MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s BravoBlog… Says Teresa Giudice “Credibility Gone”…Caroline Manzo “Lucky” and “Not A Fake Person”

August 27, 2012  5:25 pm  Bravo

                                                   From the creative mind of “Housewife Hoe”!!!  

NOTE:  MeGo forgot the salutation, “Hi Lovers!” this week!!

Another crazy episode. I think you could tell by my face that I’m just so over all the fighting and craziness. I really can’t take it anymore.

I think Kathy was just trying to explain to Teresa that the Manzos and Lauritas are really good people, and that she should try harder to fix things with Caroline. I told Kathy that I wished she didn’t say anything, because at this point it is clear that Caroline does not have to deal with Teresa. She is not her family, and luckily she can walk away. Caroline is not a fake person and she tells you exactly how she feels. It’s very obvious how she feels about Teresa and why she feels that way. She is very happy with her family, so sometimes it’s just better to get someone poisonous out of your life. I think that’s exactly what Caroline is doing and who could blame her?

I will say I got a sick feeling in my stomach when Caroline said she’s been in the car with Teresa and heard Teresa bashing Joe and me to her mother. This is nothing we didn’t know already, but to hear about it is just sad. Joe suffers all the time because of the wall Teresa tries to put up between him and his parents.  Nothing hurts him more. When they are upset for no reason at all, my kids don’t get to see their only grandfather. I think I understand why she lied and tried to poison everyone’s minds against us, but why his own parents? It takes a person with a very, very small conscience to do that.

Then to tell Caroline that I was a copycat, a stripper, gold digger, whore, and wanted to be her? Wow. This blows my mind. Where does she get this from? Every one of those statements is false.

When will MeGo eggmit dat she does wanna be Tree?



It is terrible to go around and try to ruin someone’s character. It’s just not right. I’m not gonna lie, I really think it’s disgusting and I wish she would stop. The sooner she stops trying to hurt other people, the sooner her own life will get better. It’s not fair to do these things and lie to all of us constantly.

There is now proof that she gets paid for these articles and she was lying to us the whole time.  NOTE:  Are the NJ Housewives the ONLY people who had no idea that Tree wasn’t makin’ money from the magazines??  I think her credibility is now completely gone. I tried everything I possibly could to fix the relationship between Teresa and me and Joe. It was going really well. I did this for family. I did this for my husband. It is now clear that she tried to poison all the ladies’ and the public’s minds against Kathy and me and got them to feel sorry for her. But now the truth is coming out.    NOTE:  It would probably help if people knew what the hell any of these NJ chicks were talkin’ about!  AND… MeGo did this for “family”???  No singing career?  No Bravo paycheck??

GMA October 2011… MeGo does not mention “family” as a reason for being a NJ Housewife!

I really feel that I tried to help Teresa. I knew she was having problems with the other ladies, and I jumped in and tried to help. I tried to give her advice. I also tried to make all the problems between her and her brother go away. Joe and I left that house with her and Joe. Whether or not we agreed with her, of course we left with her, she is family. Last season I threw that woman Monica out of my house for her. Joe and I were not going to let them fly home drunk. We are true family. With that said, we have worked really hard to make a beautiful family of our own and give our children a healthy and happy lifestyle. I will not let anyone, family or not, try to break that. We are giving our all to her and Joe, and I deserve the same from her. Hopefully, she will reciprocate and we can keep this good thing going.

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190 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s BravoBlog… Says Teresa Giudice “Credibility Gone”…Caroline Manzo “Lucky” and “Not A Fake Person”

    • she doesn’t know that…love how she made this blog about her, when she was rarely on this episode

  1. This is the bratiest blog. Amazing that she thinks this kind of talk will do anything to repair their relationship. She believed every single word that Chuckie and Kathy said about Theresa. Every word without contemplation. She has been just looking for a reason to hate theresa so she jumped on the word of two people who actually hate Theresa. I would never outright believe someone who hated another, when they were recounting something..if that makes sense. It could be true, but I wouldn’t pay any attention to it because it was told to me by a complete “hater”. Can these women do anything other than bash Theresa? Do they have anything else to say at all?

    • All of them projecting their weakness towards Teresa; she’s an easy target.Teresa is not good at expressing herself as she should. It does not mean that Teresa is dumb, far from it -she has ‘street smarts’but lacks in book smarts.
      What a sad spectacle; as much as they work to take Teresa down, she keeps getting back up. Chucky is so consumed by hate and disdain towards Teresa due to jealousy, her ind is fogged up beyond what is acceptacle and healthy.Jacqueline, rather than focus on her sons autism, she sure has lots of time to get into T’s business; thinking and demanding she has a right to know all of T’s troubles. Who the hell is she thinking her herd mentality matters to anyone. She clearly has mental issues.

      • This is true. Sometimes I wonder if Teresa would be much more potent if she were able to explain herself in Italian, rather than English. lol She seems to have a rough time forming a sentence orally, especially when she has all of these harpies constantly ripping and baiting her from different angles. Also, she must be very self-conscious about what she says, since I’m sure that she doesn’t want Mandy CoaxHens to constantly rip on 2 or three stupid mispronunciations to national TV for a quarter of a reunion show, while, others come off being just as ‘dense’, but nonetheless get a few ‘get out of jail free’ cards handed to them.

