FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives of New Jersey: Audriana Giudice’s Christening… Why Caroline and Dina Manzo Are Not Speaking…

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NOTE:  Interesting to take a look back!  What was happening with the RHONJ one year ago today…

                                                                          I was in the bathroom when dey wuz takin’ da pichers…

Audriana Giudices’s christening was included in an old episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey

Paying close attention to the attendees… it’s interesting that Melissa Gorga was sitting at the same table as Kathy Wakile and Kathy’s mother and Kathy’s son, Joseph… but Joe Gorga was nowhere to be seen and it didn’t look like there was an empty chair next to MeGo.  So, where was JoGo during Audriana’s christening!?

                                                                                I gotta get outta here, Tree… See youz later!

Notice at the end of the video, Juicy says, “Good night” to Tree.  Tree’s surprised that Juicy’s leaving… Juicy says that he’s leaving because he doesn’t want to see the bill, but rumor has it that he bolted out early from Audriana’s christening party to see Tara “D” or “G” or whatever her initial is!

                                                                                Yeah, I like Tree… and my sister’s not gonna tell me who I can and cannot talk with.  Screw Caroline!

NOTE:  Just a theory re Don Caroline and Dina not speaking with each other for the past few months.   Is the reason for them not speaking Dina’s friendship with Tree???  Despite what is being shown on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, in “real” real life, Don Caroline cannot stand Tree Joodice.

Dina Manzo clearly is going against the “family” and still talks with Tree.   Despite there being parties held at the Brownstone, which included the cast of the RHONJ, Dina was a no-show at these Brownstone affairs.   Dina instead attended Tree’s RHONJ season premiere party and Tree’s New Year’s Eve party… showing her allegiance NOT to her own sister, Don Caroline, but to Tree Joodice.  This just had to piss Don Caroline off to no end!!!

So, that may or may not be the reason that Don Caroline and Dina are not speaking… it’s just a theory.  Make sense to me, though!!!