss Andy really blew this one. I hope that he looses all credibility but I don’t think that he will. People continue to go on his stoopid WWHL and play those idiot games. Sigh… I had to stop watching about half way through last night. It became too much to take. The bad acting by Jacko and Mego..KomaKathy………
    I don’t think that I will watch the reunion show. It’s better to read the funny recaps here.
    I hope Teresa gets her own show. I hope all ot the other housewives and their goofy husbands get the BRAVO BOOT. I hope that Miss. Andy get’s replaced by someone who has more can only hope.

  11. I believe Melissa was a dancer she kept contradicting herself, she said it was a bikini bar where rich old men gave $100 tips and she is not crazy enough to turn that down, then she says she only worked there for a week, does not make sense to me.
    The thing that really sticks out to me is how childish and stupid these people are grown women arguing over nonsense! So what if she was a stripper who cares? So was Nene Leakes, Danielle Staub they owned it so what?
    Melissa is sneaky underhanded bitch “Call out the window to your sister shame on you” WTF does Joe have no thoughts of his own?
    As I said before I do not think Teresa was the mastermind behind this I mean come on she couldn’t even pronounce coincidence I think Kim D, Bravo and that Idiot Angelo was used as the patsy they were the main players, I think Teresa was well aware of it though and tried to play it off not very well I might add, because there is no way Kim D would have kept that snippet of
    information to herself.
    The posche fashion show I think is being held at the Brownstone because the manzoids can not afford to turn business down from what I have read business has not been so great, the fashion show is a pretty big event so why turn good business down regardless of Kim D.
    I think Kathy, Melissa, Joe Gorga, Richie, Caroline, Jaqueline and the idiot kids including Big gay greggy have failed in their bid to oust Teresa off her pedestal, Teresa is the show what on earth would they be doing if they could not bitch about Teresa?

    • Its pretty obvious that Melissa and the other women set up Teresa. And for her to tell her husband to yell out the window just showed what a classless jealous bitch she is. Great role model to her children.

      • If Melissa and the other women set Tre up, then Tre didn’t help herself by acting shady, even if she wasn’t in fact. At the salon she should have told Kim D and Baldy to STFU and drop the subject. She could have called Mel to let her know Kim was up to something. She could have told Mel in the bathroom what happened earlier at the salon, but no instead she tried to play games with Mel to catch her out about working at Lookers or whatever the eff it’s called. So if Tre was set up, she missed every opportunity to turn that shite around, that’s what I would have done. And I’d have called my husband too, since the drama seems to revolve around Poison not knowing the dirt on his wife (highly unlikely anyway, if there is any dirt)

  12. Heaven forbid a site that is pro Melissa considering this site is pro Teresa on everything!!! Sorry people but everyone I know that sees this show thinks Teresa looks like an ape and is ugly.

  13. I was stunned at the smirk on Melissa’s face in the bathroom after Teresa left. It was so evil. “Let’s call your brother”. Not let me call “my husband”. Melissa is one evil bitch.

  14. who cares who’s fat, whose the liar, whose the snake in the grass. whose the drunk. no matter what
    if ms. andy has his way, all of the above pertain to tre, and tre only. so unless someone comes up
    with a way to make them all take a lie detector; and or get rid of andy, this is all for nothing.

  15. I would really like to know why Andy said nothing when Joe Gorgas called his sister and Kim D “Butt buddies”??? WTH???? Teresa was crucified for 4 seasons for her husbands comments…….where was his moral outrage??

  16. Why oh why was that useless lapband Lauren there? Is Caroline trying to get the same amount of camera time as her precious sons, so she doesn’t continue with an eating disorder? Please fire the MANZOs from this show!

  17. I got a vibe that Teresa knew SOMETHING, (as I believe they ALL did.) Just guessing of course, but I think she may have been trying to “deliver” as a “good BRAVO employee,” but had something more in mind of say, her and Melissa teaming up to tell Angelo off? A la the country club chase of Danielle. Either way, I couldn’t care less whether she was or wasn’t pre-involved OR if Melissa was indeed a stripper. I just want the Manzo’s and Jax off my tv screen. I would watch a season of Meliss ‘n Midge get the evil edit for a season. I enjoy Kathy’s Mom.

  18. Caroline got rid of Ashley so now Lauren has much more air time . She wants Lauren to get more exposure because of their store Cafface. I am sorry but dumpy Lauren acts older than she is and is boring as hell. At least Ashley was interesting to watch. She definitely wasn’t boring!!

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