  2. it’s like she wrote the blog without watching the show because her words clearly do NOT match what we’ve been seeing ….

    • OMG, I wrote the same thing and erased it..These ladies are on the show and yet, they’re watching a completely different program!!

      • It seems that you are the one watching a different show… Teresa is so clearly in the wrong – I am amazed you people still want to close your eyes to the fact that Teresa is constantly lying, backstabbing and playing the victim like no other. She is so fake, pretending to be such a little innocent lamb. Puuuuhleeese people, are you still buying that act???

        And she is such a hypocrite! It is ok for her to make “jokes” about others (by the way, what was funny about her remarks in the cookbook?) but if someone makes a joke at her expense she is deeply hurt and the person is out to get her? She constantly puts people down (“Melissa can´t sing”, “Skinnygirl tastes diety”, “Caroline can´t cook”, etc.) but when someone says something negative about her it is supposedly out of jealousy?

        Teresa doesn´t want anyone else to shine besides her, everything always has to be about her. And if someone else comes close to the spotlight she takes out the claws and puts them down. And, of course, she never owns any of her bad behaviour.

        You people must be just as delusional as Teresa if you cannot see that she is a textbook narcissist.

        • I think the delusional people are the jealous hags on RHONJ who think they can tell the viewers to hate Teresa and we will just follow their orders.

          • Well, the people on this blog sure seem to follow Teresa blindly. Like good little soldiers. It is really weird how all the comments make Teresa look like an innocent victim to a herd of big bad wolfes that is out to get her. Just makes me wonder how people can actually miss all the backstabbing and vile comments that Teresa is constantly putting out there. She is sneaky and egotistical. But you seem to be buying into her act of “I didn´t do anything”…

            What has happened to keeping an open mind?

            • Miala: Cannot sway anyone’s opinion re any of the HWs! All the HWs are open for debate on SH… and would hope that no one is following any of the HWs “blindly”! IMO, SH readers and commenters are too intelligent to be led blindly by any of the HWs; they have stated their reasons for allegiance to whichever HW they prefer. TFC!! SH

            • Nobody here follows Teresa anywhere, dear. We simply comment on what we see. And all I have seen this entire season is Teresa apologizing, and a bunch of nastiness from the others. And coming on here and attacking anyone that doesn’t agree with you by calling them delusional, blind, or good little soldiers is not going to make anyone want to read your posts.

            • Miala . when you resort to calling others posting opinions” good little soldiers” then you loose any ability to prevent a convincing argument. If you have to resort to name calling then where is the proof of your argument?. I’m not sure how Tre is sneaky or egotistical. I don’t know her personally. JMO it would require a certain amount of ego to present one’s life on a reality television show every week. Again not sure how that translates in to egotistical. Is Teresa allowed to have opinions? I’m not sure that Tre’s actions are so God-awful that it translates into anything worthy of a two year campaign of bullying and shaming culminating in an out of control vicious rant. Perhaps bullying has become a problem in our country because many cannot identify it when they see it happening right in front of them. Or perhaps some can always find justification for a group attacking one individual.

              • ITA. Nobody’s saying Teresa is a saint. ALL these women are posers. They ALL have legal, marital and financial issues. The fact that most of the cast feels justified ganging up on one shows how “stoopid” they really are. They really feel that they’re better than Teresa when, in reality, they’re all in the same situation.

        • You aint the only one that says “Teresa doesn´t want anyone else to shine besides her” Kathy has said that before too. But then again…. it’s Kathy so.. grain of salt and all that.

    • Totally! I thought the same thing. Did she watch herself on the show? Guess she was just acting in Napa. And duh…..Melissa, you and T hated each other. Of course she thought she was venting about you to her friends. As for Caroline hearing T trash Mel on the phone to Ts mother? I call BULLSH!T on that one. T and Caro were never actually close according to Caroline….Why would she be in Ts car and why would T be talking on the phone with her mom, who she sees every day according to Meliisa, with someone in the car? BULLSH!T. I warned you all last week…..BEWARE OF THIS NEW NICE MELISSA. She shot herself in the foot with this blog!!!!! Lots of people were beginning to soften their opinion of her because of her nice behavior towards T on the trip. But this blog tells her real feelings!!!!! Way to go cowgirl…… really blew it this time!!!!! Thanks for making me right.

      • Who doesn’t confide in their friends regarding problems with family members? It’s healthy and a safe way to vent unless you have backstabbing friends like Jax and Caro. Is it any surprise that Tre no longer confides in Jax or any of them. Would like to be a fly on the wall when Wall Eye Wakile confides in her friends . Oh no I am wrong. MeHo and Kaki have no friends.

        • How is bashing people and name calling in any way “confiding in your friends regarding problems with family members”? What are you even talking about? Teresa called her sister-in-law a whore, golddigger and stripper. How is that confiding problems? That is nothing but bad-mouthing. You must have totally lost all sense of reality as well as social appropriateness…

            • LOL Made, bingo! It isn’t just bad-mouthing if it is TRUE. And you can bet it isn’t all Teresa, I bet their mother could smell Mego too.

              • But isn´t Teresa the one who keeps emphasizing on loyalty? Well, if she had any loyalty to her family or any manners she certainly wouldn´t talk to others about her brother´s wife this way. Whether it´s true or not. You just don´t do that, bad-mouthing or outing your s-i-l like that. It shows bad character.

