August 29, 2012  5:20 pm   Bravo…  BigAl Manzo speaks!  Someone get the damn tenderloin!!  

Hmmmm… did Bravo really film at the Brownstone and these parts were edited out??  OR… is this another voiceover manipulation ala LuAnnie’s and Juicy’s phone calls???



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145 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: BigAl Manzo… Got A Short Fuse… VIDEO

  1. Bahahahaha. Who does Big Al think he is?Bill OReilly? Christian Bale? Someone should dub over this video when Christan Bale says “Give me a effin answer” to “give me a effin tenderloin”

  2. Who is he yelling at like that? An employee? What an @sshole! Signing your name on the bottom of a paycheck doesn’t give you the right to verbally abuse the guy working for you. I used to think that Big Al was the only normal person in that fambily. Now, I see that the Manzoid apple don’t fall far from the Manzoid tree.

    • You just knew Big Al had to be a Big A-hole. Nobody normal could be married to Chuckie. They are two of a kind.

    • Hes a prevert like richie and his dad(Tiny).Al gives discounts to customers who blow him or f him…..Hes got a side piece that works at dunkin dounuts right by brownstone. He is an asshole like Caroline you dont talk to peple like that even if there wrong,wont help.He thinks his money can buy everthing.Off topic food at brownstone taste amazing gives everyone i know the runs.

  3. Wow, do you think Al failed to order enough tenderloin or what? I don’t know if he’s got a short fuse or not, but he’s definitely got a line out the f’ing door, that’s for sure!

    Imagine if he managed a GROCERY STORE!?!

    I really didn’t realize that running a restaurant was that difficult, and I have much more respect now for my 20-year-old nephew. But my goodness, I do hope the boy never spoke to vendors that way. Not only do I think it’s unprofessional, but wouldn’t you kind of wonder exactly what the vendor might do with the meat before delivering it to such a “charming” customer?

    I think perhaps Al better skedaddle down to the local Safeway to buy some doggone tenderloin!

    • I worked in food sales,so I have been on the receiving end of a conversation like that :-( Not everyone is like that, but it happens especially in the greater NY area. Soooo hard not to tell the customer what he could do with that tenderloin,lol.

    • Well you forgot Al and Chuckie maintain that his job is sooooo stressful and important that he has to be at The Brownstone all the time and can’t drag himself away for things like a family wedding. Not to mention he needs to keep an apartment there too. Yet somehow there are people everywhere who do hours of hard physical labor and work multiple jobs all without an extra apartment. Poor fragile Al just couldn’t manage having to drive home.

  4. It was Al and he does have a temper. This was stuff from stock footage that wasn’t aired on TV. Also love the background music and artwork, nice.

    • Well, it is a good thing he has such a “laid-back” wife who is so easy to get along with… Caroline describes herself. Just don’t lie to her Al (does that mean he told her the truth about “Jill”??) or she will be DONE with you and you will get what Teresa got.

      • Is there really someone by the name of Jill? I mean, I fully believe the dude used that apartment for FAR more than sleeping, but I didn’t know we had a name….

        • On another site someone mentioned there had been a long-time relationship with a “Jill” – I was just being mean because I am so sick of these people acting as though they are so superior. Apparently some things being said on twitter about “Al and Jill”, but ya know how that goes – rumors and more rumors re: cheating spouses on this show.

      • Caro laid back ummmmkayyy :P A post near the top hit the nail on the head. Often what someone like Chuck/LaDon ends up with , is someone just like them. No wonder she’s so unhappy.

    • You must remember what happened to his father… The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree…

  5. Somebody Posted the Most Spot-on Parody of Caroline’s “Wit and Wisdom” at Another Site:

    “All right, listen up. It’s Caroline’s Rules now. Things need to be said; I’m gonna say ‘em. Especially when my fambily is involved. You do not mess with my fambily. Mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Because that is fambily. Are we the perfect fambily? No. Do we love each other? Yes. But at the end of the day, we will never let us down. Because we love us.

