MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Chats With Ryan Seacrest… About The RHONJ… AND MeGo’s New Single “I Just Wanna”… Says “Think I Have A Hit!”

September 5, 2012  5:15 pm  RyanSeacrest

Melissa Gorga…”I Just Wanna…” …  NOT listen to another of MeGo’s auto-tuned audio assault!

                 Melissa Gorga… What Happened To Her Face???

Melissa Gorga called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today… to chat about:

  • the Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • MeGo NOT being a stripper
  • the RHONJ reunion
  • and what else… her sister-in-law, Tree Joodice!

On The Fight Between Teresa & Caroline:
“It was crazy, it really was, it was nuts. I just stayed out of it. Because it wasn’t my battle, it wasn’t my argument. They’ve been friends for a long time…it was exhausting though, I can tell you that. It was such a beautiful trip, so I didn’t want to do that on the trip.”

MeGo also gave Ryan a little sample of her new single, which will tank drop September 9… in conjunction with the next episode of the RHONJ.

 August 2012… 

Get your first-aid kit ready… it’s another example of MeGo’s auto-tuned-to-death musical musings…

Just to make this complete… MeGo has a video to accompany this latest attempt at pop stardom!

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117 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Chats With Ryan Seacrest… About The RHONJ… AND MeGo’s New Single “I Just Wanna”… Says “Think I Have A Hit!”

  1. Notice how all her songs repeat the words “On display, on display, on display” or “I just wanna dance, dance, dance, til I can’t, can’t, can’t any more, more, more.”
    And every time she releases a song it’s “amazing,” “her favorite” and “definitely gonna be a hit” Ugh!! Someone smack her puh-lease!

  2. Bravo and Tre are the reason she is getting any attention or gigs.She will be file 13 when her time on the show is over.

  3. Melissa does have some melting pot of black blood in her physical background. She is racist by continuing to deny it. But what does it matter? Strange that the president is half white but he downplays that and just claims his black heritage but was raised by whites.

    • It irritates me that she shys away from it, and it does nothing but confirm her insecurity and her willingness to do anything to fit in, in Ts itallian family. Look at her hair. She’s black.

    • With Melissa, I’m not sure what the deal is with her, but phenotype has a lot to do with how someone chooses to racially identify, plus the way that person has been treated in society due to how they look. A biacial individual might be raised by white family members but when they go out in the world, how are they viewed and what are the assumptions that are made because of how that person looks. This goes back to the One Drop Rule.

      • It never crossed my mind that Melissa would be half black. Many Italians have wiry hair. If I were going by looks alone I would say half Mexican Latina. I have heard the old rumor that she is Mexican, not Italian. But then there is an old rumor…dont know where from…. that Joe had a black girlfriend and they had a child together. Could that be her? Their marriage was quick after first dating…maybe she was pregnant and the author of the black girlfriend rumor did not know they got married or were about to? When you look back at their old family photos…before the plastic whatever she did…. and most are not closeups, she could go either way…I guess. Its an interesting discussion but I dont care. Nobody should feel the need to shout their ethnicity from the rooftops. Black pride….Latino…white pride… are all dividers IMO. Pride sounds great and all, but we should probably move past identifyers. Not really helpful. Should she be hiding her ethnicity? No. Has she been asked? Im not sure.

        • Parkview: Yes, Melissa has been asked on WWHL. It is a ridiculous item, which started back in January 2011 on SH… a “separated at birth” post showing MeGo beside Tia Mowry. The item was meant to be funny, not to stir up any controversy! TFC!! SH

    • In our country there are a large majority of mixed people who have no idea because of the history and abuse of slavery. Remember that show way back when on Oprah were a geneticist sp*? proved that an entire family had passed generations ago much to the unknowing family? They didn’t look black at all. I would personally love to have that test done. It would be interesting to know. (not saying that Mego is)

  4. What?!?!? Did I just hear that interviewer say that tree had “admitted to jealousy and you have admitted she is jealous.” WHA?????????

  5. I predict divorce for the GoGo’s. What was it M. said about Joe? I can’t remember exactly; he reminds her of her father and her heart will always be with him or she’ll always love him…no, I doubt her sincerity, I think she’ll make a getaway, free herself from the poison, she so very ravenous for fame, for more, for whatever she considers to be better. I feel sorry for her children, too, I’m betting they’re pretty neglected as their mother pursues hollow attention.

