TERESA GIUDICE: JuicyJoe Giudice’s Trial Delayed… Until 2013!

August 30, 2012  9:00 am      

                                                                           Teresa and Joe Giudice…

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann said Joe’s Oct. 1 trial  — regarding his alleged fraudulence in obtaining a driver’s license – might be delayed into 2013.

“The chances of it going on that day are slim,” McCann told Celebuzz. “We are going to have to get closer to the day to see if the judge will have time.”   Last month, Joe, 42, rejected a plea deal of five years in prison.

So what has the reality star been accused of doing? According to Celebuzz, Joe was arrested in March 2011 after three law enforcement agencies – the Passaic County Prosecutor, its Financial Crimes Unit and the Montville Township Police Department – found that he had allegedly obtained a license using his brother’s ID in June 2010.

During this time, Joe’s license had been suspended as a result of a DUI conviction.

“It’s not going to be a very long case to try,” the prosecutor said. “It should only take about two weeks. The fact pattern is not complex. I think we have a strong case with strong evidence.”

Although witness lists have not been submitted yet, McCann said Joe’s brother is a potential witness for the state.  McCann said he is unsure if Teresa will be a witness.

“The state is limited on using a spouse at trial, but (Giudice’s) defense attorney could put her on the stand,” he said.  If convicted, Joe faces up to 10 years in prison.

Tree and Juicy in their car…

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162 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: JuicyJoe Giudice’s Trial Delayed… Until 2013!

  1. Dammm Ms Sh is always getting the best news, you haters can’t bring our Ms Sh down!
    Been reading your posts Ms Sh, been real busy with work, sorry about some low life harassing you about ads.
    Ms SH, May I give your a written report on Kathy Wakile’s Cosmo drink? A friend from Jersey will be in town tomorrow and I asked her to bring a bottle.
    Also, I read about Critterfur Manzo and Albie Jean saying that a mother with a kid who has Autism had her kid drink the blk water and he is doing better.
    Keep up the good work Ms Sh! and Ms Becky

  2. Must be nice to break the law and not face any legal action for years, i mean this is not a murder trial how hard could it be to convict this pos?

    • Josh, our nephew was shot and murdered by his wife 2 years ago in NJ. No trial yet!!!!!! She’s home, out on bail, just hanging around. Gotta love NJ! :(

        • Thanks, Stlrfan8! After waiting so long for any kind of justice in NJ, it’s hard to hold out hope, but we’re trying.

          • …no trial yet in a murder case yet they want to put Juicy in jail for driving on a suspended license?
            I’m so so sorry about your nephew donewithbravo. That’s terrible :(

            • Thanks, cammierari! Yup, 2+ years after his murder, she’s home at the house she murdered him in, out on bail (doesn’t even have to remain IN the house, just in the State), and no trial is set yet. By the time it rolls around, memories are gonna be fuzzy. It’s horrible!!

    • If Juicy was smart he should have went to work for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, stole a ton of taxpayer money, hired a driver and never had to worry about being prosecuted at all.

  3. I realize breaking the law is breaking the law and had but come on !.Ten years for that?? WTH Rapists and child molesters in some cases don’t even get half that tim. Could this some way have connected Manzo fingerprints all over it? AKA my husband will destroy you ??

    • Wouldn’t be too surprised if Chuck’s behind it , we know she might like to be. You know what they say, the pot that screams the loudest is the one that’s up to it’s neck in hot water. So of course ol’ sad & bitter will have something to say.

    • he could get 10 yrs its doubtful he will. Whatever he gets he will get out before he serves the full sentence

  4. He should do time but not 5 or 10 years. I mean LINDSEY LOHAN did like what 60 days? I think he will be found guilty and I think he’ll probably do a few weeks at most.

    • True, if he’s guilty then it was a reallly dumb thing to do. But I don’t think he should get serious time, very few do.

  5. Well this will put a monkey wrench in any hopes or plans ms andy or the others have in hoping to delay the reunion a bit by dragging the hell out of this clusterf**k season another month, in order to nail Tre on specifics of Joe’s trial determination, thinking it would be sooner rather than later, after filming is done. You know darn well ms andy would just love to have been able to bring up Joe being in jail at the reunion.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I think Andy might still bring up Joe’s legal problems anyway. He gave Teresa a lot of grief about her and Joe’s problems the last reunion.