    “Now. Things have been said; things are being said. Now I’m gonna say some things. Okay? I’m gonna say some things about the things that are being said.

    “Did I look like a drowned rat on Christmas Eve? Yes. Did I cook a lovely meal for my fambily? Yes. Did I care how I looked? No. Was Albert smart enough to stay at the Brownstone all evening? Yes.

    “Is Ashley a selfish pig? Yes. Would I allow her to live in MY home? No. If she stood too close to the edge of a balcony and there were no witnesses, could I tip her over the edge? Yes. Would a jury convict me? No.

    “Is Albie gay? No. Did I say he was dating a cheerleader? Yes. Is he really dating a cheerleader? No. Did I make that story up in a panic? Yes. Am I sure why I did it? No. Would I be happy if he dated Alexa Ray Joel? Yes. Am I holding my breath? No. Did Greg come to Christmas? No. Did that give me hope? Yes. Would I admit that to Albie if he confronted me? No.

    “Do I emphasize my points by asking rhetorical questions? Yes. Does it always make sense? No.

    “Okay? Now, all you boys go call your mothers. Because fambily is fambily. And fambily.”

    • Remember cammi…..Caroline said at her birthday party that Al was the best thing that ever happened to her….because he gave her the KIDS. Yeah, I thought that was quite telling. Man, those folks are a mess!!

      • Absolutely. “Thanks for MY kids. The rest of you, Big Al, can go take a catatonic seat over on the side. Love ya.”

        • If Big Al does have a girlfriend she must be scared to death after watching the last episode. Look how mad Caroline is about a cookbook comment, what would she do to the other women. Maybe this is why Caros kids are so unnaturally close to their mom.

        • Sob! Carowhine didn’t even have the common courtesy to mop up his puddle of damn drool. Waaaaa. She just laid there like a giant sloth in burlap pajamas.Seething and plotting. Seething and plotting tre’s downfall.

    • Two peas in a pod. There’s got to be a reason he put up with Caro all these years. I wondered why she said he didn’t come home & sometimes slept there. What sense does that make?? Alot of people own restaurants but most don’t have to stay overnight.

  6. Bravo does a lot of editing out and adding in. I thought this was interesting on twitter.
    Drea D (BellaDee_NJ on twitter) twittered to Teresa that the night the episode aired with Joe Guidice’s phone call, that she new it was heavily edited because she did editing years ago at Rutgers University.

    Then, she sent the following tweet to BravoTV and to Bravo Andy:
    “The audio of CaroLiar crying is from Jac a couple episodes back.”

    This woman knows how editing works. Sounds like she picked up on Bravo’s shady editing right away.

    • Wha! We need a screencap of these tweets ASAP!! And bravo better up their game. I know nothing about that stuff, other than being an avid movie watcher and taking a couple of film classes, but I could tell juiceys call was cut. Very obvious they clawed to make that work. LuAnns I knew was probably cut for time, meaning that I think she said all those things, probably just with a lot of chit chat in between. Caros cry I could tell was shoved together. Like she was weeping a bit and they made it sound like sobbing, but I never even considered it wasn’t her all together! Especially since she referenced crying and why she cried with Andy on the after show! But that makes sense, she was trying to cover her ass and make us all believe she still has feelings.

      • I was trying to copy and paste the tweets, but it won’t let me. I am not on twitter. I can get on the internet and read the tweets. If anyone is on twitter who can copy and paste them, the first tweet was at the 23h mark where she is tweeting to Teresa:
        “Great job! I tweeted all night that episode that Joe’s call was heavily edited. I did editing years ago @ Rutgers Univ.

        The second tweet is from Aug 26 to @BravoTV and @BravoAndy where she calls them out on Caroline’s crying in that episode, saying it was from Jac a couple episodes back.

    • I’m not a film student and I can tell you the Joe Guidice scene was several different scenes spliced together to make it look like what Bravo wanted it to look like. If you listen very closely to the audio, you can detect where it’s good and not so good and hear at what places it was spliced together. So when Teresa says Joe tooks several calls that night, I believe her. I think they cut them up and put them back together to make it more interesting than it was.

