SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Andy Cohen “RHONJ Rumors Put To REST!”… Slade Smiley “Grayson DENIED Coverage”… UPDATE: Grayson Fundraiser WAS Filmed In November For RHOC…

August 30, 2012   3:40 pm

Whoever started the rumor re Andy Cohen calling one of the New Jersey Housewives names has been corrected… by MissAndy.

NOTE:  MissAndy and SH had a very nice twitter relationship… until SH wrote honestly about MissAndy’s “gay agenda!”  After that piece was published, MissAndy blittered SH.  That aside, good to see MissAndy setting the record straight.  MissAndy publicly stating anything derogatory toward ANY of the Housewives simply did not make sense.


 Gretchen Rossi, Grayson and Slade Smiley…

Despite any mentions on SH re Grayson’s Dad, Slade Smiley and his girlfriend, Gretchen Rossi, when it comes to children, all that “stuff” is put aside.

We hope nothing but the best for Slade Smiley, Michelle (Grayson’s Mother) and Gretchen Rossi in what must be an extraordinarily stressful time for them all.

Most of all for little Grayson.  According to Grayson’s Facebook Page, he has been denied an operation he needs.  Hopefully, the State of California will assist in having the decision reached by the insurance company reversed and Grayson will get the operation he needs.


NOTE:  There WAS a fundraiser for Grayson filmed at the VictorPaulSalon for the last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County…the fundraiser was not aired.  

From the November 2011 OCRegister:

All five of the reality TV housewives – including newest cast member Heather Dubrow – appeared at a charity event at Victor Paul Salon to raise money for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. The Newport Beach-based nonprofit provides financial and psychological assistance for cancer patients and their families.

Article Tab: cancer-benefit-slade-call
Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend Slade Smiley, left, from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” hosted a benefit in Costa Mesa on Tuesday night called “The Magic of Giving.” The event, at Victor Paul Salon, was held to benefit the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. Slade’s son Grayson has brain cancer.

“Housewife” Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend Slade Smiley were the hosts of the $50-per-person charity event, which featured a performance by illusionist Anthony “the Magic” Hernandez, singing by Jamie Hartmann and Tony Award-nominated actress Susan Egan, a DJ from Playlist 92.7 FM, silent and live auctions and appetizers concocted by members of the Orange County Restaurant Association.

A crew from Evolution Media filmed the gathering for an upcoming episode of “Real Housewives.”

(Thanks to SH readers “RM” “Duffy” and “FLPhil”!!!)

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127 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Andy Cohen “RHONJ Rumors Put To REST!”… Slade Smiley “Grayson DENIED Coverage”… UPDATE: Grayson Fundraiser WAS Filmed In November For RHOC…

    • Fundraisers and more Fundraisers. A dear friends 2 year old son was diagnosed with a rare cancer and within 6 months insurance has paid out all they are going too. The community has been so giving and will continue to give as long as it’s needed. I would imagine Slade and Gretchen are capable of really getting on the bandwagon and raising money for his son.

        • Jo, not sure how it works I know that the new laws regarding insurance coverage are phased in. SIL was just diagnosed with lung cancer but was able to get coverage but not sure how extensive it is. I don’t understand why insurance was never a priority because Bro has his own company and makes plenty money. She never lacks for a new luxury SUV, remodels constantly as well as redecorates, Priorities I suppose.

    • They need to contact someone to do a motorcyclye run. Bikers raise SO much money for sick kids… If there is a local ABATE or Blue Knights in their area, they really need to contact them.

      • I agree HDgurl. I am an HD girl too! Have been involved with many fundraisers. Our local motorcycle club has raised a lot of money to kids with terminal illnesses. Another group may be A.B.A.T.E. they are a huge group and are very well known.

      • What a generous suggestion; and learning about Bikers helping children is heart warming. People helping people. There are those who will bike, run or walk a hundred miles to benefit someone they may never meet or know. Discouraging that this child is SO well known and could be in such need when his father is a ‘character’ on a US television program devoted to lifestyle, specifically living ‘the good life.’
        Whatever the noted surgery price, it is surely a mere pittance to the profiting network. Make it happen Bravo/NBC.

      • Let’s face it Slade could have worked full time at Mc Donalds and gotten affordable heath insurance. We all prioritize and make choices.

