MELISSA GORGA: MeGo at Six Flags… “Largest LGBT Annual Event” September 14…

September 15, 2012  3:33 pm   UPDATE  7:45 pm

Melissa Gorga blasted it via her website that she had a big gig comin’ up on September 14, 2012… at Six Flags Amusement Park in Jackson, NJ.

Just a quick check of MeGo’s site for some news about her big gig last night… and there is not one word re her performance at SixFlags!   A bit surprising, unless her peeps are putting together a PR package to distribute… but, any good PR person would have had the package prepared in advance, with just some stills added of MeGo performing.  Yes, still shots… just to be on the safe side!  Who knows how her promise of singing “LIVE” would turn out?

All we know at this point is that MeGo WAS there… along with her hubbend!  MeGo performed on the main stage… with over $10,000 in lights and sound!!!

Hmmm… how was that $10,000 divvied up among the lights and sound?   Going the logical conclusion route, the $10K was sliced up thusly:

$22.79 for rented stage lighting…

  “Let’s go with the one on the right, Missy… we gotta save up for all the lip-synching sound equipment you’re gonna need.”

… and just under $10,000 for all the equipment necessary to convey MeGo’s very unique “sound”!!

  “Seriously, Joe… this buncha crap cost $9,739.55 to rent?  For ONE night?  Don’t forget to put the cooler in the car…”

According to GaySixFlags, the annual “Gays Take Over An Amusement Park” was co-hosted by none other than the resident gay of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, BigGayGreggy!

Here’s BGG enjoying one of the many attractions held hostage by his group!

 “Wheeeee….!!! ”   “OK… who the hell did this bad photoshop job?  As soon as I find out, they’re fired!  Oh… JoGo did it?  Never mind….”

In searching for MeGo’s appearance at SixFlags…

  What was immediately thought of as Melissa Gorga actually SINGING and strikin’ poses with her fans… turned out to be…

A singing MelissaGorga look-a-like drag queen… from the last SixFlags takeover in June 2012!   MeGo wouldn’t be caught dead in that sparkly pink outfit!

According to MeGo’s sister, Lysa Simpson, MeGo chose to go with her usual performance duds of all black…which ties in with Santino’s last name.  Nice touch!


MeGo has certainly jumped light years ahead when it comes to where she’s performing!


UPDATE:  MeGo “KILLED IT”… just listen!!