SH ‘HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Sonja Morgan “Bruised Bar Bill Dispute”… NY DJ On RHONJ … Tamballs Barney “HerniaHavoc!”… Alexis Bellino “Haircut and Belly Shots”… Sonja Morgan “Amour Advice”…

August 29, 2012  12:12 am   3:33 pm

Some words of advice to LuAnnie from Sonja… with a “J”… about her Johnny Depp look-a-like liaison!

NOTE:  All does not seem well with the more experienced cast members of the RHONY.   LuAnnie has been spending her time with the “new” New York species in interviews and photos.  


Alexass Bellino got a new haircut… whoop-de-doo!

                  Alexis Bellino… the cut looks awful

BUT… this photo of Alexass is even awfuller!  Seriously??   BLEEEEECH!


 Tamballs Barney…

From National Enquirer... Poor Tamballs!  Tamballs was operated on for a hernia… and Ellie wasn’t around!


From AllHipHop “One of NYC’s very own popular DJs and his wife will be starring on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”.  According to an exclusive Sydney Lace source, DJ Envy from the popular Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1 in NYC, will allow cameras into his life for the popular TV show.  NOTE:  Perhaps DonCaro will be swinging around the Breakfast Club to shoot a segment.  Bravo keeps new cast decisions to themselves… until they’re good and ready to announce the newbies!  However, if this little tidbit is revealing a new cast member, DJ Envy might be a good addition!  We’ll see!


NYPost… “Real Housewives” star Sonja Morgan was less than sociable at Southampton Social Club Friday night when the tab arrived, spies say. The Bravo diva partied in a VIP cabana at the Paige Hospitality hot spot and ordered a bottle of Don Julio tequila with pals. But when a waitress arrived for a credit card, Morgan allegedly balked, “I never pay!”

Our source said owner Ian Duke discounted the bill but threatened to call the cops if the tab wasn’t taken care of. But Morgan tells us the incident was devoid of drama except for some overzealous fans. “When the bill came, we saw it was almost $400 and said that doesn’t seem right,” she said, adding that Duke had offered to “comp a bottle” when they arrived. “We had a normal conversation. We said the bill was too high. He said it was OK and apologized. Then we stayed and danced.” Morgan adds that she was with “a very wealthy guy” who paid with his credit card and that she even threw in extra cash as a tip.

The Sonja in the City caterer says the real drama went down when a fan invaded her VIP section to grab her: “These girls got very excited. Ten girls and three boys jumped the rope into our private section. I bruise really easily. This girl grabbed me. My intern had to tell her, ‘Don’t grab her!’ I got a bruise from this girl.”


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64 comments on “SH ‘HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Sonja Morgan “Bruised Bar Bill Dispute”… NY DJ On RHONJ … Tamballs Barney “HerniaHavoc!”… Alexis Bellino “Haircut and Belly Shots”… Sonja Morgan “Amour Advice”…

  1. These HW Ho’s think they are so entitled to free everything just for their presence anywhere.Cheap a@@ B@tches all of them.Sonja is broke and plays the Trump card like she is rich.Classless immature alcoholic like the Ramonster.

  2. Alexis haircut looks nice.She will be back in hair extentions in the blink of an eye if she was not wearing a wig in the short hair shot.

  3. A hernia huh? Is that what they are calling that ding dong surgery these days? Told yall she was the answer to that blind. If it aint a ding dong attachment out right then she got her wussy sewed up tight as a butthole… either way.

      • I think you’re right about the wussy tighting. Seems to me she said something about that in the past.

        • Was it the time she was in the pool with Vicki? Can’t remember where they were but I sure remember the Brooks doppleganger. Oh dear, kinda got the heebie jeebies for a second there!

    • That was funny as hell. Also If DJ Envy and his wife are going on that RHONJ I hope they don’tbring the feud that he had with DJ Star. I bring this up because Star said some nasty and illegal things and was arrested for it. But also you don’t want someone who is in that lifestyle and have all that controversy around them (not guilty for sure) to bring that stuff onto a show. LIke SHAFT and her other and you don’t want to bring a problem to the network already.

  4. Speaking of RHONJ, Ashlee is on her way back to LA. I’m pretty sure she’s moving in with her boyfriend since she can’t afford to live on her own. Wonder if she’s still sober…

    • No. She tweeted about drinking when the Manzoids were staying at the Jersey Shore. But, it’s okay ‘cuz she was only drinking wine. And she knows her limits. Blah, blah, blah. She was never sober, she was just a dry drunk.

    • He’s younger then all of them with the exception of Melissa Gorga. And it would be nice if they had mentioned his wife’s name as it is the real HOUSEWIVES (gia casey – she’s 1/2 asian) She seems to know them as there are pics of her out w/ the RHNJ cast memebers onlinee (even one with that party planner chick Teresa uses – Elvira) so who knows. DJ Envy is a producer as well as a radio jockey and a mix tape master known to enjoy strip clubs and has a supposed history of infedelity so if MeGo stays on she’ll be all on his jock.

      • I would think Envy and his wife would be too “urban” for the RHONJ set. Oh well, The morning crew at (S)Hot 97 is gonna have a field day with that, lol.

      • DMB you are so right. Is he transgender? Like you mentioned what part of New Jersey Housewives does he fit in to? It sounds like they are scrambling to come up with new story lines. Am sure they have made some decisions on who they are going to let go if already coming up with new characters….Whats up with his wife? Is she not interesting enough so she will be the occasional guest while her hubby is a new housewife? Maybe he and mel already have some kind of relationship. What will they come up with next….

  5. That haircut looks fake, like they just chopped off her extensions for fun. But she does look better with shorter hair, I bet most of them would..