          • not sticking up for slade but i have worked at target for tens years and they do the same thing to all their employees, keep their hours under 32 so they are not eligable for medical coverage. The same thing is happening with several other large busineses

          • Not Walmart. According to economist Thomas Friedman the co-pay for Wally World employees is out of line with their mostly minimum wage employees salary. Consequently, most Walmart employees receive Medicaid. Costco is the opposite: shareholders willing to sacrifice a few cents per share to make medical insurance affordable for working stiffs.

        • Wish any insurance would do but that is simply not so. Many work affiliated insurance plans are horrible and getting worse. Most people don’t realize this until a catastrophic event and @ that time you don’t have the strength or time to fight.
          My prayers and thoughts are with Grayson and his loved ones.

          • Eileen, you are right. Insurance is complicated and we are simplifying it here. I think what the problem with Slade is that he doesnt seems to be making his sons support of any kind his first priority. Maybe not even his second or third. Also, my main point here is that this is nothing new. His son has been sick for years. People on these shows commonly use their newfound celebrity to promote and launch all kinds of things. Lots of money made by these reality stars. Lots of appearances, lots of products….We do not know what Slade does every day. But it does not appear as though he is focused on his son.

      • According to the facebook page, it was the State of California’s insurance that denied the procedure. This is what socialized medicine looks like. It is beyond belief that a child in pain is denied a surgery to help alleviate that pain.

            • Poor little guy
              I know people sing the praises of socialized medicine but This is one of the drawbacks you wait wait wait for services. Even if this guy got a job that offered Health insurence some place make yopu wait 90 for coverage when i worked at Crack i nthe box you had to wait a YR then you could apply for coverage.

              • If smiley let his insurance dropped his son Grayson was screwed as far as getting any coverage goes.
                Pre- condition. Very irresponsible for a parent of an ill child.

              • My work makes you wait a year. Also no vacation time for a year…no vacation time, no time off. Terrible. My husbands is excellent. Covers all of us…even my daughters who are not bio his….but he pays alot for it. We have known about Graysons illness since Wretch joined the show. This poor kid has been sick a long time. Plenty of time for his father to have a plan in place to keep his coverage. Hate to say it, but im wondering if this is WHY Slade doesnt work. Feels like ALL the money will go to bills, so why work? Deadbeat dads do this all the time. Quit their jobs so they dont have to pay child support. Then find a woman to support them. Sounds like Wretch and Unpaid Slade.

              • I would be hard for her to be employed and be a caretaker to severely Ill child. I can’t imagine she would be able to hold down a job and care for her child. Slade on the other hand has been unemployed for how many years?

              • Ok Lisa, grain of salt here..National Enquirer interview with baby mama says Slade owes 160K in support and has only paid 7K over the years Slade has been on show. Claims court docs support this. Says Gray requires 24 hour care, so Id say no, she does not work. Maybe Slades mom could watch Gray for 8 hours mon thru Fri so she could work. Hes not a baby. Hes not bedridden. Probably just a matter of giving medications, taking to appointments.

              • Poor guy dad def dropped the ball here
                I dont watch the show so i had no idea thats for filling me in.

        • Actually, you don’t seem to understand what socialized medicine looks like at all! Grayson’s situation is the full ugly face of the American health care system -> anyone’s kids can be denied an operation because it’ll cost a for-profit insurance company money. I’m Australian and no one there puts up with this kind of stress when their kid is sick because there is universal coverage.

          • How does the universal coverage work Mi? We’re trying it here in the states, but most seem to complain about it. I have to admit to my ignorance of the ins and outs of ours because I have decent insurance at the moment and haven’t paid much attention to the politics. The reason I ask is that I’m wondering if you have something similar to what the U.S is trying to launch full force…

    • It’s a horrific situation. Maybe (and I’m not saying this is right) Bravo and the Housewives aren’t falling all over themselves to help Grayson because they have seen ZERO effort or motivation from his own father, Slade, to help his son in any way, monetarily or otherwise. I looked at Grayson’s FB page, and his Mom describes trips to Baltimore and New York last month to see cancer specialists. Does Slade ever accompany his child to medical appointments or do anything at all to take some of the stress off of the Mom? If I were her, with a deathly ill child and a deadbeat dad, I would have a nervous breakdown–the stress has to be unbearable. Is that how Slade plans on spending the rest of his life, being Gretchen’s lackey? I’ve seen comments criticizing Gretchen for not contributing to Grayson, but I don’t agree with that. Slade is his father and HE is the one who needs to step up and get not just one, but three jobs, if that’s what it takes. There are jobs out there, they just may not be ones that Slade would enjoy doing. Tough. His son doesn’t enjoy having cancer either. However, I do criticize Gretchen for even considering having a child with this unfit parent, but she’s no winner either when it comes to morals.

