SH BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!

September 4, 2012  UPDATE: September 6, 2012

Which Housewife’s brother-in-law was indicted in U.S. District Court on charges of conspiracy and securities fraud?  The brother-in-law was indicted, convicted and served time…  and a period of probation… for securities fraud.  He was stripped of his license and is said to be using surrogates and “straw men” for further business dealings.

This Housewife’s husband is in the very same business!

NOT:  Adrienne Maloof! 


UPDATE:  Of course this was NOT the beloved Adrienne Maloof!!   

Who else would it be… but PT Housewife?!  

                                             “Holy crap!  Didja see those alien hands on that NY Housewives chick!?”


Reid Drescher’s brother, Stephen Drescher, was indicted in 2000 for securities fraud…   

From NYPost:

“… Separately, attorney Stephen J. Drescher, former director of corporate finance at Monroe Parker Securities Inc., was indicted in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on charges of conspiracy and securities fraud in the manipulation of some of the same IPOs in the Madden case. Drescher faces a 20-year sentence.”

A more informative explanation re Stephen Drescher from GetOutOfDebt.Org:

“… So let’s see if I can summarize this case and give you all the juicy bits. So Elimadebt, which consists of Stephen Drescher, Robert Denton, Ryan Sasson (Stephen Drescher’s step-son), Ian Behr, David Feingold, and Daniel Blumkin, collectively known as the Elimadebters decide to perform diligent research using the internet website of debt settlement industry’s professional association known as “The Association of Settlement Companies” (TASC), in order to locate a reputable company to associate with regarding Elimadebt providing sales, marketing, and pre-qualification of potential clients, which resulted in their speaking with Nicholas De Segonzac, who is the former president of TASC, and David Leuthold, who is the current vice-president of TASC.

Long story, short, everyone fell in love and an agreement was born where Elimadebt would sell debt-settlement marketing services and send the clients to Johnson Law Group for $1,500 per ‘packet’ and get paid $100 per month per debt settlement package for 15 months. Elimadebt would also get $500 per packet for a “Personal Financial Analysis Form Packet’, whatever the heck that is.

In the complaint, Johnson Law Group with Advanced Client Solutions says that Elimadebt Stephen Drescher was the CEO of Biltmore Securities, Inc and Biltmore was an entity formed and used by Drescher and others to commit securities fraud.

Drescher was indicted, convicted and served time and a period of probation for securities fraud. Drescher was stripped of his license and is now using surrogates and “straw men” to be involved in Elimadebt.  Drescher was a major investor in Elimadebt.”

NOTE:  PT’s husband, Reid Drescher is no angel either in the financial arena!  More on Reid Drescher’s “CapeFinancial” later…

(Thanks to SH readers “LB” and “CH”!!)

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77 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!

  1. I am still amazed how these people sign up for this show and think that anything negative about their past isn’t going to be exposed. Ticking off or insulting SH doesn’t help them either!

    • All these idiots are so self righteous they dont think they have a stench. And since they were nobodies before the show no one was talking about them, and so they are dumb enough to think its cuz they are respectable. Little did they know…………

  2. I like Aviva. That said, her outer Borough background is showing. If not her, then her parents. I was shocked – as a REAL Upper East Sider – to hear her father’s accent. I mean, holy cow that man sounds like a Brooklyn thug. “Born in raised in New York City” is right, as in, not Manhattan. Maybe she was raised here, but her family is 100% Queens or Brooklyn or Jersey. Can’t fully tell but, none of which is acceptable in polite society. I fall out of my chair, and I know a lot of us in town do, when she says ‘I’ve been an amputee since I’m 6′ or whatever. Her vocabulary is the cardinal sin of the who’s who. ‘blah blah blah since I’m blah’. It’s incredibly ‘local’ as in borough speak. Classless. Does she say she’s waiting ‘on line’ too? My god. Embarrassing. Are they the Fort Lauderdale Flaaaaaahridahhhs too? So Jersey.

    • Your observations are appreciated east 74th. Sleazy George is from Brooklyn, you are correct, but how in gods name can you like aviva, she’s actually worse than her dad. Are you aware of her gauche habit of selling and carrying counterfeit handbags? Are you aware of her last minute fake philanthropy? Are you aware her mother was an alcoholic slutty stewardess as well? Did you not hear her use the gauche term “white trash” not enough time or space to go on about that filthy towel.

  3. And while I’m at it, Sonja, if you read here. You are classless. It’s Le Ti St Barth (not Le Ti St Barths) and it’s Tom Beach (not Tom’s Beach). What? Do you shop at Fortunoff’s too? You sound like Carmela from the Sopranos. How in the name of God you were able to marry into the Morgan family is beyond imagination. Clearly, the family pushed you out and the prenup had to have been iron clad – as I’m sure you’ll lose the townhouse once your daughter graduates high school. Stay away from Ramona and grow up. Fast. Ramona is the joke of town. You all have to know this.

