REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: What We Know About The RHONJ Reunion… UPDATE: Andy Cohen “Has A Headache”…

September 8, 2012  11:30 am   4:00 pm

Guests on tomorrow’s WWHL will be Teresa Giudice and Perez Hilton…


 Real Housewives of New Jersey… Season Three Reunion… created by “Housewife Hoe“!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion taping took place, according to many reports, on Friday.

NOTE: With all the questions and the many loose ends, the reunion taping would need more than TWO days!  But, let’s move on…down the rabbit hole!!

From all accounts, the taping started at 11 am …

  RHONJ reunion…

A twitter poster by the name @catherinemary17 posted this on her twitter page:

  • Just spoke 2 a friend in AC who ran into @carolinemanzo @JacLaurita J telling PERFECT STRANGERS Joe cheats wtf
  • YES she is BIG j fan she brought up 2 J-J said been going on 4 YEARS
  • its gross nomatterwhat were friends once shes telling stranger #RHONJ
  • she also asked C if still friends w/Mel C responded “so so”
  • Well they just walked into start taping all HW, Rosie & Lauren NOT w/them no surprise @joegorga & Chris @ table
  • getting blo by blo my friend in same hotel fans tried to get pics Kathy told them “No, running late 4 reunion”

@CatherineMary17 later posted a picture that her friend took with Caroline Manzo (though she cut the friend out of the picture). 

Also, @NaughtyNiceRob made a few posts about the reunion:

  • producers put the housewives they want the most next to Andy
  • it’s war
  • she’s strong lady can handle herself [when asked about Teresa]
  • They are still taping the reunion of #RHONJ started hair and makeup this am at 8:00am. Long day. Free booze flowing
  • they are not Teresa fans
  • best ever [When asked: ” is it like last year reunion or worst for Teresa?]
  • It’s ended! This is going to be the best Real Housewife reunion ever! Even the crew need a drink after this!

                           Photo from “MsPriscillaNYC”…

Melissa’s sister, Lysa Simpson, wrote this on her twitter page:

  • Yes, it’s 3:54 am & I’m at the noodle bar @the Borgata hotel in AC REFLECTING on all I learned tonite BOTTOM LINE I’ll never give up my fam

The New Jersey HouseHusbands also made their appearance on the reunion…  From Rich Wakile: “Hard at work @joegorga @chris_laurita and me!!!

NOTE:  The two New Jersey Housewives who have the MOST to say to each other will be seated closest to each other.  MissAndy could not have seated Tree and DonCaro on the same sofa to prevent possible physical outbursts!  Therefore, DonCaro and Tree would logically be seated on either side of MissAndy.  As mentioned previously, the “Seating Arrangement Theory” has been dispelled. 

             RHONY reunion… using the “Seating Theory,” LuAnnie should be gone; Jillz should still be a NY Housewife!

(Thanks to SH readers “MC” and “cybraxis”!!)

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374 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: What We Know About The RHONJ Reunion… UPDATE: Andy Cohen “Has A Headache”…

  1. somebody named @BravoMaxine on twitter was tweeting all kinds of stuff yesterday. Supposedly she was there and if she’s for real, Teresa let loose on everyone and spilled all their secrets. I don’t know if it’s true, but it was REALLY juicy stuff.

  2. This is silly but I am so concerned for Tre that I don’t know if I can watch. The hate emanating from the other jealous women is just too much for me. I haven’t been able to watch the show recently because it seemed like they were taking pot shots at any opportunity. I don’t know where Tre draws her strength but I wish I had some.

    • Teresa has ” right on her side”as my daddy used to say. Teresa has the armor and invincibility , quiet courage. She tried to take the high road but the others could not stop trying to drag her into the gutter with them. I hope she unleashed!

      • I think you are right. Instead of keeping it at is, as she has done lately, I hope she unleashes on them, the witches (all the other women including Greg) and they get what they deserve. And that includes MissAndy, too. Then, let’s just “see what happens” next season. Maybe Doncaro will just mind her own fambily, cause they definitely neet help.

