FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives Stuff: Guess The Housewife… AND More Louis CK… UPDATED: Blind Revealed!

August 31, 2011  11:00 am    RE-POSTED AUGUST 31, 2012 10:45 am    

NOTE:  Just takin’ a look at what was happening a year ago on this day on SH… Original comments are included…

Housewife Is Begging For Another Show

[CDAN] What former Housewife crashed a premiere party for another show and begged producers to put her on their show?

UPDATE:  According to CDAN the answer to the blind is Danielle Staub.   Wonder which show she was begging to be a part of… the blind does not specify her begging  “Housewives” producers!

(thanks to reader “Cameleon69″!!)


Louis CK’s show, “Louie”… from the “Subway; Pamela” episode…

Pamela asks ‘Louie’ if he would like to take a bath:

And… Louis CK on old couples:

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19 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Real Housewives Stuff: Guess The Housewife… AND More Louis CK… UPDATED: Blind Revealed!

  1. Thank you, thank you Ms. SH for posting that Louis CK old couple bit. I really needed that morning chuckle :)

  2. Ms. SH!!! I have never seen Louis CK before. Thanks for that! I have to DVR his show! I don’t know how old you are, but I’m 44, and….well….yeah, things change after awhile! LOL! Hubby and I are soul-mates and laugh at ourselves over stuff like this. Thanks for the laugh!

    • chrysty: LOL! Love Louis CK and have been a Louis CK ‘fan’ for a long time… even before he had another TV show that ran for just one season. His stand-up is pretty tame on “Louie”… still very funny, but tame as compared to his club appearances and some of his stuff on YouTube!

      Glad to know that you like some of the SH “detours!” Especially Louis CK! TFC!!! SH

      • I used to watch tht show all the time!! Its on HBO right? I have Showtime…LOVE THAT SHOW, ur right he is tamer then he can be, but he is hysterical! The wierd thing is those two were married when I watched it, did they split up?

  3. I am dying laughing right now. I just told a friend last night how I love that my husband (of 33 years) “gives me my space” by spending hours in the garage. LOL LOL LOL OMG. Little did I know.

  4. Love the “detours!!!” Thank you, Ms SH!! I felt bad for Louie missing out on the bath… poor guy!

    • real: A VH1 “reality” show, which the premise was developing a restaurant, The Lemon Tree… which closed immediately after filming the “reality” show was over. Danielle won. TFC!! SH

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