              • How about supplying the dirt to your family members enemy and joining a reality show behind the back of the relative you hate? Does that not count? I don’t really care to sway your opinion, but your attacking people’s perception of reality is tired and unnecessary, especially when you leave out crucial details. We are all adults here and we can all read/think for ourselves.

              • Absolutely, same goes for Melissa´s actions, they are just as bad. None of them have been doing the right thing. I am not on anyone´s side, not trying to make any side look better. I just find it weird that people here seem to have an excuse for everything Teresa does, in most comments she comes off as an innocent little angel. Everything is being blamed on the “mean and jealous” others. That just makes me wonder if some people have a distorted perception of what they see. I suspect they deliberately close their eyes to all the mean and irrational things Teresa says.

                I am in no way biased, I think I have an open mind, and I see Teresa behaving horribly (note: not to say that the others are any better!). She is a textbook narcissist. She can only ever blame others, always the poor victim, she lies all the time, never owns any of it and she puts other people down in order for herself to look better. Plus, Teresa is a hypocrite, she can make jokes at other people´s expense but when they do it to her she cannot take it. She actually has a pretty bad character.

              • Look, I am not going to argue. I don’t even like Teresa. BUT as a viewer, I don’t think she is doing anything worse than any of these other women on any of these shows. I don’t really get the villification of Teresa Giudice by Bravo and the cast of various series. They’re all a bunch of famewhores, every last one of them. Why no one reacted to Bethenny the way they react to Teresa is beyond me. I guess because Bethenny did it more “eloquently” and did it first? I will say, the stark difference is that I saw Bethenny do alot of defending of herself and I see Teresa not giving a f—. Teresa is not the only one with ego problems, not the only one with financial issues, not the only one with snarky digs in the talking head interviews and without a doubt not the only one talking to tabloids. The whole argument is dumb and had ruined the show and I blame Caroline, Andy Cohen and Melissa for taking it this far.

              • For the record, Tre told her bro directly that MeGo was a golddigga’ so how is that behind anyone’s back?

              • What shows “bad character” is going on a reality show and making your family look bad. There’s a big difference between doing petty little things like throwing away sprinkle cookies, and ganging up on your sister-in-law with her enemies. Mego is trying to take Tre down and get her off the show. That would take money out of Tre’s household, and away from her children. Before Mego got on the show, not many people knew all that went on with she and Teresa, but Mego didn’t care enough about her in-laws to keep herself off of television. Mego doesn’t care about anyone but her fake-ass, auto-tuned self.

            • Oh a whore sleeps around is there any proof Melissa sleeps around on Joe?
              whats the proof she is a gold digger oh yea she made a comment while dating about his house sorry that not proof in my book. as for being a stripper she isnt one now
              what she did prior to her marriage to Joe is irrelevant she striped for a short time BIG DAMN DEAL how long is she have to suffer being called names for a comment she made yrs ago and a job she did for a short time before she was married.
              why is it ok to call Melissa names but say anything bad about ST Tre and It a sin against humanity.

              • One last thing Just because ST Tre says something dosnt make it a fact she wouldn’t know the truth if i t walked up to her and slapped her across the face

              • She spoke to Danielle. That makes her a turd in my book. The gold diggin whore stuff was just for chits n giggles. She proved to the family what a worthless POS they have always suspected she was by going to Danielle.

              • Going to Dinyall was a low blow for sure and wrong but Its time to stop thinking Tre is the 21 century Virgin Mary

              • Why is that a low blow?? They’ve been friends for 15 years, friends share things. I don’t see this as something out of the norm – in fact who better, at least Dina knows her sister.

              • Wasn’t there someone on here a while back that knew Mego and said that she has cheated, and would leave him if she got a better offer? Idk I can’t remember the poster’s name.

              • No no Stacy I meant Going toDanielle (mego) was a low blow I forgot Danielle wasnt called DINYALL (A nod to how jax pronounced her name) here but at another site sorry for the confusion

          • Well apparently you don’t have a problem calling a complete stranger expressing their opinion socially inappropriate and questioning their grip on reality. It’s called venting frustrations to one’s friends, privately. Of course with friends who are willing to blare your private confidences to the reality tv viewing audience not sure who needs enemies. maybe if the shoe fits Melissa should wear it though. This is my opinion so please relax dearie just because it does not coincide with yours does not make it any less valuable. I always know when the truth is spoken some person like yourself always appears to bash away. So do your best sweetie. I’m not going anywhere.

            • Oh my, you really are taking this personal. Sounding like a sour grape.

              Don´t worry, you can hold on to your “truth” – interesting that you claim to have an omniscient point-of-view…. “when the truth is spoken”

  3. OMG she tries or thinks she is such an angel.Little midget Joe looked like such a p@@sy walking behind everyone when they were packing to leave.No balls just a follower both of them.

  4. What credibility does Melissa have? And when is someone going to come behind Melissa’s back and let Teresa and the rest of the world know the awful things Melissa and Joey have said to their friends and family in regards to Teresa and Joe?! The downright hypocrisy on this show is disgusting. I’m not saying Teresa is innocent at all. However, Caroline, Jacqueline, and Melissa have all given interviews on their life and bashing Teresa and things Teresa has allegedly said on and off the show to various magazines and tabloids. C, J, and M don’t have former friends and backstabbing family on the show to say how they’ve said awful things about Teresa and Joe behind their backs (even though they’ve all said horrible things behind her back on the show).

