SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY Continued: Nene Leakes “Nethia For Sale”!… UPDATE: LeAnn Lawsuit “Teacher Will Fight”… LeAnn Feared “Eddie Cheating”… Brandi Glanville Spots “Eddie’s SUR Waitress”… VIDEO

August 31, 2012  5:03 pm

“I plan to take my own action against her,” Kim told exclusively. “This could impact my family and business. Somebody needs to stand up or LeAnn will continue doing this for the rest of her life.   Kimberly Smiley, a mom of four, now faces the star’s powerful legal and public relations team but vows that she will fight back.

“I have a right to my opinion. I have never bullied her. She blocked me on Twitter and then I took my account private, so how can I bully her if I’m blocked AND have a private account? It makes no sense.  People who don’t like her have a right to their opinion. She’s a public figure. But I have never bullied her.”

Kim’s 19-year-old daughter Lexi was also named in the lawsuit.    NOTE:   Seriously???  Why didn’t LeAnn name the family’s dog, too!?

“My daughter was in tears over the lawsuit,” Kim told ROL about the invasion of privacy action filed by Hollywood heavyweight lawyer Larry Stein. “This could affect her future employment.”

Larry Stein talking to TMZ


Also from ROL

There were reports yesterday that the reason for her stay in rehab cut much deeper than her stress and anxiety.   It was claimed that the singer had fears that husband Eddie was having an extra marital affair.

LeAnn was said to have been concerned that the actor, whom she married last year, was cheating on her.  LeAnn had been telling friends she was worried about Eddie going out several times without her.

‘LeAnn called a friend of hers a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out.  She was home for the weekend and he didn’t stay in with her and she was crying saying that she was so worried about what he was doing when he wasn’t with her.”

‘LeAnn is beyond stressed about the cracks in her relationship with Eddie and she has been really scared that he is cheating on her.”


Brandi Spots Waitress Who Was Eddie’s Mistress at SUR Opening… January 2012…


Nene Leakes designed her “Nethia” shoe all by herself!

        The “Nethia”… yours for only $44.95 (and don’t forget that Housewives “fee” that is always tacked on somewhere along the line!)

Nene tweeted:

The “Nethia” shoe will b available Sept 10th on for 44.95$ all proceeds go 2 saving our daughters!

NOTE:  The Saving Our Daughters charity is an organization focused on anti-violence campaigns.  So, the “Nethia” was the reason for all the lunch meetings with KimK!

                                    Kim Kardashian and Nene Leakes… March 2012



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    • Me either! These shoes are Ugly! The whole idea of wearing heels is to add gracefullness to the female body. These super high heels do not add any grace. If you watch how “already manly” NeNe walks in her super high heels, it is not graceful nor attractive. She looks even more awkward and unattractive….downright ugly, even! KK the same way!
      By the way, yesterday on MSN there was an article saying that KK is trying to get a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The comittee is fighting this. KK is so freaking out of control! Freakin media whore is right, but never a Star!


  1. Yep. Kim K owns ShoeDazzle, right? Knew these two famewhores weren’t hanging out for nothing. To me, the shoe would be hot if it was an open toe. Closed toe looks hideous. And SH, school me on the “fee” thing for the shoe. And why is NeNe all the sudden want to promote DV, when her organization, Twisted Hearts, was a scam, and the reason why she didn’t finish CA?


    • Leon: Just a joke… as every item a Housewife sells something (t-shirt, etc) an outlandish “fee” is attached. For instance: to buy a ticket to BubbaJax Brownstone event, they’re charging an additional $10 PayPal “processing” fee. Nice way to make a few thousand $$$ even after deducting the actual minimal amount for “processing”! Just checked Vicki Gunvalson’s site.. she’s still selling her over-priced t-shirts with only a $4.50 shipping fee. It doesn’t cost over $2.50 to send a t-shirt via the USPS. Those Housewives always tack on a fee somewhere along the line! TFC!! SH


  2. I love Brandi, and it’s so funny that Ken eats it up when she flirts with him. Also talk about the most awkward thing in the show, when I saw it the first time It was just as awkward. The waitress was Brandi’s ex lover, and that was no mistake. Also what wasn’t a mistake and SH had on her site before was Pauls old girlfriend staring at him from the corner of the bar and her being there.


  3. yep, you start off cheating, it don’t get better… It just comes back aNd bites you In the arse… All those bikinis you wear instead of clothes leaves nothing to the imagination… By the way, Brandi was right, you have enormous nostrils… And beady eyes… But you do have a pretty voice…


  4. Yep….Poor little LeeAnn knows what kind of man she married. Is she that dellusional that she could reform someone who’s hubby she could steal so easily? A hubby that LeeAnn knew was seeing other women even before she got him? Stoopid…..she’s stooooopid!! Hate those type of girls!


  5. Ne Ne “Mouse” wants everyone to buy her cheap $45 highs while she wears ones that $1000 or more red soles.Would not support her or her trashy business partner KarTrashian.The only thing that Ne Ne and Trash have in common is they date/sleep with black men.


    • Whats wrong with the fact that Kim sleeps with black men?.That is a silly comparison.Thats her preference by the way….and why would you assume thats the only thing they have in common?.


  6. Is it just me and my age, but all these shoes are just ugly and are not flattering at all for any woman? Time to fight back at whoever started these 10 inch, spiky heeled, platform toed monstrosities!


  7. LeAnn, if he did it WITH you, he will do it TO you. I totally believe NeNe designed those shoes all by herself. Tack, tack, Moose.


  8. Leann is just getting hammered in the press, and it’s been pretty unrelentless since the whole Eddie thing started. No doubt it was wrong the way Eddie and Leann went about things, but it seems like everyone is blaming Leann more than Eddie. The fact is that cheating happens all of the time-it’s a fact of life. I’m not saying it’s right, but that sometimes things just happen. People should stop vilifying Leann and take a closer look at themselves and their own behavior. That being said, I don’t condone cheating and I myself have never cheated. I also really like Brandi, and feel bad that she was humiliated the way she was- but it’s time to move on. On a side note that school teacher who recorded her conversation with Leann then posted it on the internet is a grade A a#$hole who needs to get a life. Hopefully she is not an actual licensed educator because based on what I heard she could barely put a coherent sentence together.


      • I agree also….it seems like eddie has a habit of cheating.imoit also seems Leann fell in love from the start. Its wrong but i get it.


        • Men are natural whores. Women have to actually make an effort to be a whore. No doubt Leann is worn out at this point.


    • Yes, this Kim person is totally crazy! Hard to believe she is an adult. She is acting like in high school and she is a bully! She has set up a whole blog called “The Curious Case of Leann Rimes” dedicated solely to bashing Leann and defending Brandi whom she has never met personally. What a looner!!!


  9. And sadly she won’t be welcomed back into the Country music family. Why? Because in that family, they don’t look kindly on husband thief’s. Men they ignore, but she isn’t coming home to anyone who will back her.


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