        • I agree. She was obviously keeping it clean and not saying things that may have put the others in their place. She even mentioned that to Andy. I don’t know how, since she’s obviously going to have the four others coming at her full blast, she could continue to take the “high road.” I don’t blame her if she does. The sad thing is even with fans she’ll be damned it she does and damned is she doesn’t. There will be those that will say she should have unleashed (as you say) on them is she didn’t, and there will be those that say she shouldn’t have lowered herself to the others level if she does. I just wish she was able to get her points across better than she does. I’ve found myself screaming at my tv telling Teresa what she SHOULD be saying to whoever it may be! This season has been too stressful and not fun at all. I say let ‘em have it with all she’s got!

          • agree 100%.
            I think Teresa has given her warning to Caroline-very publicly-so if Caroline is too stupid to heed it, Teresa will say what she has to.
            So far, I truly think she has told everyone the truth, and that’s why she’s not worried about what they “bring” at the reunion. She hasn’t said anything about anyone that she needs to worry about. She has apologized, stayed silent, forgiven, and moved on, ready for a fresh start NUMEROUS times and hasn’t had the same in return from anyone.
            So now, she’s done with all of them. So I don’t think she’ll be nervous speaking because it doesn’t MATTER what she says anyway-there is nothing she can do that Caroline and Co. will accept. I think at the last reunion the only reason Tre was nervous was because she truly CARED about these people and didn’t want to say the ‘wrong’ thing or say too much and make things worse. I think now she’ll be a lot more calm because she’s ok with not having any of them in her life.

  3. just hope tre does o.k. and andy steps up and ask all the women (i am being kind here) the tough ??
    he seems to just concentrate on her misprouncing words. what a bully. would think he would understand bullying. guess not. they all have crap in their closests. really not a good representation of n.j.
    and no i am not from n.j. thank u jesus.

  4. How could the woman be at Revel while the boys are at the Borgata because that’s clearly the suite at the Borgata.

  5. Caroline’s “tan” looks HIDEOUS! Everyone looks good with a LITTLE color, but not everyone is meant to have a nice, bronzy, sun-drenched tone. Chuck is like me – PALE, so pale my ugly blue veins show through. I look good with a little NATURAL color, but if I went and got spray-tanned that fake dark, orange, I’d look ridiculous, and she does too. It makes Teresa and yes, even Melissa look all glowy and healthy because they’re already NATURALLY darker completed. She should just embrace her alabaster skin.

  6. Maybe Andy finally showed the video Joe and Melissa taped to be on the show, promising to take Tre down. That is what I am reading into this comment Melissa’s sister, Lysa Simpson, wrote this on her twitter page:

    Yes, it’s 3:54 am & I’m at the noodle bar @the Borgata hotel in AC REFLECTING on all I learned tonite BOTTOM LINE I’ll never give up my fam

    • I am sure both Marco sisters where in on the taping of that audition photo. I am thinking it has to be sumpin else that Lysa “learned” and still had to bottom line it… so it could be some trash that MeGo talked about her sisters and Tree let it fly.

      • I’m pretty sure her sisters were in on the video too. Although, I do thing it might tie in with the Meho open marriage rumors. I am thinking that is something she may have kept from her family if its true.

    • see I interpreted that tweet to mean that UNLIKE Teresa, Lysa would never give up her family…but maybe that’s because I think Teresa is going to tell them all to go scratch lol

    • I read her tranny sister’s tweet. Maybe Teresa outed The Hooker and Stump as swingers and she responded with “I’ll never give up my family”. Funny how she ignores the fact that Stump betrayed his sister by going on the show with malicious intentions. Ya gotta love the Shore Whore Trannies.. Knuckle scraping ball scratching white trash. She should worry more about her gay husband and less about Teresa.

      • Maybe Dina showed up to the reunion and the tweet was a reference to Dina “giving up” Chuckie. But, either was it is completely hypocritical. How can the nasty skanks not see that Josephine Marco has betrayed family.