  1. Sorry to read about Slade’s son, I hope the State of Cali does fork out; there has to be a childrens Hospital to assist! Best wishes to them!

      • I was wondering the same thing?
        By now Slade should have found a job, any job that offers health insurance to provide for his children. Instead, he has chosen to be Gretchen’s goffer and man servant. This is disgusting! Seeing Slade going on expensive trips, expensive restaurants, participating in expensive sports and living the good life, while his son suffers and his ex-wife does all the work is inexcusable. He should not have any more children!

            • I find it beyond the pale that Wretched hasn’t demanded Slade to find a job, any job, that would support and provide insurance for his son. Further, she’s making a decent pay check and could kick in a few bucks. I can’t imagine being in any child’s life that was in such need and not helping. Wretched is disgusting for even thinking about having a child with Slade when his son is in such need.

              To think that poor little boy is in constant and horrible pain is unimaginable. I hope you’re reading these posts, Gretchen. You are truly a horrible excuse of a human being for not stepping up and doing more for this child.

              • Remember how attentive Wretch was to her fiance Jeff when he was terminally ill???? She felt so bad….but then Grayson doesnt have millions of dollars, does he?

        • Once slade let his insurance cover drop he became un-insurable.Had he gotten coverage before it lapsed they would have to take him precondition or not. I’m sure he was informed of that.

      • I looked at St. Jude’s website, and they don’t accept every child. They have very clear criteria for patients they will take; since it’s a research hospital, the child has to be eligible for their research studies, and children who have been previously treated (which Grayson has) are only accepted on a case-by-case basis.

        • Yes, and QOM also started a rumor involving Penny and Johnny that tried to put a rift between them and Teresa.

    • Yet another rumor from the Q****** that is proven to be false! Personally I think he is only looking for attention and more followers by spreading all these false rumors. He can be extremely cruel to fans of the show for no reason. It is one thing for us to comment about cast members that get paid but he has crossed the line to attacking and encouraging attacks on fans.

  2. How is the reverse vasectomy going? Sorry to be a biotch but… Slade should have never left his child’s healthcare needs in the hands of the state of California. Willfully unemployed or underemployed hoping to role the dice on the charity of the state. A state that is broke!!!! What the frick did he THINK was gonna happen? What the frick do we all think is gonna happen with universal heathcare? Really sad.

    • Thank you, I was thinking the exact same thing! How dare they even contemplate another child when this child is in such need of everything both parents can offer.Recently there were pics of Gretchen and Slade in Las Vagas at Liquid hosting a pool party. All I could think about when I saw those pics were , what about Grayson. No one tell me , well they have to earn a living for his medical bills don’t they?, cause they are obviously not able to pay those!

    • Y’all had best get them vasectomes and tonsilectomes NOW. When healthcare is “free” (!?!?!?)..,,,… y’all be standing in a USSR circa 1980 style line…awaitin’ for your slice of the two loaves they have to offer.

    • I am a firm believer in the more you take…the more you take and game the system. If he is taking from the state, and not working, then he should have to do work for the state. I have to work to pay off my hospital bills for my kids. I make payments every month. He should have to do some work for the state if he owes them money – an amount of work that will equal a monthly payment of some sort. I have so many people I know well that get free medical treatment from the government, and perks and no down home loans..yes, our state still has these programs, yet they have 4 SEASON PASSES TO DISNEYLAND AND GO DOWN ABOUT EVERY COUPLE OF MONTHS. They buy whatever they want – they just do not report their income and claim to be paupers. These are 2 familes of white mother and father each with 3 kids – and yes they kept having more kids to get more welfare money. I am not an angry rich republican..I am a pauper, but I am and always will be against giving people freebies. I am not for universal healthcare, but I do like forcing people to buy insurance, who live on the high life, then want handouts for healthcare when they or a family member gets sick. I at least have major medical for my son and I that costs me over $300 a month which is over 10% of my paycheck. I do not have one poor friend who does not have an i phone and a lap top. I am the only one of my friends without that stuff because I do not take from the government. These two make me sick with the amount of money they spend, and they will not scale back for the child or figure out a way to help make the payments for the medical care. (they might be making payments..i should not assume.

