TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Why???… Just WHY?… Part I…

August 31, 2012  1:15 pm  NOTE:  Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!  Whomever you are… and wherever you may be!  (Ya just never know on the world wide intrawebby!)  And hoping that SH readers affected by Isaac are safe… 

Somma these things just don’t make no sense… and fall into the “WHY?????” category.

  • Ever since hearing of Lindsay Lohan being cast as Elizabeth Taylor, the question of “WHY?” continues.  Wonder what a 30-year-old Elizabeth Taylor would have remarked about Lindsay playing her… if she had a peek into the future!

Lifetime has issued some stills from Lindsay as Liz…


  •  WHY????  Does this chick have a TLC TV show?  HOW??? Is this chick 32 years old???  Her “HoneyBooBoo” show has been compared to the movie, “Little Miss Sunshine.”   WHO made that unjustified comparison???

 June, 32…


“George Jefferson” has ‘moved on up to that de-luxe apartment in the sky’…

 Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford… George and Weezy Jefferson

  • WHY??? and HOW???…  Did “George Jefferson” Sherman Hemsley only have $50,000 to his name when he died?  From AP:

The embalmed body of actor Sherman Hemsley, who became famous for his role as television’s George Jefferson, will be kept in refrigeration at an El Paso funeral home until a local court rules on the validity of his will.

In the will Hemsley signed six weeks before dying of lung cancer July 24 he named Flora Enchinton, 56, whom he called a “beloved partner,” as sole beneficiary of his estate, which is estimated in court documents to be more than $50,000.

The will is being contested by Richard Thornton, of Philadelphia, who claims to be Hemsley’s brother and says the will might not have been made by the actor.

NOTE:  Why don’t they take that $50,000 and use it for “George’s” burial and throw him a big party!?


  • WHY????  Did “JerseyShore” last any longer than one season… or one episode?!  MTV has pulled the plug on JS, citing falling ratings.  Can’t imagine that Snooki havin’ her little Lorenzo was a major factor in the Jersey Shore cancellation!

Snooki’s cast mate, Deena Cortese tells the NYDailyNews that Snooki is a great Mom! FYI:  Deena will be arrested for disorderly conduct on the final season of Jersey Shore, which debuts on MTV October 4.  Deena should be so proud of her accomplishing an arrest record!!

“Certain Jersey locals made no secret of their disdain for the show, with its over-bronzed, over-loud cast and its mantra, “Gym, tan, laundry.”

Two years ago, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called it “negative for New Jersey,” telling an interviewer the show “takes a bunch of New Yorkers, drops them at the Jersey Shore and tries to make America feel like this is New Jersey.”  Most of the cast members are from New York.”

NOTE:  Gov Christie seems to be a bit pissed that NEW YORKER’S  (how dare they drive 5 minutes over to New Jersey!) have crossed the line over to New Jersey to muck up the Garden State!  Has Governor Christie made any remarks re the New Jersey natives who are totally mucking up much worse that Jersey Shore ever could representing his state??  

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93 comments on “TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Why???… Just WHY?… Part I…

  1. If Sherman only had $50k to his name, that certainly didn’t matter to him, because he lived his life peacefully and quietly. Just like the paparazzi to try to dig up dirt up on a dead man when they didn’t care about his wealth when he was living. Let the man RIP.

  2. Sherman did not owe back taxes before he died like some do.$50K clear money is great.Better than owing for everything he has.He had his stuff together and let show biz behind for a simpler life.Good for him.

    • Snooki a good mom she has been a mom for what 5 mins Please get back to me when the child is its terrible twos or when he is a teenager then we will see how good a mom she is.

  3. I too was wondering what executive on crack thought Lilo was a good choice. She’s been a pain from the beginning. Good choice. There must be a lot of weeping and nashing of teeth in some Hollywood’s agent office. She just seems to mumble nowadays. Thankfully I never watched Jersey Shores (I have my standards). That and thinking of what a hangover feels like, stopped me from watching so any withdrawal of them leaving TV will be minimal.

  4. “…which is estimated in court documents to be more than $50,000.” More than 50k could mean any amount over $50,000, like $500,000. If that is all he had, good for him, I hope he enjoyed spending it, because I hope to spend all mine before I go too.

    • I would be happy if someone left me more than $50,000! I’d also be happy if someone left me less than $50,000. I’d actually be happy if anyone left me anything as long as I got that free and clear!

  5. I watched Honey Boo Boo for the first time last week and I am with you WHY? I see nothing cute about the show. I would have much rather they kept the antics of this family a mystery, they are really quite disgusting, rude, and probably on welfare or SSI.

    • I agree…. I’ve never wanted to slap the snot out of a 7 year old before. She’s a brat and her mother is just absolutely disgusting.

  6. About the Boo-Boo show. How did that show pull in over 3 million viewers. i was channel surfing, saw it – changed it after a minute of pure disgust. That’s the only polite word I could think of. As long as stupid people watch it, it will stay on TV. It’s sick and this self proclained redneck Mom will either end up in a pscho ward or kidnapped and left in Greenland. RE JS: Snooki is not Italian. She is from Chili or Peru or one of those Alexis Mexican countries. I love they announce the show is over before the new season has even begun. All it means to me is more spin-offs rf MTV saving face from potential lawsuits and umping up ratings. Snooki & JW already had to move from Jersey City to Paterson to film. So much for yearly leases. What is it about the fascination with ignorant, dumb people? i’d rather learn something new and positive than learn something new and stupid and useless.

