SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Kim Zolciak “Mother’s Lawsuit”… Latest LeAnn Lawsuit “Cyber Bullying” and “Conspiracy”…

August 31, 2012  2:15 pm   

Kim Zolciak’s MOTHER, Karen Zolciak, has filed a lawsuit seeking visitation rights to Kim Zolciak’s children, including KJ and KashKropKade, Kroy Biermann’s sons.

From TMZ:  

Karen Zolciak filed a Petition For Visitation in GA Superior Court this week — claiming she used to hang out with her two granddaughters all the time … baking cookies, making sundaes and spending Christmas in the Bahamas.

 KIM!  Hey, KIM!  Didn’t you give one of our kids to your Mama to shut her up?   Yeah… I think I gave her the last one:  KarKrash…

Karen claims “Bravo TV needed drama for Kim’s show ‘Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding’” — so they “portrayed her as a bad person” to strain the mother-daughter relationship.

Karen Zolciak banned from bathroom!

Kim Zolciak’s Mother Can’t Use Bathroom

Kim Zolciak’s Mother Can’t Use Bathroom

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NOTE:  Why the lawsuit?  Doesn’t Karen have Kim and Kroy’s phone number??


TMZ talked with LeAnn Rimes’ attorney re LeAnn’s plans to the lengths she plans to prosecute the fan who taped her conversation with LeAnn.

NOTE:  Holy crap!  “Cyber bullying?” and “Conspiracy” and “Criminal AND Civil?”   Is LeAnn fighting a fly with an atom bomb… when she could have simply used a fly swatter??  Wonder what Eddie thinks about all of this!?   AND… wonder how Brandi Glanville would have handled this?!   LeAnn ‘kinda’ checked herself into a ‘kinda’-like rehab place… one that allows a very flexible schedule…

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is getting professional help for anxiety and stress.   Her publicist, Marcel Pariseau, says Rimes has voluntarily entered a 30-day in-patient treatment facility “to learn and develop coping mechanisms.”

Pariseau says Rimes isn’t seeking treatment for an eating disorder or substance abuse, adding that “while privacy isn’t expected, it’s certainly appreciated.”

The 30-year-old Rimes checked into the undisclosed facility Wednesday.   Rimes is keeping her weekend tour commitments through September during breaks from treatment.   “This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be,” Rimes said in a statement.

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56 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Kim Zolciak “Mother’s Lawsuit”… Latest LeAnn Lawsuit “Cyber Bullying” and “Conspiracy”…

  1. 30 days in rehab to learn some coping mechanisms? 5mg of alprazolam and 3 mimosas … voila! no more anxiety!

  2. As much bullying as she had done and has encouraged “friends” to do to Brandi, she has a lot of fricking nerve. She initiated the call to the person. Is this just another way to get “sympathy”, attention? Who knows. That is one insecure woman. The “rehab” is probably an attorney tactic. If I were Brandi, I would be very afraid of having this woman around my children. I would go to court and ask that she not be allowed to visit with them.

    • I’m guessing , but the constant posting of pic’s w/the her hubby who was the other chick’s hubby… I always felt like there was wayyy to much of that. I think the whole insecure remark is on spot.

  3. I feel sorry for Karen having to resort to this. She has an established relationship with her grandkids. Kids make some stupid life decisions all the time. They then ask, or need help from parents who of course give it to them. Then they fall out of love, change partners, move away, whatever, and expect the grandparents who by now are totally in love with their grandkids, to STOP seeing them. Karen isn’t the first grandparent who has had to sue. This just isn’t right.

    • “In an ideal world, parents might always seek to cultivate the bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren. Needless to say, however, our world is far from perfect, and in it the decision whether such an intergenerational relationship would be beneficial in any specific case is for the parent to make….”

      -Sandra Day O’connor, Troxel v Granville/ Opinion of the Court

    • CCritic, You are assuming that all Grandparents have noble intentions. While that is a nice angle, unfortunately it is not true in all circumstances. :(

  4. Excuse the length of this SH: I thought you would find this interesting. One of the people who is being sued response.
    52 Comments Kelly Mahan Jaramillo
    Obviously, I need to repeat myself. I wrote a tweetlonger after Mr. Stein had rumbled about legal action against Kim Smiley, concerning the tape and the alleged editing of the tape. I gave Mr. Stein our information so that he could contact us when he was preparing his lawsuit to prove that Leann Rimes has been the victim of bullying and illegal activity.

    Instead, Mr. Stein goes to Celebuzz to make his case that Leann is the victim. I am reposting my original tweetlonger, as it seems nobody screencapped it for this article.

