SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY, Part II: Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley “Contest and Radio Slade”… Nene Leakes “New Normal Abnormal Preview”… UPDATE: NEW “WatchWhatCrappens”!!!

August 29, 2012  4:00 pm   6:30 pm

Ronnie/flipit and friends over at TVGasm have their weekly “Watch What Crappens” Podcast all ready for you!!  Get on over there and listen!!

“It’s a super-sized episode of Watch What Crappens.

There was so much to talk about, and despite our best efforts to keep ourselves on time, we just couldn’t do it. Join Ronnie Karam (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV) and Ben Mandelker (BsideBlog) as we delve into every minute detail of the latest Real Housewives of New York City episode. From Heather’s nose incident to LuAnn’s pirate booty, we manage to break it all down. After that, it’s on to New Jersey by way of Napa to discuss the latest showdown between Caroline and Teresa. Finally, it’s time for the best guilty pleasure on TV: Gallery Girls. If you’re not watching, you should, and we’ll give you half a million reasons why as we take on the cast and their latest petty adventures.”

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Who WOULDN’T want to win this!?!?!    Wretched is attempting to stay in the spotlight in between seasons of the RHOC… and gauging her ‘popularity’ by staging a contest, as seen on her boyfriend, Slade Slimey’s radio station.  Well, not HIS radio station, but the station which carries his worse-than-Heather-DullBRO’s-talk-show, “Radio Slade.”

If you have never listened to “Radio Slade”… you can enjoy the broadcast at this very moment at Playlist 92.7!

If you have never listened to “Radio Slade,” but don’t care to listen… here’s what you’re missing:  NOTHING.   “Radio Slade” is three hours of music interrupted every 20 minutes by 30 seconds of “Radio Slade” chatting about the RHOC.  However, today he is chatting about living behind the mansion walls of Hugh Hefner.

NOTE:  Could only imagine how a makeover by Wretched “BLEEEEEECH” Christine would turn out!  

 Gretchen Rossi…


      Cast of “The New Normal”…

Nene Leakes new network sitcom, “The New Normal,” is offering a preview screening of the entire premiere episode at   “New Normal” premieres September 11.   Offering an entire episode of a new series seems as though desperate measure are being taken to capture viewers before the series debut.

“New Normal” wants to combine the best of “Will and Grace” and “Modern Family”… with Nene Leakes playing what else… Nene Leakes!

NOTE:  One of the lines in the show is “Abnormal IS the new normal”… Hopefully, this statement is incorrect; however, ratings and viewership will show if that is the case.   Keep your day job on RHOA, Nene!!


Someone took the time to express their feelings about the RHONJ through song… or autotune!   Take a listen to “AutoRap“…