    • Me too. This is why Gretchens’ only reason for not marring Slade was due to “his financial obligations” made me sick to my stomach. What a selfish bish.

      • If a man made that comment to a woman there would be an upoar….Gretchin should want to help the son is a part of her life now….they are just so self absorbed.

        • Yes she should if she had any kind of soul. If not, then she shouldn’t be allowed to let his name come out of her mouth. Unbroken indeed. Despicable.

          • What kills me in all these years they have had one fundraiser and it looked very small. You can’t tell me that these two couldn’t have really put a lot of events together if only to use as a story line on the show!


      • Slade and his son are a package deal – can’t divorce your kid – if Gretchen doesn’t want to completely accept that reality, she should say “goodbye slade” and move on

        • I agree 100%, but I have to wonder if Slade knows they are a package deal too. Gretchen not marrying him because of the child’s medical bills is vile but he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

          • I can understand wanting a family and not be financially destroyed by taking on Slade’s responsibilities. What I don’t understand is wanting a child with this man.

  3. I think blittering should be reserved for those who harass and aggitate. If Ms SH harassed him via twitter, I would say ok. But, Ms SH wrote a piece on HER blog. Way to be so openminded, forward thinking, all inclusive Ms Andy. Wait. Isnt THAT what you want us to be, Andy? Openminded? Forward thinking? All inclusive? No wonder he likes Chuck so much.

  4. surely slade could do SOMETHING for his little boy!!! the child is in serious pain– WTF ????

  5. Autism vs Cancer will be battle of franchises.Octomom eat up all the funds for healthcare with all her spawns. Nothing left for Grayson.

  6. Very sad to read about Slades son. In times like that I am happy to be Norwegian where we don’t need insurance and everybody is getting health care for free. To sad to put a price tag on human life

    • solveigfa, you are so right. No one should have to do without healthcare. We have been aware of the desparate state of our healthcare for over 30 years. Sadly, in the US so many do not care to understand the real issues with the US Healthcare system. Instead they prefer to call National Healthcare, free handouts. There is a true lack of humanity in the US. It is very sad.

    • I am with you that there shouldn’t be a price tag on a life. My grandaughter had a rare brain tumor that could have killed her. Her dad had good insurance so she is fine for now. It is so devastating when you think money is reason your child may live or die.

  7. Norway has one of the best and generous welfare systems in the world. parents are entitled to 12 months off work with 80% pay, or 10 months with full pay. The fertility rate has been a steady 1.8 higher than most European countries. Norwgian welfare’s motto has been, “from the cradle to the grave”. All Norwegians enjoy full health care and free education system throughout their lives.

    Thank can keep Norway and we will visit. I don’t want any gov’t taking care of me cradle to grave. As poor as I am, I have always made my own way. I don’t take off work and I eat healthy because I can’t afford to get sick often. I dont’ want the gov’t in charge of my life and death. I think we are all better off in the US striving to do our best to be in charge of our own destinies. I am proud of that aspect that used to be important to most Americans and immigrants. We all need help every now and again, but I will never want to be taken care of cradle to grave..It gives someone too much say so in my life and the lives of my friends and neighbors.

    Too each his own though, that is just my love of our country and those who built it from their own blood and sweat talking.

    • Three hours at the department of motor vehicles to get a request to change an address, rudely treated, I am quite sure I dont want the government involved in my familys healthcare…thank you, no.

    • Norway is a lovely country, but their population is less than 5 million people, not even the size of many of our metropolitian areas. In addition to small population, they have an enormous annual income from their oil sales.

    • Norway is known to have the “Happiest People in the World”. It is a huge misconception that National Healthcare is the same as “Welfare”, it is NOT! Funny that Americans refuse to realize that the amount we pay in health insurance costs, and co-pays is higher than the cost of National Healthcare would be. With everyone getting the healthcare they need and deserve.
      And….Americans are NOT the only country that built their country and way of life through “their own blood sweat and talking”…to quote nancyadopt. All countries have been built on the hard work of their citizens.

      • What is being presented to us in the USA is not a national health care system with a single payee, like in Europe.

      • I respectfully disagree for the record. Just dont feel like getting into it. Can we go back to HW bashing? LOL.

