SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY, PART II: Kim Zolciak “KidKash”…RHOM “Model Latinas”… RHONJ “Sunday Ratings”… WendyWilliams “Not Judging RHONJ”

September 19, 2012  6:25 pm


                   “This here is KashKade… or KashMoney… or KidKash.  Take your pick!”

As for adding to their brood, Kim admits she’s up for the task. “Kroy wants a football team!” she tells Life & Style. “He’d have me pregnant forever. I couldn’t say no — or keep my hands off my husband.”


PR Release: “The Latina stars of Bravo’s reality series “The Real Housewives of Miami” and the Executive Producer of “Despierta America” will be the featured panelists in the closing session of the 7th Annual Hispana Leadership Summit taking place Sept. 20-22 at the Turnberry Isle resort in Miami. The dynamic three-day summit is hosted by PODER Hispanic and Vanidades magazines, together with State Farm.”

NOTE:  Hmmm…. thought Alexia and Ana were at odds with Karent!  Anything for some paid promo work!


From TVByTheNumbers… Sunday cable ratings show Kardashians beat New Jersey Housewives:




Wendy Williams saying that she’s not judging Melissa Gorga… even if she was a stripper…’cause it’s about Melissa gettin’ out of strippin’ and gettin’ into the best zipcode in New Jersey.


NOTE to Wendy:  It’s not that Melissa got to her zipcode, it’s HOW she got there!  As for being judgmental… Wendy is making herself more acceptable to the PR machines!

WendyWilliams one year ago… September 2011.  FYI:  The RHONJ casting call was on SH August 8, 2011…




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  1. I guess in regards to the Miami girls, things aren’t as “RICH” as they led us to believe. Also Kroy is going to find out in the near future how much this is going to cost him.


  2. I don’t think Kim understands professional football. Kroy isn’t going to be making the big bucks for too many years. Further, his contract had a signing bonus, but no guarantee. If Kroy gets hurt and can’t play again, that’s it. No more $$$$$.

    There is only going to be so much money to get and frankly, if she keeps popping out kids, there aren’t going to be too many sugar daddies interested. I hope things work out for this family, but frankly, I don’t seeing Kim moving to Montana after Kroy’s career is over and the money is tight.


  3. So let me get this straight rhnj only got 1.2 million vSo let me get this straight rhnj only got 1.2 million viewers for the “explosive” part one season finale?


    • Family Guy already gets more weekly viewers than RHONJ. New FG episodes on Fox Sunday nights typically have more than 5 million viewers.


  4. I could picture Kim marrying a plastic surgeon like Adrienne, Heather and Lisa. Kim needs to take a good look at her ex co-stars, Lisa and Sheree and realize that athlete money ain’t good money.


  5. So if i dvr a show it doesnt count as me watching it regarding ratings? I want to get this straight. I never watch any show in real time. Also advertisers, it should be noted that those of us who dvr dont normally watch commercials. Thats often the reason why we dvr it. We consumers are impatient. Somebody clue me in here…. Does dvr ing count in ther ratings system? I would say no except everything is digital nowadays and i wiuld think if they wanted to they could see the contents of my dvr. Alot of work though.


    • i think they can track the ratings when it is being dvr’ed r not. I read that somewhere but dont quote me…lol They can tell the difference when a person is watching it in real time versus it being recorded.


      • I was picked to be a Nielson viewer twice. A package came in the mail. I had to fill out survey and then keep a log of what I watched. It does include DVR now


    • Is your household a “Nielsen” family? If not, then no one is officially tracking your viewing habits for ratings purposes.


      • No Neilson family. Bt i wonder how they can estimate with any degree of acuracy if they only are basing their ratings on neilson families?


        • Nielsen ratings are based on statistical sampling. The results are extrapolated to represent the estimated viewing habits of the population. It’s pretty much the same thing they do when polling before elections. It’s certainly not 100% accurate but it’s the only practical way to get any results.

          I do think that cable and satellite providers are now directly monitoring our viewing habits through our set-top boxes. But they certainly aren’t sharing those results with anyone outside of the industry. Creepy.


  6. Sorry MZ Wendy Williams – I AM judging stripper-dancer-liar-opportunist-user-phony-gold digger Melissa. She CHOOSE to work at this place and CHOOSE to expose her body for money.
    Mego did not grow up in dire circumstances – she grew up with a loving family- 2 sisters, a mother and atleast 2 aunts that we have seen – and they all appear to be at the very least middle-class. She obviously had some good direction in life since she choose to attend college to become a teacher. If she needed the extra cash – she could have easily served drinks at a Chili’s or Apple-Bees or any other place that requires you to wear clothes – not take them off. BUT NO – SHE COOSE TO WORK AT A STRIP BAR! Why?? More Money. And now she is trying to LIE about it!! And she is also using her SIL and her family to “climb the ladder” – who cares if she leaves the Gorga family in shambles – as long as she gets where she wants to be. You think that is okay. Bravo Melissa – you are a success regardless of the cost!
    And that zip code she is living in – fake – phony – it’s not her real house. We all know this thanks to SH.
    PUH-LEEZ MZ Wendy Williams – Do your homework before you start running your mouth and applauding a RAT!


    • Thank you Entree-Manure Wendy is so closed minded when it comes to melissa. she is the biggest phony i have ever seen on t.v. she new she was going to marry into money she said it on the show. she said she wasn’t going to be like her sisters. can we put the person in jail that told her she can see,and someone tell Wendy Williams that she needs to do more research and give a good interview b4 her show be the next show i turn off


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