      • If you think about it , what does Joe’s personal/legal problems have to do with the other housewives? As long as Tre’s not the bully type like Caro trying to take it out on the others , I don’t think it can be said to alter the lives of the other women. Now the show if he goes to jail will change a little , but other than that, why keep asking his wife about it? She’s not the guilty party & can’t say what the judge will do so, kind of pointless for Andy to harp on it w/Tre.

        • Nothing in this article was about the other housewives. Not sure what your point is? Except to blame Caro who has nothing to do with this.

    • Lol, now we know Teresa will be back for next year. Bravo wouldn’t let this opportunity to exploit slip away.
      So I’m guessing it’s buh-bye Caroline and Jacqueline!!

        • :P Ok, it surprises me that Jax wants to do the show. She seems to enjoy Twitter but in the 1st & 2nd seasons she talked about staying out of the drama, the don’t put me between you and Danielle stuff. I don’t know if that was an act of if she’s changed her tune.?

          • They’ll have to drag Jac kicking and screaming off the show..she loves all the drama. Despite the situation with her son, I bet she wants to stay on the RHONJ trainwreck. I find her to be despicable and not very bright.

            • They all need this show. None of them are making it without the money from this show. And Joe needs tre more then she needs him. I read in the Huffington that tre said if she finds out the affair is true that she will leave him. First smart thing I have ever heard her say. Oh but then again she can claim she was misquoted.

  6. Here’s the problem for juicy …the sentencing guidelines can go up to 10 years and if he rejects the plea he takes a chance of being sentenced up to the extent. So to prove a point they can sentence him if found guilty for as long as the judge sees fit. An appeals won’t necessarily overturn because his sentence was within the guidelines. I found that out the hard way.
    My 17 year old daughter and 2 friends egged a house after our house was egged. No biggie Cept the parents pushed and pushed and flipped it as bullying in court. My straight a kid who never had any issues before was given 90 days in juvie. The runaway with an exact problem down the street gets house arrest. So MY point is, judges can do as they like during sentencing.

  7. If this was the first time Juicy was in trouble with the law then id say pick up some trash in a orange jumpsuit but it isn’t. He isn’t some frat boy who got a fake license to buy beer
    he is a grown man who broke the law to get around another crime/sentence he was convicted of and did jail time for. I get people think this was a victim less crime but how many times does Juicy get break the law before he gets the message the laws of NJ and the Federal gov apply to him to

    • Yes, that is the real problem with the Guidices. They believe they are above everyone and even above the law. Both Joe and Teresa think they are the best at everything and they constantly brag about it. Noone else can do it right except for them.

      Joe has made it understood several times that he doesn´t feel any rules or laws apply to him. He constantly says that it is all bullsh*t. He doesn´t accept the fact that drinking and driving doesn´t go together. He thinks he can do it because he is untouchable.

      • Like I said before If he showed a ounce of remorse or took responsibly for what he has done I would feel different but as long as he remains a smug ass then no I do not think he will ever change from that and deserves jail each time he breaks the law its clear he dosnt learn anything from probation

        • I agree about Joe. He does not learn and he shows by his behavior that he thinks that he is above the law. He broke the law, while he was on probation. Normally this would mean that his probation would be revoked and he would have to serve the time for the crime that he was given leniency with probation for, plus he would have to serve his sentence for the second crime or crimes that he comitted while on probation. There truly are No victimless crimes. It is true that some crimes are non-violent. But, all crime costs the tax payers for legal costs. Bankruptsy costs the businesses that will not be paid. Joe Guidice deserves Real Prison Time and stiff probation, including community service after he gets out. Perhaps that will humble his “smug ass.” He is such a low life!

          • Ask anyone in MADD. Maybe he needs to be “scared straight”, There are a lot of people that don’t learn unti they have to pay REAL consquences for their actions. Notice, please, an “S” at the end of that sentence. No pun intended! Maybe

  8. I agree 5-10yrs is much, but what does it take for these two boneheads to play by the rules the rest of us play by? Joe tries to push the limits and he is going to get burned and that just takes the rest of his family down with him.

  9. Getting an ID with a stolen name and papers is not a laughing matter in these post 9/11 times. Face it – he is just an idiot

    • Meh. In the 2008 ICE raid of the Agriprocessor Inc plant in Pottsville, the illegal aliens arrested were charged with ID theft, document fraud, and use of stolen social security numbers. Most served a 5 month sentence before being deported.

