SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Camille Grammer “Gettin’ $30 Million”… PT Housewife “Muppet Janis”… Kim Zolciak “Baby Weight”

September 6, 2012   10:00 am

 Camille Grammer and Dimwitri LuckyCharms…

Camille Grammer ain’t gonna be gettin’ the predicted $50 million in her divorce settlement from Kelsey Grammer… according to TMZ, Camille will be getting a paltry $30 million!   And, according to TMZ, Camille deserves every penny!


If you listened to the latest “WatchWhatCrappens” over at TVGasm, there was a discussion as to who PT Housewife looked like.  Michelle Collins said that PT Housewife reminded her of Muppet Janis.


We’re still stickin’ with PT Housewife lookin’ like Loretta Swit!

                                                     Loretta Swit… “Hey!  I’m MUCH better lookin’ than that “reality” chick!  Who is she???  Never heard of her…”


Kim Zolciak tweeted her post-baby photo… two weeks after having her little boy KashKrop KashNKarry KashMoney KashNDash KashBeefHash KashIGottaRash KashKade…

Kim’s daughter, Brielle, tweeted: ‘seriously… who looks like this after 2 weeks of having a baby?’


(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFtM” and “KRG”!!)

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  1. I am hoping for the best with Kim’s daughters, but Kim has never set a good example for her daughters as far as good relationships with people. Kim is a user and when you have served your purpose she is done with you. She bragged about being in love and engaged to a rich married man but dumped him after he filed for bankruptcy; she dumped her friend Nene who got her on the show after she got a little fame. She shorted her friend Kandi with royalties from her hit song. She treated her “friend” Sweetie like a slave then badmouthed her to the world on TV claiming to have to fire her for laziness because she didn’t enrolled her kids in school and didn’t bottle feed and change her babies diapers often enough, but then had to hire her back because her new and more socially acceptable assistant was stealing from her via credit cards. When Kroy is traded to some less glamorous team she will dump him as well. So does Kim love her daughters, yes? Is Kim as good example for her daughters, no? I believe that her daughters will be better women than their mother.


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