SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: New WWC Podcast!… Milania Products “Prizes Coming”…RHONJ “Daily”… AND A Very Special Announcement!

September 13, 2o12  7:30 pm

Get on over to TVGasm… and give a listen to the latest “WatchWhatCrappens!!  

Poor flipit/Ronnie and Matt!  Ben Mandelder from “B-SideBlog” has abandoned them for better things this week, so the trifecta of Ben, Ronnie and Matt has been disturbed… that’s not to say that they weren’t a bit “disturbed” in the first place!  We like their kinda “disturbed”!!

In this week’s Watch What Crappens Podcast, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo TV) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) are left to their own devices while Ben parties on vacay.

We talked about Aviva’s out-crazying psycho Ramona Singer on the three hour RHONY vacation special, feeling sorry for poor innocent victim Teresa on RHONJ, and the lovable dumbasses of Gallery Girls trying to pretend they know what art is. Come on in!

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Huge announcement:  If we are all still here on December 13, 2012, Ronnie/flipit and SH will be married on that day.  Yes… it’s true!  WE I have even been selecting baby names, as when you marry via the intrawebby, you immediately become pregnant… and the pregnancy’s gestation time is just 19 days!  Just in time for a New Year’s baby!

Just some of the potential names:

  • Shanequa
  • Sharrona
  • Sharktank
  • Shavedlegs
  • Shandling
  • Shinister
  • Shipit*ToFlipit*
  • Shlepper
  • Shoobeedoobee
  • Shrinkwrappedtuna

These are just the names for girls… the boyz’ names will all begin with “FL”!  If you got any ideas for baby names, let’s hear ’em!

WE I have yet to select the 28 bridesmaids who will attend to my every need on that very special day.  Why 28?  ‘Cause if the Mayans are wrong, and we’re all still alive on December 13, why not?

Would only think it fitting that some of youz would be a part of the wedding!

So… if you would like to be a bridesmaid on this very special day let me us know!

There will be a small fee involved to be a bridesmaid… of only $3,988!

That fee includes your dress, matching shoes, clutch and a fabulous-looking one-of-a-kind fascinator!

Your choice of banquet food… chicken ala king, lobster thermador, paella, or fruit roll-ups for the vegetarians… will be an extra $864.  A very small amount… considering the PR aspect of this event!

We’ll I’ll be issuing progress statements as we get closer to December 13, which will include: the bridesmaids lineup, the groomsmen, wedding color selections and whether I will do the naked-pregnant-pose for the cover of Cracked or CarbolicSmokeBall.  Actually, whichever comes up with the best payment deal will get the photo…


                                                                          Milania Giudice… “Hey!  If youz got complaints about my shampoos, see ME!”

If YOU won a prize in the Teresa Giudice “Milania Hair Care Products” Contest… never fear!  You WILL be getting your lil Milania product!

Winners of the Milania products were notified that their products would be shipped as soon as the product became available. The product arrived in our warehouse early this week and first shipments went out on Tuesday. The winners packages are being shipped between today and tomorrow and they will have them early next week. Any inquiries can be emailed to

August 2011…


AND… check out the RHONJ Daily!  

27 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: New WWC Podcast!… Milania Products “Prizes Coming”…RHONJ “Daily”… AND A Very Special Announcement!

  1. Congrats to Ronnie and Ms SH. Yalls gonna make some purty babies for sure. I vote Sharona for first born name. I am already working on me karaoke skillz for the reception. wooow


  2. Booking my direct Melbourne to Dallas (I’ve always assumed you live midwesty/southish) flight now.
    Shiptoshore & FitFlop maybe?


  3. WOW..congrats, but according to Yellateeth Crittefur, you’re just an old woman with a robotic arm that feeds her 100 cats daily…AH, i guess there’s hope for me. Doesn’t anyone have a single mill or billionaire in their back pocket somewhere. I am an educated black woman, make that sassy, 5’7, about 120 pounds (yay took me five years to gain that 7 pounds, if you want a pic, look out for Jencherrie’s pic, JD is my work name. Anyone? anyone?. But i can’t guarantee if i’ll wieght the same after a kid or two, so give a sista a chance…LOL. Also Shanequa is a fabulous name, they ALWAYS get attention.


  4. I would volunteer to be a bridesmaid but obviously I am gonna be the DJ…. maybe even the choreographer. But I gotta say, given the news of late, it aint lookin too good that we gonna be here much longer my friends. But heres is hoping that we survive to have the cyber party of the decade.


        • Um, it’s gonna take MORE than the Middle East acting up, and a couple of empty threats to two universities for WWIII to start. WWWIII should have started immediately 24 hours AFTER 9/11…in my opinion.


  5. Congrats on the engagement! I think SHAFT is a nice name, you can call her Shana or Taylor Ford after your gave designer Tom Ford of course! Just a suggestion. Always looking out for you! I think Shana Hughes Armstrong Ford Taylor is a really great name because longer names are the epitome of class and wealth.


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