MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Chats With Ryan Seacrest… About The RHONJ… AND MeGo’s New Single “I Just Wanna”… Says “Think I Have A Hit!”

September 5, 2012  5:15 pm  RyanSeacrest

Melissa Gorga…”I Just Wanna…” …  NOT listen to another of MeGo’s auto-tuned audio assault!

                 Melissa Gorga… What Happened To Her Face???

Melissa Gorga called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today… to chat about:

  • the Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • MeGo NOT being a stripper
  • the RHONJ reunion
  • and what else… her sister-in-law, Tree Joodice!

On The Fight Between Teresa & Caroline:
“It was crazy, it really was, it was nuts. I just stayed out of it. Because it wasn’t my battle, it wasn’t my argument. They’ve been friends for a long time…it was exhausting though, I can tell you that. It was such a beautiful trip, so I didn’t want to do that on the trip.”

MeGo also gave Ryan a little sample of her new single, which will tank drop September 9… in conjunction with the next episode of the RHONJ.

 August 2012… 

Get your first-aid kit ready… it’s another example of MeGo’s auto-tuned-to-death musical musings…

Just to make this complete… MeGo has a video to accompany this latest attempt at pop stardom!