MELISSA GORGA: Outta Her League…

September 19, 2012  10:15 pm

Melissa Gorga will be at the Mohegan Sun Casino this weekend for her “fans” to see her up close… and to sign something.

Mohegan Sun’s one-of-a-kind Signings & Sightings program provides guests the opportunity to meet entertainment superstars and world-renowned artists. In addition, the program provides entertainers the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with their fans in a unique and exciting venue to showcase their latest work.

And… it’s FREE!

NOTE:  Mohegan’s signings and sightings program states that it’s for “superstars” and “world-renowned artists.”  Missy Gorga is outta her league at Mohegan!

What “superstar” meets their potential big-time record label rep at the Russian Tea Room??

NOTE:  Since closing and then re-opening, the Russian Tea Room must be desperate for business to allow “reality” shows to film inside the restaurant!  AND… maybe Missy and Joe should stick to what they know… doing the little Italian restaurant circuit where they can sell Missy’s CDs direct to the people for $10 a pop!  

From December 2011…