      Yet, Juicy faces 10 years? Come on! How about some equal justice under the law. Why should a citizen face harsher penalties than a foreign national? Give Juicy 5 months, then deport him.

      • I doubt he will get 10 yrs at best i bet he just get 2-4 and out in 18 months. Its about time Juicy learn yes he does have to obey the law.

        • Still, 2-4 years is a way more than the illegal aliens got. There were real victims of identity theft in the Postville raid. Having one’s identity stolen is no day at the park for the victim. Juicy broke the law, sure, and he should be punished. But, I don’t believe his brother was a victim of identity theft, more like an accomplice.

          • That I agree with, I dunno i know people feel its to much and if Juicy was a law abiding citizen who made a mistake i would say probation but he isnt he committed this crime to get over his punishment for a crime he was convicted of and served time for IMO the ups the anty

            • It isn’t right, though, that SOME get off scot-free for doing the same or worse. And those that get off scot-free are neither law-abiding (broke immigration laws), nor citizens (foreign nationals).

            • I understand what you are saying But they are getting deported to its not like we can deport Juicy
              anywhere we are stuck with him.
              Does anyone think he will flee the country and go back to Italy?

            • Don’t get me started.

              There are two tiers of laws, one that applies to illegal immigrants and one for citizens. Unfair to say the least.

            • How do you put someone on probation that broke probation with another crime? It would be nice if he got House arrest for Tree. It would put an end to all the cheating rumors at least for awhile.

            • Carowhine might say that giving Juicy house arrest with Teresa would be a greater punishment than “going away”.

            • I say let Tre chase him around the house all day trying to have sex with him and lets see how long it takes him to beg to go to jail.

          • Yeah, at least that’s what I took away from it. I never heard anyone say he took it w/o his brothers knowledge.

      • Ana, most illegal aliens using fraudulent identification don’t face any type of prosecution. It happened all the time when we lived in AZ. I imagine NJ is facing prison over crowding as is most of the country. Sure makes sense to release a violent criminal (rapist, armed robber, etc.) earlyto make room for a white collar crime idiot.

        If Juicy was an unknown average Joe, he’d probably be looking at a two year probation with community service.

        • At least you have a state government that is trying to do something about the problem. Here in California, our governor and legislators are rolling out the red carpet. Just so everyone knows, my last name IRL ends with a “z”, so this is not a racist thing.

        • CJ, I live in SoCal and it is the same here.

          You are exactly correct.

          It is infuriating. illegals start by breaking the law and do not get the same penalties as many citizens.

          • Ana…don’t you know everything is racist? ;)

            No one should have to justify or explain when they say that they believe people should obey the law. That is not racism.

            I have a wonderful Australian friend who has been working on immigrating legally and is following every law. it is taking a long time, but he shows by his actions that he respects the law of the country he wants to be a part of. i respect that.

            • ITA. One of our dearest friends just got his green card a few years back. He is on the path to becoming a US citizen. He has spent countless hours, untold amounts of money on immigration attorneys. He is a wonderful artist, a gifted Professor and a devoted friend to a huge community of patrons, former students and co-workers. It as if he has been penalized in for taking the honest path to citizenship.

            • Happy to hear that your friend did things the right way, though it is difficult. As my Aussie friend would say, “Good onya, mate!”

              Your friend sounds like a wonderful person, with much to offer. Glad things are working out for him. That much determination usually makes things happen.

            • Thanks. Australia actually offered him citizenship if he would immigrate but he has worked hard to achieve his success and reluctant to leave it all behind.

      • In that case, they were given the IDs by a job contractor. They used them to secure employment, but they didn’t go to the DMV themselves and present false identities. Also, there is a different penalty if you make up a name, versus stealing somebody else’s identity. Juicy stole his brother’s identity, and went to the DMV and presented fake documents.

        • The illegals in AZ that I am familiar with stole or “borrowed” another person’s identity. They weren’t using made up names. My husband ran a job with 300 people and 30 of them had the same name and tried to use the same documentation. No different than Juicy.

  10. They could give him a year in the hoochie and 8 on probation. That way he has the opportunity to prove himself. If he’s as stupid as I think he is, he will violate probation and then there’s no more excuses.

