SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: KimK’s “KastOffs”… HW Trivia “Housewife Revealed”… SH Poll “Caro v Tree” Results

September 2, 2012  11:30 am  

If you want to buy a used item or two of Kim Kardashian’s, you can!  Lucky you!!

Kim’s new boyfriend, Kanye West, has decided that Kim’s wardrobe was too trashy for his taste, so Kim is auctioning off her discards on EBay.  10% of the auctions proceeds will go to charity… the remaining 90% will go towards Kim purchasing new clothes.

Kim will need every cent of that auction money when she shops for her new clothes at K-Mart!


SH asked the following  trivia question via twitter:  “Which Housewife saw a UFO?”   Here’s the answer:

“Q:  Have you ever seen a UFO?  
A: Possibly, but what I was seeing was unexplainable.”   
NOTE:  That is the definition of a UFO!  And… the correct word is “inexplicable”… oh those Housewives and their English usage! 

The Housewife?  Adrienne Maloof!  Not surprising as New Mexico is the location for numerous UFO sightings!

                                                                     Adrienne Maloof… read all of Adrienne’s answers to the SH Q&A!



  RESULTS:  Teresa Giudice: 80%   DonCaro: 20%… total opposite of BravoFacebook results!


NOTE:  New poll on right of page!

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65 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: KimK’s “KastOffs”… HW Trivia “Housewife Revealed”… SH Poll “Caro v Tree” Results

  1. Considering that most of Kim’s clothes were probably donated or comped, she really should be donating 100% to charity. Cheapskate.

    She makes my lunch want to come back up. I really can’t stand her and most of her famewhoring family.

  2. Trashy wardrobe like Kanye AKA Douchebag is one for fashion with his pants down below his ass cheeks.Slime ball he is.Sounds like he is controlling her for now.They are a gross couple.Kim would not be caught dead in her shoes on shoe dazzle or clothes from Sears/Kmart.The price tags have to have a couple of numbers before or after the $39.95 price.Same goes for NeNe and her cheap $44.95 shoes.Buy so they can afford the real pricey ones.

  3. Also why does it seem that Kim K is only selling her CHEAP BEBE CRAP…what happened to ALL the other name brand clothing, oh she gave them to her sisters. Also why buy the use one for $40 bucks, when you can get it at BEBE’s clearance rack 75%off.

  4. Both Kim and Kanye are TRASH! They deserve each other. Quite honestly, I think that Kanye is riding the Kim train to try to get some momentum behind his dismal career. What is it with all these mediocre rap performers that think that they are also Fashion Designers and stylists? Oh, well, if the ignorant public wants to buy this crap……it is their own fault for falling for it!

    Yes, Kim should donate ALL the Proceeds to a good charity, because she probably does get most of this crap given to her.

    By the way, yesterday on the MSN page there was an article saying that Kim K is trying to get a “Star” on the walk of Fame in Hollywood. Evidently the comittee is wisely fighting her on this saying that she is not a Star! I agree! What an over the top EGO this broad has!

    • If Kanye really believes dating Kim will help his career he’s CRAZY! If anything I think she’ll sink his career! But, I agree, he’s probably dumb enough to think it’ll help him out. I actually used to like some of his music but no longer.

    • I Agree with everything you said but Kanye’s career being mediocre (Kanye West placed 45th on Forbes’ 2012 list of the Most Powerful Celebrities. Kanye’s income in the previous year is listed as $35 million. Do some research he is one of the hottest producers/songwritter/rapper out there.
      The Taylor Swift incedent that took place during the 2009 VMAs in Las Vegas made Kanye one of America’s Most Hated Rappers. (Kanye have always been very cocky but to his defense 22 months earlier in November he loss his mother/best friend/manager to cosmetic procedures that should not have performed due her heart condition).
      My thoughts, he’s trying to get Amber Rose jealous for leaving him for a less known. but talented rapper “Wiz Khalifa” (his networth is only 11 million). Amber is now pregnant and very happy . Kanye also want the appearance of that power couple like JayZ & Beyonce.
      Kim needed Kanye as much as he needed her! They’re a match made in heaven. After faking her wedding/marriage to Kris Humphrey and the backlash she received from her friends and fans for accepting gifts, services and money when she knew what her intentions were… Kim’s popularity and brand was at stake and she needed someone like Kanye to give her street cred to put to rest all the rumors of her being an over the top reality star celebrity with no talent that will do anything for money .. But yuk to both narcissistic fame whores. JMO

