FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives of New Jersey: Audriana Giudice’s Christening… Why Caroline and Dina Manzo Are Not Speaking…

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NOTE:  Interesting to take a look back!  What was happening with the RHONJ one year ago today…

                                                                          I was in the bathroom when dey wuz takin’ da pichers…

Audriana Giudices’s christening was included in an old episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Paying close attention to the attendees… it’s interesting that Melissa Gorga was sitting at the same table as Kathy Wakile and Kathy’s mother and Kathy’s son, Joseph… but Joe Gorga was nowhere to be seen and it didn’t look like there was an empty chair next to MeGo.  So, where was JoGo during Audriana’s christening!?

                                                                                I gotta get outta here, Tree… See youz later!

Notice at the end of the video, Juicy says, “Good night” to Tree.  Tree’s surprised that Juicy’s leaving… Juicy says that he’s leaving because he doesn’t want to see the bill, but rumor has it that he bolted out early from Audriana’s christening party to see Tara “D” or “G” or whatever her initial is!

                                                                                Yeah, I like Tree… and my sister’s not gonna tell me who I can and cannot talk with.  Screw Caroline!

NOTE:  Just a theory re Don Caroline and Dina not speaking with each other for the past few months.   Is the reason for them not speaking Dina’s friendship with Tree???  Despite what is being shown on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, in “real” real life, Don Caroline cannot stand Tree Joodice.

Dina Manzo clearly is going against the “family” and still talks with Tree.   Despite there being parties held at the Brownstone, which included the cast of the RHONJ, Dina was a no-show at these Brownstone affairs.   Dina instead attended Tree’s RHONJ season premiere party and Tree’s New Year’s Eve party… showing her allegiance NOT to her own sister, Don Caroline, but to Tree Joodice.  This just had to piss Don Caroline off to no end!!!

So, that may or may not be the reason that Don Caroline and Dina are not speaking… it’s just a theory.  Make sense to me, though!!!

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76 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives of New Jersey: Audriana Giudice’s Christening… Why Caroline and Dina Manzo Are Not Speaking…

  1. Did I read that the Gudice’s didn’t pay for the christening at the Brownstone yet? Is that the reason Joe skipped out early? Could that be one of the reasons for the hostility towards the Gudice’s from Caroline and Albert?

    • Haha that wouldn’t surprise me. I read that the Gorga’s never paid “Fabulous Fred” for the Christmas party they threw last season! The guy wanted to report it to the press but Kim D from Posche stopped him and then she got into it with the Gorgas. That’s why you’re going to see Kim and Joe going at it later in the season!

    • Prob not Caroline would hav spilled it…unless Dina husband tommy Gave the a big discount or even free nothing albie could do. Abot joe leaving i think he was joking the prob all drove in onw car as a family and thats how they left.

  2. Dina and Teresa are not speaking because there was already friction between them when Dina left the show. Apparently, it wasn’t to get away from Danielle (I mean, do we really think Peggy Tanous left the RHOC on her own terms?)

    Danielle infamously went behind Dina’s back and informed production that Dina’s daughter Lexi was being filmed without her father’s permission. Apparently, Dina had forged his signature to get her on the show. Bravo was pissed about this and without her daughter and her husband having no interest in being on, they wanted to fire her. However, neither Jac nor Caroline supported her, only Teresa. So the family members were already on shaky ground.

    Then Jaime’s wedding to his partner happened. Dina wanted to throw a big party and have it featured on her HGTV show. Caroline then went behind Dina’s back and got it on Bravo instead. Jaime and his partner wanted as many people to see it as possible, so Caroline was the obvious choice.

    When Teresa and Caroline fight about it at the reunion, Teresa says “you back stabbed her” this is the incident she is speaking of. When Caroline says “Dina claims I never supported her” they are talking about Dina’s abrupt exit from the show.

    • LoLo: Please keep in mind that this is from a YEAR ago… your explanations have been covered on SH; however, there are other theories as to the DonCaro/Dina/Tree issues. The best one and most logical is that Tree caused the PuntaCana bar brawl, which cost DonCaro’s boyz from getting their Hoboken spinoff show, as promised by Bravo. TFC!! SH

          • I agree, I love Buddy and I’ve been to the Bakery when I was up North and it is good. My Drs. receptionist down here orders all her grandkids birthday cakes from them….When I make a trip up I am stocking up on some of his stuff and bringing it down. Teresa if you read this, would you go and pick up some seeded bread and drop it off to me here. I’ll give u my address you’re not that far away. :-)

      • It sounds to me like it could be a combination of several things. That is what makes the most sense to me. A series of events that have led to all the hard feelings. That and they all seem to love to hold grudges.

