SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Camille Grammer “Gettin’ $30 Million”… PT Housewife “Muppet Janis”… Kim Zolciak “Baby Weight”

September 6, 2012   10:00 am

 Camille Grammer and Dimwitri LuckyCharms…

Camille Grammer ain’t gonna be gettin’ the predicted $50 million in her divorce settlement from Kelsey Grammer… according to TMZ, Camille will be getting a paltry $30 million!   And, according to TMZ, Camille deserves every penny!


If you listened to the latest “WatchWhatCrappens” over at TVGasm, there was a discussion as to who PT Housewife looked like.  Michelle Collins said that PT Housewife reminded her of Muppet Janis.


We’re still stickin’ with PT Housewife lookin’ like Loretta Swit!

                                                     Loretta Swit… “Hey!  I’m MUCH better lookin’ than that “reality” chick!  Who is she???  Never heard of her…”


Kim Zolciak tweeted her post-baby photo… two weeks after having her little boy KashKrop KashNKarry KashMoney KashNDash KashBeefHash KashIGottaRash KashKade…

Kim’s daughter, Brielle, tweeted: ‘seriously… who looks like this after 2 weeks of having a baby?’


(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFtM” and “KRG”!!)

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108 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Camille Grammer “Gettin’ $30 Million”… PT Housewife “Muppet Janis”… Kim Zolciak “Baby Weight”

    • good catch! that looks like the entrance to her old Townhouse…haha! Plus, lets all remember the angle the photo is shot, spanx, and photoshopping, LOL! I don’t see what the big deal is about baby weight anyway. With my second baby I gained 45 lbs and was wearing a size 2 in three weeks. Kim is trash – this photo is just “buying her time” before she can take a REAL ‘after the baby’ photo that she’s not embarrassed about.

    • You are right. She has certainly taken a step or two back in terms of domicile. Her pose in that pic looks akward. Looking at it makes me want to breathe out.

      • That cash cow sailed with poppa. She lost spousal support when she got married. Don’t know about her child support figures.

          • If they work in the prision but what they make is like a dollar a day or hour its for them to
            have money for cig and such and not enough to keep whorekim in diamonds

        • reply to bizzymammabee. never was spousal or child support. the girls dad was never in
          the picture. believe he was a convicted child molester. not a big kim fan. but just sayin

  1. Thats the foyer to her old townhouse.Bet she has to move back there since she cant afford her “Dream Home”.I bet that picture is an old onelooks too akward to be a recent one.Kroy will have his “AH Ha” soon and realize the train wreck he married and the life his is sucked into.Kim will put in severe debt with her matierialistic ways.Feel bad he did not take off his rose colored glasses.His parents did not seem to happy about him trying to turn a Hoe into a housewife.Never works.

  2. I just saw her mention earlier this week something about the house they building. I am assuming this is temporary until that house is built.

  3. She has lots of $$$ without Kroy’s money. She gets about 26K child support each month for those girls plus a 250K “maintenance fee” plus her money from the show and other projects (music, appearances, beverages). Google it. Many of the housewives have lost homes, filled bankruptcy, and thriving on that Bravo check alone, but Kim was never one of them.

    • she dosnt get that in child support one of her ex is in jail for child molestation isnt he?
      Only reason Kim has oney is she was a whore for a rich man

    • I am not too sure your facts are 100% accurate….in some of the earlier episodes of housewives she said she got nothing for her kids that she has been ‘doing it on her own’…any money she gets from Bravo or endorsements/appearances she has WASTED on cosmetic procedures and living outlandishly…she’s just staying afloat right now…

    • I think your talking about Kim from rhobh. There is no way Kim from Atlanta got that from her Baby Daddy or her ex husband. I doubt she would have worked the pole if she had another option.

  4. Kim gets a quarter million dollars a year child support? 250K separate maintenance? Really? That’s half a million a year. She can’t possibly be receiving separate maintenance that would have ended when she married Kroy. I thought when Sheree was going through her child support issues Kim claimed she never received child support. Am I not remembering correctly?

