TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: More “WHY?”… And “HUH?”… And “WHY?”

August 31, 2012  10:30 pm

  • WHY?????  Tarmac Salami just cannot keep outta the “reality” world.  This time, Tarmac is combining his love of politics with his love of being followed around by cameras!  Tarmac is running for the gubernatorial race in Virginia while filming his attempt for a ‘reality’ show!

From WCRN News:   “It is perhaps the first-ever statewide political campaign filmed for an independent reality show. Public taping will begin at a campaign kickoff at Salahi’s Linden, Va. home Sept. 16.

Although he and his ex-wife and Real Housewives reality tv co-star Michaele refused to answer questions before a congressional panel probing their attendance at President Obama’s first state dinner, Mr. Salahi appears to have come around to embrace the incident that immediately thrust him into the national spotlight and global stage.

The event is being billed as the “Crash the Candidate BBQ.” In addition to the media and a camera crew of four, the event offers “entertainment, a DJ, and a Hollywood green screen photo op.”

Further homage to the state dinner incident can be found in his campaign website’s name:

NOTE: Who the hell cares about Tarmac… we STILL wanna know what happened to Sparkle???


WHY????  The oldest mother in America… had twin boys at age 60!

  • ABCNews...Today, at age 65, the New Jersey woman says she’s still going strong, chasing after her two five-year-old boys — Josh and Jarrett — and also caring for her 12-year-old son, Ari. Birnbaum had her first child when she was 26, but says she feels more energetic now than she did back then.

NOTE:  She feels “more energetic now”??  Wait until she turn 66… it all goes down hill from there!


  • HUH???  Melissa Gorga has a totally revamped website.  MeGo is no longer selling her dirty, flimsy over-priced t-shirts…

 “Team Gorga” and “Tarzan” high-quality t-shirts are no longer available… you snooze you lose!

MeGo now has a page on her site dedicated to her PR and  magazine covers!

NOTE:  Wasn’t MeGo whining about Tree doing magazines???

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  1. Melissa is delusional to think she is a performer.Her kids never get to see either of their parents.Tarzan nevers works he is too busy following her to night clubs.I bet if she ever did make it big (cough cough) she would leave Tarzan.He is too childish.


  2. Looking at All those magazine articles I notice not many covers! Ha! Something else that struck me was all the pics with her and the other housewives besides Teresa. There is a pic at her birthday with Chuck, Kat and Jax and another with all the couples in time square with the RHONJ logo in the back ground, minus Teresa and Joe. I think Teresa really belived at one point that these people were her friend and loved ones. Now they have all turned on her. I wonder if when she sees pics. like that it breaks her heart? It would mine. I am not naive enough to belive that Teresa didn’t have some responsibility in her own realtionships but you have to admit it would be heartbreaking to see your skank SIL taking your place in your old life. Sad.


    • That was Melissa’s agenda from the start, she sure got mad when Tre said she was a copy cat and wanted to be just like her but MeGo is doing exactly what Tre said…..trying to be her.


      • Yawn. . I’m sure Teresa cries herself to sleep at night over the loss of such supportive friends and fambly. Quite sure it’s killing her missing those impromptu tete a’ tetes on Jaxs deck , getting savaged by her closest friends. Those moments of being front and center in the group while Don Caro volubly sings her praises. Garbage. Sociopath. Traitor. And the chorus of family and friends joining Don Caro.
        Isn’t it amazing that dumb old Teresa predicted that her sister and cousin were joining the show behind her back and would only hurt and betray her. Looks as if Teresa was spot on. Nothing like trying to help a family member in trouble by smearing her on a reality show and attempting to take her job. Joey and MeHo certainly do love their nieces don’t they? Tre would be better off with Borgias as fambly. Altho I must say MeHo is pretty good with a knife and poison.


  3. Wow, kudos to that woman for giving birth at age 60!! Hopefully she was healthy and in superb shape (she looks like she was). Some people are still going strong in their 60’s, so maybe she’s one of the few that could be able to do this.


  4. The old chick having kids at 60 is crazy. She had them using IVF treatments. And she already had two children that are now grown! This crap drives me nuts! I think IVF is great if you are trying to get pregnant and are unable to and you are NOT in menopause. She said that she didn’t like being an empty nester and had an urge to have more. She had a third son at 53 and that wasn’t good enough! So she had more IVF treatments. Maybe she should be a foster parent or volunteer at a children’s hospital. It is not fair to the children that by the time they are in high school their stupid Mother will be 75! And when they go to college she will be 80! That is so sweet to have to possibly bury your Mother when you are in your 20’s! Dumbazz beyotch!


  5. I know this has been discussed many times before on here, but I’d love to know what these trashy people do for a living to be able to afford a house like that. I had read that this house was just one that was being built – really wasn’t theirs. But come on….


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