      • It is obvious the Guidice’s are being portrayed in the worst light possible~while the Manzos are portrayed as saints

    • I think it was Caroline crying but I think it was actually from reunion 1 wben she went off on Danielle.

    • Thats who I thougt it was (Jac) when we heard the crying and they showed the door! The voice was too soft to be Don Caro’s. She is hard and prickly all over….not a soft side to that B!

    • Thats great! If it wasnt true they would have replied. I love following smart ppl that call out Bravo or anyone for that matter.

  7. It seems as if FatAl wasn’t happy of his portrayal of a sleeping slob while his wife was threatening everyone that he would destroy them. ha

    • Wow, funny. What a happy couple, one pretends they’re happy & everythings perfect, the other pretends not to know what she’s up to. Hmmm, interesting union there.

  8. He’s a fricken moron like his wife. Who the hell was he yelling out?. Boy he thinks his shit doesn’t smell. Guess what big Al when Juicy shoves your head in the bowl you ain’t going to be singing Dixie.. :-)

      • Just watch his mannerisms when he talks: arrogant and superior, as though who he is talking to isn’t worth his time. Poor Vito – imagine what his mom and dad think when they see the Manzos on the show; what a foul-mouthed, angry, negative, jealous, lazy, complaining piece of baggage for a DIL….and the in-laws…..mommamia!!

      • Yes , I said the same thing about this family they feel like from the start of the show that Caroline was too be the Mrs IT and they all laugh at Tre .
        But when she started getting all this attention and making money it was over , the Dons
        kids stared with nasty remarks and then the cast all band together to take this tre DOWN.
        NOW THERE all upset the TV viewers will not take the BAIT

      • Seems like. Guess it helps to cover up the void. It’s funny , you get the impression they can’t be happy yet they stay there in that situation. If the truth be told they’re bound to get more & more unhappy as the years go by. Why stay?? When I see couples like this I honestly wonder what is the motivation to stay?? Especially when the kids get older.

    • i wish juicy would….Al really has no class he just knowes how to play the part form working at the brownstone…..juicy cool realy is a nice guy

  9. is anyone surprised? with he and don caro as parents is anyone surprised his kids are so stupid.
    o.k. albie is not as stupid as the other two. but then again neither are my 10 year old twins. do you
    remember on the r.v. trip lauren (can only work for one day) close the business. said to chris laurita, the sign said 12, whatever that means. and he smiled. MILES MORON. o.k. kids knew that by three.
    and they call tre stupid. she’s doing pretty good for stupid.

  10. I find that it very interesting that all season long everyone but Teresa was getting a good edit. As we have now all learned the cast was very involved with a certain producer named Cat Rodriguez who no longer works for Bravo. I think once this season started rolling Bravo started to hear and see the backlash from all the bullying. I think that Bravo has changed some of the editing to not show Ursula and the rest as saints and Teresa the only sinner. Bravo seems to have added a few of the clips that would have been on the cutting room floor that show the REAL side of few of them to their website.
    Lets hope that Bravo has the guts to show what REALLY happened the night of the fashion show including Ursula losing her mind and Joey starting fights all while Lookers was running around blaming everything on Teresa who had NOTHING to due with any set up as it has been reported by multiple people. By the way, if Lookers was never a dancer how could there even be a set up. Just saying!

    • I always wondered why she tried to get away from her old boss or whoever he was from the bar IF she had nothing to be embarrassed about?? It just doesn’t make sense, but then this is HWof NJ after all…..that is their MO.

      • Maybe I’m extremely cynical, but I never believed Andy was scared of anyone…and certainly not “in love” with anyone. They are all his employees…he’s the boss…he calls the shots. I feel that he couldn’t care less about any of them. He’s keeping up this “Manzos are Right” line strictly for ratings…and it’s GOLD. Most viewers (and probably, Andy) hate the Manzos, and he’s making them look petty and assinine just to keep the viewers engaged and enraged. I just don’t believe he likes the Manzos very much at all…every edit is made to make Teresa “look” bad, but the Manzos to look subhuman and hateful. That’s a lot worse than just “bad.”