      • I didn’t realize he had just lost his momma right before the Taylor Swift thing. That is sad. I wonder what his excuse was for acting as equally dingbatty at that awards show where Beyonce announced her pregnancy. Kanye was soooo obnoxious that night. Basically hijacked their moment too. And made such a fool of himself doing it he didn’t even need to storm the stage that time.

      • OK, I’m going out on a limb here. While I’m not a Kanye fan, I have to agree with his opinion regarding Taylor Swift. Ugh, I can’t stand her stupid songs. I realize that wasn’t the right venue, but as my favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin said, Taylor Swift owes him for that. No such thing a bad publicity.

        • This “bad publicity” thang is prolly why momma kardashian is eating him up with a spoon. He does have a knack for it and they will make full use of his antics next time he looses his faculties. Prolly get a whole seasons worth of footage outa dealing with the aftermath. And he knows this.

        • Sandi, you’re not out on that limb all by yourself. I happen to agree with him about what he said, it’s just how he said it and when… Totally disrespectful to Taylor Swift and embarrassing. But like you said she owes him because her career was made on that night.

          • Are you kidding me?Her career was through the roof when she won that award.Isn’t that why she was on stage receiving the award.Kanye West is scum he’s also really gross looking.Kim is trash and always will be.Not that care but why does she only date black men? I think i know the answer.

            • No I’m not kidding!!! Taylor Swift was not a household name… Yes , she was a new up and coming artist but she was not internationally known at that time. That situation made her America’s Sweetheart.
              Kanye being scum had nothing to do with her not deserving that award on that night. There were better artist in the same catogory than her. JMO! You don’t have to agree… Like “I” said earlier “I” agree with (Scumbag) Kanye about what he said not what he did and I’m sticking to it.

        • lol. Aint that the truth. My brother the pilot gets madder than dammit whenever I bring up stuff like this. So you know it just makes me want to talk about it more. He’s is awfully uptight about it. Just sayun.

      • i have read about chem trails Reading about conspiracies is a hobby of mine i have come to the conclusion that there are some really smart people and real paranoid ones to

        • Yeah its fascinating. I particularly intrigued by the FEMA camp ones and the HARRP ones. Also the Nibiru ones are good for a late night fright. Fun times indeed. And biblical prophecy wise the RFD chips give me da willies

            • Will check into that for sure. Seems like the secret society ones are the ones most likely to go off the rails in terms of paranoia. but its fun to research. I read a book once on that Buildaburg group.

          • so i just finished googling some of your suggestions. All of these things r fascinating. I like reading about the alien theories too. The pyramids are said to have been controlled by forces from outer space. The Nibiru was said to be the 9th planet, right?

            • Planet X.. suppose to hit us or sumpin. Also them big ole giant skeletons annunaki supposedly have ties there somehow. I always wondered what happened to Goliath. Anyways… thinking most pictures are fakes. What you think? I feel like after the rapture happens “they” will have to come up with some excuse for it and this secret alien stuff we have been programmed have be fascinated with for years will be used to explain it… until it cant be used anymore. I dont plan on being here though :) Its a pretty elaborate set up.

            • MP: Have you been listening to CoastToCoastAM? Used to love it when Art Bell was doing the show… replacement George might be informative, but they don’t call him George “Snoory” fer nuthin’! IMO, when Art Bell left, so did intelligent conversation about the inexplicable! TFC!! SH

            • I haven’t listened to that in a while. (too busy here tee hee) But I do remember fascinating discussions. Sometimes ole Alex Jones is fun to listen to. I cant remember if he thinks 911 is an inside job or not( I tune those out-just cant with that) but he does make a lot of sense when he talks about the government END GAME.