  4. And Carole. Double LOVE you. Your only fault is that you allowed Bravo cameras to St Barth. St Barth is a retreat for so many of us, you should have known better than to publicize the island. Keep it quiet. Go to Aruba instead. Do you have any idea that Google will now enable people from Peoria to research and ruin the island? I’m happy that you were able to stay on the same property near Saline as you did with your husband. Thing is, do you not know how controversial that development is? Do your research. HUNDREDS of locals and people that care about the island tried to keep that home from being built, as it’s in a protected area. And hanging out with Carole (Carole’s Places) is pretty much the bottom of the barrel for SBH. She’s a disaster and a local embarrassment. Gauche.

    • Agreed carole(places) is a disaster and embarrassment but so is hillbilly wannabe LUMANN the big ho, they suit each other just fine.

    • Peoria? Hmmm….No one I have met would ever act in the manner that these ladies do and I was born and bred in Chicagoland. A little high up there on that pedestal you are on…..nose bleed much?

        • Thanks I felt bad right after saying because I am never the mean girl. (meant every word)….but what they said and the way it was said was too highly offensive to say nothing at all..

      • Mp, if my hubs were here he would be laughing his lil tail off! ;-) we joke about this clip alls the time. I laughed… :-D

    • Oh and on another note…..Princess Carole was not born with said silver spoon and knows how to behave just fine. I am certain she would get along and have a great time with anyone from Peoria!

      • Agreed. It is just silly to assume that class is determined by region, or that only people from NY should be considered of a class worthy of St. Barth. I know a lot of people from Illinois, California, and every other state that would laugh at this. There are plenty of people in the Midwest who are dripping with money. The owners of my husband’s company are worth billions, yet they prefer to reside in Chicagoland and just use their private planes to travel to NY for occasional shows, etc.

    • East 74th, your comment about the house piqued my interest. As I watched the show, I kept wondering why everyone was saying, “This is the only house.” It was such an odd, unfinished thought that I assumed the rest was edited out. I didn’t know why, though, until I read your comment. If that house is on some sort of protected land, then I’m surprised that Carole would choose it. By the way, I did Google the island, although I’m not from Peoria. It’s worse, much worse than that. No worries, though. I vacation in spots I wouldn’t want the likes of St. Barth tourists to find me.

  5. Just like running for President everyone wants to know your full background skeletons and all.
    PT will hate all the prying into her background and her husband’s.Welcome to reality!!!

  6. Wow, East 74th, you are a true snob! I don’t care for PT, Sonja or Ramona but for different reasons than silly ones you gave. Likely, you think too much of yourself and lead a small, cloistered life. I can’t believe someone of your class watches RHONY or even tv!

    • I didn’t take it as a slam against us.My impression was she taking down the ladies on the show a peg or two that believe themselves to be the upper-crust of N.Y.Society.

      • Cyn, That’s exactly what she was doing. Who took it personally here? Duh? I don’t think so. BUT she sure did take those rhony women down a notch didn’t she. Heheheheh

        • Never like the hamptons summer time, st Bart is too expensive and a pain to get to.
          Sure folks from “Peoria” will make their way for a honeymoon, a once in a lifetime trip but that’s it. The worst st Bart get is for 10 days during Xmas and new years. The rest of the time it is still a beautiful island

    • I didn’t take East 74th’s comments as insult either. While I’m from (gauche) Long Island, I can spot the phony women on these shows (Sonja, LuAnn, Aviva). I’m glad that East 74th outed them and gave us a little insight as to the REAL New Yorkers. I wasn’t offended by any of it.

        • I think done means real NYers, as in born and bred in manhattan ( or at least half chichi suburb half manhattan), NYC pvt schools, people naturally in the know. The HWs are none of those things and are embarrassingly aspirational. As for PT, the real McCoy would never speak the way she does. Puffs herself up (mostly lies) and berates everyone else, shes a cheap self promoter and tacky like her parents.

          • Thank you, Girlfriend! Yes, that’s what I meant. I could easily say that I was BORN in New York and LIVED in New York for the first 48 years of my life, but East 74th gives us insight of what is involved with LIVING in Manhattan your whole life.

            And, btw, lifetimemovie, I’m *trying* not to take offense to your other NY ascertations. I don’t “cause a scene” wherever I go, and yet I’m a New Yorker. YES, I’m more picky than most people I know, and YES I have certain expectations, but I don’t whine and demand like these broads on these shows do.

          • Done I don’t think long island is gauche. Lots of fancy places.
            Old westbury, locust valley area, sands point. The original land of vanderbilts and phippses, and they all still live there, some of the best homes and architecture in the country is right there.
            On the other hand there is the land of Amy fisher too………l

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