SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: KimK’s “KastOffs”… HW Trivia “Housewife Revealed”… SH Poll “Caro v Tree” Results

September 2, 2012  11:30 am  

If you want to buy a used item or two of Kim Kardashian’s, you can!  Lucky you!!

Kim’s new boyfriend, Kanye West, has decided that Kim’s wardrobe was too trashy for his taste, so Kim is auctioning off her discards on EBay.  10% of the auctions proceeds will go to charity… the remaining 90% will go towards Kim purchasing new clothes.

Kim will need every cent of that auction money when she shops for her new clothes at K-Mart!


SH asked the following  trivia question via twitter:  “Which Housewife saw a UFO?”   Here’s the answer:

“Q:  Have you ever seen a UFO?  
A: Possibly, but what I was seeing was unexplainable.”   
NOTE:  That is the definition of a UFO!  And… the correct word is “inexplicable”… oh those Housewives and their English usage! 

The Housewife?  Adrienne Maloof!  Not surprising as New Mexico is the location for numerous UFO sightings!

                                                                     Adrienne Maloof… read all of Adrienne’s answers to the SH Q&A!



  RESULTS:  Teresa Giudice: 80%   DonCaro: 20%… total opposite of BravoFacebook results!


NOTE:  New poll on right of page!