      • Also welfare recipients receive are covered by insurance and have been for years. Yet I worked for a privately owned company that only offered insurance to the family members who worked there and a few cherry picked individuals. I bought insurance and it was sky high because the numbers were so small. Now the company has to offer a policy to all employees and were grumbling that they doubted anyone would participate. Surprise! 96 percent participation and the premiums are reasonable, affordable. Now people who would never be covered and would go to the emergency room for treatment and probably never pay the astronomical bill have well checks, prescription coverage. Much healthier work place. I no longer work there but am still in the loop. the owner who was so angry is now pleased as punch. To hear him tell it all his brilliant idea in the first place.

      • Kate, I believe you are confusing Norway with Denmark. It is the Danish that have been consistently rated as the happiest people in the world. Another tiny Nordic Country that is delightful.

  8. plus..Norway has 5,000,000 people. It is far easier to get 5mil people on board with something than it is to run a country with 370,000,000. The same principles do not even apply when talking about economics, etc. Los Angeles, CA alone is twice that big!

  9. ba ha CJ..”identicle” to quote my cousin Vinny – courtroom scene talking about the tires. size SJ.. blah blah

  10. Disgusting that Bravo with all its success or those bitches on RH have done nothing for Grayson because, quite frankly, they hate Slade like everyone else. But with all the RH franchises and their fans, it is shocking, shocking that there are no fundraisers. Maybe if Slade would slither away and out of the way and promise to keep quiet (which is impossible because he loves attention so much!) the other housewives with all their money and connections could work with Grayson’s mother for a fundraiser. This is just too sad.

      • Thanks for the info. I still feel that these really showy, rich housewives could do more.
        Pity this child’s father is so hated. Someone should help!

  11. we go. what about this…every child that has an i phone, or a parent of a child who has an i phone, but does not provide any kind of health insurance for their family, gets a $100 surcharge added to pay for their kids health insurance by the government. If you can afford an i phone, you can afford some kind of insurance. I don’t see one disadvantaged kid or parent without one of those things – thank you I stated above that I make about $30,000 a year, pay for a minor child, I do not have an i phone, and I pay $300 a month for the best insurance I can afford..

    • Im lucky I have Great insurence My employer pays 80% of the premuim
      I shouldnt be expected to give that up so the Goverment can control my health care No thank you You get what you pay for.

    • Because of my son’s cancer our insurance for 4 people went to $2500 per month with a $5,000 deductible. I dropped insurance for myself and my husband for now just to pay the $600 per month for my son with a $10,000 deductible. We hope to find new cheaper insurance by January. but my son will not get picked up by another company for a few more years. It scares me to death to be without insurance by I simple can not afford it right now.

      • I feel for you. When my daughter was young and I was a single mom I used to loose sleep at night worring what might happen if she got seriously ill. I think it is easy to discuss these things based on principle but when one of your own childrens life is in danger there is really no limits to what you might do to get them well. I do not think statistics and and ideal would make it any better that my child is suffering bacause healthcare is out of my reach finacially. I normally try to never post about political things but your post made my heart go out to you. Your situation is definately something people need to consider before they make comments about eating healthy so they won’t need a Dr.. Sometimes we just can’t prevent things like this and I would hope there is a helping hand out there when we do. Best of luck to you and your family.

  12. my son has been diabetic since is was 2 years old. when he tured 19 our insurance dropped him like a hot potato. The company he works for will not give him enough hours to be eligable for medical coverage. (he is looking for a new job) so my family pulls money together every month to
    pay for his insulin and other supplies. The cost is 1,200 per month. Pharmacial (spelling) companies are making billions each year on our childerns dieases. Something needs to be done about the profits they are making off of sick childern.

    • Have you tried patient assistance programs for the drugs? New laws allow kids over 18 to stay on parents insurance. Had the same problem when my son was sick. We had to register him for school and then withdraw from the classes at the lastest date. Blue Cross at that time would only allow them to stay on my insurance if he was full time student. Have you contacted your insurance commissioner or looked in preexisting condition insurance?