    • No you are not Kim dosnt get any wherre near that much money
      niether of her ex’s had money and alimony is not granted for a lifetime anymore
      her alimony if she ever received any would have dried up yes ago and def when she married Kroy.
      Kim was a whore to a rich man she has money because she spread her legs for cash and diamonds

      • Well according to if you look it up; Kim and Kroy are worth around $5Mil, more if his football contract holds up. For HWOA, Kandi is the one with the most ($35). Surprise over at the OC, Miss Sarah, “Let me eat my Cake” is from the Winchester familty (Guns) and is worth $15 Mil, who knew???

        • Isnt sarah w like a 15th cousin to the Winchesters I didnt think there was any winchester money left as the Gun company was sold and fragmented over the yrs and no winchester are left in the family business and Sarah left no children to inheirt anything.
          Where does she get her 15 mil from?

          • These sites that give net worth are so unreliable. I think someone calls them up and says how much money do you have and they print it. Your right about Winchester from what I have read here Sarah has no connection to the Winchesters. I’d believe SH before Sarah.

  5. Kim and family had to leave their rented dream home after the landlord would not agree to let them renew their lease after Kim had her wedding in their home without permission. Kim also refuses to pay for some agreed upon redecorating fees and badmouth the landlords on TV and the media. So the new family of 5 had to move back the condo that Big Poppa’s money built.

  6. She lost a bunch of weight quickly with KJ, so I think the photo is recent.
    A new baby wouldn’t have that toy car thing, but KJ would.
    It looks like she’s in the foyer of her townhouse that they kept and moved back to.

    I like her brand of crazy. I hope she gets a show soon.

    • I think it is sad that at 16 Brielle already values weight loss so highly. I know Kim loves her kids but I think they have missed so important lessons along the way. I’m not saying they are bad people but you get what you live not what you say. The sad part is to Kim using your sexuality to get what you want is a sign of success.

      • Oh yes – because it is completely unheard for a 16 year old girl to struggle and worry about her weight in this country…

      • What’s even more sad is her horrible grammar. “after 2 weeks of having a baby”? I think she means “2 weeks after having a baby”. Brielle needs to spend less time tweeting and more time studying!

    • Her brand of crazy you mean a Hooker who catches a Kronfed boy and tricks him into marriage by getting pregnant that kinda of crazy?

  7. Brielle will follow in her mom’s footsteps.She already runs around on the show in bikinis.She will be tricking for $$ never a real job.Think she is a child of priviledge like Chucke’s spawn’s think.

    • That’s terrible to say about a sixteen year old girl because you don’t like her mother. We don’t bash the kids here because they didn’t sign up for the show.

      • As much as I do think Kim is sending her daughters the wrong message
        they both have brains and I pray they dont go the same way Kim did and get what they want on their own

  8. ITA with the posters who said the separate maintenance and child support were for Kim from Beverly Hills. I doubt Kim Z. was married to anyone that wealthy. Ever. Sadly Brielle and the younger daughter have a very skewed idea of how the women function in the real world. Kim places very little value on intelligence or education.

    • AP – how do you know what the 2 girls think of how women function in the real world? Just because their mother is who she is does not mean they will grow up to be just like her. Are you EXACTLY like your mother?? Do you mean to say that you – as a grown woman have not made any decisions about the direction of your own life and just followed the script of your mother’s life?? Most likely not.
      Leave the girls alone.

      • Uhmm ok. I did not attack either girl. I did not say that they would grow up and be just like their mother. I did not say that they were incapable of making their own decisions and that is quite a leap you are making from one sentence in my comment.
        In my opinion and based on my experiences as teacher, Girl Scout Leader, Coach young girls are heavily influenced by their mothers. It’s human nature and why the Good Lord gave us mothers. My conjecture is that Kim leads a lavish lifestyle based solely on her relationships with men. Big Poppa? Then Kroy? Huge houses, designer shoes and clothes delivered to your door, extravagant jewelry would certainly impact a young persons view of how the world functions.

