MELISSA GORGA: Outta Her League…

September 19, 2012  10:15 pm

Melissa Gorga will be at the Mohegan Sun Casino this weekend for her “fans” to see her up close… and to sign something.

Mohegan Sun’s one-of-a-kind Signings & Sightings program provides guests the opportunity to meet entertainment superstars and world-renowned artists. In addition, the program provides entertainers the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with their fans in a unique and exciting venue to showcase their latest work.

And… it’s FREE!

NOTE:  Mohegan’s signings and sightings program states that it’s for “superstars” and “world-renowned artists.”  Missy Gorga is outta her league at Mohegan!

What “superstar” meets their potential big-time record label rep at the Russian Tea Room??

NOTE:  Since closing and then re-opening, the Russian Tea Room must be desperate for business to allow “reality” shows to film inside the restaurant!  AND… maybe Missy and Joe should stick to what they know… doing the little Italian restaurant circuit where they can sell Missy’s CDs direct to the people for $10 a pop!  

From December 2011…


84 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Outta Her League…

  1. If anyone goes there to see her, don’t let her dismiss you by ripping on her. She will just assume you are a died in the wook Tre fan. From reading this site all this time, we are not Tre fan’s so much as anti Manzo anti Melissa Tre bashing. Tell her plainly and calmly..we used to really like you, but when we found out why you came on the show, “to take Theresa down” and then you have spent every frame and every twitter proving your statement true, we have come to the conclusion that you have nothing to offer but hate, and won’t be supporting you or watching anything you are on. You might for a brief second get her pea brain to comprehend you.


      • Here’s the 411 on Mohegan Sun, Wilkes-barre, PA. I live an easy 20 minutes form there. It is not a race track, that is Pocono Downs, no affiliation. It is a small casino and only has local bands that play at the various (small) bars that are on the perimeter of the slot machines. They have a few gaming tables in the basement area. The majority of people that go there are the elderly and disabled. It’s a sea of gray hair and wheelchairs. Very depressive, I’ve only gone once and that was enough. The noise from the slot machines is deafening and I am very sensitive to noise. I went to see a local band and couldn’t deal with it! Now and then they book small time *celebrities* to hang out in a little pit among the slot machines, it is quite the joke. As is MeGo. Perfect match.


        • I got ya, when I was in W.Virginia I went to a track/casino in Charlestown. The noise as you say was deafening and you got not coins or anything back you got like tickets to cash in. It was smokey and the machine rows were very close. Thanks for correcting me.


  2. I’ve always thought it was funny how badly you can get up into the psyche of someone like Carowhine but it looks like this whole thing with Mego is just her trying to out do her SIL & get as much attention as possible. It makes her look needy really.


  3. The people commenting on this site are all CRAZY!!!! What world are you all living in? Don’t you see ALL the polls overwhelmingly are not in Teresa’s favor? I know you think it’s rigged. You are all drinking too much Tree juice!


      • Who is crazier? The people here who express their opinions even though polls are against them? Or people who come here and think that every poll out there are trueful? Hmmm..TAG! Your it! I bet you believe that everything on television is true as well as magazine articles…Did Mel have you in one of her classes? i believe she said she was a teacher at one time. Or maybe I read it somewhere so it must be true. By the way play nice cause we all do that there are the rules….BY THE WAY THIS IS IN REPLY FOR YOUKNOWWHAT It was posted in wrong section.Sorry about that In wouldn’t want youknowwhat to confuse herself with a nice person like you just because she read it somewhere…..LoLo


    • Actually the polls can be rigged. I have done it myself. All you need do is delete your browsing history/cookies and you can vote again and again and again.

      Also riddle me this, if the polls are so overwhelmingly against Teresa then why is the Bravo website comments on the RHONJ so over-edited. The people that post here cannot get their comments put on the Bravo website and if you read the ones that do get past they aren’t exactly in Melissa’s favour.

      My advice is to not just look at the polls but read what people are saying. I think you would have to be “CRAZY!!!!”or just plain lazy not too.


  4. Free stinging sensation. Sounds about right. Given how the stubby hubby shows his junk on nearly every episode for no reason whatsoever! Yeesh.


  5. Oh my ! Ms SH, I may actually go to Mohegan tonight! Not for MeHo just cuz my fiancé wants to! So if I go, I’ll def stop by and chuck an object @ her or just meet her so I can tell her off! Lets hope no drinks r involved as security may have to restrain me from not putting her on DISPLAY! Hope her greasy classless husband is there, can send in a mole to hit on him.. Anyways, I’ll keep ya posted if we go! Want to tackle her and take her down, UGH she hits my nerves as she is crazy! Happy Friday!! PS Miss SH, I got same cold:( bummer! It’s kicking my butt! I’ll spread my germs to MeHo (as long as I don’t get her GERMS) ain’t no cure for what she probably has! Yucky!


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