SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Andy Cohen “RHONJ Rumors Put To REST!”… Slade Smiley “Grayson DENIED Coverage”… UPDATE: Grayson Fundraiser WAS Filmed In November For RHOC…

August 30, 2012   3:40 pm

Whoever started the rumor re Andy Cohen calling one of the New Jersey Housewives names has been corrected… by MissAndy.

NOTE:  MissAndy and SH had a very nice twitter relationship… until SH wrote honestly about MissAndy’s “gay agenda!”  After that piece was published, MissAndy blittered SH.  That aside, good to see MissAndy setting the record straight.  MissAndy publicly stating anything derogatory toward ANY of the Housewives simply did not make sense.


 Gretchen Rossi, Grayson and Slade Smiley…

Despite any mentions on SH re Grayson’s Dad, Slade Smiley and his girlfriend, Gretchen Rossi, when it comes to children, all that “stuff” is put aside.

We hope nothing but the best for Slade Smiley, Michelle (Grayson’s Mother) and Gretchen Rossi in what must be an extraordinarily stressful time for them all.

Most of all for little Grayson.  According to Grayson’s Facebook Page, he has been denied an operation he needs.  Hopefully, the State of California will assist in having the decision reached by the insurance company reversed and Grayson will get the operation he needs.


NOTE:  There WAS a fundraiser for Grayson filmed at the VictorPaulSalon for the last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County…the fundraiser was not aired.  

From the November 2011 OCRegister:

All five of the reality TV housewives – including newest cast member Heather Dubrow – appeared at a charity event at Victor Paul Salon to raise money for the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. The Newport Beach-based nonprofit provides financial and psychological assistance for cancer patients and their families.

Article Tab: cancer-benefit-slade-call
Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend Slade Smiley, left, from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” hosted a benefit in Costa Mesa on Tuesday night called “The Magic of Giving.” The event, at Victor Paul Salon, was held to benefit the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. Slade’s son Grayson has brain cancer.

“Housewife” Gretchen Rossi and her boyfriend Slade Smiley were the hosts of the $50-per-person charity event, which featured a performance by illusionist Anthony “the Magic” Hernandez, singing by Jamie Hartmann and Tony Award-nominated actress Susan Egan, a DJ from Playlist 92.7 FM, silent and live auctions and appetizers concocted by members of the Orange County Restaurant Association.

A crew from Evolution Media filmed the gathering for an upcoming episode of “Real Housewives.”

(Thanks to SH readers “RM” “Duffy” and “FLPhil”!!!)

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  1. when i lived in California years ago I was living with my husband to be and his wife could not include my income as part of the household income for child support increases. After we were married she requested a increase in child support and received it. This could be one of many reasons Gretchen is not ready to walk down the isle.


  2. I’m pretty sure if I ever became a rich Bravo exec my money would vanish pretty quickly.I tend to be overly soft hearted. I hate to see any person or animal suffer. One look at Grayson and I’d be writing a check and guilting others into writing a check too. Or perhaps Bravo should tell Gretchen and Slade that the only way they could come back for the next season is if they get fGrayson’s financial situation taken care of. Wretched would probably reveal her skills as a fundraising genius even if it meant setting up blowjob booths at local carnivals.


    • Those Bravo people live in a bubble. All they can look at is the bottom line. I am on a fixed income but would send a small check to help Grayson if I knew where to send it and I was assured it would go to his medical treatment and not line Wretched or Slimey’s pockets.


  3. I don’t think I can enjoy watching these HW anymore knowing about poor little Grayson and the reality of Gretchen and Slade. I hate these people and the selfishness of the OC, BH and NY housewives. The Atlanta and NJ HW are barely hanging in there financially. I hope they crash and burn soon. I pray for some kind hearted soul to step in and pay Grayson’s relief despite his disgusting father.


  4. if he has cancer, why isn’t he going to st jude’s? they don’t care if you can’t pay. if grayson had health care, he probably reached the limit they would pay. i say, go to st jude’s and get him well.


  5. I would send a check to Grayson if Slade promised to live in a bachelor apartment, not go out to eat, no trips, etc. Don’t take money and fundraise if you aren’t willing to live frugaly like the rest of us. I just can’t stand that poor big hearted people are not attacking Slade for his ridiculous lifestyle, while he worries about money to heal his son. I realize people want to help the child, but it should be tied to some parental restraint…he should have to live in a bachelor pad and clean toilets at the state hospital if he wants free care for his son. All I see is him living the high life. It is disgusting. If I complete neglected to get medical insurance for my kids, but in spite of my stupidity and selfishness, the state still offered to pay the medical bills, I would agree to scrub toilets at the state hospital if that was the requirement. He would never do it. It might ruin his manicure.


    • I see no effort on Slade’s part to help his child. You are right, offer labor in exchange for medical treatment. It’s an idea I’m sure has never occurred to him. I could not bear watching my child suffer the pain Grayson is going through. I don’t know how Slade or Gretchen sleep at night…


      • He clearly knows how to hustle since he wrangled Wretched that Pussycat Doll gig. I wouldn’t hate him so much if he was putting the sort of effort he puts into his girlfriend into getting help for his son. He worries about not being able to buy her an expensive engagement ring yet doesn’t seem to worry about Grayson.


  6. the value will obviously not match up.but a person like him could have afforded health insurance, and at least he will be showing he cares about his debt to society that we are all footing the bill for, eventhough it means we all go without.


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