    These people better hope and pray karma isn’t real because they’re in for it.

  5. It is funny that Chuckie complains about Theresa saying negative things about them.
    I have been watching all year. All she does is talk behind Theresa’s back and every sign comment is obnoxious. Every episode revolves around her family discussing Theresa in a super negative way. This is the same with why would they every complain about Theresa discussing them. It is astounding for all of us to watch this – It is like when you are watching a horror movie and the damsel in distress does not see the ax murderer right behind her, yet we all see this as plain as day. They do not see all the hate and negativity they are passing out week after week..and then they rip on Tre for doing this.

  6. Yahoo! I love this blog! I was so worried that she was going to pretend to have Teresa’s back at the reunion and get sympathy for doing so (and get asked back for another season). She’s sealing her fate by siding with Caroline. That’s right, Melissa, you keep piling on Teresa w/the rest of them. Let’s just hope Bravo cleans house after this season.

  7. Melissa was on facebook while season 1 was airing talking about all of them. Melissa was the one who told Danielle about Theresa’s foreclusure. Does Melissa think we are delusional as she is.

  8. So no it’s Teresa’s fault her kids can’t see their grandfather. A few blogs ago she said she spends time with the grandparents all the time and they don’t discuss the show. Which one is it?

    Pick a lane puhleeze!

        • Are you buying into Teresa´s bullcrap? The family was already broken before Melissa went on the show. As we heard numerous times Teresa was trying to convince Jaqueline to hate Melissa + Kathy and have nothing to do with them. She tried to make everyone believe they were bad people. And that was before they came on the show.

          Obviously, Teresa has always hated Melissa since she married her brother. She became irrationally jealous because her brother´s attention suddenly didn´t revolve solely around her anymore. She has said so numerous times. She cannot accept any woman besides her.

          • So according to your rationál, MeGo was justified in contacting Dirty Danielle and telling her all of Tre’s personal and private information??? Ever watch Godfather2? MeGo, JoGo and Froggy remind me of Fredo Corleone and we all know what happened to him.

            • No, absolutely not, that is not my rationale. Just like Teresa you only hear what you want to hear. Melissa´s actions are just as horrible. I am not going to set up a scale on whose actions were worse, since we don´t know the whole story anyways. I am just not buying the act that Teresa is so innocent and Melissa is the evil person who came in to destroy the family. Watching Teresa´s sneaky ways and rude behaviour I can simply not see her as the poor little victim she likes to portray herself as…

              I believe that Teresa has done at least the same amount of nasty things to Melissa as vice versa. None of them has shown any better judgement in this feud and none of them can let go. I am just tired of this picture of the oh-so-innocent-Mother-Teresa! Not buying it…

              • “since we don´t know the whole story anyways.” UM..for someone who doesn’t know the WHOLE story, you sure have lots to say about Teresa, and have basically been judging her. At least US here at SH based our opinions solely on their behaviors, YET you Lysa ooops, i mean…um…what your name again?

              • I don’t think anyone of the posters on SH think Tre is the Virgin Mary, she is not perfect, BUT we all have been watching the show and Chucky’s hatred towards Tre is not justified based on her stupid cookbook & magazine accusations. Froggy just stirred the shit to instigate the fight, Jax backyard ambush made absolutely no sense and MeGo’s blog above is hypocritical and total b.s. So with that logic, many of us can’t understand this season’s relentless attacks on Tre. That’s all.

              • HH: Well said. If one of those NJ sub-humans would just come out with what the problem actually is, and not speak in riddles, it just might make some sense! A forward in a cookbook? A losing meatball challenge? PUH-LEEEZE! TFC!! SH

              • I think SH commentators base everything on what they see. If you went back to the end of season 2, Tree was totally on many MANY SH-T lists with people here on SH. You’ll also find that Caro got a good deal of loving.

                Season 3 was a game changer because things changed. New castmembers came in and some liked MeGo and JoGo and some didn’t. Tree was pretty low on the totem pole of positive comments but as the season progressed and the characters took their rolls the tide turned. Although not perfect, Tree managed to come across as a more decent human being then her counterparts. In my book they’re all a mess. They’re a sideshow masked as a reality tv show that is a horrible wreck and here we sit all sit rubbernecking.

                So here’s season 4, spoonfed back to back from season 3 and guess what. We choose to support the lesser of the evils. Right now it’s Tree. Could it change? Of course it could. If something is shown, if there’s proof of anything more ugly then what seems to be going on and it comes from Tree you will see all of us eat our words. The problem here is that there is no proof. All we see as viewers is a ditzy woman who is trying hard and succeeding at riding her D level celebrity so as to keep her lifestyle.

                What I see with everyone else is a failure to do the same. I don’t think it’s for lack of trying, but instead of endorsing themselves they think putting down the other party will win them favor. It doesn’t work that way. If they put half as much effort into pushing thier wares and building their “brand” as they do in the negativity they have promoted for Teresa, they’d be on the opposite side of the viewer support.