    • That length looks so much better, just lose the walrus tusks up front. Sonja needs shorter hair to look younger. This Pickled Prom Queen trend of middle aged mermaid hair is so played out.

        • Please do! A male photographer once told me, “women’s skirt and hair lengths should always be proportionate to their age and height”. He said those two points are where most women go wrong and that women ‘of a certain age’ should never wear their hair longer than their collarbone. Then he told my friend, “you should cut your hair, you don’t want to end up looking like a parody of your younger self, what are you? a mermaid?”. *she was only 31 at the time! :)

          • I’ll say it’s not original to me. How’s that. :)

            it’s easy for women to freeze their look to the age where they feel they looked their best. Easy trap to fall into.

            The photographer’s advice is accurate about proportions. Thay have the eye to see the big picture.

      • Sorry long hair is hot,Women can wait till they are in their 60′s to go short.I don’t get the nonsense to tell everyone to go short. i have long hair and my husband loves it.

          • Oh, I forgot also to say that I really hate when “rules” are imposed on women in terms of what can and cannot be worn and what hairstyles are “appropriate” for an age, the universe doesn’t give a good godda*n how you style yourself. Wear your hair as you wish, wear the clothes you like, there are no rules, only opinions, in my humble opinion.

  6. What’s up with the OC housewives and new hair cuts. Looks like the shortened their extension and that’s all. Alexis hair cut looks so 1980′s. Guess they have to stay relevant.

  7. When a person get’s their extensions out the hair is soooo broken and damaged they always have to get a short haircut. But her extentions were so badly done-Britney Spears could have given her a better haircut.

    • LOL!
      I agree. Jesus Barbie looks ridiculous. Her hair looks like a bad wig. At least the cheap slutty mermaid extensions fit her overall “look” and personality.

  8. Poor Sonja, have you all noticed she always talk about the past, how she use to have servants and travel everywhere and had homes and yachts and etc, etc,; I do think Sonja use to have a very nice life and was prevy to all the things but Sister needs a reality check; she has the name but not the husband, not the cash she use to have. Times are hard, even for the rich, these days you really need to the goods to back you up, saying you use have the goods means squat. Next time order a shot of tequilla not the bottle you can’t afford! Work on those toaster ovens, maybe you buy a whole margarita.

    • Love it! And I love how she always references the people she’s with as “very rich”. It’s very gauche.

      • OC housewives all have outdated hair….Alexis’s new style is an improvement IMO.

        Look at Tamballs Petticoat Junction sprayed and teased, crispy looking mop. She’d do better with a shorter, more natural look like Alexis’s.

  9. Just look at where SonJa lives–Sandwiched in between a parking garage and an abandoned building. Real classy!

  10. love the way they managed to sneak the sonja bruises easily into the story. i am sure i am not the only
    one who have noticed brusies on her shoulders/upper arms. you think she drinks too much; and is
    always falling down drunk? still living in the past. her day is over. is she doesn’t watch out, she will lose
    custody, i.e. all her income, of her child. what a horrible example she sets. she and ramona.

    • my bet for the bruises would be on crazy sex and what she lets those youngsters do to her to get them to sleep with her …. She is clearly living in the past and it’s sad to see her clinging onto her youth and past social status. That having been said, she rarely if ever partakes in the back stabbing and snarpiness and always tried to give folks the benefit of the doubt.

      • She did give way TMI about the whole period-episode, so maybe her excessive bleeding is causing anemia. Typical in perimenopausal women. But I’m wondering, if they use makeup to cover-up “fat” areas in their bikinis, why haven’t they covered up Sonja’s bruises?

        • I just wish she’d understand the value of a well cut one piece
          the old saying is “just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should”
          She can’t and she shouldn’t and as much as I get a little nauseated watching her pudge mush around in her skimpy 2 pieces, you can’t hate on the self esteem which allows her to wear them

        • I would bet they cover up the ones that she tells them to cover. She probably doesn’t notice them all. I bruise easily as well. I bruise from bug bites! At some point you just get used to it–you just learn to explain the big ones if people notice and it really is no big deal after awhile.
          But a lot of drinking doesn’t help matters that’s for sure!

      • I always thought SonJa was breezy and fun. However, since her money woes came to light, she’s become a boozy floozy. She may not snipe at everyone. However, she certainly has talked about Heather behind her back and allowed RaMOANa to draw the wrong conclusions just to keep RaMOANa satisfied that she’s still the Queen of the land.

  11. Hey SH, I guess this is as good a place as any to post my question. I tried to find my answer in the site history, but got sidetracked by all of the other good stuff (articles about stuff I’d either overlooked or forgotten about). Anywho…. hope you see this… Do you happen to have any updates on the Punta Cana incident – involving the morons of RHONJ?

  12. I’m surprised “UnLady” Morgan balked at a $400 tab at a fancy club. If she really belonged to the upper crust (as she claims), then that amount would not have caused a second glance. Obviously, she’s a fore flusher, a fake, a fraud. She’s broke. Why were her interns there? Were they supposed to pay HER way too?

  13. Didn’t SomJaw have bruises on her buttocks when she forgot to wear underware at her party? Wonder how she got those….

  14. Speaking of belly shots Lex’s pic is nothing compared to the two Heather has in her before they were housewives album. and The first one is cute but I’m trying to figure out what is going on in the second. It looked normal to me until I noticed the random man in the background and that she had clearly pulled her pants down and posed. It looks like she was at a party and suddenly thought” Time for a belly shot!” Also Sonja finally updated her album so now there are finally quite a few pictures of her when she was younger.

  15. O.M.G. Why is the intern out partying with her?

    Tomorrow is the night to try to the Cosmo’s Ms Sh. I am going to say that I wouldn’t expect a report until late Sunday.

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