    • Sadly agree with you. If her hubby lost his money she would move on to greener pastures if she has the chance. Its too bad because I truly believe he’s madly in love with her.

      • You may be right but these two kind of deserve each other. And both are alot to put up with. Especially mego. It will be interesting for me to see what crappens in the next year or so assuming the money problems are true. The whole mortgage modification is a big red flag for declining finances. You have to prove you cant make your payments for the bank to modify your loan. How will they create the illusion of wealth if they cant get another mansion because they lost this one? Maybe this why we hear rumors of them moving to LA. Mayb e someone there is willing to set them up with the lifestyle they cant afford on their own. I suppose they can rent. I have also heard mego is holding out with her new bravo contract asking for more money because bravo has damaged her reputation. Of course she is completely innocent.

        • Damaged her reputation? She damaged her own reputation single handedly when they sent in a tape to Ms. Andy promising to bring Tre down!

    • I could see her running off and leaving her kids…..but now that shes on rhonj i dont think she would let Tre be right about the type of person she is

  6. Melissa WHORGA is the scum of the earth. That raccoon faced-bitch will NEVER and I repeat NEVER make it as a “pop singer”. She couldn’t even lick the dirt off my shoes. A dusty flop who sponges off her sister-in-law for attention. She and No1Curroline are seriously insane. PSYCHO.

  7. Is it just me or does it seem that MeGo tends to favor her daughter quite a bit more than her boys? Clearly, she only really highlights Antonia on the show (dance recitals, birthday parties, etc). Are the boys not enrolled in any extracurricular activities? We’ve seen from Twitter that she doesn’t really throw the boys birthday parties. Is she favoring Antonia because she’s her only daughter and Teresa happens to have all girls? I really wonder about this.

  8. The worst is that she chose her life’s path…husband, kids, raising kids. It is okay to pursue a different dream when the kids are older, but you can’t pursue a teenie bopper slut terrible singer role when you are her age. She looks stupid trying to be sexy at clubs, etc. It only partially works for Madonna, because people see her as she was in her twenties and she made a name for herself then. You can make a name for yourself as Phyllis Diller when you are MeGo’s age, but not a twenty year old slutty pop star. it is so pathetic.

  9. Why did she not do one thing on her own dime to try to make her dreams come true? Take singing lessons? Preform in seedy bars? Sing for free? If this was truly a passion of hers – she would never have waited for a career to come to her – she would (or should) have gone after it. This whole “storyline” has NO credibility in my eyes.

      • I like the first, the last ,and the one in the middle named Zelda. Hey if Mego has a hit (which would mean anyone can) we should get our guitars together and make a SH girl band! It might be a trend! Gabe could be our manager! haha

  10. I’m embarrassed for her, she looked like a fool fist pumping! she is pretty but there is just something in her voice(too whiney?) that grinds on the nerves to be really honest. maybe its just knowing what a great person she is in real life>>>lol, but honestly, the chorus part is annoying and it is really really auto tuned. if she can really sing like she claims, then she needs to put out a song with just her voice. jmo…also, if she wants to sell herself, she needs to zip it with talking about teresa, it makes her look and sound just terrible and also takes away time from talking/promoting herself! teresa is always talking about her products but you hardly ever hear the other housewives talk about their products, just about teresa! and then they wonder why their products dont sell, smh

  11. it really is so sad that Melissa acts as though her kids are raised and she can run around trying to make a singing career out of pouting and auto-tune. Why does she present herself as some kind of vampy diva instead of the stay at home mom that she pretends to be on RHONJ? Pick a lane and stay in it Melissa

  12. If I didn’t know how dirty she has been to Tre I probably would like her. She is pretty, but you know how acting ugly makes you ugly on the outside too? This musAc coughs career is nothing more than a pipedream. What I could have seen her doing is possibly some segments/commentary on fashion or who’s who…..many less talented people are. Coughs…Lauren! ;)

  13. I could only manage to listen to 30 seconds of the sound of MeGos song. SOO annoying.
    She really tries to look like J-Lo. What a copy cat. Looks ridiculous!
    About the changed look,..I think she has done something with thoose fish eyes bulging out of her head. They have been toned down somehow. You cant do that of make up alone?

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