              • To tell you the truth, there were three people that was on my radar from the first season, i liked Dina, i hated Caroline, i think she believed in her own hype. I kinda felt for Danielle, because i could see that she was BROKEN and wanted their friendship.I also think that Teresa was being played by the Manzo’s from day one. She seems to be someone who speaks her mind, has no problem with confrontation, which Dina and Caroline lacked, so they sent Teresa. I think she was being horrible things about Danielle…UNTIL she was bit herself. I was happy that Bravo had chosen Teresa’s SIL and cousin for the show..BUT I DID NOT KNOW THEY WERE ALREADY TRYING TO GET ON THE SHOW…so i waited for season 3. Throughout season 3 they kept sating that Teresa does horrible things to them, and i couldn’t wait to find out what they were, and season 3 came and go, NOTHING WAS REVEALED. Season 4 started filing and they kept on saying EVERYTHING would be explained. I think season 4 was supposed to be the HATE TERESA season, BUT Teresa’s popularity rose. The viewers was supposed to HATE Teresa…BUT it did not work out well. Celebrity Apprentice came, which helped her image a bit, her third book became a BEST seller…AGAIN, so not the fans are duped. NOW it seems that HER FAMILY WAS JEALOUS OF HER SUCCESS AND POPULARITY, and many times said she needed to be ‘down and out’. At the same time MANY other housewives were fling for bankruptcy…MOST of them divorced their husband and obtained a younger lover. But instead Teresa kept working, filed for bankruptcy and tried to milk her 15 minutes…and I gotta give her credit for that. THE OTHERS ARE LEFT IN THE DUST WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED…She used her own problems and made money of it, and gained sympathy…THAT’S PR 101. See Melissa SHOULD HAVE NEVER UTTERED A BAD WORD ABOUT TERESA…she would have played the victim REALLY well and would have gained sympathy…she came out looking for FAME, and they saw through her.

              • I find it very uhm shall we say amusing that you know Teresa well enough to call her sneaky. I mean seriously “sneaky”? Is that the worst you have because that is so playground. I disagree with your assessment because Teresa IMO seems the least sneaky of any of the housewives. Did she go straight to Danielle (BTW not a friend of any HW) and give D personal information about Teresa to use at the reunion show? hardly equates with tre confiding in her so called backstabbing friends. Did Tre spill everything she knew about MeHo and Joey’s life on The Common Ground blog? Wasn’t Teresa on the RHONJ first? Teresa has been very vocal about her problems with any cast mate. Let’s try using our big girl words shall we?

              • She is sneaky because she makes all of you believe that she never has any bad intentions when she says hurtful things to or about others. She just laughs off all her mean little jabs as if they were nothing and then repeats over and over “right, right, am I right?” or “I don´t hold grudges” or “it was a joke” or “I didn´t mean anything by it” when clearly she was bashing someone. She knows exactly what she is saying, she is not that dumb. She has the ability to make lots of people buy into her act. She simply repeats her lines of “innocence” so often that people start believing it. You might also call her manipulative.

              • That’s not being sneaky – it’s out there and we all see it. Sometimes we groan and say yeah right and sometimes we don’t. No one has said Teresa is perfect, she has her issues and may not handle things the way I or someone else would. That said, nothing she has done has warranted the 2 year bash and hate campaign that has been the RHONJ. Nor does she deserve the inequality dished out at Reunions when the others get a pass for their misdeeds but Teresa is grilled to death.

          • Miala I dont think you are seeing the same show as the rest of us. When Tre found out After the contracts were signed that her sister-in-law was going on the show she confided with Jax. (supposedly her best friend) She told her what was going on and am not sure but I never heard Tre say “I want you to hate Mel.” Are those the exact words you heard? Because maybe you could inform the rest of us in what segment you heard those exact words. Like Caro and Melanomia and now you keep saying that Tre lies about everything but have yet to give specific incidents or comments. Do you really think that Mel and Caro haven’t lied through out the whole season? Are you of the character to think that its ok to bully and gang up on a person (in mels case a relative) on national television? Can you honestly say that you personally know Tre,Mel and Caro enough to be able to make the judgments you have written here? I mean come on….You do realize that bravos idea of reality is bogus right? Are you a person who thinks everything you see on television is the truth and nothing but the truth? My grandson is six and even he knows that not everything on television is for real….The big difference between Tre and the rest of her fellow cast members is that she has not set out to destroy anyone. She isn’t outright mean and cruel. How about the rest of them? If you really are into someones character then there is no way you can support the rest of them and say that Tre is the one who has major character flaws. You infer that none of the other HW have done anything to Tre that she doesn’t deserve. WoW! Ummm you might want to look up the word delusional……

            • Wow, I am pretty amazed at how you read all that into my post … maybe putting a bit much of your own interpretation into my words? Now, if you were to read my above post you would see that I especially said that I do NOT condone Melissas actions and I am certainly NOT defending or supporting Caroline or Melissa or anyone else for that matter. And I do NOT infer that none of the other HWs have done anything to Teresa. They have all shown their fair share of bad behaviour.

              I am only referring to Teresa here because I am so puzzled as to why people actually seem to believe her act of being the everlasting victim and the oh-so-innocent-Mother-Teresa…

              I do not know any of the HWs personally and the impressions I gather are only from the show and other public media sources. That is why I explicitly pointed out that “we don´t know the whole story anyways”. And I certainly do NOT believe everything I see on TV is reality. Quite the contrary. So – like all of us – all I can judge on is what is public, right? So let me give the question right back to you: How do you suppose to know what is REALLY going on? You know more than us? How do you know what you call “the big difference between Tre and the rest” of them?