    Again, Mr. Stein – if you and your client feel that the bullying of Leann has sent her to rehab, and the taping of her calling Kimberly Smiley is grounds for a lawsuit, please call experts in the field of audio editing for testimony, rather than making ridiculous and unfounded claims to an online tabloid. Thank you.

    Original twitlonger, below:

    Kelly MahanJaramillo (@KellyMJara)

    Posted Friday 24th August 2012 from Twitlonger

    Okay, once again @leannrimes. If you are “turning the matter of the taping over to your lawyer” will you please be sure to subpoena both my husband @tomashradcky and myself?

    I am still represented by Gorfaine/Schwartz, I am sure you know who they are. Despite the fact that Tomas and I went independent years ago, I still have that whole agencies team of lawyers at my disposal.

    I am a fairly decent expert concerning audio editing. Tomas’s knowledge is frightening, and between the two of us we have a roster of directors, other composers and their legal staff who would be happy to back up our testimony.

    At first, according to you, the call that YOU made to @8smileys did not exist. Now, this “non-existent” call has been “edited.” Your poor Mr. Stein is eating tums for breakfast, lunch and dinner over that glaring discrepancy alone.

    You made the call, @leannrimes. You also had it on speakerphone, immediately negating all privacy issues.

    If anyone had properly mixed or edited that taping, @8smileys DOG would have been dialed waaay down, just for starters. And for the people who’s only complaint is that they do not like @8smileys voice? Her voice would have been auto-tuned to make it more pleasing to those who have absolutely no other argument concerning Leann Rimes language and overall aggressive behavior and unbelievable audacity on that phone call.

    So please, @leannrimes – have Mr. Stein contact us. Tomas can prove, by running the raw recording through Final Cut Pro that there is NOT ONE edit. The audio graph shows it as one constant conversation, the whole way. No cross fades, no mixing, and no edits. There is a big difference between “snippets” of a conversation, which were first put out publicly, and actual “edits.”

    We are ready and willing to go to court to prove there is not one single edit in either the “snippet” OR the full twenty minute tape.

    Contact us here:

    Thank you, look forward to hearing from you.

    Kelly Mahan Jaramillo

  5. I don’t really care that I heard only snippits, what I did hear was stupid. At one point LeAnn calls Brandi a vindictive B then seconds later denies ever saying it. LeAnn’s camp can say what ever they like about only portions bing played,there were a few comments that LeAnn made that were INSANE!! This is truely one of the craziest things I’ve heard lately. I also would love to know what Eddie thinks but as usual he makes no comment at all. If LeAnn dosn’t want to be cyber bullied then she needs to stay off twitter! There problem solved!

    • We live in a changed society. Someone is always recording, photographing, video-taping some one else’s business. My friend’s two year old keeps speed dialing me from her phone + I warned her that some day the wrong person could accidentally over hear the wrong things! You just never know. Leann obviously didn’t realize that telephoning a stranger who comments on her personal life was a very bad idea. But honestly I didn’t read that anyone was threatened or harmed on either end. The whole situation just sounds creepy and ridiculous.

    • She as a right to,just b/c she a homewrecker Eddie left Bradi you dont just leave for a side piece unless you love them.

  6. I heard on the radio today that the real reason she checked herself in for treatment is because there is a rumor that some magazine (the irony of it possibly being US Weekly is not lost on me) has photos of Eddie Cibrian cheating on Leann.

    • I heard those rumors too. The woman was a Playboy playmate and she got tired of Eddie having to cancel arranged meetings with her at the last minute and only seeing him her and there for only an hour. He then hooked up with another chick ALLEGEDLY and this chick doesn’t mind that part of it at all and appears to be flattered that he chose her, ALLEGEDLY!

      • He is a handsome man, but gross it sounds like he has been with half LA and Orange Counties. NERSTAY!!!

  7. she was so close to her granddaughters that she blew her off at homecoming because she was pissed at Kim? She’s a drunken jealous hag and it’s within Kim’s discretion as to whether or not she spends time with her … What a waste of court time so that she can try to stay relevant

    • What was it Kathy Griffin called Momma Zolciak? Oh yeah meth arms…. not sure Momma Z is up to the scrutiny that a grandparents rights hearing would open her up to. and by extension Papa Zolzciackfor that matter… the creepy mouth kisser. Roll the tape.

      • no clue, I’d just as soon kick KG in the teeth as have to listen to her but, yes, all Kim would have to do was bring any of those clips into court to have the case thrown out. I think she’s grasping for some air time because kim’s cut her out and she is even more irrelevant

        • Yeah she aint rowing with both ores. Prolly been that way for many many years. She raised a daughter who thought it was normal and just peachy to live as a kept woman to a married man AND thought nothing of letting her girls know about it.So what does that tell ya? Someone HAS to have a really jacked up childhood to turn out like that. Maybe Kim has good reason for limiting granny’s contact.

