REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: A Male Perspective… of Melissa Gorga and Caroline Manzo… VIDEO

August 30, 2012  11:00 am   We love our Ambien-fueled YouTube woman, but let’s get a MALE perspective of the RHONJ!  


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43 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: A Male Perspective… of Melissa Gorga and Caroline Manzo… VIDEO

    • That’s great, telling it like it is…. I love this guy…. Andy, better watch out, he’s coming after your job….and me thinks he will do us proud!,

    • edit: oops, hit the enter button too soon. I love this guy…telling it like it is..or should I quote Caroline, “It is what it is,” and he nailed head on!

  1. SH….you seriously have some of the best tips & videos of any bloggers.

    Thank you for the entertainment…always a treat to get the latest on the housewives from you! You never disappoint! :)

  2. This dude is funny, with his cool delivery. Is he calling Mel an opportunist………say it ain’t so.
    If 50 wanted Mel, you better believe she would jump on being a side piece. Just sayin!

  3. Ha! Wonder what would happen if Caroline threatened this dude the way she did Juicy? “my husband will destroy you!” I could see Al saying “hold on there dear, maybe the gentleman has a point”

  4. …and still Caroline thinks she has nothing to apologize for! HAHAHA! It is what it is Caroline-you’re a bitter old bag and it’s time for you to realize that you are WRONG to act the way you do. Why no one is telling you that is BEYOND ME.
    My dream is that Teresa’s Mom and Dad call Joey, tell him that he better stop acting like a BABY, cut ties with anything Manzo related, and make up with his sister. I know they don’t like to be on tv, but how can they continue to sit and watch their son TRASH their daughter for the likes of Caroline, Jacqueline and even KATHY?? Time for ma and pa Gorga to get involved privately.

    • People don’t tell the truth to the Chucks of the world for few reasons. 1.They have nothing to gain by defending Tre if Caro’s unhappiness is only taking aim at her (Tre). 2. I think alot of people lack the backbones they like to think they’d have when they run into a Chuckie type. 3. Some people honestly don’t/can’t think for themselves & 4. like us , they like the drama. & as most know there’s no fixin’ someone like that. First they have to admit somethings wrong & fix it themselves. The Caro types are way too wrapped up in their emotions (unhappiness, envy..blame for their unhappy lives etc) to step back & see what the core problem really is. Like I’ve said before there’s no way Tre could be making her THAT unhappy or bitter.

      • Your exactly right. Essentially they are to much like a landmine and it’s impossible to make them satisfied. Caroline is mad and it’s a number of things, mad/jealous that Teresa is getting all the press and money from the show via her products and such. Mad that her husband doesn’t like being around her and it shows. Mad that her sons lost a possibly show because of the Punta Cana incident. She’s mad because she can’t stand being on the losing side of things.

      • “2. I think alot of people lack the backbones they like to think they’d have when they run into a Chuckie type.”

        I think that this is a big reason.. Caroline’s personality type, the way she comes across, and how she expresses herself may definitely be intimidating to a lot of people. I’ve encountered a woman who has the same kind of personality as Caroline, and the best thing to do, if possible, is to avoid that person.

  5. He sounds just like my husband. Every time he walks through the bedroom while Caroline is on he says “Shut the f**k up! Love him!

    • I think it is really funny most of us watch this show in the bedrooms of our homes because our husbands hate it. Like a dirty little secret! I have seen a lot of people post that on here or say that they love to comment here because they have no one else they can talk to about it! I myself being in both of those categories. I would love to see a poll asking who has to demote to a smaller t.v. or a less popular place in the house to watch the Real housewives because other people in their home hate the show!

      • My 14 year old thinks melissa is “hot”, to quote him, but he makes himself scarce when it’s on.

        My husband watched the christening, but nothing else. His jaw was on the floor. I think that is my personal favorite episode of any RH show ever. I still laugh if i see it!

        Fav moment amoung many is the man standing on the table screaming that it is a goddam christening and to stop fighting.

  6. Caro is so big and bad yet she has willingly given Teresa Guidice all her power. Poor old whiner is obsessed with Tre.

  7. He sounds like my husband when referring to Caroline! Whenever I’m watching this in the bedroom and he pops in and calls her a jealous ugly flamed hair hag!!

    • My husband flees when RHOJ is on. He’s got the male dislike of listening to angry women argue and repeat the same things over and over and over. It has made me wonder if that’s what i sound like to him when i’m on a tear about something.

      He did enjoy the christening though, probably for the violence aspect. ;)

      • Yeah he hates it! Sundays are usually our family day we live in Hawaii so it comes on at 7pm(I think) and when RHONJ comes on he goes to the bedroom gets the tv on Bravo my snacks and everything ready and kicks me out the living room. My husband enjoyed the christening too although he thinks that the Jersey women are the dumbest he liked it. God I love him!!!

  8. Get some grandkids!!!! Manzo Boyz and Lapband – you gotta make some babies to for DonCaro. This guy got DonCaro’s number. Great video.

  9. They need to give this guy his own weekly blog on Bravo’s web site just like Jay Mohr had on season 3. Hey, it might lure some blacklisted viewers back, you never know.

  10. “B*tch, you the most dramatic one on the show, and you have been for the last four years”

    LOL, Well, if that “aint” the truth. I’m glad some people recognize and will call her out for her behavior from the first season onward.

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