FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Way BH Should Be…

September 6, 2012  2:35 pm    RE-POSTED September 6, 2012  10:00 pm   NOTE:  Please keep in mind that this is from one year ago… as are the comments!!

                                        Oh, I can act!  I been in films before!  Didn’t ya see “The Naked Detective?”  

SH’s friends at The Daily Truffle, posted these videos of how the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills SHOULD be… and SH is in total agreement!

Let’s see some REAL drama on BH…

Tori Spelling plays a home-wrecker/gold-digger from Kentucky, Monet Mazur plays a housewife, Liz Goldwyn plays twin sisters, China Chow plays the scheming maid in a short film ”inspired by TV soap operas and the gorgeous women who inhabit them” according to Jeremy Scott, who wrote and directed this little gem of genius.  (Note:  Jeremy Scott is a fashion designer…)

The “locations” are actually real houses in Beverly Hills owned by some of the above-mentioned people.


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44 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Way BH Should Be…

  1. I like Camille. I have respect for her. She married Kelsey when he was in the depths of his alcoholism. She stood by his side when he had nothing and helped him through recovery. She is also the mother of his children. She has class and dignity. I love her little zings she throws his way. It takes an intelligent woman to be able to pull it off with a sly smile. She is the opposite of Taylor. The second her man had problems, she helped destroy his name. Camille really was wronged, especially in the public eye and still maintained her dignity. I will always respect her for that. A lovely lady.

    • ITA mrsc. She really does have the most class (I think) on the show. She really has handled herself well. She was going through a lot and deserves some credit for holding it together like she did.

      • I kind of agree, ladies… But didn’t Camille go out the Howard Stern show or some such testosterone fueled talk show and insinuate that Kelsey crossed dressed? She could have been more vicious, of course, but I think she tried to publicly retaliate a bit there.

        • If a man cheated on me and did what Kelsey did to her, let’s not forget if you’ve been around since he Frasier days, he had a couple DUI’s I believe a domestic…he has always been hot tempered and has this holier than thou syndrom. I’d put his ba**s to the fire If I’d stuck w a man thru his alcoholism, anger and now this. I’d b spitten anything I could think of!

          • don’t worry to much about Camille after she got over the initial shock I think she laughed all the way to the bank, I hope she gets out there pulls the stick out of her butt and has some fun. It seems like she is working in that direction. I wish her the best. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be married to Frasier.

          • Men like that ALWAYS end up with exactly the sort of mate they deserve. For a while it was Camille. But sumpin tells me he is in for a fresh new hell with the new one.what with her juvenile 2 am drunk emails about beef jerky n all.

      • Absolutely. It has NOT been very long since Kelsey pulverized their marriage and threw the new one in her face. AND her possessions have been shipped to her. He could have met her at their homes and allowed her to take her things herself. There is no need to slap her in the face by cheating on her (when a person cheats on their spouse they are also cheating on their own children, btw) and then being an a-hole on top of that. What a terrible thing to do to any woman. I don’t know that I could be as nice as she has been. Go Camille!

  2. I think the Camille we saw last season was the Camille that Kelsey left. The new Camille is hopefully one that has learned her lesson.

    • yep mp I think you are right, I think she realized she can’t pull the “do you know how I am”
      b.s. anymore and for all this talk about how classy Camille is, think about how classy she must of looked when she was doing her little eh hem movies. She also didn’t look like the epitome of class when she was putting down Kyle’s husband for ONLY being the local Beverly Hills realator. I will give her credit though for pulling her head out of her ass and at least pretending to be a real human being with a heart.

      • Yeah but at the end of the day her character(or lack of) was already set in stone. Any change from here on out will be pure bull fakery. But its always entertaining to watch women like this ATTEMPT to act human.

        • true I can never forget her poor mother who was going through Cancer treatments and Camille complaining about how tired she was because she had to go get screened for the same thing.

          • She is the exact sort of female that should never be allowed to subject any little human beings to her mothering skills. With her all-about-me attitude. Its ingrained to the bone and a few karma smack-downs aint gonna reverse it. Thank goodness those children have nannies to rely on.

            • I agree with all of the above. I think she was a smug, condescending shrew of a woman. I can not imagine being married to her. Look how she treats her own mother? Everyone in her life is mearly an accessory to her. Did she deserve what Kelsey gave her, NO. No one deserves that no matter how horrible they are however we all (at the end of the day haha) reap what we sow.

            • My main dislike of Camille was the fact that she was more than able to carry childrn, yet used a surrogate. Like Kyle said….there are thousands of women who would do anything just to have a chance to carry a child and Camille just used a surrogate out of pure vanity. She seems much more down to earth so far this season though…im very willing to give her a second chance, unlike Traylor.

            • Camille has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Diagnosed in 1996..maybe that is the reason she used a surrogate.

      • I understand that last season, Camille was a horrid shrew. BUT, even though she did those “movies,” I believe that people are able to redeem themselves and become a classy individual. I am just hoping that the person I saw on the premiere who seemed like a person with some grace and class sticks around. If Crazy Camille comes back, then I guess I’ll have to eat my words.

  3. She seemed to be in a better place mentally last night, but it’s only one episode in. I hope she keeps it classy. :)

  4. I agree, Camille seems to have learned and grown since last season and is much more likable.
    The redeeming quality of these shows is when we can see someone grow, change and regain their composure after having a season where they are hated and mocked. There’s something cool about Camille that translated last season but was mostly covered over by her insecurities and falseness. She seems to have come into herself and calmed down since then and that coolness comes through much more now. I feel that way about Kelly as well, she bounced back from her crazy season and was much saner and normal on this past season of RHONY.

    • She’s an uglier version of the Old Camille in my opinion. Self-important. Thinks everything about her every thought is riveting. And really…Newsflash Rachel Zoe It’s ONLY Fashion. Clothes, buttons, hats. Granted very expensive fancy buttons with fancy names on them but buttons none-the-less. Not dealing with life and death stuff here.

    • I get a weird,creepy, sick feeling in my stomach when I watch all of them…I can’t explain it…but something is sooo “off” with them and I’m picking something up. I think maybe they are doing drugs, maybe. Remember when she was having those dizzy spells and went to the doctor and she was diagnosed with “vertigo” which is a SYMPTOM, NOT a diagnosis… all of that didn’t add up and my guess was that her episodes were drug related…possibly that she was going off drugs and having withdrawal symptoms. (maybe so she could get pregnant?)

      • I was watching an ep and she was talking to one of her gays about how Roger, her hubby wanted to start a family. She said her closet was her baby. Her friend was explaining to her that you can’t come home and have wonderful memories and love to watch grow up a closet. She said she could and does talk to her closet, everyday and loves it! I still watch sometimes. For the amazing style, her gays and Roger! :-) The other day Roger screamed out, “I can’t handle talking about dresses anymore!” Poor guy…

  5. That and Millionaire Matchmaker….& stooooooppppiiddddd Rocco’s Dinner Party & Just Desserts……uuuggggghhhhh. give me more RHW & Jeff Lewis any day though!!

  6. I don’t buy for a New York minute that Camille “turned a corner”, has “learned” or “grown.” She simply got a good pr rep and had the good sense to listen to her. As for “class”, I tend to agree with Anderson Cooper that it is an overused term that should be used only in conjunction with school. But if I WERE to use it, the people who come to mind are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Babe Paley. NOT Miss Beaver Shot Playboy IBS-excusing Donatacci.

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