MELISSA GORGA: MeGo at Six Flags… “Largest LGBT Annual Event” September 14…

September 15, 2012  3:33 pm   UPDATE  7:45 pm

Melissa Gorga blasted it via her website that she had a big gig comin’ up on September 14, 2012… at Six Flags Amusement Park in Jackson, NJ.

Just a quick check of MeGo’s site for some news about her big gig last night… and there is not one word re her performance at SixFlags!   A bit surprising, unless her peeps are putting together a PR package to distribute… but, any good PR person would have had the package prepared in advance, with just some stills added of MeGo performing.  Yes, still shots… just to be on the safe side!  Who knows how her promise of singing “LIVE” would turn out?

All we know at this point is that MeGo WAS there… along with her hubbend!  MeGo performed on the main stage… with over $10,000 in lights and sound!!!

Hmmm… how was that $10,000 divvied up among the lights and sound?   Going the logical conclusion route, the $10K was sliced up thusly:

$22.79 for rented stage lighting…

  “Let’s go with the one on the right, Missy… we gotta save up for all the lip-synching sound equipment you’re gonna need.”

… and just under $10,000 for all the equipment necessary to convey MeGo’s very unique “sound”!!

  “Seriously, Joe… this buncha crap cost $9,739.55 to rent?  For ONE night?  Don’t forget to put the cooler in the car…”

According to GaySixFlags, the annual “Gays Take Over An Amusement Park” was co-hosted by none other than the resident gay of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, BigGayGreggy!

Here’s BGG enjoying one of the many attractions held hostage by his group!

 “Wheeeee….!!! ”   “OK… who the hell did this bad photoshop job?  As soon as I find out, they’re fired!  Oh… JoGo did it?  Never mind….”

In searching for MeGo’s appearance at SixFlags…

  What was immediately thought of as Melissa Gorga actually SINGING and strikin’ poses with her fans… turned out to be…

A singing MelissaGorga look-a-like drag queen… from the last SixFlags takeover in June 2012!   MeGo wouldn’t be caught dead in that sparkly pink outfit!

According to MeGo’s sister, Lysa Simpson, MeGo chose to go with her usual performance duds of all black…which ties in with Santino’s last name.  Nice touch!


MeGo has certainly jumped light years ahead when it comes to where she’s performing!


UPDATE:  MeGo “KILLED IT”… just listen!!

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76 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo at Six Flags… “Largest LGBT Annual Event” September 14…

  1. The drag queen is much, much prettier than MeGo. Without makeup, MeGo looks like the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz.

    • That’s the pic she has on her Twitter account. It doesn’t even look like MeGo. It is sick. She is one of those spoiled brats who everyone told was so “wonderful” even though she sucked, and she actually believes it. Great Adventure in the OFF SEASON! WooHoo write that day down.

  2. I have the feeling that Stumpy won’t let her quit. He has really invested in her and wants desperately to see her make him rich. What he refuses to see that once she makes some $$ or he dries up she is on to greener pastures.

  3. I just googled and found a YouTube video by some guy named Joeygotbeans just put up that shows some of the performance at 6 flags. JoGo was on stage with some ridiculous stuffed animal thing hanging from his crotch, then he did a partial striptease for the audience. Gag. Then we see MeGo do her auto tuned crap. The sound quality isn’t great but if you want to see JoGo act a fool check it out :)

        • Was one of her back up dancers wearing a monokini? JoGo is a doofus. No.. he’s a loser. MeGo needs to STOP. I’m serious. If I was her friend I would have a sit down with her and it would not be pretty.

          • Ok, saw MeGo’s clip and what can I say?? Oh, Plenty!
            1.Why would you let your husband go out there and introduce you with a stuffend animal hanging from his crotch? I used to wonder if JoGo was secretly get nervous about how much of their money they were wasting on MeGo’s singing but now I see his is so enamoured by his perception of fame that he would sell all of his kids falling down buildings , their house, his plasma, anything to keep having people cheer (by cheer I really mean laugh at him for being a douche but he thinks it means cheer) for him.
            2.What the hell are MeGo and her dancers wearing? Does MeGo actually pay these girls or do they volunteer. Either they volunteer or MeGo purposely hires dancers that are so unattractive that no one will out shine her.
            3.How much money did they pay Chris Judd? MeGo still does not dance.
            4.Why was BBG there? I know he was part of the Six Flags thing but why did he have to introduce her? Does she really need that Housewives connection to sell herself?
            5. Those pants she has on are all wrinkled in the front, ugly.

            • dang, I forgot to talk about Santino Black. He’s a douche. If you didn’t know that she was THE singer you would think that she was more back up support for him.

            • MeGo’s backup dancers were the loser Marco sisters, right? Idk, I was blinded by gals wearing monokinis that should not have been. Maybe they should’ve wore MeGo’s wrinkled pants instead.

            • I think that it’s funny that she lipsynchs so she should have plenty of breath to dance. She won’t dance! She kind of walks around the stage like she is singing so hard she can’t dance and everyonce in awhile she tries to pick up the steps with the girls. It looks so lazy and the only thing she really does is hold her fist to her head JLo style.

            • That idiotic husband of hers should start tightening the reins and putting his foot down. She has taken him to the cleaners and he’s not going to be able to re-coup. No one has anymore $. Come on JoGo be a man instead of a mouse.

            • Did you watch the you tube of her appearance Barb? He is so lost in all this fame I don’t think he is thinking. Did you ever know the kind of guy that plays the fool just because the cool kids laugh at him and they arelaughing AT him and not with him? He knows deep down it’s not right but he can’t help himself because he so wants to hang with them.

