MELISSA GORGA: Inside Lookers “Gentlemen’s Club”!

September 20, 2012  11:05 am

Ever wonder what the “gentlemen’s club” in which Melissa Gorga ‘tended bar’ looked like?  And what some of the girls who ‘tend bar’ look like?  Well, let’s LOOK at LOOKERS!!

  “Hey guys… where you goin’?? My name COULD be Melissa… no, really, just kidding!  My name really IS Melissa… COME BACK!!”   (More photos available via Lookers Facebook Page!)

Wanna get a job at Lookers?  Here’s what ya do!

 Don’t bother contacting Lookers… unless you are a professional and “best of the best”!

From Lookers to “pop star!”  It would be good of MeGo to perform back at her old place of employment… just an idea!!  It wouldn’t be “half-assed”…

                                                                                                      “I’m DJ Vrodi!!   Yeah, had to change my name from Vrohidis to “Vorhees”… for professional reasons!!”

NOTE:  Maybe DJ/Lookers Manager Angelo “Vorhees” Vrohidis and MeGo can arrange a reunion at Lookers… just for old times sake!?