SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY PM: Atlanta’s New Housewives… Beverly Hills New Housewives… Teresa Giudice “TwitterRelations”… UPDATE: “Watch What Crappens”! Funny!!

September 20, 2012  8:30 pm  UPDATE 11:40 pm

Get on over to TVGasm!   The latest “WatchWhatCrappens” is now available!

The whole gang is back! Ben Mandelker (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV), and Ronnie Karam ( had so much to discuss that they needed two hours to get it all out. For this first hour, the guys take on a variety of Bravo gossip before tackling the one-legged monster that is Aviva Drescher on “Real Housewives of New York City.” Then it’s on to New Jersey to address Melissa Gorga and her secret stripper past. Tune in for episode 36 later this week for thoughts on “Real Housewives of Miami” and all sorts of “Gallery Girls” gossip fresh from series star Maggie!

NOTE:  If you haven’t listened to the funny trifecta of Ben, Matt and Ronnie… talkin’ about everything Bravo (and more)… get on over to TVGasm and listen!!    NOW!!



 BravoWell, it’s OFFICIAL… info that we all knew, but now that Bravo has announced the new Atlanta and Beverly Hills Housewives… we can all stop with the phony baloney “guesswork!”

The new Atlanta Housewives are Porsha Stewart…

And Kenya Moore…

The new Beverly Hills Housewife is “YoFo”… Yolanda Hadid Foster.    YoFo also has a website; however, her site will not be live until November…

Yes, Marisa Zanuck was touted as the NEW Housewife; however, as mentioned on SH, Marisa is NOT a full-time Housewife.  As you can see, Marisa is not pictured.  YoFo has replaced Camille Grammer…

 “I’m Yolanda… been there and done that in SIX languages, so don’t mess with me!”  

If you’re kinda confused about Kim Richards’ twitter account, no need to be… this will un-confuse you.  Kim did not want a twitter account, but caved it and established an account: @KimRichards11.


The latest re Teresa Giudice’s brother-in-law, Pete Giudice and John Karagiorgis (JohnnyTheGreek) on twitter:

NOTE:  This reason for the “feud” between JTG and Pete is just as mysterious as the REAL reason for the vitriol towards Tree Joodice by her cast mates!  The only common denominator in all this twitter nonsense is this:  Pete and JTG were both at the Posche Fashion Show/RHONJ finale.   Unless something substantial arises re these two, or someone wants to disclose the TRUTH about it all,  this will be the last mention on SH.    

Also…noticed others going the SH route on twitter… whoever said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is wrong.  It’s pure laziness and uncreative on the part of the imitators.

NOTE to emails:  Not interested in becoming a “web partner” with any corporation.  And only visit less than a handful of other sites (they are on the SH blogroll) and don’t have the time to visit daily; therefore, have no knowledge of what’s new elsewhere!  Appreciate the info!

47 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY PM: Atlanta’s New Housewives… Beverly Hills New Housewives… Teresa Giudice “TwitterRelations”… UPDATE: “Watch What Crappens”! Funny!!

  1. The BH widow’s dress is hideous. She shouldn’t be wearing anything that accentuates those grotesque knees. Wonder how she got football player knees, ’cause I don’t think she ever installed tile or carpet?


  2. S.H.A.F.T looks like she is blending into the carpet, bad choice of color. YoFo looks like an amazon. Brandi looks pretty, I wonder how fun that was sitting for those pics right next to Kyle. I think Kim and Adrienne are standing on milk crates back there. No way are they that tall. I am glad to see Kim looking healthy, I’m routing for her this season. Typical Lisa, pink dress and over the top jewels!


  3. I think The Karo-whatevertheirremainingnamesare were along with Bravo and Kim D for the “set up” of Tree or Melissa.


    • What do you think that juicy Joe wouldn’t go, and the producers wanted to go for a close look a like. I think juicy Joe is so over the housewife thing, he seems like a no b.s. kind of guy. Just kind of weird to see Tre’s brother in law at a fashion show, just strange. After watching the eppy, I gotta say I really feel for Tre, I go back and forth on her she’s a little tone deaf but there was NO WAY they could blame her for this. Seeing Kim D’s smug face while getting the details. It really seemed like Tre didn’t want to know. If it was me, I would have walked out and wouldn’t go to the show with that witch, and wouldn’t have anything to do with her ever again.


      • Wasn’t the night of the fashion show that Joe Guidice was at TGIF with that woman that he was photographed with? I recall it came out the next day or shortly after.


        • Knowing what we know now, doesn’t that seem kind of suspicious. Maybe that was another setup by Bravo producers. And Kim G just happens to have photos of him? Too convenient!!!


    • I think it was just a major clusterf**k and there were many cameras there and everyone within 10 miles of the joint wore a mic, and there were kooky people like gentleman club-hairdresser-thugs, and Kim D was there and she had an agenda cause she and her peeps didn’t get paid by Missy and Joe, and Kim G probably knew everything, but she didn’t get to be a housewife on the show so no way is she cooperating with the producers. In the end, Bravo will take all these variables in and spit out an edited version. That’s my 2 cents:P


  4. I must say, the wallpaper of Kim…..she looks fabulous! Wow! photoshop does wonders and so does rehab! But seriously, when she lays off the booze and tanning, she looks great! and that dark blue color looks great on her!


  5. It’s nice to see Brandi front and center in the photo! I noticed how Shana is slightly turned away from the group, like she’s not sure she belongs. Did the other girls not want to play with her? Hopefully most of her will end up on the cutting room floor. Lisa looks gorgeous, as always.


  6. I’m hoping that SHAFT will be gone within a few episodes (3 or 4??). I won’t watch until she’s gone. SH, any word about how many episodes she’ll be featured on???????? I hate to even see her amongst the other HWs.
    Kim looks great, if that’s for real. I hope it is. I hope she’s getting her act together.
    Yolanda speaks 6 languages but doesn’t have a grip on the English language?? Greattttttt!!!
    Kyle looks ridiculous, but it’s hard to tell with all the vaseline on the camera lens!


    • Yes, I think she’s letting Carowhine & Jax know that not everyone is dumb enough to buy into their silliness. I never knew what to make of Joe(Juice), I mean was he honest with Tre about these (possible) other females & his not so honest looking financial problems based on the signature thing. But one thing you have to give him is he rarely speaks to the whole Carowhine bitterness & KomaK or Jax involvement. & when he does he can be pretty funny (remember the frog remark) but I think even then it’s because he was sick of seeing Tre worry about it. Good to see she’s got her mind cleared out & is seeing Carowhine & the others for what they are now. Jealous nerds.


  7. Is RHOA Bravo’s attempt to make up for the fact that there are no black women on any of the other franchises? I feel like they go way out of their way to make sure none of those housewives are white (minus Kim, of course) because it is the only thing they can point to if anyone questions the lack of black women elsewhere.


  8. Watch what crappens is so hilarious, but one thing they said viewership/ratings have increased alot For rhony. Does that mean …………….no………….can’t be………………PTs coming back???!!!!!!!????


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