SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY/FRIDAY: LeAnnRimes “Rehab”… RHONY “HamptonsHouses”… UPDATE: LeAnn Lawsuit… UPDATE: Lawsuit Reply

August 30, 2012  9:30 am  11:05 pm

LeAnn Rimes is going after the fan… who LeAnn called!… for taping LeAnn’s phone call to her!

In the lawsuit, LeAnn blames Brandi for causing the problems with the fan!

Mentioned in the lawsuit is “LunaticLeAnnRimes

NOTE:  Cannot imagine this lawsuit as doing any good for LeAnn.  However, after listening to the conversation, WHY is LeAnn even talking to this chick?  

UPDATE:  The defendant has issued the following statement to ROL:

“People that LeAnn know have threatened me multiple times, telling me that they’re going to come to my work and say bad things about me. I’m a teacher, why would they come to my work?” Kimberly asked.

Kimberly said that when LeAnn called her she was constantly swearing and raising her voice. “Her words shocked me and scared me on that call. I was afraid because she was getting so angry. It shocked me and scared me.”

Kimberly described the unexpected phone conversation she had with LeAnn in March saying, “She was trying to bully me back then and she is now. LeAnn wants me to like her and she was mad because I won’t. I do not like her. What would give her any clue that I was going to like her just because she called me?”


                                       Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes… Brandi Glanville

“LeAnn has voluntarily entered a 30 day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress,” her rep Marcel Pariseau tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “While there will be speculation regarding her treatment, she is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms. While privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.”

“This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be.”


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67 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY/FRIDAY: LeAnnRimes “Rehab”… RHONY “HamptonsHouses”… UPDATE: LeAnn Lawsuit… UPDATE: Lawsuit Reply

  1. To cope with anxiety and stress and to develop coping mechanisms……oh please!

    And next we will be hearing about her divorce cause you know ole Eddie boy will be playing around in the next 30 days.

  2. I can’t. Just can’t. Eddie must be shaking with giggles anticipating the reprieve. The smirk on Brandi’s face right now must be priceless.

  3. I’ve seen her on “The Talk” several times lately and I can’t imagine what she’d be in rehab for, other than maybe an Rx addiction to aide in her thin frame.

  4. Eddie must be messin’ round already and that’s why she has to go away to learn to cope. 30 days ain’t gonna change “coyote ugly” LeRi. You done got yourself a prize of a hubby.

  5. She has to have some sort of pill dependency to keep that weight down. She looks so skinny, it accentuates her horsey face. If it were truly exhaustion and needing to learn to deal with stress and coping that could be dealt with by seeking outpatient help. Exhaustion…when does that chick work. Seems like every time I turn around there is some picture of her in a bikini on a beach. Odds are she is strung out on something and needs the 30 days to get clean and deal with withdrawals with supervision. Stay tuned folks. She can renew her vows all she wants, run off to vacation every month and hound the man when he works; unfortunately, karma is a bitch and she knows how she got that man and knows it’s only a short time before she loses him the same way. She must always be on edge following him and spying on him.

    • You pegged that one Bizzy, Someone with her means could bring in a qualified psychologist and a massage therapist, nice and quiet-like. But no, LeAnn chooses to have her reps alert the press. Too bad she doesn’t have the guts to disclose the real issue she’s seeking treatment for. Megalomania.

      • Exactly! Has to be tied in with her album being released soon. Garner sympathy from the public, because her reputation has been tarnished with a VERY poor choice. I think some people also forget that she wasn’t just the other woman. She was also very much married. That’s a lot of image damage control. Maybe the record company, producers, etc. have just realized how big of a mess it’s going to be to market this and actually sell. A person with money and access to resources, one would think would do that quietly and at home. So right on with the above. Completely agree. And then, not only does she enter the facility but gives an interview?

        • Darn. Sometimes my comments post as Wings, sometimes Annamaemiller, a blog username that I no longer use on WordPress. Anyone have suggestions or know why this is and how I can keep it on Wings? I don’t want anyone thinking I’m purposefully trying to post as two separate names. Thanks!

          • it happens to me too. When you click on ‘reply’, or make a comment, make sure that in the second line of your info field is the name you want to post as…if it isn’t, you can click on it and a drop down menu will show you the names available to you under that email address. At least, that’s how I do it. Hope it’s as easy for you!

    • On the nose, Bizzy. My first thought was this has to do with her trying to be scary skinny. And as for hubby cheating, you know it! Like Dr. Phil says “If he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you.” Instant Karma is going to get you, sweetie.

  6. What is it exactly that she does to induce this disabling stress and anxiety except tweet and facebook hate all day? Get some real problems!