      • Please God let there be plenty more on Bravo tape than just the obvious groping at the Gorga’s shore house. Was there swapping and swinging that was left on the cutting room floor?

    • She did that on purpose? It looks awful. I guess she has messed up with every hair stylist and makeup artist in town so she has to go it alone…. and it shows.

    • I think the whole sex theme of this season was a mistake on the part of the producers. These men probably do act like this alot, especially with the encouragement of the staff. However, it was bravos decision to keep airing it. It was a mistake because while many young men think this is funny, typical young to old women do not. Who is our audience here, bravo? Were they trying to draw in younger men? Adolescent boys? Who? Maybe they were trying to attract the crowd that would be interested in Megos “pop career”. I dont think it worked at all. And it really made all these participating cast members look even more childish than they already do….with their bankruptcys and playground behaviors. While I am rooting for Teresas success, I hated how her and Juicy sunk to this level on camera. The only these gross words and discussions did for me was cause me to change the channel when my kids would walk in the room.

      • Bravo needs to mind who their market is. I am curious if they were trying to lure the Jersey Shore audience in. Huge fail.

        • I agree..if I have to see Stumpy Joe Gorga and Tarzan blurred one more time I’m done. He looks ridiculous with his pants down all the time. Kathy’s husband is flat out vulgar.

            • Joe Gorga should not represent anything but the 10th circle of Hell. I am quite sure he is an embarrassment to the good people of NJ. He is just a ridiculous caricature of ignorance and avarice in a really small package. JoeGo is about as classy as the dog poop we occasionally have the misfortune to step in.

            • I like that one….The parties he had in TR with the whipped cream etc no respectible person would ever have and I am surprised at Andy, why didn’t he give them a home in the Hamptons? Huh? The would disgrace him for sure…wise up Andy……all for ratings Andy for get about it…..

            • The pool and hot tub scenes were hard to watch at the Jersey Shore with MeHo and JoGo. Ugh. Just ..UGH! They were all marinating in hot vat of herpes stew. Rosie and the ogling and groping? I seriously don’t care what consenting adults do privately but when the camera panned to the children it was beyond poor taste. The Gorgas and Wakiles will do anything for a Bravo buck. the self righteous Wakiles with their “parenting” scenes. A bit much considering what those two indulge in.

        • Bravo needs to clean the slate and pick a new state to feature or showcase a diff part of NJ like Central or South. This cast and it’s woes are played out, enough.

  7. Someone must have brought up dirt about JoGo’s work “ethnic” He posted a picture of one of his custom homes. Let the pecker measuring commence.

    • JoGo and MeHo don’t know when to shut it. If the Gorga Manse and the Beach house are tied to the same exorbitant mortgage he is really stupid and a fraudster. I think his bank or mortgage holder may be ready to drop some giant karma on JoeyGo.

        • I’m shocked they were able to get such a generous loan considering how strict lending regulations are. If the loan was generated before the collapse we can all clearly see why so many banks and lending institutions failed. A Bravo paycheck is nothing weighed against this kind of crushing debt.

          • Aint Pittypat: That’s why I made a comment about a bribe. It does not make sense to bundle a vacation home in one party of NJ with a residence in another part of NJ.

      • I see no proof that it’s his. It could have been any new construction in the area. I don’t see that he has worked much and do you know with all the McMansions in foreclosure that this one would even sell. Please Joe we have more brains than you want to give us credit for.

        • My husband’s company sells construction materials here in NJ and I showed him the Stumpy Gorga spec house pic..he said it looks like that house has been sitting for a loooooooong time. LOL! The plywood looks old..grass is long around foundation..I could bore you with more..bottom line..Methinks Stumpy has money probs

            • It’s a messy old construction site but it does has the hideous look of one of his houses..who knows though..he lies about his sister so this is probably a lie to…at any rate yeah..he’s in financial trouble big time.

            • On the miniJoe Lockerz site, where the house photo is, there is a thumbnail pic of Megos cd line at the mall. Click on it . Uh….not what I had pictured in my head. Pretty much a single or double file line of 18-22 year old girls. Not the big buzzing crowd I had pictured. You can see the end of the line…no unruly crowd here. Looks kind of sad.