        • Great points Elmozoe, but Andy does show favoritism…. often during reunions, if it is for ratings or not ? I have no idea but I am sick of it.
          I dislike seeing anyone being treated unfairly and bullied.

          • Point is Andy never asks questions or has discussions about anyone’s finances except….Teresa’s. He never chastises a housewife for her husband’s language/gay slurs except…Teresa’s. On and on…..always on Teresa for mispronounced words, yet Caroline has had a couple herself. Andy had an agenda: Caroline and Jaq share a gay brother/BIL, and Kathy has a gay sister, and the Manzos have BGG (and LOTS of suspicion voiced regarding her sons’ sexual preference)…. and Melissa has a husband who acts like he would like to be gay! Guess that leaves out Teresa. Next reunion should be very interesting, and I hope somebody really good preps Teresa – they might as well sit her on her own chair directly across from ALL of them since it has been that way all season.

  11. Al screaming at the end was the funniest ever. It is stressful when you run a business. If he had a big event and he did not get what he ordered, well that really must be a pain in the ass. If he yells like that all the time. maybe they are screwing him over on purpose.

  12. Anger management troubles…. but I’d have them too if I were married to that miserable old hag.

    • In all fairness to bigAl that’s a good point. She can’t be a doll to live with, but he’s old enough to know where the door is, better to leave than take it out on staff, his or others.

  13. Yeah scream at them like a lunatic. That’s a good way to make sure a vendor will have your back.

  14. I agree with the editing/splicing theory regarding JoeGuidice’es phone call — but, sorry, have to disagree about Caroline’s crying-she cried just like that, exactly, on the first njhw reunion. Sorry, I cannot stand Caroline, but I do believe she broke down. But she lost it because none of her soldiers had her back that night….not because she has a heart! lol

    • And she made sure the door was cracked ever so slightly so that the audio folks could pick up every sob. Everybody knows that tears don’t count unless someone could see or hear them

    • I agree-shes a weeper.I saw this too on the reunion.She has a very distinctive cry;when she cries she sucks in huge amounts of air….

      • It might have been her – but it WAS PLANNED. Why did she leave her door OPEN for the crew to hear her? She was crying more because she knew she looked like an A$$ than anything else.

  15. big al is living in the past. still thinks he’s great. if he was such a good businessmen; he would have
    moved the brownstone out of patterson long ago. instead he put money in it. see between both parents
    where the smart are. NOT he should be miserable, brother has the hot dina, a good business woman.
    juicy joe who he hates, has the hot tre, a good business woman. he has what??? oh yeah, miserable
    lazy, fat ugly, bitch don caro.who has said she is tough as balls. how exciting. no wonder he never
    comes home.

    • And even worse she made them all fat with her FRIED meatballs (Teresa’s are BAKED and less fattening) – somehow that has to be Teresa’s fault.

      • I put mine in the microwave only for about 4 min, just because I use veal/beef/pork. It comes out UNcrispy and the fat is drained onto the dish. Great method. I’d never eat them if they’re fried or baked. Eew!

    • What’s your logic for The Brownstone moving out of Paterson? Do you live here? Because I do. The Brownstone is consistently packed. I go at least 6 times a year, every year, and 95% of the time, every single room is in use between showers, weddings, fundraisers etc…I am NOT a Caroline or Manzo fan by any means and my only other post here was to prove that Al Manzo was dead wrong in the KFC argument. In fact, the KFC in question was less than a mile from The Brownstone so he should really be ashamed. Anyway, The Brownstone has flourished right where it is and doesn’t need to go anywhere.

  16. I saw a review on line somewhere about the Brownstone that there was not enough food for the people at an event. I wonder if this was the event Al was yelling about LOL! I guess the vendors are not fans of Al Manzo.