            • She doesn’t need the HW. Whoever the freaken idiot who put her up to this singing career can now cut their throat and not speak again. They made a terrible mistake MANDY. Terrorize Teresa when her SIL is making you look like the skank you are. Yes there were minikini’s or whatever they are called……

            • I am new here but my guess would be MeGo was definitely a stripper. The only dance moves she can manage are classic stripper moves. Even JoGo has the stripper moves down, I would guess he was a regular at Lookers.

          • The two of them belong together…they are both iin mature. You couldn’t tell if she was singing or not. Please Melissa take the hint stop wasting money that you could use to pay bills. Join the Church Choir.

        • barb thank u for the posting. OMG please give it up melissa! my first grader puts on a better shown than you. Do they really believe she has talent and will ever make any money on this. NOT!!!

        • It is so sad that they rely so heavily on Joey Gorga’s popularity with the gay men who drool over him. I use to think he involved himself because he was trying to take the spotlight from Melissa, but now I see that he HAS to be involved because the gay men would have little interest in Melissa Gorga alone. So, not only is Joey paying for Melissa’s caeer, he is rounding up the audience by flirting with the men and allowing them to ogle him.

    • Read between the lines in the article featuring Reichen Lehmkuhl (sp?) over at and you can get the idea. RL had some interesting points on the reality TV edit.

  4. First of all, I Karent stand that pic of MeGo in the floppy, busted up JLo hat. She looks constipated and confused. Secondly, wth was JoGo on the act with her?! He’s a construction worker, right? Or a builder… He’s not a singer. I know that. Well, imo neither is MeGo. Which brings me to the finale; what happened to the SoulDiggaz? I liked them, kinda.

      • That has got to be the worst pic of her I have ever seen. What is up with the expression on her face? Hideous, just hideous!

  5. Notice how she only releases her songs when the show is airing…she is talking about her song “I just wanna” on this season that was filmed a year ago. If she was so confident in her abilities as a singer she would have released the song last summer.

  6. This wench has taken several dips in the lady pond with Cat (friendly kitty kat) Rodriguez, yes the producer that hates Tre…this is why she got the disgustingly favorable edit. That’s all, carry on

    • There are many events that are larger than this. The easiest example are the gay days at DisneyWorld. It’s a much more popular venue than Great Adventure.

  7. So much to say. Ok, first of all, that Six Flags posted with Greg on it is terribly Photoshopped. His biceps are NOT that big. Also, he always just looks dirty, smelly, and unkempt to me, just like Crittefur. It’s like Big Gay Greggy has the sourpuss face of Lauren, the stankness of Crituffer, and the blandness of Albie (cracking a quip here or there does not give the guy any personality).

    As for MeGo. The production was horribly cheap. She lip-synched “On Display” and sang parts of “I Just Wanna” live (HORRIBLY). She clearly hasn’t had any vocal training (the Soul Diggaz are producers… have we ever seen her with a voice teacher?) and the five minutes she spent with Cris Judd didn’t do anything.

    JoGo needs to give it up. He is such an empty vessel that he will take attention any way he can. Pathetic.

    • After reading your post, I scrolled back up to get a second look at the horrid photoshop job, and literally laughed at loud and woke up my dog. Greg’s biceps look like wings!! Who did he try to pay off to make him look like he keeps up with himself!?
      And I’ve honestly I wondered if the boys are in poor health or sick in some way. Greg and crittifer look unkempt, dirty, have bad hygiene, and are gaining weight and looking pale?

  8. Amazing how MeGo has skipped right over “rock star” straight into has been by this Six Flags appearance. great going!

    • This is the tragedy in this. This shizzle is more damaging to a child’s psyche than anything Joe or Teresa have ever done. (curse, etc.) If I saw my father do that on a stage for the fifteen gays that were on a break from cruising, I would die. did you see his outfit. Bunny ears? He looked like Hank the angry drunken dwarf, (God rest his soul.)
      Does Mr. Gorga know about his new stripping hobby? I just keep seeing Antonia’s sweet little innocent face and I think she has these two for parents and is surrounded by the Marco trash and I think what chance does she have? Her parents are both mentally ill.
      Severely mentally ill. They willingly humiliate themselves for coinage thrown on stage. I have never seen anything that bad in my life. Not even at a grammar school talent show.

  9. When I saw that pic of Gay Greggie above in the “No H8 ad, I just wanna rip that masking tape off his ugly lips and make him do restitution to Teresa and her family for all the HATE AND BULLYING he has done these past few seasons!
    The punishment can be that he has to be tied to a chair and listen to Melissa Gorga songs non-stop for the next ten years.
    The No H8 campaign is an effing joke.

    • You know TV Junkie, the whole BGG and Manzo No H8 campaign makes me sick, they are truly hypocrites. For all their trashing of Tre and her husband they have some balls to pose for that campaign. SMH! Truly disgusting! I am glad someone else see’s it as well.

  10. We should mass tweet Andy tonight during WWHL and call him on the manipulation of the time line and why he is going along with the lie.

    • kansas: While that is a commendable idea, keep in mind that MissAndy does not oversee every idea nor every frame of every Housewives franchise… any longer! MissAndy USED to, but with all of his other irons in the fire, he barely has time to put a marshmallow on the stick for a yummy s’mores for his own self! The producers/production company is responsible. And, while MissAndy/Bravo DOES have the ultimate responsibility, he would probably say that he’s not aware of any phony timeline manipulation… and he wouldn’t be lying, ’cause he’s drifted away from all the franchises! Still think it’s a great idea… just preparing you and anyone else who plan on tweeting for his reaction/answer! TFC!! SH

      • This makes so much sense especially after the flack he Recieved after last years Nj reunion and his PR didn’t like that so close to his book release!

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