        • I agree My mom was crazy old school women didnt go to college for a education if they went at all it was to find a man and once they did they stayed home and took care of the home.
          if they didnt go to college they got office jobs and quit when they got married Did i follwo that pattern somewhat I married young tried to be the stay at home mom didnt go to college
          The point is we do what we see growing up even if its sutle granted some people do the oppisite but IMO moms teach us and we listen even if its for a short time.
          Kims Kids see her kanoodling with a very married man who wont marry her but supported her then see her kannoodle with another and they OPPS i am pregant what a surpise now I have to marry this rich guy who will support me know and buy me more gaudy versace dinnerware. I hope I am wrong but you really think Kim is showing her kids you have to work hard and get a education to get what u want.

          • Kim’s parents and Their Uncle played a big part in their lives and I’m sure set some positive examples if only by staying married and working for what they have. I think it would have done them a world of good if could be exposed to Kroy’s family on a regular basis.

              • I did give them credit for staying married and working for what they had. I knew that I was going get called on anything else. LOL!

              • Well the working for what they have is a valid point. But the staying together part is not a very admiral quality if daddy has been taking inappropriate liberties with his daughter. And it sure looked like he might have given the way he went in for that kiss at the wedding. No wonder Kim resents the chit outa her momma for turning blind eyes to that chit , prolly for years, just to “stay together”

              • I assumed that if there was anything that was inappropriate between father and daughter she wouldn’t let him within a mile of her girls. Then again I wonder a PT’s Pop and all her phobia’s.

              • Problem is Kim z sees nothing unappripriate with how her father behaves so why would she limit her dad around those kids. I dont know what went on when she was younger but her dad is creepy mccreepson

          • @Lisa – Nope, I do not think Kim is showing her girls how to work hard and get an education. Kim isn’t too bright. I do really like her girls but let’s be honest here – they don’t have the best female role model in Kim.

        • If you truly hold all those positions in the charge of young children that is scarier to me than what Kim is/could be doing to her daughter’s. If a child comes into your care and you are able to observe the parents do you judge the child as as individual or mentally check them off as lost causes? Bad form…

          • Why waste one’s time volunteering if you don’t genuinely care about children and hope that you have a positive influence on their lives? You are confusing judgement and observation both vastly different things. You are assuming that I am making judgements and you are assuming that I would check them off as lost causes. Your words not mine. Your words reveal YOUR motivations not mine.

            • Dear AP, I must humbly apologize for my last post. I was confusing yours with another. Truly, I am sorry and hope that you accept my apology.

    • Yes, Kim R. Tho I still don’t understand her and Kyle’s claims that Kim R MUST do RHOBH because she has no other income.

      • Maybe Kim R’s child support has run it’s course since her kids are over 18? Or is about to end as they are rapidly approaching 18. Not sure about separate maintenance.

    • Uh, Kim graduated college and became a nurse, so you are very wrong there.

      Kim’s daughters seem very well adjusted and well behaved to me. They act their age, dress appropriately for their age, and seem to have the same issues all girls their ages do.

      Just because the mom took a couple turns in the road to find the good path doesn’t mean the children can’t think for themselves.

      • Kim is a LPN while thats nothing to sneeze at its also only a 18 month to 2 yr program and you dont make as much as a RN does andI she hasnt worked in the field for along time she decided hooking and striping paid more.

        • There was a time – not so long ago – she worked as a waitress not to far from Atlanta…near her home in Duluth. She probably had to do that to supplement her LPN pay. Maybe that’s where she met Big Poppa!

        • It boggles my mind how she got through eighteen months of college and graduated. She can’t handle taking care of her own babies without help.

          • Her laziness has dumbed her down. I’m sure there was a day where her parents weren’t able to help her and she actually had to fend for herself. That time didn’t last long though. She didn’t like it and quickly started cutting corners. She’s literally spent her life digressing. Is unfortunate.

      • Once again not a single poster including myself. said the kids cannot think for themselves.You know what happens when you assume? Bwhahahaha at a couple of wrong turns in the road? Uhm ok….

  9. Yes, that Little Tots wagon must be KJ’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved out of the ‘dream house.’ They didn’t own that anyway. Didn’t they have to have guards out to keep the owner away so she wouldn’t ruin the wedding?
    Maybe Kimmy’s got some postnatal Yummy Tummies on?

    • I live in Atlanta and there was an article after the wedding that Kim and family moved out of the house they were renting and back into the townhouse while having a house built.