    • In all fairness, if that was the reason for the yelling and cursing, just imagine what a nightmare that would be for a variety of reasons – worst PR possible for your business.
      Couldn’t happen to a nicer family. (Sorry, that was just mean, and I meant to be fair) lol

      • This review was made on 8/29/12
        I hope this is ok MsSH there are 29 reviews most good a few quite bad

        I have never written a review but after today I had to take the time to do so. I have attended the brownstone countless times and have held my own events there as well as charity events. Today I was sadly disappointed. The place is very nicely decorated but after looking further we realized the fabric, wallpaper and molding was coming from the walls in several parts of the room. Once my friend was seated she relaxed in her chair to find the back had come loose and she was stumbling backward. She pointed it out to another friend and we were told that multiply chairs have been switched out for that problem, but they have no more chairs to replace hers! The food was, as always very good. We gathered around to watch the mother to be open gifts when the staff asked if any left over food would be taken home (very nice btw) this is when many guests and I realized the ANTS crawling on the table with the food and plates! It was inexcusable and disgusting. The staff did not seem to be worried or bothered when they were told and simply brushed them on the floor. I am disappointed and upset. The brownstone was always a place I could book with little hesitation and worry – my feelings have sadly changed.

          • Can’t they afford an exterminator. Really, just about every restaurant should have a regular exterminator.

        • Call the Health department – if ants are crawling on the table the place must be infested. What about cockroaches? I would be afraid about the kitchen. This place is unsanitary.

          • Most restaurants do have a regular exterminator who comes in monthly and usually does a seasonal check as well. If the Brownstone hostsd weddings and big parties then the furniture is going to exhibit more than the usual wear and tear.. Gauging from the review above the place is not being properly maintained. Structural repairs and cosmetic repairs cannot be neglected or ignored. I read other reviews that mention the same issues. Hmmm. Sounds like neglect or financial issues if things are in such a bad state.

            • Aren’t they suppose to be inspected each year. Also isn’t the fire dept suppose to inspect. Don’t they get a certificate that says SATISFACTORY and has to be displayed in a public area. Hmm this is interesting. The State Board of Health should be notified. Imagine what walks over your food. Autistic speaks are you monitoring this. $100.00 for ants.

              • I have a friend who lives in Wayne she attends functions at the Brownstone on a regular basis for political events ect she has never had what is described in these complaints happen Has it occurred to anyone that these complaints are not real and are part of some kind of smear campaign by Manzo haters and no i dont mean Tre or anything like that .

              • I dont know what will they get from hurting the BS.I heard stuff on twitter…they have many rooms so one maybe better the other follwing apart

              • Could be, but if you want to hurt someone kick them were it will hurt them the most in their business.

              • Well i dislike lapband but i think her store has cute things,i just buy them other places.i just keep it real.people can judge for thereselves.I think the last time i was at bs was Mayi dont notice bugs but on tweeter i heard now the ants n the worker was fasaded i think its true

              • I think a certain amount are indeed bs. You can discern that because the tone and complaints are the same. It’s a tough business and you cannot please everyone. However the complaints about peeling wallpaper, water stains on the ceiling and walls have the ring of truth. A few potential customers , brides, were disappointed in the service they received and IMO they were probably true. It’s hard to get excited about another reception when you are booked constantly. Sounds like the Brownstone would benefit from hiring a well trained general manager and a catering manager.

              • MY Friend is going there for a family function in a few weeks ill ask her to look for peeling wallpaper and water stains.

              • I attended many Political and seminars at the Brownstone. Reviews are written by unhappy and happy people. I went to a convention party last night on LBI. It was held at the Gateway Bar and Restaurant…the reviews were not very good and you can look them up….stupid me ordered the sampler appetizer and I shall say no more….we went to a restaurant last week in Forked River Fugi’s Hibachi….non of us made it home…we were all sick and I won’t discribe it….tonight we went to a place called Latitudes in Forked river. A 4 star high price restaurant and the food was out of this world. I could write a review about the table we were at…for a high priced restaurant we were seated next to a curtain where the wait staff went in and out. They even placed empty glasses on our table. Write a review nope I still have the food inside me LOL. So writing reviews is up to the individual.