              And I do not agree with you, what I see of Teresa on TV is very much outright mean and cruel. She keeps bashing people with passive-agressive snide little remarks. Why doesnt´she happily allow her family to be successful with the show as well but instead begrudge them every little step of the way? She is egotistical and cannot stand anyone sharing the limelight. Why wouldn´t she share the opportunities with them? And I do not believe for one second that Melissa was such an evil bitch and Teresa the little angel that never started anything. They both hold on to petty things and are clearly both jealous of eachother. It played out very noticeably during the last two seasons…

              Now, again I am going to emphazise that everything I form an opinion on is taken solely from the sources we all get to see. I guess I am no different from anyone in this blog, right?

    • It’s just like Caroline saying Teresa and herself are not friends and do not spend time together, yet she overhears all of these conversations and wants a personal apology.

  9. All I saw her do was sit there with her mouth shut never once stood up in defense of Teresa. Then the moment she’s out of the room she sides with Caroline incomplete contrast to her talking head statement that Caroline should just drop it and move on! Hypocrite then when alone with Teresa and Kathy she says give Caroline time you guys are friends you will work it out! How is sitting silent defending your sister in law? She should have had the brass balls that Caroline thinks she has to stand up and say, Enough is enough and the rest is just dirty take and remove Teresa from the situation not sit there with Caroline saying nothing will come between their budding friendship! Talk about misplaced loyalty. Talk about being a backstabbing witch. Sadly, I will say I have a sister in law and mother in law like this. I have n do live this.

  10. Why does any one watch this show….. I checked out after the second season, and i only watch the reunion, cuz someone always hits somebody, and of course that’s always fun.

    • If it was on pay-per-view and I knew that wonky-eyed Miss Andy and the Chuckster were getting an ass whuppin I would pay actual money to see this. I mean it would be money well spent for the crapfest my DVR recorded and made me watch….right?

  11. Finally The Real Melissa has Returned! I was wondering when Melissa’s animosity was going to come out! This blog represents Melissa IMO, no “Hi lovers I’m so excited for about this and that and isn’t it wonderful?” If Teresa reads this, she is going to laugh because no one would want to “reconcile” with someone who just insulted them. Melissa is just trying to tell the viewers why she hasn’t talked to Tre in a year. I hope this Melissa comes to the reunion and not that long suffering martyr who attended the last reunion. Cant wait for Kathy’s blog. Will the real Kathie come out?

      • OMG! I did read her “in wine there is truth whatevs” blog. It was so boring, I forgot I had read it!

    • MeGo can finally exhale and stop pretending to be “nice” in the her blogs. If she felt this way, then why didn’t she speak up and “back-up” Chucky on last night’s episode? She just sat there and didn’t say a word. But now after a year she agrees with Chucky? Sorry MeGo, your blog is to talk about how you felt at the time of the filming. That is why filming and airing a year later is a bad idea, so much can happen in a year that it’s hard to ignore all the crap that transpired to cloud your blog writing. Total fail Bravo!

        • If you only watch the show and only read Bravo blogs, the viewer will be completely confused as to where this snarky, spiteful attitude came from. She is a moron.

  12. It seems like they’re all trying to spew the same theme to Bravo. We’re done, we can’t take it, Teresa is the problem, bla bla bla! Fire her…
    This blog was pathetic! She didn’t find it disturbing that Caroline had to out Teresa’s issues with her on national tv?

    • That was their intent, to get Tre off the show. Find anything and everything you can use against her or twist against her.

  13. This show has to be scripted, why else would it continue on this path of lets bash Teresa. MeGo’s blog makes no sense from what we have been watching. Is Kathy and Melissa Being paid to kiss the Manzo’s a** es or is Teresa acting and really getting paid to put up with this bashing and fake nonsense thats going on? I am huge housewives fan and usually watch just for entertainment but this particular show is disturbing with all the family feuding and bashing going on.

  14. WHY is ANYONE so surprised that Teresa was badmouthing Melissa to Caroline and Jacquelyn??? Melissa was contacting Danielle to get on the show to go after Teresa, Melissa EGG-MITTED that she HATED Teresa back then, does anyone think that if Melissa hated Teresa that she wasn’t doing and saying horrible things. It is as if Melissa and co think Teresa should have been speaking so highly of this woman who HATED her and was trying to get on the show to bring her down. It doesn’t make any sense. Melissa of ALL people should know AND understand WHY Teresa may have been saying these things to her friends. They ALL know that Melissa was being crappy and they should ALL understand why Teresa wasn’t thrilled with her. It is sickening and beyond stupid.