    • he was on probation when he got the fraudelent ID apprently Probation isnt a deterent for Juicy so why should anyone think it will be now

        • Im Harsh have you read what you all say about everyone on the show and Im harsh because I think someone who has violated the law over and over should see jail time ..really? as for Juicy changing If he showed a ounce of remorse maybe but she is smug and feels he is above the law..he isnt changing

            • Because with the probation and jail time and all his legal problems he has been through he hasnt changed yet so why should anyone believe he will in the future. He is the same smug man he always has alays been.

            • Oh brother I didnt say that but he continues to BREAK THE LAW do you really think he is going to wake up and say gee i think ill be a upstanding citizen today that probation taught me a lesson really?

            • So do I. I’m not really sure prison is the answer especially for victimless crimes. Spending 40,000 a year per inmate so they can have 3 hots and a cot plus time in the prison gym and a tv/ game room. Not sure if that is an effective use tax dollars. Some prisoners are allowed TV’s in their cell, plus commissary privileges to buy all kinds of snacks and junk food. A recent study in my state showed over 90% percent of prisoners have contraband cell phones. Seriously?

            • I am not saying they cant change but he isnt so far do you think this will make him change out of the blue If he would show a ounce of remorse and take some resonbilty for what he did I might agree with you until them im not convince he will fly right.

            • The recividism rate in NJ is about 50%. Half of all offenders who are released are back in prison within 3 months. NJ like many states are finding that a majority of their budget is spent on incarcerating non-violent offenders. In 2010 NJ budget studies demonstrated that amount spent on education was shrinking because of the expenditure on prisoners.
              JMO I would rather see Joe Guidice with an ankle monitor and a huge fine than a child go hungry or a family go hungry. As a society we need to find alternative methods of punishment rather than locking up non-violent offenders

            • I can see what you are saying but how long do they get these slap on the wrist before they see jail
              Just because its not violent dosnt mean there are no victims. People like Juicy just have no respect for the law so sure give him a ankle braclet and send him on his way so he can do it again or do something else at some point you gotta do more and send a message

            • What good would giving Joe a huge fine? He is millions of dollars in debt, that he cannot pay already? He does not even have a job, to earn money to pay his debts. This is all going to come down on him big time!

            • I agree with you. Juicy has had a lot of legal trouble, and he continues to break the law. And let’s be honest, most people would have gone to jail a long time ago for what he’s done. Forging his partner’s name on loan documents alone would get the average person prosecuted. Filing false tax returns as part of his bankruptcy. He withdrew the bankruptcy because it was fradulent, and all of the fraud is just ignored as if it never happened. Most people would not get away with that. My guess is that he got the fake ID to open new lines of credit, and that’s why the financial crimes unit opened an investigation. I like Joe on the show, but he’s somebody who would rather steal than work.

            • Someone in my area did what Juicy did in his BR he got 10 yrs in jail and 100,000 of dollars in Fines Juicy was smart to pull out when he did but that dosnt stop the fact he did do those things.

            • It was his brothers info on it….it wouldn’t really work for opening new lines of credit. It was not a ficticious name.

  11. So what is the cost of prosecution? How much to put Joe Guidice away for 10 years or even 5 years? Is he a child molester?A terrorist? A kidnapper? Did he physically assault someone? Slap huge fine on his butt and an ankle monitor. How about half a mil?
    I my state we have a native American woman serving 10 years for 30 dollars worth of pot. Seriously? Not fan of marijuana but WTH? No previous record and 3 kids lucky that grandmother will raise them cuz the foster care system here? Don’t get me started.
    Yes IMO the Manzos are behind this. Pot-black much Al and Carowhine?

  12. just wondering, but I think he is taking this to trial not to plead innocence but to get a reasonable sentence….i’m not gonna judge cuz i’ve done some things none too smart but lucky didnt get caught…at least i know better now. He didnt harm anyone, i get that he previously had a dui, and he has said that he took a drink after the accident, while it could be a lie, it could also be the truth. so again, i’m not gonna judge on this one. I really dont think he deserves jail time, but probation and community serve for sure! that suits the crime a whole lot better and will also be productive instead of him being in jail doing nothing but draining the government

    • Yes it could be true because every person who hits a Mailbox walks a few block to a In-laws house and does shots THEN calls the cops who will show up to do a breatalizer test ..up i think its the truth for sure.