        • I’m betting that that the lapbanders borrowed money against the Brownstone without consulting their partners, Dina and Tommy. Or took out a mortgage or something.

        • Yep, ALL of them love to hold grudges. Bravo loves it cuz it makes it easy to manipulate all the resentments for drama. You have Tre, MeGo, JoGo, DonCaro, Jaxs, CrayKath, and the rest of the them with their delusions of wealth and importance trying desperately to take center stage.

      • Umm, do you think the boyz are fabulous enough to carry their own show? They bore me with their juvenility. Yeah, I made that word up!!

      • Hi Ms. SH,

        I don’t know if it was the brawl that got a bee in Caro’s bonnet, but I would be hard pressed to believe that’s why BRAVO didn’t give them a spinoff. I watched those “webisodes”. Oh my Lord, boring doesn’t even begin to describe how awful their “shows” were. The Manzos may kid themselves and think it’s because of the brawl, but those “boys” are worse than watching paint dry.

        • I agree. I don’t think the Manzoid spinoff was ever going to get the green light. But, I wouldn’t put it past Andy Colon and the other miscreants running Bravo to tell Chuckie and her spawn that the reason the show didn’t go into production was due to the Punta Cana incident, just to foment hatred and resentment towards Teresa. Hey, it’s all about the drama, right?

        • Good point! Whenever I read about them shelfing it, it seemed odd to me because the legal issues were mostly solves by that point, and it shouldn’t have stopped them from taping. But then I always heard it was more of a slap on the wrist for them being liabilities so they postponed it. But honestly, it would flop. Is everyone at Bravo that afraid of Don Caro??? Why is she too high and mighty to hear the truth?? Your children are boring and lazy.

      • I think both is correct, all of it lead up to the Punta Cana fight and that was the last straw. But as you said Lolo, Teresa did say that Dina was backstabbed by Caroline and the funny thing is that Andy never followed up with that. Also I looked at that video again and it is amazing. Melissa was at the table with the Wakilies and Kathy was smiling and getting into the moment but not Melissa, she had the look that she wanted to take Teresa out and then when Teresa was with Joe and talking to the guests you can see Melissa in the background walking about and staring daggers at Teresa.

        And I totally forgot about Joe leaving that night, not that is suspicious as hell. His own child with his family having a christening and he decides to leave early. Yea, he went ot Tara (as I commented before SH I was only able to narrow it down to a mobsters daughter and woman who writes books (a little older than what juicy would go for). If someone did a screen grab of Tara picture before it was taken down please put it back up or happen to know where the family massive beach home happen to be located (another site has the name of the shorehouse but can’t find it).

        • He was joking,saying he was leaving was the set up for the joke that he didn’t want to pay the bill.

        • I saw this too during an old marathon last season. Melissa is so obviously jealous that T is on the show during the entire christening! She looks pissed off!

      • I understand but I know that the spin-off show is not completely dead yet. Greg is still living with the Manzo boys ONLY because they are still waiting to hear about the show. He wants to move out and move in with his boyfriend who just moved from Baltimore to NYC for a job but he is contractually obligated to stay in the apartment that bravo is paying for until they receive official news.

          • All along I thought Mommy was….BRAVO sure has their priorities messed up, they should have paid for a child to go to the Dr. to be diagnosed instead….now let’s see how the story goes. JAXASS is full of SHIT…BRAVO would have paid for it. They pay for shore houses I’m sure they paid for this but were never told. :-)

    • if I recall correctly Danielle didnt go to the Producers Lexi aunt asked danielle about it and danielle confirmed yes in fact you do need both the parents permission and gave her the producers number which was passed to Lexi dad via the aunt

      • Do u remember on the reunion, Chucky got all teary eyed and oh so dramatic “you know what you did!!!” and was pointing at Danielle like she took the last lap band on earth or something? We were all left to wonder what could Danielle have done that was so horrible? This seems to be Chucky’s M.O., be extremely over dramatic and never actually reveal what the problem is. And quite frankly shouldn’t it have been Dina who should have been so upset? Chucky is such a shit stirrer.

        • No doubt she was involved but i dont think she informed the Producers they likely already knew Dina forged the name but kept it on the Downlow for the show
          but when Lexi dad came a calling they couldnt any longer. Caroline tried to insinuate lexi was gonna be taken away from Dina and it was dina who said custody was never in danger and it was a lie.
          Caroline def stired the pot

          • I.was.shocked when I found out how much Caroline spun that story. It actually altered my opinion of crazy ass Danielle. For so long I really did think Danielle wrote that long letter to the dad and bravo trying to take Dina down, and whispering in the dads ear to threaten custody if Dina stayed on etc. and all the other lies Don spread via Internet. When I actually found out the aunt baited Danielle and caused most of the issue, and then I also recalled how she reacted at the reunion, it all came to light. What a crazy bitch. Just like I’m sure at the reunion this season everything coming out of her mouth will be about what “T did to her family” and will have nothing to do with her.