            • I kinda believe the whole alien pyramids thing. After all why would the hieroglyphics have aliens or giants in them. Idk. But the pyramids were built on magnetic properties , making the blocks lighter in weight. Google puma punku. Unexplicable. ( woulda said unexplainable but ms SH taught me otherwise :) ) anyhow it’s too much info to remember. But I tell ya MP, ask me a fight about Teresa I’m sure i would remember lol

  5. Love how Kanye tells Kim her wardrobe is trashy considering what his last girlfriend, Amber Rose, use to run around in. Half the time it was a body stocking with bedazzeling in the right spots. Give me a break, Kim started out as a styist for Paris Hilton and owns her own clothing store why would she take that D-bag’s advice.Stoopid!

  6. Ms Sh I am working on your report. I am trying to upload the pictures. Someone has a bad hang over today ->ME<-
    Oh & the Bailey Agency got a new model yo! The one and only Apollo! Swear to you Ms SH !~

  7. Who would buy that whore’s clothes? Wouldn’t the crotches have to be cleaned with acid to kill ….oow…nasty….didn’t Kris H get/give herpes cuz of her?

    • hahahahaha lol don’t worry, her nasty snatch rotted the crotches out. another skank i can’t stand. famous for what????? i don’t get it???????????

  8. Hi everybody! Longtime lurker – love your posts and comments! Did you see who Porn Star Kim Kardashian is giving the money to? A church……..founded by her mom! KK gives 10% of her ill-gotten gains yearly to this church, which doesn’t even have a home……services are held in a hotel ballroom! Surely with all that sex tape money they could afford a church building of their own? It could all be on the up-and-up, but ………these are the Jenners and Kardashians, after all!

    • I remember hearing that Kris Kardashian got her licence to be an ordained minister. I think it was featured on the show. At that time, people were guessing that she was doing it so she could set up a bogus church and collect money. They are all scum.

  9. Yeah, A LOT of people on the NJ facebook groups are anti-Giudice and pro-Gorga. It’s pretty sad. I tried talking sense into some of them, telling them the exact same things about the Gorgas that I’ve learned on fame-whorgas, allabouttrh, and here on SH, but they don’t listen to me- one even half joked and said that I was probably Teresa’s agent or something because I apparently knew a lot about how the Gorgas were evil people- but all I was doing was repeating what I learned on internet, specifically here and fame-whorgas. Does this mean I’m some spy for Teresa?

    While I’m so glad that from the community here on SH and allabouttrh that I know there are hundreds of other people like me who have seen through the Gorgas and Wakiles’ act, I always remind myself of that facebook group because for every person who sees through the Gorgas, there are five more people who are completely blinded by them.

    • people here are accused all the time of being a manzo or gorga family member if they say something unsupportive of Teresa it goes both ways.
      i do not like Tre one bit but then i dont really like any of them much.

  10. Kim and her new man are a joke. I know some people dont like her and all..but kanye west? Come onnnnnnnn what an arrogant obnoxious ass. I do agree with whoever said he is controlling her, it does seem like it.

  11. Kim and Kanye deserve each other. Who cares how much money these skanks have. Losers in the game of life in my opinion. BTW who wants Kim Kardashians clothes, we all know where she’s been….EVERYWHERE she can that promotes her favorite pet charity. KIM KARDASHIAN major skank!

  12. In response to the comments above about the Facebook groups being anti Teresa, could it be possible that it is because Melissa is buying Facebook fans and Twitter followers as reported on FameWhorgas?
    This was an update:
    Something definitely fishy is going on concerning her FB fanpage because she suddenly appeared as my latest “like” & I have never even visited the page. I ended up reporting the page
    because it’s really trashy & beyond tacky to have some sort of “system” randomly capture “likes” for your fanpage. – MrIncredible, August 31, 2012, The Fame-Whorgas

    • I agree TVJunkie! I believe the Clown Cast have all their family, friends and whoever else willing to join their team to bring Tre down. I also believe most of the positive Bravo post are coming from the Crazy Crew! To bad with all their effort and man power they did not succeed. Some of us can see right through them…

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