      • He shouldn’t have called the police. He should have left his car, called his lawyer, tried to get someone else to say they were driving, and then waited until passersby discovered the car after his wreck. Hey, it worked for a certain scion of a wealthy New England family who went on to get re-elected to the Senate over and over. At least Juicy didn’t leave some chick to drown in the back seat.

            • Its ok reminds me of My Ex FIL he hated the Kennedys he was a teamster and a Jimmy Hoffa fan

            • Oh, Ana, I grew up with the mandatory 2 pictures in Catholic homes of the time….the Pope and jfk.

              Wasn’t a fan then and am not today.

              They are their own show….The Real Alcoholics of Hyannis Port.

            • Candace, wow, I grew up with those 2 pic framed too, lol! Hispanic democratic every Sunday Catholic church home. Once I turned 18, registered to vote Republican and quit the Catholic Church, lol.

            • Irish Catholic in my case, Mass every Sunday and holy day. ;)

              My family dropped the regional politics also, after leaving the east coast and moving to the OC.

      • yes, but havent we all established that Einstein he is not! lol he is a man and men are -well men, idiots! lol they do stupid crap all the time……falling asleep at the wheel while driving in a remote area is probly really common, crazy but true. my sister’s brother in law wrecked his truck drunk, left it wrapped around a pole, took off and by the time the cops figured out what happened, it was too late to charge him with dui or dwi, he is a real piece of crap of a human being….he has had multiple and i mean tons of incidents…a real drunk that one, makes juicy look like a saint.

  13. Juicy not only has identity theft, he was also driving with a suspended license. Right? I know nothing about the law, but think there is much more to the charges than just the DL thing. There was a rumor Juicy also tried to (or did) use the ID to acquire credit.

    Does Juicy have a valid license now? If not, that’s a long time to wait without driving. He’ll get complacent and do it anyway. How does Juicy travel to and from the rendezvous?

    • I heard that to Tangy from my source in NJ they said he tried to get more mortgages using the Fake ID and he is trouble for mortgage fraud who knows if its true i do trust the person though they havent been wrong yet.

        • I am not mixed up at all I do know the difference between the 2 families. And Juicy was accused of Bankrupcty fraud as well

          • They said he signed his partners name to something & then when he tried to file as bankrupt his lawyer let him know he could face serious time if found guilty of fraud so , if memory serves, he decided to drop that claim & try to payoff his debts.

            • There were other charges to like hiding assets and mortgage fraud It was way more involved then what was reported. I do think if the Laurtitas are found guilty they should see punishment to but since its not a violent crime just a ankle bracelet,fines and Probation should be sufficent

            • Lol Lisa, could you imagine Jax with an ankle bracelet? She’d freak! I doubt they make designer ankle bracelet cozies to cover it up.

        • Joe Giudice has already been sent to prison. It must so upsetting to continue support for the Giudice family. So evident when you have to bash the other RHONJ families.

          • Confused as to your statement. Joe has never been sent to prison. He has been to Jail and that is very different from prison.I didn’t understand the rest of your comment?

  14. If they start filming soon, they can have an entire season in the can by the time he is actually sentenced. I doubt if Missy Andy would allow Juicy Joe and all the entertainment that comes with him slip through his fingers.

  15. The problem is that it does not work. That kind of thinking does zilch to solve our economic crisis , help those who are truly in need. Most prisons are crime schools for the uninitiated. But hey I get it you want your pound of flesh from Joe Guidice.

    • Is this directed to me It has noting to do with wanting a pound of flesh It me offering a opinion. I would feel the same way if it were anyone else can you say the same thing?

    • So what do you believe is the right correction method? Do you think Joe would care about a fine? I don´t think so. He would just cheat some more contractors out of their earnings and not give a darn. House arrest? Yes, that would be good. But first he would have to give that mega-mansion of his and all the luxury furniture, cars, boats, four-wheelers and other toys to his creditors. Why should they be left with nothing while he enjoys a life of luxury in his castle?

      • Very well said. I hope tre can keep maken the bacon to pay for their debts. I tell ya joe needs her more then she needs him.

        • Yes, but it would actually be more respectable if Teresa stopped spending so much on herself + the fam + the house. She should by now be putting every single penny she gets into paying off the debtors since she was really living her fabulous life at their expense all these years.