    • Maybe BubbaJax should take MeGo out on her deck and lecture her for 6 hours about holding grudges and stuff……

    • Well, you assume to know what was first: the egg or the hen? Why do you buy into this crap that Teresa is presenting of always being the victim, never being the one to lash out first, only ever reacting to the bad stuff other´s do to her? How do you know it wasn´t the other way around? Maybe Teresa mistreated Melissa first and MeGo just reacted to Teresa´s bad behaviour (which doesn´t excuse it – but why is Teresa always the victim?)…

      I do find it pretty convincing that Teresa rejected Melissa from the start. She became jealous because her brother´s attention suddenly didn´t revolve solely around her anymore when Joe married Melissa. Teresa has said so numerous times. She called her sister-in-law a golddigger, a stripper, a whore and even tried to make her brother believe that his wife would leave him for a richer man. Those actions speak volumes, they are born out of spite and jealousy. Teresa cannot accept any woman besides her.

      • Miala, I understand what you are trying to say here, I have also thought that trying to be welcomed into the Gorga family was very hard for Melissa. In the Rv Melissa said to Teresa now you have fake boobs, remember when you told me that your mom would think I was a stripper because I had fake boobs. Teresa didnt deny it. I think it has been a very hard road for Melissa to be accepted by Teresa and her parents. Teresa likes to bring up how close she was to Joe and that Joe was engaged just before he dated Melissa. Teresa also likes to mention to people she thinks Melissa is a gold digger and she would leave Joe. There is no denying Teresa has been pretty shitty to Melissa even before the whole Danielle thing or Melissa coming onto the show. I mean who keeps a card that you clearly think is a burn from someone like the redone house card to show others. I think the Gorga clan didnt think Joe and Melissa would last so they didnt try to form any bonds with her. I think that Joe spending more time with Melissa then his family puts a big riff between them all and they blame Melissa. With that said, I dont feel its was right of Melissa to go out of her way to get back at Teresa for the slights she felt. Contacting Danille was wrong, saying things on camera for Teresa’s parents and kids to hear is also wrong. I dont really feel there are any right parties at this point because none of them can be the bigger people and just let it go.

        • DeeDee, I completely agree with you! Melissa sure has taken her fair share of inappropriate actions towards Teresa. But just watching Teresa it is easy to tell that she has a very mean streak and makes snide comments all the time. She has said so many nasty things about Melissa as well as to her face. It makes me soooooo sick to hear Teresa saying “I don´t hold grudges” when in the next sentence she brings up some petty thing from the past or says something rude about the person she allegedly doesn´t have a problem with. She does that all the time. It is just fake!

          Like you said, none of them can let it go. I am just so tired of Teresa´s victim attitude and frankly amazed that so many people still seem to be buying into that…

          • Teresa doesn’t have a victim attitude and frankly that is why so many have seen another side of her beyond the table flipping biotch in Season 1. A victim would lay on her couch pissing and moaning about her circumstances or drinking herself into oblivion. Teresa seemingly has made a genuine attempt to stay above the fray or maybe she just doesn’t have time anymore with 4 daughters , a demanding career, financial problems and quite likely marital woes. When it rains it pours and Tre has to keep an umbrella open full stop.
            The only HW on this show who has demonstrated an ounce of personal growth is actually Tre. She has managed to build a brand and change from the self indulgent spoiled housewife busy spending, spending to earning, earning. Do I think she’s perfect? No. But I have grown to grudgingly respect her positive can do attitude.

            • Above the fray isnt telling your brother who you know loves his wife that you keep hearing “rumors” that his wife would leave him if she found a richer guy. I think Teresa is all the things you stated above a very buzy women trying to build a brand and earn money. I think she loves her husband, Parents and children. I also think she has no issues stepping on anyone who she thinks would get in her way. I also think she has no problems creating or spreading lies if she thinks she can get away with it or use her money issues as an excuse as to why she did it. She may not be laying on a sofa at home, but she can and does use the victim card in other ways.

              • I thought that the reason she brought up the rumors she was hearing about Melisskank was because her brother was telling her stuff he was hearing about her husband. Her point in telling him the rumors was to demonstrate that people say a lot of stuff and that doesn’t make it true.

              • I’m pretty sure Tre spilled as a response to Joeys accusations about her husband.Yet isn’t it funny that Tre kept the conversation private and Joe chose to use it on the show.

              • Oh, that´s funny, now that is a totally new story line you just made up there… By the way, you should re-watch the episode. She didn´t say anything to the effect of “I only said it cause my brother was telling me rumors about my husband”. But – thinking about it – that would actually be a typical made-up Teresa excuse! Never the one to do something first, always the one to simply be reacting to other´s actions…

                She only said that her brother had told her rumors about her husband before – when this happened wasn´t mentioned.

                And “I´m pretty sure” Tre started the rumor herself and spilled it to Joey to sow seeds of doubt into his brain. OKAY, just speculating… haha. But that would actually fall in line with what I have seen from Teresa lately… She is constantly putting down someone.

              • Joe Gorga didnt tell Teresa about JoeGiudice cheating, she looked at a text that said if Joe Giudice didnt stop threatining to kick Joe Gorgas butt he was going to tell Teresa about the cheating. Teresa was never supposed to see the text and when she did thats when she went after her brother with the “rumor” about Melissa. I dont know if Joe Gorga would have ever told Teresa, I think it was just a threat to get Juicey to stop. Thats the thing about Teresa, no she never says much on camera, just the few things about Melissa. Thats her MO, she has good pr people, if its never said on camera then it cannot be proven. I think she says plenty off camera.