  10. If this IS a recent picture, I’ll bet…that, right after she had that kid, she went to every doctor she’s got on her payroll, to put her back together…ie: botox, lipo, lazers, whatever. She seems to have no qualms about doing anything to her body…her girls already look like her, and they’re not even 18…

    • Good for Camille$$$$$ She must of known the cash was gonna come in and left HWBH, why does she need to be on a reality show; life is short I hope she enjoys her life!

  11. Hopefully Kim’s daughters with Kroy help will be guided to getting an education under their belts first, then look to finding love with a rich man of course.

  12. I know that Kroy has a very substantial contract but don’t know what his prospects are once he leaves the NFL which can be at any time – a whole lot of money can get spent very very quickly and if they don’t live with that in mind they are cooked geese!!

    • Kroy seems more humble than most of the pro-athletes we have seen on RHOA. His parents also seemed very down to earth. All it takes is one injury and a career can end for any athlete. Somehow I cannot picture Kim in Montana . Just sayin’!

  13. Kornboy is cooked. Two kids and trashy HW at 26. His prospects after football are limited. His looks and education will not afford him to maintain Kim’s assumed lifestyle. Shame on him for having children with this trashy mother. As for Kim’s daughters, they seem very sweet and just in love with Kroy. However, he is way too close to their ages to be a father figure. There is something very “off” when they look at Kroy and kid around like he’s their brother or “something.”
    Especially since Kim’s previous married senior “boyfriend” was so much older. Must be very confusing for them! Does anyone there ever think about them?

    • I completely agree with everything you posted and you said it better than I ever could.
      Kroy is 3 years older than me and I can’t believe that every time I think of what he’s gotten himself in to. Maintaining her lifestyle just won’t happen, and her leaving him will break his heart and split up an already shattered home, once again.

      Kroy, is honestly like a big brother to the girls, and the dynamic in that household is just going to get even weirder as his sons grow up….

  14. kids have 50% of their mother’s genes and 50% of their father’s genes, but they also have their own make-up. we are not clones of our sibs. people come out of rotten homes and go on to succeed and get married, have children, and live a good life. people come out of so-called wonderful homes and wind up leaches no society. whatever you think of kim, i think she has tried to be a good mom to her daughters and has tried to instill morals and values in them. i think the girls were happier to have a dad in kray than they were to live in that huge home. yes, they loved their new bedrooms as any kid would, but i really think they are happier to have a father in their lives.

  15. My only response is this…I don’t think kids need lavish home or designer clothes to be happy. Kids need love and acceptance but also guidance. I do not doubt for a moment that Kim Z loves her daughters and her new babies as well. IMO things have worked out well for Kim…for now. We all attempt to instill morals but it often comes down to ”Do as I say not as I do.” Kids are very visual and watch and learn from their parent’s actions. Watching all the RH shows (and I am as addicted as the next person) there is a clear message a woman can trade the pretty (often surgically enhanced) for a better lifestyle, to climb the social ladder, to marry or be supported by a wealthy man. Can’t we do better than that ? What happens when Kroy loses the big NFL contract? What happens when Kim loses RHOA?

  16. Regardless of pregnancy, she’s obviously already had a tummy tuck and lipo to her stomach. Even after another pregnancy, you won’t be super saggy. I think she’s just sucking it in a bit but overall she didn’t have much damage.

  17. I am hoping for the best with Kim’s daughters, but Kim has never set a good example for her daughters as far as good relationships with people. Kim is a user and when you have served your purpose she is done with you. She bragged about being in love and engaged to a rich married man but dumped him after he filed for bankruptcy; she dumped her friend Nene who got her on the show after she got a little fame. She shorted her friend Kandi with royalties from her hit song. She treated her “friend” Sweetie like a slave then badmouthed her to the world on TV claiming to have to fire her for laziness because she didn’t enrolled her kids in school and didn’t bottle feed and change her babies diapers often enough, but then had to hire her back because her new and more socially acceptable assistant was stealing from her via credit cards. When Kroy is traded to some less glamorous team she will dump him as well. So does Kim love her daughters, yes? Is Kim as good example for her daughters, no? I believe that her daughters will be better women than their mother.

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