  13. omg lisa..we agree on something. I love reading your posts because i frequently disagree but we definitely agree on this point. I am not going to support someone else’s health insurance when they can buy clothes, have a lap top and an i phone like all the poor kids i know do. I get my clothes from discards from my friends, don’t go out to eat, and i get so mad at people who don’t realize that many, not all, poor people in CA can afford a min health insurance plan, they just chose to put their money elsewhere. Plus, I like that my doctor is a millionaire because he made smart decisions, took out huge loans, and put off his life for 12 years, and now he is in charge of hundreds of patients health everyday. Good for him, he should have a million bucks. okay, it is out of my system, back to the housewives, like someone else suggested

  14. I think Bravo is missing a huge chance to get viewers back on their side by staging a benefit in his honor. They could have a few of the housewives (How about the big buck Dubrows?) to stage a benefit at their lovely home?

    • Staging a benefit or fundraiser to meet the cost? of a time sensitive surgery seems too vague and risky. What if the goal $ isn’t met? That puts the responsibility on others when it’s the network who employs the father. Even if the guy is some fringe character who volunteers, unpaid to be filmed- the network still profits. I don’t watch OC but have a strong impression he’s not too popular; but he’s still part of their moneymaking machine and his child needs serious medical care.

  15. I think Andy should have slade on wwhl and let him plea for a grayson fund that does not go to him but to an indie medical trust or make tamra and the others do it, or whoever is popular-so people donate and one lucky donor gets to bartend or something-poor kid, sickening

    • Hey Ms Andy!!! Bravo having a little image problem lately? Tearing apart families? Staging embarrassing setups? Why dont you help Grayson? Id feel better about watching you.

      • Obviously, MissAndy is enjoying the popularity of the HW franchise and his real self indulgent after-show. Is there a conscience there? MissAndy, I am pleading. Help Grayson!

  16. when i lived in California years ago I was living with my husband to be and his wife could not include my income as part of the household income for child support increases. After we were married she requested a increase in child support and received it. This could be one of many reasons Gretchen is not ready to walk down the isle.

  17. I’m pretty sure if I ever became a rich Bravo exec my money would vanish pretty quickly.I tend to be overly soft hearted. I hate to see any person or animal suffer. One look at Grayson and I’d be writing a check and guilting others into writing a check too. Or perhaps Bravo should tell Gretchen and Slade that the only way they could come back for the next season is if they get fGrayson’s financial situation taken care of. Wretched would probably reveal her skills as a fundraising genius even if it meant setting up blowjob booths at local carnivals.

    • Those Bravo people live in a bubble. All they can look at is the bottom line. I am on a fixed income but would send a small check to help Grayson if I knew where to send it and I was assured it would go to his medical treatment and not line Wretched or Slimey’s pockets.

  18. I don’t think I can enjoy watching these HW anymore knowing about poor little Grayson and the reality of Gretchen and Slade. I hate these people and the selfishness of the OC, BH and NY housewives. The Atlanta and NJ HW are barely hanging in there financially. I hope they crash and burn soon. I pray for some kind hearted soul to step in and pay Grayson’s relief despite his disgusting father.

  19. if he has cancer, why isn’t he going to st jude’s? they don’t care if you can’t pay. if grayson had health care, he probably reached the limit they would pay. i say, go to st jude’s and get him well.

  20. I would send a check to Grayson if Slade promised to live in a bachelor apartment, not go out to eat, no trips, etc. Don’t take money and fundraise if you aren’t willing to live frugaly like the rest of us. I just can’t stand that poor big hearted people are not attacking Slade for his ridiculous lifestyle, while he worries about money to heal his son. I realize people want to help the child, but it should be tied to some parental restraint…he should have to live in a bachelor pad and clean toilets at the state hospital if he wants free care for his son. All I see is him living the high life. It is disgusting. If I complete neglected to get medical insurance for my kids, but in spite of my stupidity and selfishness, the state still offered to pay the medical bills, I would agree to scrub toilets at the state hospital if that was the requirement. He would never do it. It might ruin his manicure.

    • I see no effort on Slade’s part to help his child. You are right, offer labor in exchange for medical treatment. It’s an idea I’m sure has never occurred to him. I could not bear watching my child suffer the pain Grayson is going through. I don’t know how Slade or Gretchen sleep at night…

      • He clearly knows how to hustle since he wrangled Wretched that Pussycat Doll gig. I wouldn’t hate him so much if he was putting the sort of effort he puts into his girlfriend into getting help for his son. He worries about not being able to buy her an expensive engagement ring yet doesn’t seem to worry about Grayson.

  21. the value will obviously not match up.but a person like him could have afforded health insurance, and at least he will be showing he cares about his debt to society that we are all footing the bill for, eventhough it means we all go without.

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