PT HOUSEWIFE: Will Return To RHONY “If She Survives The Reunion”… Says “Kids Aren’t Interested(?)”…VIDEO

BLEEEECH!… but, come to your own conclusions…  

Real Housewives of New York…

PT was very busy yesterday!

Two interviews in a row… first with “Morning Buzz” and then “Hollywood Life” to promote her head-spinning dramatics on the upcoming Real Housewives of New York’s St. Barts trip…

Wasn’t her child featured in a segment on RHONY?  Be prepared… the interviewer seems to think DaddyGeorge is adorable…



(Thanks to SH reader “LB”!!!)

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44 comments on “PT HOUSEWIFE: Will Return To RHONY “If She Survives The Reunion”… Says “Kids Aren’t Interested(?)”…VIDEO

  1. I wondered who stole my prom dress (from 1989)!!!!!! Really, I thought the interviewer was equally annoying. She did about as well as the high school kids on the school tv channel.

    • You are dead on for both counts. One that dress does look like some of the prom dresses that where at MY 1989 prom. Also the interviewer and the set reminded me of the school tv channel.

      • If you add sleeves that look like floatation devices, you would see my bridesmaid dress from 1990.

  2. So when I see homeless people walking around wearing designer clothing right off the runway, I’m going to thank Aviva.

  3. I actually really like her dress and think this is the best I have seen her look but man is she such a phony! Sure, PT, you’re on the show as a platform for your charity – uh-huh.

    • I have found myself getting a bit more into RHONY this season. Cant pin it down why. Usually it takes awhile for me to get a reading on the new people, but I think bravo hit on a good combo there. Annoying, but good to watch.

      • Yeah, I’m really loving the combo and I think that’s why I love it so much. None of these women are really terrible people and they don’t seem like they have a ton of skeletons in their closet (i.e. RHONJ) so maybe that’s why too. Alex would work well with the women though.

          • Oh, I don’t know. To me Carole really doesn’t really hit it off with anyone. To me it seems like she is just observing them and then when she does her TTC she trashes them. I can’t think of anyone that she hasn’t poked fun at behind their backs. When you have housewives like Ramona and Aviva who outwardly make trouble and scream and yell I think it’s easy for someone like Carole to fly under the radar. Eventually she will have to face the music at the reunion after the other ladies see all the comments she made. If Alex were on the show I am sure Carole would have plenty to say about Alex and Simon, how could she not! Especially Simon!

            • I would have liked to see carol and alex together. I would like alex to have stayd on the show. I bet alex is used to the carol types. Bet alex tries to surround herself with faux hippie types who reference books and dont have 9 to 5 employment. Carol would have plenty to say about this as i think she would view alex as a wannabe. Alex would be pissing her pants over carol.

            • Well you both bring up good points I didn’t think about! Carole and Simon …not a fit lol!

    • .I actually like the new cast too with the exception of PT.But she doesn’t make my blood boil like the Manzos. I found her tolerable until she showed her true colors to Ms. SH and it seems like they are starting to really come out on the show too. I like Heather as long as she doesn’t “holla”. I got bored during the first two episodes but then I saved a bunch on the DVR and watched them back to back and really enjoyed them. I LOVED the last episode.

      • Aviva is one of my favorites this season.
        It probably goes like this for me, with 4 and 5 being very close.
        1. Carole
        2. Aviva
        3. Sonja
        4. Ramona
        5. Heather
        6. LuAnn

  4. I detest the term “white trash”! It is an antiquated and racist term. You would think a woman that is educated could think of better insults.

      • She is a snotty bitch And she is very unattractive. They sure don’t pick them for looks.
        She annoys the hell out of me. Can’t they blast that skin with a sandblaster or something? They can do wonders with machines these days. With her luck she would get her face caught in it. Maybe not such a good idea. What? I’m white trash, too. My father talks filthy to my friends and pokes them with his erection. Who isn’t fine with that?

    • Not if your’e in the heat of the moment….just think about it…Ramona….Sonja….ya I probably would have said it too. She was just pissed, not racist. They were acting like trash / no class.

  5. after watching “the real housewives of new jersey,” all the other housewives from all the other shows seem sane. my favorite is carole. she is nice and you can tell she is there to have a good time and just goof on them. one of the nice things about ny show is that there are more housewives who are also successful businesswoman. i wonder how these women would all interact with each other if there wasn’t so much wine involved. i think if bethenny was back on the show, she and carole would be good friends. bethenny didn’t like louann’s snobbery, and although carole has much more to be snobby about, she isn’t. she is just refreshing.

  6. My conclusion is that the entire interview consisted of PT’s per-approved questions. Especially the last one “you are so giving and are are always doing so much for others…..”
    Pt wants us to know that she dont name call…. I don’t believe that.

    • Exactly! Certainly appears this is a scripted pro – PT interview….youre sooo giving….insert eyeroll

      • Its also kinda ironic that she said she is trying to teach her “4 children” not to name call… yep… just like LeAnn Rimes is trying to teach her “bonus” children that tit for tat aint where its at.

        • And refered to Harry as the father of ‘our (reid n her) oldest child ‘ she is a pro at playing the victim while insisting she isnt. Acts holier than thou

          • Very irritating. And stoopid. He son is gonna resent the crap outa her approach later. One would think with all of her edumacation that she would know better than to royally muck up the like number one rule of parenting. bashing the other parent.

            • In my experience, children are very intuitive when it comes to adults. Whatever PT is trying to get across to her son about his father would best be accomplished through his own experiences. Kids figure these things out on their own. PTs job is to be a good mother, keep her mouth shut, and let the kid make his own conclusions. If she is right about his father, believe me the kid will eventually see it. Her trying to slant his opinions will only make him blame her later in life when his father isnt as involved as his son would like. “my dad didnt call me on my birthday…and its because YOU gave him such a hard time, mom…”. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid for women to allow themsekves to take the blame like that. I thought everyone knew that.

          • Talk about taking a parent out of the equation. You don’t alienate a parent you want to be involved in your child’s life.

  7. MP – We were away (no not like juicy or leann – just fam vaca) for august and havent read thru all prior post yet…why are we calling her PT?

  8. SonJa voice…”Well no wonder I didnt get that, me and the Vanderbilts have interns to do our pesky cleaning ”
    Thx MP

  9. PT, we don’t care. Take your six legs, your numerous phobias, along with your pervert of a father and slither off into oblivion.

  10. Yes, she is annoying and faker than Camille G’s tits, but I don’t mind her that much. I’m really enjoying this season of RHONJ. They’re keeping it light! RHONJ is sad/pathetic and the last season of RHOBH was morbid. I think out of all the housewives shows New York is probably my favorite.

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