MELISSA GORGA: Inside Lookers “Gentlemen’s Club”!

September 20, 2012  11:05 am

Ever wonder what the “gentlemen’s club” in which Melissa Gorga ‘tended bar’ looked like?  And what some of the girls who ‘tend bar’ look like?  Well, let’s LOOK at LOOKERS!!

  “Hey guys… where you goin’?? My name COULD be Melissa… no, really, just kidding!  My name really IS Melissa… COME BACK!!”   (More photos available via Lookers Facebook Page!)

Wanna get a job at Lookers?  Here’s what ya do!

 Don’t bother contacting Lookers… unless you are a professional and “best of the best”!

From Lookers to “pop star!”  It would be good of MeGo to perform back at her old place of employment… just an idea!!  It wouldn’t be “half-assed”…

                                                                                                      “I’m DJ Vrodi!!   Yeah, had to change my name from Vrohidis to “Vorhees”… for professional reasons!!”

NOTE:  Maybe DJ/Lookers Manager Angelo “Vorhees” Vrohidis and MeGo can arrange a reunion at Lookers… just for old times sake!?

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356 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Inside Lookers “Gentlemen’s Club”!

  1. Honestly yall. You will not get the full effect of just how sleazy this place is until you check out their facebook page. Someone actually made a conscience decision to upload everyone of those picture to represent what the club was about. Imagine the pictures that they decided NOT to put on there. Seriously, go look.


  2. Yikes! Missy looks DOES like JLo compared to these skanks. No wonder she thought she could be a star. I always love to see a woman with bruises on her knees. It’s so ladylike.


  3. I know strippers personally! I hate to tell it like it is but poor joey “you can’t turn a h## into a housewife” oh you can try but the end result is always the same buddy!!!! yes meho will leave you for a man with more wealth!!! I have seen it happen more times than I care to count! I really hope I am wrong!!


  4. I think most gentlemen’s clubs are a bit run down and grungy in the light of day. I went a few times, once on a dare and few times for bachelor parties for friends that I worked with. I would make an appearance and buy the guys a lap dance and then get out of there. I was one of the guys, and very rarely worked with other woman, so I caught some crap if I didn’t show. It was a little strange, ok, more than a little, but after the first time no big deal. The guys would try to embarrass me and I wouldn’t let them, never would show emotion at work or a dare like that. After the dare, I was ONE of the guys after that, they were very stand off with me, none of the guys ever worked with a girl. IT was not a very comfortable position to be in, the guys would be very careful of what they said, even if I swore in front of them. They were not sure if I would take offense, and as long as no one became touchy I didn’t have a problem. So after going to a really run down strip club for a half hour and two very expensive beers, I was one of the guys. So, for me, it was worth it no matter how awkward and weird I felt being there. I have to admit my husband thought it was kind of hot, but guys are pervs for the most part anyway. I never had a problem with him going as long as he only took $20. I knew he can look but not touch and all his friends where surprised I didn’t care he went. The only problem I would have is spending the money, I am such a cheapskate!


  5. Did it ever come out on the show who the “Recording Industry Executive” was that Melissa met with? I would think that if he was a “Recording Industry Executive” that she would mention him by name, unless he either 1.) does not exist or 2.) does not want to be associated with MeGo’s pitiful excuse for a singing voice but owes Andy a favor.


  6. I’ll bet MONEY her husband, hung out there ALOT! Place looks like it would be RIGHT up his alley. There are plenty of men in these places, if a girl wants to be taken care of and not have to work anymore..I’ll bet he had to FIGHT HARD for her attention, since, he’s so little, which is not a popular thing, especially if you go to work every night, with a potential sea of men…..Maybe this is why he treats her, like a sex object….


    • funny you said that, I had always just assumed that’s where they met since it came out that she worked there … not quite the “American Dream” she makes her life out to be though

      For me, that’s not the issue .. a lot of people dance (or bar tend) to get through school without being a whore or doing drugs. It’s her sanctimonious, holier than thou attitude and the “image” of herself and her life that she tried to portray … She’s a dancer who became a trophy wife .. nothing wrong with that .. just be honest


  7. Those are some rough looking women…Ms. SH, help a girl out here…didn’t MeGo’s former manager, or someone close to the Looker’s establishment, say MeGo worked there when it wasn’t as *classy* as it is now. I swear I read that somewhere.


      • Thanks, TV, I thought I read that! If this is the caliber of women they get now that it’s *classy* (dear Lord, do any of these housewives really know the meaning of that word?!) I cannot imagine what the line-up looked like before! Perish the thought!


  8. MeHo brings the stupid. Really smart to major in Education while working at a strip club. Seriously how many schools want to hire teachers with Lookers on their resume? Classy. Really classy and she cant be so ignorant to believe it would.’t show up on a background check.


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