SH ‘HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Sonja Morgan “Bruised Bar Bill Dispute”… NY DJ On RHONJ … Tamballs Barney “HerniaHavoc!”… Alexis Bellino “Haircut and Belly Shots”… Sonja Morgan “Amour Advice”…

August 29, 2012  12:12 am   3:33 pm

Some words of advice to LuAnnie from Sonja… with a “J”… about her Johnny Depp look-a-like liaison!

NOTE:  All does not seem well with the more experienced cast members of the RHONY.   LuAnnie has been spending her time with the “new” New York species in interviews and photos.  


Alexass Bellino got a new haircut… whoop-de-doo!

                  Alexis Bellino… the cut looks awful

BUT… this photo of Alexass is even awfuller!  Seriously??   BLEEEEECH!


 Tamballs Barney…

From National Enquirer... Poor Tamballs!  Tamballs was operated on for a hernia… and Ellie wasn’t around!


From AllHipHop “One of NYC’s very own popular DJs and his wife will be starring on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”.  According to an exclusive Sydney Lace source, DJ Envy from the popular Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1 in NYC, will allow cameras into his life for the popular TV show.  NOTE:  Perhaps DonCaro will be swinging around the Breakfast Club to shoot a segment.  Bravo keeps new cast decisions to themselves… until they’re good and ready to announce the newbies!  However, if this little tidbit is revealing a new cast member, DJ Envy might be a good addition!  We’ll see!


NYPost… “Real Housewives” star Sonja Morgan was less than sociable at Southampton Social Club Friday night when the tab arrived, spies say. The Bravo diva partied in a VIP cabana at the Paige Hospitality hot spot and ordered a bottle of Don Julio tequila with pals. But when a waitress arrived for a credit card, Morgan allegedly balked, “I never pay!”

Our source said owner Ian Duke discounted the bill but threatened to call the cops if the tab wasn’t taken care of. But Morgan tells us the incident was devoid of drama except for some overzealous fans. “When the bill came, we saw it was almost $400 and said that doesn’t seem right,” she said, adding that Duke had offered to “comp a bottle” when they arrived. “We had a normal conversation. We said the bill was too high. He said it was OK and apologized. Then we stayed and danced.” Morgan adds that she was with “a very wealthy guy” who paid with his credit card and that she even threw in extra cash as a tip.

The Sonja in the City caterer says the real drama went down when a fan invaded her VIP section to grab her: “These girls got very excited. Ten girls and three boys jumped the rope into our private section. I bruise really easily. This girl grabbed me. My intern had to tell her, ‘Don’t grab her!’ I got a bruise from this girl.”