            Pot stirrer 101

      • Dinas ex sister inlaw, claims Dina cheat on her brother.I do beilve this is true bc danielle does go to the salon in wayne which dina ex owns n his sister works there bashing and spilling the beans on Dina.

  3. All these elaborant parties/christenings are all put on at the expense of Bravofor taping reasons.None of the HW hags could afford to dish out that kind of money.They all think they are priviiliged now and everything they do or places they go are comped just for their presence in a joint.Then when kicked off show they get a reality check big time.Fade away………

  4. Wasn’t there a scene where Teresa introduces her brother to someone in that episode? I’m pretty sure it was at that Christening.

  5. I agree Bravo has a budget for these trips, lavish parties, housewarmings, christenings. Isn’t it the cost of doing business? Tax deductible perhaps? As for the rifts in relationships it’s the M word. MONEY. Jax ‘fessed up to it in a backwards sort of way in her blog. Dina and Caro? $$$ over brother Jaime’s wedding. Punta Canta $$$ for Don Caro. $$$

  6. I think the problems between Dina and DonCaro are cumulative. And DonCaro is jealous of her pretty little sister. Dina was tired of being treated like baby sister, instead of a fully functioning and successful adult. Plus DonCaro lies all the times and stirs up shit in her own family. Dina might have had it – zero tolerance left. Life is for living – not fighting over petty issues.

    • I agree, and I think even Jamie is kind of over it, you can tell. All of her siblings know how she is, and that’s the saddest thing about the wedding situation. Dina and Jamie are really close, closer than Caro and Jamie, and after Dina had expected the event and date on her show, it was outside of her schedule to make her brothers wedding and I doubt under those circumstances she felt it would be comfortable. But at the end of the day, Jamie sucked it up for a greater cause: showing his wedding (and a gay wedding) on Bravo for the most viewers. It’s just so unfortunate because I’m sure Dina really would have cherished being there, when Caro just wanted to “win.”

      • Right, and remember when Jamie called Caro on the phone and asked her to speak at his wedding? He did not say, because you are such a wonderful sister or anything like that, he said, because you are the only one coming.

      • It is sad to see in a family. But I think Dina & Jamie are both smart enough to know you can’t fix someone’s personality flaws even if it’s your own sister. Jamie’s kind of stuck in the middle (especially in that situation) but seems to deal with it pretty well. It is hard to believe that someone can make it well into adulthood & still no realize that they have certain personality flaws. It just seems odd to be so out of touch with who you are & your reasons for doing things , but I guess it’s not uncommon.

    • When i watch Dina marry Tom i just thought Carowhine was her know it all mom who wanted camera time.i was kind right

  7. Dont you hate a guy calling his sperm poison and wanting to inject you with his toxins.Really makes unprotected sex between a couple gross.I guess Midget wants MegHo to swallow his poison too not spit it out.Just gross the way he talks of sex/poison and his tiny tarzan.

  8. I think Caroline whats too be the star of the show and tereas and Dina was and Caroline backed doored Dina .Dina doesn’t go for all the trouble making and the DonCaroline is up set.

  9. CM is the grand manufacturer of lies. I don’t think T has ever done anything to her, she justs doesn’t like T. She was Dina’s friend. Jaxazz is just moody, unhappy and unstable–what Mama calls flighty and crazy.

    • Yeah, I think T, deep down is a sweet person , flawed I’m sure like everyone else, but basically good hearted. Same where Dina is concered. Caro just seems all wrapped up in her own problems while trying to deny them. Jax…I don’t know, she has her problems if she stayed away from the more troubled Caro she might be alright.

    • Teresa and Dina are everything Caro has never been nor will ever be, beautiful, sweet-natured, magnetic personalities with star qualities. People are drawn to them, Caro has probably been repelling people her whole life, just like poor Lauren. That poor honey had to have her brother take her to prom? In my daughter’s graduating class they went out of their way to make sure that everyone had “dates” to all the formals, not just prom. They had an awesome attitude, which my daughter explained to me was the new way of thinking, unlike when I was in high school and it was ordained that your future husband or wife was your prom date. Her generation looked at it as jsut a really cool time and everyone should feel included, that there did not have to be a romantic link to your date, just a joint effort to have fun! My daughter is 5 years older than Lauren so when I saw that segment my heart really broke for her . Not just because her mother had to drag the story out of the archives (to build up how wonderful her prince Albie is) and not just because she didn’t have a date but my first though was, “Oh my God, doesn’t she have any friends???
      And soon Lauren will procreate and the tradition will continue. Shakespeare couldn’t right a tragedy this sad…

