CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Have Finally Got A J-O-B!!

September 13, 2012   3:33 pm   USWeekly

  “Congrats!!  You’ll be a fabulous waiter!!  OH… sorry!  You’ll be a fabulous owner!  Can we do a re-take??”

According to USWeekly, Mssrs. PrinceAlbie and SirCritterFUR have decided on their life’s work!

DonCaro’s BOYZ are going to be restauranteurs!  Not just any restauranteurs… HappyHoboken restaurant owners!

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Albie and Chris Manzo are partnering with NYC-based restaurateurs Michael Sinensky and Sean McGarr to open up Little Town New Jersey — which will focus on serving locally sourced produce, meats, seafoods, and craft beers and wines — in Hoboken, NJ this November, the brothers tell Us Weekly exclusively.   NOTE:  For which part did they receive payment… the photo or the “exclusive” story?   (Sinensky and McGarr own Big Apple eateries Village Pourhouse, SideBAR and Little Town NY.)

NOTE:  Instead of reviewing restaurants… da BOYZ will be workin’ hard in da kitchen!   Remember… they were once food “critics”…

(Thanks to SH readers “HousewifeHoe” for the fabulous cover creation… and “NYTalk” “FLPhil” and “cybraxis”!!!) 

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245 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Have Finally Got A J-O-B!!

    • Once the sale is made it will be public record who owns it….these people lie so much they don’t know what is what,…..Caro and Al, LOL how about Al and Jill She can’t let go of them. Caro grow up…

  1. Oops! SH, ignore my email. I haven’t been online too much today & I just found this thread. This news is in all the local NJ papers today. I doubt HIGHLY that this “restaurant” will last.

  2. Well I hope this is really good and it works out for them. I’d like to see them grow up and get away from RHONJ and support themselves.

  3. After watching RHOM tonight with the beautiful Miami locale, mansions and people, I don’t know that I will be watching NJ anymore. I don’t think RHOBH even touches the extravagance or luxury of this cast. I am truly awed. Tacky, trashy NJ needs to go away!

    • Agree 100% duh. The Miami show was gorgeous. Loved seeing all the gorgeous scenery etc. NJ is nothing but trash. Same crap every week and totally boring. Low lives. And if don caro says she is tiny what would she call the beautiful Joanna crupa?

  4. You know how Carowhine is. If she can’t try to control it … You can bet it’s her idea. Can’t you just see her pestering Al Sr. to open a restuarant for her boys? Umm the train wreck causes what’s sure to be another train wreck. Lol , it’s going to be funny to see what happens when it fails. She may totally crack. Someone hide the blue overalls!!

  5. I’ll seriously take a drive to this Rest and try it out. Wait… why waste gas?! Manzo’s are successful at one thing only AND that is at failing.

  6. The restaurant is a chain called Little Town there are 2 in NYC they sell food like grilled cheese and wings. Also 100 different types of beer. It looks like it will be a cute place.Not expensive. It will do well if Chris doesn’t drink all the beer and eat all of the wings.

    • If the Manzoids are involved, don’t see it being a success. Critterful is absolutely gross and Albie appears to have an adversion to work. Ad Chuckie’s pleasant personality to the mix and the whole enterprise has disaster written all over it.

  7. thought you all would like this link posted by DebV on another blog – sort of clears up the relationship of the Manzos to the Little Town owners – well – not exactly clears it up the details, but does bring a fresh slant to the operation – looks like they quite possibly are only the “face” – at least someone who has a successful chain in fact will be in charge – not those knuckle brains!!

    • Why on earth would anyone hire Critterfur to be the “face” of their business. Seriously, I have seen better heads on a boil. Ugh! He is the face that launched a 1000 stomach contents.

  8. I think it will be a hit with the younger crowd they have food like burgers and wings that kids like and it is not expensive they could go there then go to the other bats. Also stevens institute is there so those college kids will love it. Like I said too bad they did not think of this before.

  9. Maybe they had to get jobs because Uncle Chris forgot to make unemployment insuance payments to the State of New Jersey. Gee, he forgot (and there was no money who could take out of blk).!!!

    • My guess is they need some sort of “declarable” income since they are airing their lives in public and it’s inconceivable that the Brownstone is sustaining their lifestyle as well as the Manzo house hold

  10. Well, there would not be any unemployment insurance paid, because the boys are partners and not employees.
    I wonder if they all finally realized, after over a year, that BLK will be lucky to support one family, but definitely not all the players involved!
    I cut Chris and Albie some slack, they are only 23 and 26. Unlike their lazy sister, they have at least worked and been out there trying their hand at being entrepeneurs with BLK. NO! definitely not the best idea, BLK, but, as I mentioned, they are young!
    But, what does bother me, is that Carowhine is already claiming that “She and Al” are opening a new restaurant. WTH???? Carowhine made is perfectly clear that she had nothing to do with the operations fo the Brownstone. The only business that Carowhine is involved in is catface. She is such a Damn Liar! And, once again, this poor excuse for motherhood is trying to steal her sons thunder and make them appear weak, hiding behind mommy’s skirt!! Shame on Carowhine!

    • Where did she say this though ? On her twitter? I don’t see it maybe she deleted it. I see where she sends congrats to her sons.

      • ccm, yes, it was on twitter. I would pull it up for you, but sadly, I am not that computer savvy…..perhaps somone else will be kind enought to pull it up!

  11. one of the commenters on the us weekly article was hilarious…”Maybe they will serve ‘grandfather’s junk’ on the menu? In reference to the way their grandfather Tiny Manzo was discovered. He was shot, tied and naked in the trunk of his car, with his junk cut off and in his mouth.

  12. I live in Hoboken. Restaurants tend to do well here. However, it’s nearly impossible to find an available space with a liquor license and Hoboken doesn’t issue new licenses (but maybe with their connections…).

    However, I would welcome such a restaurant. We have only 1 restaurant that serves organic food and none that I know serve local farmers’ meats, etc.

    • It does seem like a cool fun place.Iwont go b/c the manzos name is on it …..look how caroline acting already.Ill try it out in the city….hopfully theres one in brooklyn

  13. this all makes sense now. caro gets al sr. to put up money to PARTER in a restaurant for the boyz.
    then albert is rid or her. she said she was looking for a place in hoboken for her and lauren.
    thought lauren had a job close to franklin lakes. did she give up on that one as well as the other 1
    day job. no wonder why she is so mean and nasty. boys, take a nod from dad; this is his way out
    and your way out of her control. respect her as your mom. distance her as a person ruling your lives.

  14. katek, I love this quote from you…”respect her as your mom. distance her as a person ruling your lives.” This is great advice, I hope that they read this!

  15. I think that’s part of the problem . It looks like Al Sr.’s been rid of her , more or less, for a long time now. She’s said for the last 3 seasons that he worked 16 to 17 hour days , even slept at the restuarant some nights. Funny thing he plays a mean game of golf for someone with no free time. Ever notice?

    • Ya, after watching Al sit there with a pissy attitude, and hearing about “Jill”, I’m starting to feel sorry for Caroline. She is nasty and bossy etc., but I think a lot of that comes from feeling unloved or unwanted by a grumpy ass old husband. That is maybe why she clings to her kids, she feels like that’s all she’s got. I hope she can find some self-worth in her life, find some hobbies other than fighting with Tre on RHONJ.

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