  7. Does anyone else find it obnoxious that Eddie was quoted in People magazine, as considering Leann one of the most ‘courageous’ women he knows? Not his ex-wife, mother of his children that endured the slap of infidelity, public divorce. THAT is courage for the embarrasment that she went through alone. Brandi is far from a saint, but I’ve got to say that the woman has taken a high road many times with these two twits. I’ll bet she does a major eye roll when she reads that. And what on Earth could Leann possibly be stressed about? A commenter posted on another site that it may be tied in with her soon to be released album. PR machine looking to garner sympathy, she comes out of this ‘strong’.. Look. She just entered it, and they’ve already ran to People magazine about it. I often wonder about this trend of example: PR or media leaking stories of people dating, divorcing, marrying, adopting children.. way too often it always seems to tie in timeline wise with something going on work wise (A movie, a record album, a tour, fill in blank). Building her up as some comeback story to move units? When is the book of woe and struggles being released? Eye roll. Better include some photos of bikinis, vacations, and the ‘hot’ (subject to opinion) husband that you stole, Leannie.

    • Look i dont like to judge but i have a crazy stressfull job.I have never been to rehab. As you grow you deal with stres of life just how it is.

      • I agree. Where is this ” rehab” for stress? On a beach somewhere? With other attention seekers, tweeting photos of themselves? YIKES! How about volunteering at a children’s hospital–see what real stress is!

  8. I wonder if Guiliana Rancic feels like an idiot now for retracting what she said about LeAnn Rhimes needing help for her possible anerxia. Then she went on to say that Brandi was really the crazy one. This after LeAnn confronted her for making comments about her weight. Isn’t this the same behavior she exhibited the other day when she called a fan and confronted her?
    LeAnn no one would even be talking about you AT ALL if you hadn’t snagged Brandi’s gold digging husband. Oh, and do us a favor while you’re in there and get help for you addiction to taking pics of youself in a bikini or we all will end up in Rehab for anxiety!

    • Sorry, I do like Guiliana a lot, but how in the world could she say (or even repeat) anything about a weight disorder when she’s stick-thin herself???

        • LOL! That took me a second to figure it out!! I feel badly if her being so underweight is due to her health, but her head looks so heavy on her thin neck that it makes her look like an alien. I just hope she’s okay!

          • I think you’re right Guilianna is to skinny as well. I still hate it that she back peddled on LeAnn just because LeAnn called her and confronted her. She’s on Fashion Police for goodness sake you’re supposed to back what you say not cave!!!!

    • Lol it could b that Bradi crazy but from what i see on tv she is fun and loyal….The good fun crazy would love,love love to be friends with her.

  9. Stress and anxiety=eating disorder
    Exhaustion=electrolyte imbalance and malnutrition
    Coping skills= feeding tube or ensure+therapy+nutritionist
    Be the best 30 year old woman=she has messed her body up to the point she prolly feels 60
    appreciating privacy=bullcrap hence the press release

  10. This is all about losing control, they made that movie on Lifetime, and according to the media; she stalked Eddie and broke up her marriage and then Brandi’s, she has been hanging on tight; because this is the best guy she thinks she has ever had, she thinks by being thin is some type of thing that Eddies wants. Now rumor in the media again is she broke down because he is cheating and she feels taunted by tweets and or blogger and rumor she is arguing with them. Eddie is handsome but a guy who looks and cheats; because he knows he can. Good luck LeAnn get some help, rest and a reality check on having a guy like Eddie. There is no price on a Piece of Mind, who wants a guy you have to worry about and or hang on to all the time?

  11. chris rock is a genius for making the perfect statement about the obvious. I wish I could have sympathy for her. I am really sad she wanted someone elses husband to be happy. Eddie is a scum. She is probably anxiety ridden with guilt. She should start by apologizing to Brandi. She might feel whole again, and get forgiveness. All I ever remember her saying was that Brandi was a biatche and couldn’t keep her man. She needs to apologive, accept forgiveness and more on from the permanent scumbag Eddie..He already got his come up ins with his cancelled TV show.

  12. Stalking and internet bullying are illegal. Sounds like the rumors about LeAnn doing it were true. The “rest” is an effort to stay out of the courts and jail.

  13. What?! She’s suing Brandi because people that Brandi probably doesn’t even know are being mean to her online? Uh, that’s called public opinion, you has-been. Go eat a cheeseburger and lay off the drugs.

  14. Oh LeAnn don’t you know that if a man will cheat with you then he will cheat on you. And instead of “rehab” may I suggest stepping away from the computer and stepping towards the fridge before you become a far less entertaining real life version of good ol Patsy Stone.

