BRANDI GLANVILLE: What’s New With LeAnn Rimes… LeAnn Experiencing Brandi’s Old Story “Cheatin’ Eddie!”… Website Collecting Donations For “Defense Against LeAnn”…

September 5, 2012  3:30 pm

                      LeAnn Rimes… “Yep… I’m on my way to the Laguna Four Seasons Hotel rehab!”  

Good grief!  The LeAnn Rimes saga sadly continues.   Why “sadly”?  Because there are no winners in this bizarre tale.  It seems as though LeAnn Rimes needs attention and some help, which a lawsuit cannot provide.  Let’s review…

First… LeAnn is not in a Rehab facility!

From TMZ:

“…our sources say LeAnn is in a facility that teaches people to handle adversity and stress.  She is free to leave on weekends — something that doesn’t happen in rehab.  She’s also allowed to use her phone at any time — again, that just doesn’t happen in rehab.”

LeAnn’s “team” attempts to serve the defendant in the lawsuit… the paps were there to record the defendant being served…

From ROL:

Process servers arrive at the defendants home to serve legal documents.  Unfortunately, the defendant’s sister-in-law has same name and the process servers tried to serve the SISTER-IN-LAW… at her home during a LaborDay cookout.  Interestingly, paps were there with the process servers.

“My sister-in -law told them they had the wrong Kim and they wouldn’t believe her. They wouldn’t leave her alone. I heard the process server was banging on the door and looking over the fence. They were having a party and my sister-in-law was so upset she took her kids and ran to the clubhouse (in the development where they live). My brother was playing golf. He came back and he was angry. He told them not to show up ever again. My sister-in-law had told them it was the wrong Kim but they wouldn’t believe her.”

 LeAnn Rimes… “Yep… I’m having fun at the Laguna Four Seasons Hotel in rehab!”

LeAnn follower admits to harassing the defendant… the person who LeAnn called!   Apparently, LeAnn has some disturbing “fans”…

From ROL:

“A long-time LeAnn Rimes  fan admits that he harassed the woman now being sued by the star, posting photographs of Kim Smiley’s children online and revealing her place of employment.

The LeAnn fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted to those acts and told Radar he was angry at comments that were made about his personal life. He added that he has been a LeAnn fan since his early teenage years and that the star flew him to the concert because of his devotion to her, not because he supported her online.

But that’s not how many of Kim’s friends see it, and they are outraged, believing the celebrity has indulged the people attacking her online detractors. Many of Kim’s friends supplied past tweets and photographs to Radar, showing highly vitriolic comments about Glanville with LeAnn included on the social media chain. LeAnn does not appear to object to any of the remarks and some could argue she appears to be encouraging them at times.”

 LeAnn Rimes… “Yep… this is my kinda rehab!!”

The Enquirer boils it all down to the source of LeAnn’s anxiety, frustration, fear and lawsuit… Eddie!


“LeAnn called a friend a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out. She was home for the weekend and he didn’t stay in with her. She was crying, say­ing that she was so worried about what he was doing.

“I think Eddie feels trapped. He probably just married LeAnn for the money, and there are only so many vacations you can take before you get bored with someone.”

Eddie’s cheating ruined his first marriage to Brandi [Glanville], and she had a chance to confront one of her rivals, Scheana, while at the West Hollywood restaurant SUR with her “House­wives” co-stars.

“Brandi recognized Scheana – who was working there as a waitress – and straight out said to her, ‘You used to sleep with my ex-husband!’” recalled a pal of Brandi. “Amazingly, Scheana didn’t even deny it.

“Later on, Brandi told her friends, ‘I really do feel sorry for LeAnn. Eddie will never change – once a cheater, al­ways a cheater.’”

Meanwhile, LeAnn’s official story about going into the “treatment facil­ity” is that she sought help after being “cyber-bullied” by two women on Twitter.

                                LeAnn Rimes… “I’m lovin’ my rehab stay and will recommend the Laguna Four Seasons Hotel rehab to all my friends!  Let’s dance!!”

The LATEST:  A website is now collecting donations for the Kim and Lexi Smiley Defense Fund… in the event LeAnn Rimes escalates the lawsuit into a courtroom.  The website owner(s) also have a twitter account @Jana_LaMoo… they are also selling “Team Smiley” t-shirts!

WOW… these defense fund people already had t-shirts to sell?

WHAT A MESS!!  Is Eddie worth all this??

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