  7. Personally I love June and her family has more integrity than any of the housewife hoes and their broods. First off I watched it to be shocked and to see the exploitation that it was going to portray but it didn’t – it has its moments but what comes over is a real warmth in the family relationships. Just my two penneth

    • I love her, too. Maybe ’cause I’m a Georgia girl but I think they are a hoot! I had my Mom watch an episode with me and she didn’t like it too much and couldn’t understand what they were saying. Of course Mama is a lot more refined than I am – LOL!

      • I had to put my closed captioning on to understand it but then again I find myself having to do that a lot lately. People are drawn to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child the same way that they are drawn to watch the RHW’s. It sure aint cause was envy them… just fascinated by the ridiculousness.
        My momma watched it with me too Gapeach. Whenever they show outdoor shots of their house, she would say “Now you really don’t think they still live next to the train tracks do ya? they rich now.” She also got a chuckle outa Sugarbear’s big fancy high dolla truck. Now THAT is a southern thing. Some people paying more for trucks than their domiciles.

        • I watched the 6 episodes and I’ve been looking for more but I guess it’s over. It was something different to watch and to tell the truth I sort of liked it. Looks like they all got along and were having fun. The only thing that did make me cringe was went glitzy pooped on the table. All in all I would continue watching it.

          • Well I know now thanks to the show I cant eat a Hardee’s biscuit without thinkin of June. Daggone her hide. While looking for video to educate our none biscuit eatin peeps on the glory of a Hadrees fresh made biscuit I found this little gem.

            • Glitzy is the pet pig which they got to console Honey Boo Boo after she didn’t place in a pageant. They ended up returning Glitzy to the breeder amidst many tears from Honey Boo Boo.

            • That was bound to happen anyways. The 17 years old is gonna need a place to put her baby once it comes outa her bisicut. I am almost sure that pack-n-play was a shower gift.

            • I wonder if the pig dropped a deuce in the pack-n-play, too. I couldn’t believe when the pig pooped on the table and they just cleaned it up with a paper towel. I was thinking, where’s the bleach or 409 or Lysol to clean the table? Eeww.

              I don’t understand having a pig for a pet. I mean, pigs are delicious and all, but I don’t want to make friends with the food supply. A friend of mine got one of those pot-bellied pigs for a pet and it was really gross. It was all the time snorting and rooting around. I mean non-stop. I used to feed the thing bacon and ham just to be a sick f*ck.

            • oh thats twisted ..but reminds me of the scene in lilo and stitch where lilo didnt want to feed a fish a tuna sammich its a abomination she screamed

            • It was a long time ago. I don’t think that I would do that now. But, at the time I thought it was funny. ‘Course, I saw a Venn diagram one time that summed up my sense of humor pretty accurately. One circle of the Venn diagram was labeled “Things I think are funny”, the other circle labeled, “Things that shouldn’t be joked about”. and the intersection of the circles was labeled “Why I am going to hell”.

            • Aww Lisa, I loved Lilo and Stitch. That and Monsters Inc. always makes me cry no matter how hard I fight

            • bahahaha Bacon fed pig… prolly gonna end up being a new thing. And you know they dont auction off 409 and Lysol down at the auction so… germs be damned. For real though I bet those kid’s immune systems is strong as all get out given what they have been exposed to. Red-neck-n-nize style immunizations.

            • June wouldn’t let them swim in that lake with the flesh eatin’ bacteria, so she does draw the line somewhere.

            • Ana, I agree. It is late and I’m drinkin cheap Pino, so I’m jumpin in with my interesting fact for the day…lol. I’m in a microbiology class, and our prof told us last week that poo is something like over 50% bacteria. That means that a huge amount of bacteria was left there by the pig’s poo, just waiting for lil Honey Boo to touch it and get sick….eeeew.

            • I am more than a little phobic about germs. I think if I took a microbiology course, I would turn into a full-on OCD hand washing, mask wearing germaphobe.

            • Ana, I am! I change my clothes when I come home, and I now wash my hands like every 30 minutes! And just a tip, always take off your shoes when you come home. I did a culture off of a swab from my shoe, and what grew in just 48 hours was NOT pretty. Two strains of bacteria and a mold..

            • or one of the kids to use a napkin that was on the table to blow their nose. Mamma June has the sneezes constantly.

            • The family dining table is in this room. Romo I am dying for you to watch at least one episode because I want to hear what you would have to say about it.

            • I have to go with Romo on this one. I’m grateful I don’t know who snookie is. I refuse to sink any lower than the Housewives. How would have thought swamp men would have better morals and ethics. Is this the world be live in!!!!!! LOL

  8. That Honey Boo-Boo show is disgusting. I watched about 5 minutes of it, and I saw the child playing with raw meat. Those people are one chromosome away from the folks in “The Hills Have Eyes”. I hope that little girl doesn’t grow up to become a somewhat normal person and look back at her family and this show and feel shamed and exploited.

  9. Why Honey Boo Boo you ask? Well word on the street is that Mamma Boo Boo has a mangled toe due to a farm equipment accident. And we know that is all the rage in reality tv world now don’t we? Stay tuned for the big reveal.
    So hard to imagine she is 32. Laws a mercy and love her heart.

  10. Haha is it really called the Honey Booboo show? Never heard of it and now I want to see what “y;all” are talkin’ about!

    • Its called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Cant wait to hear what you think of it. Its soooooo the same as these HW shows. In a lot of ways.

  11. But Cyn, I think the HWs ARE as low as it goes. People have died. The Jersey shore bunch are stoopid but they are young and not viscous. The HW’s have zero excuse.

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