          Financing your life by simply not paying your bills is the ultimate portrayal of ruthlessness. After having done that (whether she knew about it or not) Teresa should really humble herself, stop spending on herself and dedicate herself to paying back what was never hers to keep. But we can still see her buying new furniture for 60.000,-, crazy x-mas presents, fancy clothes, expensive vacations etc. Ruthless Guidices…

          • I wonder how much money Jax has invested in botulism and booze. I bet that money could make a dent her families money woes but I don’t see her easing up on any of that. None of them will.

            • LOL. You know Jax has the liquor store and Doc Needles on speed dial. Al probably has Caro’s anger management team camped out in the basement complete with swat gear and neutralizing darts of anesthesia . If all else fails they just go all special ops with tear gas.

            • She wastes family money on that sloshed “personal trainer” too. Must suck for her to have her husbands family resort to buying her a buddy from their approved list.

            • LOL. I wonder when the Don will start picking out her clothes as well. Let’s just hope they all learn to play nice with the new playmates. Pat jax on the head Don chuckie and allow her to work every other Friday at cat face . Anyone in need of a Glitter Gulch makeover? calling all strippers!

          • Actually I must be watching a different show than you are. I haven’t seen Teresa spend a dime since the bankruptcy. Wait I tell a lie. She bought Gia a bra. OMG. Stone that ruthless biotch now. Did I miss an episode? I don’t know anything about her spending habits . Are you sure you aren’t referencing the Chris Laurita bankruptcy documents where he was accused of all that you mentioned by the trustees. Something about fraud? financing a lavish lifestyle with other people’s money? Private jets. Lavish travel and vacations. Luxury cars and expensive clothes. Yet isn’t amazing that they couldn’t privately pay for son Nick’s appts with specialists but waited 8 months for insurance to pay their family physician to tell them. Priorities?

            • Got news for you The Guidice both of them were accused of Bankruptcy fraud why do you think they dropped there case because they had a epiphany and decided to do the right thing and pay the people they cheated. Face it The Guidices are as bad as the Lauritas But im sure a ankle bracelet and some probation is all the punishment the Lauritas need after all it wasnt a violent crime

            • Hi Lisa! Ive missed your bright and cheerful posts!. Hope all is well with you this wonderful Saturday. BTW Not news to me sweetheart. i knew that they were accused of fraud and Teresa pulled up her bootstraps and went to work.I wasn’t aware that the Guidices paid off every single creditor. If so..good on ya Juicy and Tre. As for the Lauritas I hope they take a page from the Guidice play book and pay back their creditors. To me it’s simply a matter of economics you can pay to put the fraudsters in jail or hold their feet to the fire and get the money back. I will ignore your last comment. Go bait some one else. K?

            • You can ignore me all You want its your choice me however i dont ignore people or tell people not respond to me why because I know I can learn from people even the ones I dont agree on.

          • In a way I blame the creditors. How, do they allow people not to pay bills and continue to allow them to spend. If it were me dam they would put a lien on my house or have judgements against me. Trust me though, we never use credit cards, we use our bank cards.

            • ITA Barb. Lot of peeps game the system not realizing that it eventually catches up with you. If I can’t afford it I don’t but it. I love our home to much to jeopardize it .

  16. Of course I can. I work with the homeless and help with a charity that supplies back packs filled with food for needy children who often do not eat on the weekend unless. Once you learn that a 10 year old boy dumpster dives to obtain food for his 5 year old siblings . The same boy who carefully walks them into their kindergarten class with all the tenderness of a loving parent it reminds you of what is important. We need to solve our issues and not with antiquated institutions.

    • You have a kind heart towards children, Aint Pittypat.

      Very sweet of you and I am sure these children will remember that someone cared enough to take care of them like that and maybe even pass it on.

  17. Lisa. i agree with you. I don’t think Joe (or Teresa, for that matter) has any grasp on how the world operates. With each action comes a consequence, He appears to have zero respect for anyone or anything.
    Some times I wonder if I am watching the same show that some other bloggers watch. I believe, in time, people withh understand why Caroline and others are so angry and dissappointed in the way the Guidices choose to live their life of woe, all of which is of their own making. (Did anyone else catch Teresa saying “ju-dice” the other day in the car and then corrected herself)? I have immediate family members that live in their own little world and when someone disagrees with them, they play victim and make up “stories” to try cover their tracks of stinkin thinkin. I used to eat people like that for lunch, as the saying goes. I am not proud of admitting this, but I have learned (through counceling, living life and a lot of soul searching) that the only way to stay at peace with yourself is not to crawl down the “rabbit hole” with them. If I do, then it is “my bad”. Walk away. I think Caroline regrets that she didn’t do this sooner. She stepped into the hole because of anger and frustation to try to deal with dellusional people and is now beating herself up for making that mistake. Dont’ feed the flame or give them ammunition. They make enough of it with their ways that will eventually come back to burn them by their own making and without any help. Stay tuned…..