  15. Speaking from experience, what she’s getting help for is an eating disorder. That whole ‘coping skills’ to help manage anxiety and stress is just PR lingo for “B!tch is gonna die of malnutrition”. k… Now she clearly has no logical thought process and I’ve met hundreds of women like her in inpatient facilities for treatment myself (we know our own). The lack of accountability towards breaking up a marriage and family, the delusion, the emaciated body/face, the constant chaos and drama she is seeking out are key characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder and these disorders just feed each other. Not sure that she fully understands that you cant just check in for 30 days b/c once you’re in, your treatment team will keep you until you’re stable and ready…and no amount of money can buy you out of a 302…

    On one hand, I do hope she gets better so she can get a clue, and behave like an adult towards her ‘bonus kids’ real mother…on the other hand, she’s earned this problem with the homewrecking, game-playing, child exploiting, lude, crude, may-as-well-have-been-raised-in-a-barn guttersnipe most likely doesnt WANT to get better- but is being advised to do this by her hubby and PR people (b/c who doesnt earn some sympathy points for getting ‘help’).

    Eddie must be THRILLED that he is getting a paid vacation to bone any female with a pulse for the next month…I have a feeling that it was Eddies idea for her to ‘get help’ so he can get some space and new a$$…Not sure why he’s graying SO fast now though- could life with Leanne be somewhat stressful for that strapping lad???

    Just hope that she A. doesnt screw up other peoples recovery wherever she goes b/c of her ‘celebrity-status’, and that B. this works out well for Brandi in the custody situation….

    • You are right 30 days will NOT cut it for ED treatment. The video I posted was the first part of a documentary on Renfrew Center in Florida. One of the girls featured in the documentary ends up getting kicked out either for resistance to treatment or lack of insurance-she was there for a while. I checked myself in there back in late 90′s. At the time I chose them because it was the closest place to me that specialized in this treatment. I was only able to stay 3 weeks. But some of the women there stay for months working their aftercare in what amounts to assisted living dorms-most of the ones that were able to afford this luxury were younger with no kids and on daddy’s insurance. Before I got there I figured I would be the oldest one but was surprised that was not the case. At any rate, I was committed to make the most of my 3 weeks and then use those tools to work my aftercare on my own(yes delusion is a mofo)… Really WANTED so bad to fix this thing. The part that sucks is unlike alcoholics who work their program and know that staying away from alcohol is the best thing to do for sobriety-sanity-life. ED peoples don’t have that option. We HAVE to learn to eat normally. Alcoholics are not expected to learn to drink normally. At any rate, I think there are better resources out on west coast to help ED aftercare once she checks out. IF she is even willing to admit that is what her issue is. Listening to her phone call to that girl, I doubt she has the insight to even recognize that her hell is self imposed.

      • MP, she isn’t even staying in rehab for a full 30 days. I read that she is going to be out on weekends to do performances.

        Her problems seem to go beyond an eating disorder. She’s a wacko, ala Jax. I’ve had friends that were treated for eating disorders and they weren’t mean and obnoxious people that displayed psychotic behavior. There’s more going on with this woman.

      • I went to Renfrew in Philadelphia- was a great opportunity and I had awesome insurance coupled with a life-threatening low wt. so I was there just over 5 weeks- but I WANTED HELP…that was one factor that most of the members of the ‘community’ were lacking in….

        • PS- as for her problems being beyond an eating disorder- ED’s are NEVER about the food- there are a battery of other issues we each had going on psych.wise, but if you’re not sick its a really hard disorder to comprehend…and self-medicating, seeking constant attention, refusal to confront actual reality and a distorted sense of self are all qualities that fit within ED’s.

          PPS- I refuse to refer to this as my ED as if I have a dissociative disorder….but I dont think that she’s ready to get real help- and I feel so sorry for anyone who has to be in treatment with her b/c I can only imagine the diva-complex she’s got going on (which will not be tolerated in most places…she’s probably going to Promises or some place that really doesnt enforce a solid structure.

      • she has no control over anything…I was anorexic in my teens and into twenties because of a lot of things in my life I couldn’t control. Le Ann broke up someones marriage and now people hate her..and she can’t control that, so she is transferring to controlling food, and now she is plain old a little batty from lack of nutrition..and I think she was self-absorbed before. Sadly, I still think she needs to own up to her mistakes and ask for forgiveness instead of blaming everyone else. She will never heal that way.

        • People seem to forget about Eddie, shes very wrong to go after anthers huband….but eddie is wrong too.Plus Leann has daddy issues.

        • Yeah she is. I like her too. The way that MeGo carried on about her “training” for her live “performance” at the beats knock county fair place you would think she thought she was Pink.

  16. Just listened to all 20 minutes of the phone call and I feel increadibly STOOPID! They sound like a couple of high school girls. LeAnn tries to talk over the bewildered twitter fan every time she tries to make a valid point. I can not belive that LeAnn is calling people and flying people out to L.A. that she met on twitter! Even though I have often thought it would be interesting to meet some of you on S.H. it would not be the same as someone who could be a potential stalker that you meet face to face. Does LeAnn have no life or friends? It seems so pathetic! I almost feel sorry for her. Some of the pics on this website of LeAnn being innaproriate in front of the boys is stomach churrning as well. If I were Brandi I would have some serious reservations about having this woman around my kids!

