ADRIENNE MALOOF: Paul Nassif on Divorce “Never Say Never”… VIDEO


August 30, 2012  7:30 pm

           Adrienne Maloof… 

Paul Nassif chatted with The Insider about his separation/divorce from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof:


NOTE:  Interesting… “Adrienne is extremely close to her four brothers, and they have been fiercely protective of their only sister. Adrienne’s brothers have never liked Paul and feel that he has treated her horribly during the course of their marriage” says ROL.  Something just doesn’t sound right about the Maloof/Nassif “divorce”…



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20 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Paul Nassif on Divorce “Never Say Never”… VIDEO

  1. Paul must be a heck of an actor. He always seemed very attentive to Adrienne, while she was always nasty to him.

    • I agree. He doesn’t seem terribly distraught over it though so maybe he’s glad to be getting away from her. He could do a lot better.

  2. Who is the drag queen on the wallpaper? Adrienne’s brothers are A-holes and have touted moving the Sacramento Kings for years. After promising to keep them here, guess who is threatening to move them again. Actually i take that back. They are going ot move the team. Not fan of that family at all. Crude and cruel. Paul isn’t going to miss a thing. She is just like her brothers. No concern for how others are treated. All that peroxide has soaked int her brain and made her a bit rude. I avoided the b or c word. Nice of me huh?

    Just one last comment. Lay off the whole Bravo gay agenda comments. No one makes comments about a women’s agenda. Not cool at all. There is no such thing as a gay agenda. If you think there is one and don’t like it then don’t watch whatever you think is a gay agenda. Please don’t insult people’s lifestyle that you don’t know. Keep calm and carry on. Just be cool and have fun with this.

    • Bill, I have never seen any of the posters or Ms.SH insult a gay person’s lifestyle. Quite to the contrary.

      Andy has made sure that each housewife franchise has one or more gay people. He has limited African American women to the Atlanta franchise and has a couple of Latina’s on the Miami franchise. No Asian women at all. There are no Asians anywhere in the US that meet the criteria for the RH franchise? No African American’s outside Atlanta? No Latina’s outside of Miami? In his mind, diversity in women, is a brunette in Orange county.

    • Some of my best friends are gay Bill. My grown son who I am proud of and love more than anyone in the world is as well……but… problem was Greg working for Bravo and being placed on the show. (this is what I heard anyway) He isn’t funny and it feels like he is only there to stir the pot….ya know?

      • I guess its good tv to stir the pot on tv,i wouldn’t be friends with someone like that. I even cut my friend we lives across the st.(a poor kim g.)so it very weird now.But no drama.

  3. i have a problem with the comment about the gay agenda. I am tired of it..have nothing against gay life choice, but do not want it forced down my throat …and forced to love it!
    Enough…and unfortunately it is turning us off instead of the intended effect! I am now feeling anti gay when i never felt that before!

    • I can’t help but agree with your statement housewifeaddict to a certain degree. I vote for gay rights, I support gay rights but sometimes I do not want to watch it on tv 24 hours a day. So I understand what you mean with the feeling anti gay when you have never been, its hard to want to support something when you feel like you don’t have a choice all the time. Nothing personal towards anyone just my opinion.

  4. While I think we saw Adrienne as the nasty one a lot, you can’t really tell the real dynamics of their marriage from the show. Sometimes one person is fed up with the other for good reason, but they appear to be the one in the wrong because they show their disdain, while the other one acts nice for the cameras/public. How many times have you seen a “bitch” wife and thought, man she is nasty, until you later find out that her husband actually did a lot to her that you didn’t know about or see?

    • I agree besides being on tv doctors are good at *caring* I think he acts to be that nice guy.Prob has a dark dont give a f*ck anymoreside alot.

  5. i guess i missed the gay agenda here. thought this was about paul and adrienne. we can only go by what we saw on the show. it seemed to me that paul was funny and had a great sense of humor and adrienne wasn’t and didn’t. i wonder if her brothers interfered in her marriage and to what degree. paul didn’t look upset at all. maybe he is happy to be out of there. i kind of felt like she stifled him. he just seems like a nice guy.

  6. Adrienne’s brothers are slimeballs. Remember in the one episode, her brother was holding hands and oggling the cocktail waitress who worked at his hotel? GROSS. And as far as Paul not being nice to Adrienne….HA HA HA HA HA…keep spinning it Adrienne, cracks me up every time!

  7. When I would watch these two together I was constantly thinking “that poor man” Hope he finds someone who truly loves him and doesn’t walk around with a corn cob….I know vulgar but watch her walk! She also looks kinda like a human Grasshopper with a bad tude! The guy deserves so much better and this girl will not be tuning in to the Maloof show!

  8. As far as Bra-faux programming…beginning to find it all (the whole ball o wax) to be somewhat deceitful! They are re-editing voiceovers, crying moments, entire scenes are chronologically mixed. It’s all a bit disingenuous! :( Seems like they have the typical Network agenda at getting us to watch! One isn’t any more offensive than the other to me. Put it together though and it is all pretty bad.

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