SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Update on LeAnn Lawsuit…Not Good For Image…DUH!

September 1, 2012  12:30 pm

 LeAnn Rimes… 2009

As mentioned yesterday, LeAnn Rimes is going after a little buzzing fly with an atom bomb when she either should have simply ignored the fly or used a fly swatter.  Filing a lawsuit against the woman whom LeAnn initiated the phone call will push her way down in any popularity polls; do nothing for her Q rating and reinforce the school teacher’s, who LeAnn is suing, opinion/statement that LeAnn is off the rails.

A crisis management expert had this to say to ROL:

“Filing the lawsuit against this alleged tape of her bullying the teacher is not going to play well for her image,” he predicted. “Sometimes legal action doesn’t quell the crisis, it elevates the crisis, even more so when you use your money, your celebrity and your power to put the person in a check mate position – legally speaking that doesn’t bode well for your celebrity, especially when you look at where she comes from, the country music world is a very-heartfelt, warm community.”

  LeAnn Rimes… 1998

Who are the people behind LeAnn filing a lawsuit?  Or, did LeAnn do this on her own?  Cannot imagine ANY PR person insisting that LeAnn file a lawsuit, knowing the fallout from filing.  It seems that LeAnn may have contacted her attorneys on her own in the heat of the moment, asking them if she has any legal recourse after the taped conversation was released.

OF COURSE, the attys are going to jump on this!  LeAnn has some deep pockets and that’s all any attys care about… are deep pockets.  Attorneys don’t care how this will affect LeAnn personally; but, they had something to go on, which is an illegally taped conversation between LeAnn and CA school teacher.

IMO, LeAnn was embarrassed by what was said in the course of the conversation and sought revenge.  LeAnn contacted her attys… and with anger and embarrassment swirling around her, and after her attys told LeAnn to go after the CA school teacher and her 19-year-old daughter… LeAnn directed them to file suit.  WRONG!   LeAnn got herself involved in a “David v Goliath” bungled mess.

The entire matter is a bit cra-cra.  WHY did LeAnn call this person?  WHY did the CA school teacher engage in a conversation with LeAnn?  WHY did the CA school teacher make assumptions about Brandi Glanville… as if she’s a personal friend?  WHY does LeAnn care about what anyone on says twitter??

From what is briefly known about LeAnn Rimes… she filed for emancipation from her parents at age 16; a few years later married Dean Shermet; while still married to Dean, met Eddie Cibrian making a Lifetime movie; LeAnn and Eddie both divorced their spouses and married each other… and LeAnn is only 30!

Sounds like LeAnn does not need the advice of an attorney… it sounds like LeAnn needs her parents.  Sounds like LeAnn has no where to turn… a 30-day rehab stay will not provide a parents’ unconditional understanding.

LeAnn needs to drop the lawsuit ASAP… and maybe spend some time away from the center of the storm… maybe with her parents.