            • Someone asked a question last night and I was on my IPAD and couldn’t answer. In reference to the size of the McMansion that Gorga snapped a picture of, no most McMansions where I live are one third that side and are on smaller lots. Most of them have the center hall with the chandelier showing in the window. They are nice. This one he showed is gawdy and will never sell in today’s market unless they give it away.

  8. Kathy’s tweet:
    I can’t believe @richardwakile is so quiet today after yesterday’s #RHONJ Reunion! #StrangePhenomenon #ShellShocked @BravoAndy

  9. Melissa’s tweet:
    7 words for the #RHONJ reunion yesterday with @BravoAndy…. IT’S LIKE NOTHING YOU’VE EVER SEEN BEFORE

      • IDK if this was posted but I also saw this, lol.
        “Jennifer b ‏@jenbradleylopez
        So today @Jaclaurita is telling people at her BLK signing at wegmans she got to call Juicy a moron @Teresa_Giudice Jac is so sad..”

        • Jax is in overdrive trying to earn a spot on RHONJ next season. She needs to drop it. An adult woman bragging about calling some one else a moron. Wow that’s impressive. Jax is a juvenile idiot. I feel very sorry for her kids and can perhaps understand Ashlee’s resentment of her mother.

          • Agree. They must have asked her to step up the drama or else. If she comes back, what will be her storyline. I hope it’s not her son’s autism. That’s just exploitation.

            • I hope she has the GOOD sense to bow out gracefully from the show and stay home with her son INSTEAD of EXPLOITING him because THAT is what she is going to be doing and the ratings with hed doing that are GOING to go way DOWN. No amount of explaining anything on ANDERSON COOPER is going to change anything either.

            • Jax and good sense are strangers. She disgusts me. The Ashlee fiasco was not a learning experience for Jax. Surprised Bubba Jax isn’t storming Hollywood beside Ashlee.

            • Its sad and they should dont do it . i think bravo sees a new storyline that hasnt been played before will go for it. Jax will go for as well.

        • ya know what else is sad? The fact Jac financial situation is so bad that she can’t even take a day off from slinging that black sludge even though yesterday was “grueling 10 hours of taping”.

      • Well, if it is nothing like what we have seen before, it should not be a complete Tre bash, we have seen that show. We have seen Tre lose her temper, flip stuff, Caroline yell, Melissa manipulate, the mens junk, Jacq sleep in the middle of a fight, Kathy talk out her A@#, it really tough to believe that we will see something that is nothing like anything we have not already, but there is alway hope! After being on this hamster wheel of a show, getting off on a new track would be interesting!

        • How strange that so many are hating on Dina for her upcoming appearance supporting Tre,
          I have read horrible comments attacking Dina for supposedly turning her back on her family. WHY do they not see what Tres family has done to her ? Tres family’s plan was to come on the show to destroy Tre.

    • If it’s “nothing like we’ve ever seen before”, I hope that means that Teresa wasn’t singled out and bullied the entire show. Cause we’ve seen that before.

      • If its nothing we’ve ever seen before, maybe the househusbands get into it. I can see another brawl between the Joes happening, with Richie is hiding under the table in the fetal position.

  10. Teresa will be back next year without a doubt. The rest of the cast has left I am sure. I don’t know why you always portray her in such a positive light here (the digital collages that someone makes with knives etc of Caroline??) I honestly have no favorites in the entire cast…they are pathetic…but Giudice is the biggest loser of them all. What a sad life she leads and those poor little girls. A narcissistic Mom and a drunk/verbally abusive Dad.

      • Yes yup, I don’t get why people don’t get that. I don’t care about who is a better (fill in the blank). I just don’t like watching a fugly nasty broad pick a target and attack.