  10. Jazo is sucked into Chuckie’s web and can not get out.She drinks to ease the pain.Chris L. needs to step in and tell his overbearing bitter sister to back off and let his family heal with some distance including the relationship with her 2 oldest spawns that he is in business with.Being at their house or dinner table would be so draining same old conversation about Tre/$$/tabloids.Do they ever talk about anything but the show and what to do next on the show.Chuckie has created monsters out of her kids teaching how to backstab for $$.Only friends her kids have are gay ass Greg and Vito.

  11. I’m sure it was covered on sh as well but there was also that little project lady bug feud. I read somewhere that when accusations about pl came out Dina was upset Caroline didn’t support and defend the charity, especially since she was an officer. And Dina was mad she was left off the brownstone sauce deal, though if I was her I’d say better off, all of don caros ventures turn into big flops.

    Must be frustrating to have to listen to don caro blame you (Teresa) when you know the true reason and can’t reveal it.

    Also the party was probably not as expensive as you may think. I’m sure they did everything at cost for Teresa

    • “Must be frustrating to have to listen to don caro blame you (Teresa) when you know the true reason and can’t reveal it.”
      I honestly think this is why T has the tolerance and patience to look at Caroline at times (especially at the reunions) and just say “whatever” and roll her eyes, instead of getting mad. She knows that she is literally lying through her teeth for TV and many others know differently. That’s why on her blog lately she keeps referring to how “smart” the fans of the show are and how Bravo and others “underestimate us” becaus we always find the truth even if they won’t cover/show it.

      About the brownstone sauce deal, it’s obvious all of Caros business decisions have nothing to do with investing or good business, it’s all competition (which is funny because that’s what she accuses T of). She’s mad at T because she didn’t invest in blk water, and immediately assumed it was because she wanted to compete – then when it failed and didn’t catch on, it’s Ts fault because she’s a bad friend despite her working to bring her family back in the black. She leaves her own sister out of a business deal that involves a family brand Because she wants it for herself. She’s crazy.

      • T’s herself is smarter than she’s given credit i/m/o when it comes to CarotheDonChuckie, she knows the smarter ones will figure out what’s really going on & the others just don’t matter. In terms of the BLK thing , typical Caro. Her type will always find one way or another to blame the other person. & everything T does is of course, somehow related to Caro, at least in Caro’s mind. It’s a weird way of thinking for that type of personality. It’s a way of hiding the truth from herself & making her feel more important than she, is or ever was in, T’s life.

  12. These are all interesting theories and or facts and helping the rest of us understand. As I have written before; I don’t live in NJ and or know these people and base my blogs on what I see on the Tele. What a mess; looking back at the Christianing everyone was best friends and supportive; they all rallied against Danielle; to add further to the theory’s I think when season 3 came along; Melissa and Tree had some bad history and it spoiled over on to everyone, again indicating Tree was comfortable with her original HW Crew and the new ladies meant stealing the lime light from her; with what I saw on TV; Tree became a different person; showed her bad side when Mego and Kathy came into the picture and has continued to act out; Caro and Bubba decided maybe Mego and Kathy weren’t so bad and Tree again, what I saw on TV, became very insecure and has gotten caught up in this bubble and her rag mags and the sacrafice they have all made are friendships and family and have all showed their not so nice sides; and why; for the fame of a Reality show.

    • Tre was also under tremendous financial pressure – Joe’s business was blown out, BK filing, Joe’s drunk driving and license fraud. I think she was vulnerable. And the witch DonCaro knew it and moved against her (along with MeGo and Koma Kathy, ably assisted by Jax). When Tre got stronger and less reactionary, she fought them back. That’s one strong woman.

      • T doesn’t have to do anything to DonCaro she’s showing her own unhappiness w/o T’s help. Now if Jax & Kathy were smart they’d step aside & let Caro take her fall by herself but they thought they were helping (I think they have different reasons for that) but now they’ve both made themselves out to be in the same shape Caro is in terms of her home life & where her mind is at lately. Funny thing is I doubt Kathy’s life is as unhappy as Caro’s. She’s nowhere near as bitter. But she comes across badly now because of letting Caro lead her around. I really don’t think either of them has anyone around them who cares enough or is solid enough to put the truth in front of them. I know some would say you shouldn’t laugh at that, but if Caro wants to give up her self respect to bitterness & blame her situation on others… you really can’t help but laugh.

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