      • I’m with you about the Zolciaks. That mouth kiss last year combined with the comments were disturbing. Mr. and Mrs. Zolciack get very wierd when alcohol is involved. I never heard the “meth arms” comment but that’s pretty funny!

    • I am not that well-versed in the third party visitation (so-called “grandparent’s rights”) statutes in Georgia, but a cursory reading of the statute leads me to believe that a grandparent can only file for visitation if the parents are divorced or separated. This means that granny Z has standing to sue for the older two children, but not the younger two who are the product of an intact union. Further, the GA Supreme Court case of Brooks v. Patterson declared the statue unconstitutional.

      Granny Z can go pound sand. She is p*ssing up the wrong tree if she thinks suing her daughter is going to get her any visitation and it certainly isn’t going to engender any goodwill from her daughter.

    • Also it may be a waste of time, the Supreme Court found that grandparents in GA can’t sue for visitation in an intact home. Generally grand parents rights laws are aimmed to assit grandparents when their child is either dead or divorced and doesn’t have custody. The best she could get would be for the girls, and they are old enough to have their say in court if they want to see her.

      • I believe that is pretty much the standard, in my state in the Midwest, grandparents rights only come into effect if the children are in a troubled home.

  8. I wish there was a place where I could check into for 30 days and come out as a 30 year old woman!

    • bahahahaha. Yeah that would be great wouldn’t it? Especially if LeAnn can check her self in as an a-hole and come out 30 days later as “the best she can be.” I suspect her best is woefully inadequate on all fronts.

      • I wish Leann would take those ignorant biatches from RHONJ with them to rehab ! MeHo, Lap Band, Katty, WackoJacko, Chucky, Mz. Ritchie and Mz. JoeGo. And while they’re at it, take Andy, Greggy, Big Al, Chucky’s boyfriends Albie and Criterfur and Chris Laurita along. Wish there was a cure for a-hole, but sadly none exists at this time.

  9. How do you expect to have a peaceful and happy existence with a man whom you stole off his wife? Personally, I am sure Brandi is much better off without him, but Leann acts like she did nothing wrong. Leann, you opened your legs (shout out to NeNe) to a married man. Dont make me pull out my Bible on you. You cant expect blessings when you started your life together with deception and theivery.

      • Yeap if they go for shallow & dishonest – they’re almost bound to go for shallow & dishonest again. Women who like the shallow or not so bright types tend to forget they’re are others out there just like you … It amazes me that so many women ( or men in some cases) don’t see this coming.

    • Didn’t they say she also got threatening mail when she was dating Brandi’s husband? In my book its not called dating when your having an affair with a married man….

      • Agree! That kind of logic tells you right there how skewed our values have gotten!

    • Yup. LAR has made her bed. Now its apparently time she lie in it. What’s that you say? “This bed stinks! I’m going to the spa…err I mean rehab!” ;)

  10. I don’t know if that scene with the mother was real or not, but if it was, I actually felt sorry for Kim! I can’t believe I just said that.

  11. My guess is mama Z is so much like Kim, she can’t stand all the limelight being shone on her daughter. And she really likes the perks of having a wealthy daughter. I mean cmon you can’t tell me 15 years ago Mama Z could afford a 500$ pair of shoes and now she likes the pretty status objects that Kim has. Eeeeek!

  12. What else is going on with Eddie other than being good-lookin? He got the ladies swooning for his love.

    • According to Brandi, on the WWHL after show (with Dana), she said Eddie was really good in bed. The question was asked by a viewer.

      • Aww geeze, women can be so stupid. Most guys can be good in bed, if you teach them. And no guy is so good that you stalk him. lol

  13. I bet Mama Z planned the shoe debacle purposely so she could take off with that pair of shoes in her daughter Kimmie’s closet to keep them for herself! Coming from someone with a very similar and now estranged Mama herself!

    As far as LeeAnn…..Cannot wait to laugh my ass off when Chibbi runs off with yet another woman! Then she will feel the same pain she has caused!

  14. I feel sorry for Kim too. A mother like that is never ending misery and tension. Both Kim’s parents are strange.

  15. George and Papa Zolciak needs to do a competition of The Most Perverted Housewife Dad”. My bet is on George.

  16. there is no possible way that I wouldn’t allow my mother not to use an indoor restroom….even aunt. im 28 and my aunts are all in their 50s and 60s…if one truly needed to use an indoor bathroom i’d allow it without question and i wouldnt give two damns if anyone felt excluded…people do not know the definition of family anymore. it’s all about fame and money. sick.

      • I can see Kim’s mom stealing things to sell on EBAY or taking pictures of private things to sell to ROL or TMZ. I wouldn’t have let her in my house unattended either

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