    • Yes, I agree with you Guinea Pea. You nailed it! Tre may be making a few bucks for her books, but sadly, she spends money as my grandmother would say, “like a drunken sailor!” The Guidices are millions of dollars in debt, in deep leagal trouble and yes, Joe G is truly The Biggest Drunken Looser. In five years, Joe will be in jail and Tre will be on food stamps.
      I still wonder if Tre gave any of the money from the cookbooks to her mother. There must have been a tremendous amount of work on her mothers part if indeed these are her recipes. It would be very shameful if Tre did not share the proceeds with her mother!

  11. SH, love the pics! Lapband Lauren tweeted a pic of her driving down to Atlantic City with the stripper’s make up artist. I don’t understand why she insists on hanging with gay men BGG or George Miguel instead of her alleged boyfriend

          • Hopefully Vito will run while he still can. Otherwise he will end up with a dumpy, lazy wife who has Caroline for a mother!!

            • I wonder what his friends say about having Chucky Don as a possible mother-in-law. The way they treated Vito’s family was just sad. I bet his parents were so excited to watch themselves on TV and told everyone to watch, only to have Chuck diss them in her talking heads about how they are not her famblys’ status, and work in a lowly deli. Ugh that behavior and the Alexis Joel segment took away any dismal respect I had for her. Just a rude crass lady that treats everyone like they are so below her, that Chuckface.

            • He seems like a really nice guy with a great family. He is too good for the Manzos. Strange though how after 3 years he has still not proposed. He seems really devoted to Lauren. I bet Lauren and Caro are FUMING over that. If he does not want to marry her he should dump her already.

            • I think Vito is too good for Lauren and that family. Their crude ways are starting to rub off on him and he needs to get the heck out of there and leave that madness behind him.

  12. Maybe Pappa Gorga showed up and gave JoGo what for… I hope. Then threatened to give the same to Richie if he opened his mouth….Wouldn’t that be just delicious yall?

      • Even dadburn Rosie was there. Tree was all alone again…. unless her daddy showed up with his chtikickin boots on.

        • Somehow I think Teresa got all the balls in the fam cuz baby Joey didn’t. JoGo is MeHo’s biotch all the way. Bet Papa Gorga Sr. would bet the house on Teresa. After watching how it all played out I hope Tre shed her tears and disappointment privately. I do wish someone would clean house on NJ. I don’t mean in Don Caro’s shrieking, semi hysterical bich fest either.

          • Yeah now handing them all their pink slips right on the reunion couch would def be sumpin “no one has ever seen before” Letting Tree pass them out would be even better.

    • The Senior Gorgas know the truth. And the truth is this: MiniJoe and Mego, whether they admit to a T takedown conspiacy or not, knew their signing onto the show would bring trouble to the family. There were huge problems between the siblings and their spouses waaaay before RHNJ. At the very least, Mini and Mel had the responsibility to try to make peace with T and Juicy before coming on the show. They did not do this, quite the opposite. And does anyone believe that T was the only one in her parents ear? Do you think Mini sat idly by and never said a word to his parents about T and Joe? Come on. That guy cannot keep his mouth shut. The Senior Gorgas heard both sides here and who do THEY blame?

      • Yeah. JoGo just tweeted that someone was smart for thinking that the Tree huggers would rally around Tree. He is a total embarrassment. Such a dang girl. Its just not right what he is doing-engaging and encouraging twitter attacks on his sister. Maybe that is his problem., he wanted to be the princess in the family. Tree never retweets ugly stuff that “tree huggers” say about her brother. Never.

    • Hah! That picture of Jackal-line is all stretched and distorted just like Housewife Hoe’s Photoshop rendering of Jax as the Cheshire cat.

      • True. Its so odd to me that that heifer would have a magazine in her hand with a smile on her face…..unless she was on the cover…. and … grrrrrrrr…..last time she was on the cover….. grrrrrrr.
        Its the Munchhausen shot… RHNJ version of the money shot.. too creepy.

        • She does seem to savor her new found celebrity, which came at the expense of her son being diagnosed with Autism. I have never seen a parent derive so much satisfaction from having such a thing diagnosed in their child. There is something really twisted and evil about that woman.