              • Great post and ITA. We invited daughters friends on a weekend trip to Houston to celebrate her birthday. We chose an upscale restaurant and were cringing when one teenager was overtly rude to the waitstaff, churlish, repeated complaints about the food.
                When we asked her if she was unhappy with the place we chose her response was “My dad said you have to remind them that they are here to wait on you and it had better be perfect. My dad always complains and never leaves a tip.” eyeroll “they’re just waiters.”
                My husband politely informed her that he worked his way through college working in a steakhouse and that once in a blue moon waiters often spit in petty customers food. She almost fell out of her chair. So I take some complaints with a huge grain of salt but have also had some ghastly experiences that had me kneeling before the porcelain god.

              • I’m not sure how the health department in NJ works or what their standards are. Most states have suffered severe budget cuts and unfortunately this is one. Health departments are stretched thin. They have to address complaints that affect public health and safety first and after 911 new rules and guidelines were put in place to protect the populace from deliberate contamination or sabotage of the food supply.
                Inspections are often instigated by complaints or illness but should also be done regularly. Once a restaurant receives X amount of markdowns they are on regular rota to be re-inspected.Restaurant owners know how to stall an inspector and there are probably in some instances payola. The reviews I read were not tweets and were from several online sources. Its very difficult to keeps ants, mice and roaches under control all you need is a sloppy chef , sous chef and cleaning staff. If the Brownstone is overbooking or understaffed (and I am not saying they are) it can be disastrous. What caught my attention was the crumbling infrastructure comments, peeling wallpaper, broken chairs that should be removed from the floor (lawsuit waiting to happen) water stains, broken plumbing. Rude staff ? That unfortunately happens in the best restaurants but it sounds like profits are not being used to keep the interior up.

        • Last time i will say this(i said a million times between here and tweeter) their food gives my family and i the runs and some of my friends. They dont care anymore they know ppl will go just bc of the rhonj.i wish ppl would just stop with browrnstone

          • The restaurant business can make a young man old. It isn’t 9 to 5. Probably more like 9 til midnight. I have no reason not to believe you. My family has gone to a favorite place for years . Oldest D gets off the plane and immediately wants to eat there. Sadly the food isn’t the same quality and we spend the rest of the evening in the john. crossed it off the list.

            • lol….Now when i go there and pretend to eat i will laugh(and play w/ my food) and think of you.that was very funny!

  17. Everyone on this NJ show shares the same language skills. I’ve never heard this much cursing and disgusting talk from professionals in my life. They’re all really subhuman idiots.

  18. You know i always wondered if al was an angry man. I figured he was easy going and carolne was the angry one. I cannot believe I am going to share this with yall, I am fixin to watcch honey booboo, omg i feel so dirty.

    • I watched and now I feel dirty too. But not as dirty as that family looks. Now I think I really would like to see Carowhine hurtling down a waterslide like Mama June. Although I’m pretty sure Caroline Manzo doesn’t do waterslides.

  19. I watched the rerun last night and I just can’t fully hate Chris Laurita, he said “get her outta here Joe” about Teresa and I think that was a kind thing to do. Also noticed, I think, Joe said “My love ” when he went to tell Teresa they were leaving that night. I think he is a lot nicer to her than we often see. I don’t think he likes to act out for the cameras, and that’s why he pushes her away, because he feels it is phony to kiss and do certain things on camera. I notice she often pinches him, so I don’t think she is afraid of him.I think Fat Al speaks badly to everyone also, but we don’t see it, he seems as angry a person as his wife. I don’t think being such asses on TV can possibly be good for the Brownstain.

  20. This man is totally resentful and unhappy in his marriage. He is a mean sonofabitch. He’s gonna die a lonely man.

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