    • Does that include her family members that she was estranged from, before RHONJ ever aired? this is her permanent way of dealing with the world, not just the castmates she’s with now.

      • Magdella what do you mean? MeHo is a good Catholic because she mentions Jesus 345 times per episode. And don’t forgot her husband has already confessed to being an “angel from God.” Carowhine truly cannot stand people who have a victim mentality and make up excuses for their own shortcomings which is the reason she has been verbally abusing her lazy, one day of work, Lap band needing Lauren for two seasons;-)

    • Carowhine is now “beating herself up for making that mistake”? I’ve not yet heard Chuckie admit to making a mistake, let alone, beat herself up for it.

    • Kay, very well explained. I agree with you except for the part about Caroline. I think she hasn´t reached the place of understanding that you are at. She “crawls down the rabbit hole” every time. I don´t know if she is able yet to step aside. Sure hasn´t been during the last 2 seasons. Only time will tell…

  18. There is nothing like the law in New Jersey….I say bring our Governor back as the Prosecutor and wham they all go to the big Country Club… he put my former boss there…..

  19. I predict Joe serving little if any time at all and coming out with his own line of no-stick pans or cooking spray.

  20. I’m not sure how it goes in NJ, but in my state if you have dui’s, you are deemed an alcoholic and you have to seek treatment. You must go to approved substance counseling facilities and they write up papers for you that you present in court. You have to say that you attend AA and no longer drink. Hearing officers question you on the 12 steps. If they believe you, you are only given a work permit at first, and they put a breathalyzer in your car that makes you blow randomly. I have friends that are going through this, it is a long and expensive process. If NJ does this, I doubt that even if Juicy gets outta jail time for the false I.D., he will ever get a license back. He most likely isn’t in AA, and he drinks on camera.

      • It is not cost effective, our state is in the red. But we do all say, “We better never drive drunk, NEVER get a dui!”

        • How many times do we see a person kill someone in a drunk driving accident only to find they have numerous DUI/DWIs there was one guy in my state who had 15 DUI before he got into a accident and took the life of a mother of 6. Apparently the slap on the wrist and probation/taking your license away approach isn’t working. Even killing someone one in a drunk driving accident is a meaningless punishment a few yrs at best if that.

          • Lisa, I agree with you on the DUI issue. Apparently, NJ has fairly lax laws regarding DUI’s. If Juicy had gotten a DUI where I currently live, he would probably have been serving six months in the county jail for his first offense. Getting out on work release, but no driving.

          • Well it may not be cost effective but it would certainly scare people out of even thinking about driving with alcohol in their system. If it has really lowered the number of deaths or serious injury caused by DUIs then it would be worth the cost. I’m in NC and it seems like at least once a week someone in Raleigh or Durham kills someone while driving drunk and they almost always have been charged with a DUI previously. I knew a lot of people during college who had DUIs and even though there was an automatic revocation of their license fo 30 days they were still allowed to drive to school and work plus they often drove at others times because they didn’t take the charge seriously as punishment was just a slap on the wrist.

  21. joe is not the epitome of a good citizen, but 10 years for this is ridiculous. we don’t know if this is his first offense or not. maybe he will get off with community service and a suspended license for 3 to 5 years. just a guess.

    • He was on probation for drunk driving when he got caught using a fraudulent ID so no it wasn’t his first offense Plue he has broken other laws

  22. Ok girls lets just hang him….that will save tax payers the home bill (years in jail) and it will appease everyone who wants his blood…works in China…Oh wait China doesn’t make it a club to learn new and better ways to steal,kill,rape and pillage…Ok, am just kidding here don’t be mad at me am just trying to say that maybe we all need to sit back and let the court make the mistakes or not, because in the long run does anyone really care about Joe enough to get excited over him? Joe who?….LoL….

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