            • Usually when Jackal-line smiles, it is all fakey-fakey, but you can see the actual real joy in that photo of her as she basks in the glow of her poor-me-my-son-has-autism-but that’s-okay-‘cuz-at-least-it-keeps-me-relevant-so-don’t-hate-just-‘cuz-I’m-evil People magazine article.

            • Yes indeedy. Secure in the knowledge that if anyone questions her they will look like evil people for even suggesting that the skank is lying. Very horrible things going on in that mind for sure.

            • How low can they stoop? We are seeing the real Jax., the real dirty low down. I cannot comprehend how any mother could find joy in this diagnosis. Boggles the mind. Hey! It’s a win/win for Jax. Sympathy and the limelight . No questions asked.

            • I think it’s really Jac’s account. What guy tweets that kind of crap? Wouldn’t he be promoting hisBLK product in his tweets? I think Jac has gone completely around the bend and is tweeting as her hub..he probably doesn’t care as long as she’s out of his hair.

            • Could be. I have ALWAYS thought that a girl tweeted for JoGo. Just cant imagine a breadwinner having the time to post….

            • True, Especially if the diagnosis is all bs and he is allowing his son to be used in this way. And signed off on the BLK cures autism “behaviors” scheme. So far CJ is escaping(no official word on the Asperger’s right?) … there always does tend to be one child of a Munchhausen mother who gets off the hook.
              Maybe Jax be saving that one for herself.. when she has to explain her large butt she will just say its due to “ass burgers” Ok stoopid bad joke I go take nite nite now. Muah!

            • Jax graduated from the Taylor Armstrong School of How To Exploit Your Husband/Child And Make Lots Of Money Doing It.

            • Exactly. may I offer an apology to the nation from a genuine Okie. Taylor is an alien. Look at that face. I swear she isn’t from here. Never ever heard the expression “I will go all Oklahoma on your ass.” Now “IMA beat you like a red-headed step child” is occasionally acceptable in polite company . Traylor Park Armstrong -WTF?

  13. They actually dont always go that way when it comes to the sitting arrangements, it usually depends on who had the most interesting story from the season and who has the biggest conflict with the other girls. For example NeNe vs Kim always being in the middle, and sheree, phaedra, and kandi towards the end. Caroline vs Teresa, Danielle vs Dina towards the middle

  14. Maybe there is some truth to the Laurita having a side piece. Jax sure is working overtime to promote the “happy families” facade. I could never decide if Chris realized Jax was hitting the pills and booze or just didn’t give a damn. Bubba needs an intervention stat!

  15. My boyfriend works at Revel and says none of those pictures are from Revel. They all look like they are taken from the Borgata or the Waterclub that is next door to the Borgata. He works security for Revel and thinks he would have heard if they did film there but of course we aren’t 100% sure on that part. :)

  16. BTW, how many times has Tre been on WWHL this year? She ain’t going anywhere. Either they are giving her, her own spin off or she’ll be back. She makes the $$$ for Bravo. What has Caro or Jax or Katty brought in for them?

    • I don’t think Teresa can sustain a spin-off. What makes her storyline intriguing is the interaction with the other women. Teresa is not witty, clever or endearing on her own.

      • Maybe her own Dance Mom show? Not saying it is a good idea, but all of those networks copy each other with the hoarding, guns, alligators, pawn shops.

      • The characters may change but the storyline stays the same – intense conflict between Teresa and the other cast members culminating in explosive displays of anger, all conveniently filmed by Bravo. So that’s what Caro, Jacks and Kathy bring to the show. That’s why Bravo hired them. Shame to say but that one table flipping scene set the stage for all the rest of Teresa’s time on the show.

    • The wack pack brings complete and utter boredom. Why does Jax need xanax KopyKathy could put me to sleep all by herself. Teresa brings it, cute kids, busy household. I am guessing she ripped a page out of Bethenny’s book and realized it was important to stay relevant .

  17. Have to do another shout out to Housewife Hoe. Your Alice in Wonderland ala RHONJ is just brilliant. The quality of your workmanship really shines in the solo pic of Ms. Andy.

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