  17. Leann is clearly troubled. I just read that Eddie wanted her to get off twitter. I can’t blame him. Her acting like a crazy stalker probably isn’t helping with his career. Does she even care that her behavior of befriending strangers on twitter and hanging out with them is endangering his children if someone turns out to be psycho?
    On the lunaticleannrimes website, they have PICTURES of her calling the girl who SHE called and harrassed / stalked. She is smiling like she is enjoying it! There are also pics of all of the outfits she copied from Brandi. Scary! Also pics of her climbing all over Eddie and kissing another girl, all while the kids were right there or nearby.
    This girl should counter-sue Leann for stalking!

  18. I hope Kimberly doesn’t teach children because if she really did write that statement or even allow it to be released I wouldn’t want her anywhere near a child. Maybe she obedience trains dogs at the local pet store. I hope.

  19. Wth is wrong with LeAnn?! Doesn’t she have a song to record or a bikini to put on? Why is she worried about this Kimberly and whether she likes her or not? LeAnn is way too obsessed with Brandi. That’s what this is all about. That’s why she lost all the weight; to try to look like her. LeAnn needs therapy not a twitter war. Not 30 day treatment either.

  20. I have never like LeAnne….she has quite the track record for being someone who seriously has a problem: she had a hissy fit on national tv when Trisha Yearbanks beat her out when they both sang the same song; She was shown on CMT Awards in the audience with Eddie mouthing “that f*cking b*tch” as Miranda Lambert sang, she fooled around on her husband with a married man, she stalked the married man, when the married man decided to “work it out” with Brandi, she moved in down the street, she goes after twitter followers of Eddie’s ex-wife, she gets in fights with people on twitter constantly, CONSTANTLY posts pics of her bikini body & how happy she is, dresses like Eddie’s ex-wife (can you remember the swimming suits?), Calls the papparzi to show up at her step son’s soccer game—problem is, she got the time wrong, so not only was the family there at the wrong time, so were the papparazi so you totally know she called them, posts pics of her step kids against Brandi’s request not to, where they go to school, etc so some psycho fan can find them…..her manager verbally harassed a blogger on LeAnn’s behalf comparing it to the holocaust, she calls a girl on twitter, gets into an argument with her and now is suing……………………….I bet once LeAnne checked into rehab, Eddie hauled butt home & packed his bags. Perfect opportunity to get away. Did I miss anything?

    • I agree w/ you if all that is true. The thing is we don’t really know if what Brandi said is true….he ended getting married to that stalk ,yhats odd if its true.

  21. Two things here: how can Leann Rimes be only 30 years old? Seems like she should be at least 40. And, if anyone is suffering from an eating disorder, it’s Brandi. She looks completely skeletal, and awful.

  22. brandi is more model thin..she has always been that thin. If you look at pictures of LeAnn, she never looked like she does now. Brandi has not changed in 20 years. Same body and healthy looking. She has never looked gaunt. I have friends in their 40′s that have had that same body since 18.

      • ba ha ha..yes they are…and they married the right guys that are awesome, upstanding, and one even fills up his wife’s car with gas so she won’t have to. They were blessed with the figures, but they do light work outs and eat healthy. They are not gym fiends and enjoy a good toll house cookie. I am their token friend who made the wrong decisions about who to drop out of school to marry, and I have to work out like a crazy person to keep a size 6-7. Brandi’s figure to me looks just like them..she works out and eats right, but not to the point of an eating disorder..just her figure

        • lol i know what you mean i hate working out but have to do.Its even harder in the summer.I love to eat and mostly carbs….its sad i go to outback for fries or their mashed potatos,Im short so everypound counts. do i sound like lapband? lol

  23. I lived in Nashville in the 90′s, Nashville still had that small town feel. Ms. Rimes, had the rep as a bit cray cray back then. The contractor I worked for subbed on a remodel for the Ryman, During the finishing work, many country musicians where there the last few weeks we were finishing up. You hear a lot of rumors and let’s just say that Ms. Rimes wasn’t well liked and had a rep for being more than a diva and a bit crazy to boot. I seen her, but don’t know her so who knows, like I said Nashville had a small town feel. Where I lived, very close to Belle Meade, at the local Kroger’s you would see many stars do their shopping. I wasn’t big into that kind of music, so when I had family staying with me they would point and stare. I hated yelling at my mom to stop, for crying out loud they are shopping. So, it was typical of tourist to do that, not those that actually live there. Although, my friend and I where at Lowe’s and she stalked some country singer just to say hi. I was pretty embarrassed because I thought it was someone she really knew. You see many country singers doing their grocery shopping, at the local shops and such, no big deal, and it was really on during fan fare and summer tourist season, that I hated living in Nashville during those time.

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