          • I just dont get why if someone come son here and they say Neg things about Tre they must be a family member of Melissa real people see thru Tre crap and dont like her
            If thats the case then all you singing Tre praises must be her family or HER

            • No Lisa, we just know that the housewives lurk here, and often post. Sometimes someone new will pop on here and I can tell who they are, or are related closely to….I don’t call them out, though, it is very entertaining to let them post!

              • Haha, who am I ?
                You said you can tell who I am – now that is interesting…

                FYI – I have never been to NJ in my life. Wait, forgot, I flew to Newark once.

      • “Why do you buy into this crap that Teresa is presenting of always being the victim, never being the one to lash out first”

        “Why do you buy into this crap that MEGO THE LOOKER’S STRIPPER is presenting of always being the victim, never being the one to lash out first”…THERE I FIXED IT FOR YA…

        • Well, only mistake in your reasoning is: I DON´T

          I am not a supporter of Melissa or any other HW for that matter. They are all quite insane. Only thing is, I don´t hold Teresa to a different standard like you seem to be doing…

          • I’m not so sure – you claim you hold all the housewives in the same disdain but so far you only seem to have a problem with Teresa…..why is that???

      • Teresa has had multiple opportunities to shred Mego on camera to the fans and everyone else. She never really does. The only people saying bad things about MEGO are the rest of them saying that Tre said it to them either off camera or in confidence or whatever. She really hasn’t said ANYTHING firsthand, whereas all of them have said crap about TRE ON CAMERA. After the way Chuckie and Drunkie have been acting….I don’t trust anything they say about anyone. Same goes for Froggy the Saint of Wayne. I’m on the fence with Mego…I kinda like her.

        • I agree with you (except the liking MeGo part). Everything that Teresa has been accused of saying will be left to the debates, because NONE of it was said on film. Even in the backyard ambush, Teresa denied asking Jax and Caroline to snub Melissa and Kathy. Caroline immediately shot-back that Teresa “implied” it. So, even Caroline is admitting that those comments were not actually uttered by Teresa, and she certainly doesn’t have a cache of film-footage to “prove” Teresa did say them. There’s nothing…just Caroline’s bitter, jealous say-so.

          However, the other four have NEVER filmed a scene or a Talking Head without backstabbing Teresa. That we can prove, with two full seasons of film. Teresa is not the one trash-talking her family and friends to the world….that’s the others’ MO.

  15. We hit our peak with these people@ PROSTITUTION WHORE/TABLE FLIP, it’s been down hill since. It’s a write off.

  16. Mel,
    Nothing put those dang walls up between your husband and his parents anymore that him telling the whole flippin public that he pays his daddy’s mortgage. Its very clear that yall have convinced yourself that this is an overwhelming burden for you to bare and thus want to make darn good n sure EVERYONE knows who “charitable” you are to his parents. I can only imagine the things you say to your husband regarding this issue alone. All the play prettys you COULD be buying for yourself if you if weren’t for that blasted parental mortgage. You two are a HUGE disappointment to his family. Strighten up. It aint too late. Its never too late… until it is.


    • Missy posted a picture on twitter last week of her family with the inlaws celebrating a birthday. I’m very confused at the blaming Tre, there is nothing wrong.

    • Thank you, Made. Worst thing EVER SAID ON NATIONAL TV BY A CHILD ABOUT HIS PARENTS……I will NEVER forget this act of public humiliation put upon Joes parents for the purpose of making him look good. YOU, JOE GORGA, DO NOT NEED ANYONES HELP ALIENATING YOUR OWN FAMILY. Good job. Hope it was worth it.

      • Well ahem …Joey is the MATRIARCH and all. You just can’t make this shite up. It’s patriarch Joey. Patriarch as in Papa and Matriarch as in mam. Fillicide as in your parent’s killing their child and that would be you idiot.

    • Aw Made…so appropriate! I happen to be dealing w/an aging dad..he’s not infirm ..still healthy enough to yell at me daily about the stuff that’s aggravated him; but this is a great reminder! I do try to show patience and when I can’t I skip a day talking, but not many.

      On another note: I think Kathy is either a real piece of work or just plain stoopid for initiating that whole dialogue about Caroline. Apparently she wants to have some role in this mayhem to assure her place for next season. I liked Kathy but she is an airhead.

      • Kathy is a real piece alright. She jumped right on the destroy Tre wagon. These women are all too stupid to realize that if Tre leaves, their next..

    • Exactly! Stumpy and Meho made very hurtful public allegation towards the senior Gorgas and that was not right. You don’t see anyone else talking about parents and grandparents on their blog. They don’t want to be associated with this BS so honor and respect that Meho!

  17. “It’s very obvious how she feels about Teresa and why she feels that way.”

    No, Mego, it is not obvious WHY Caroline feels about Teresa the way she does. Everyone has been asking FOR TWO SEASONS WHY Caroline hates Teresa.

    “It is terrible to go around and try to ruin someone’s character. It’s just not right. I’m not gonna lie, I really think it’s disgusting and I wish she would stop.”

    REALLY Melissa? Yes, it is terrible to try to ruin someone’s character and you idiots have been trying to do just that to Teresa for a long time now.

    “But now the truth is coming out.”

    Yes, the truth is coming out. The truth is, you came on the show to ruin Teresa. You know it. We know it. You need to take a hike!

  18. All that Caroline, Jax, MeHo, and Kathy say is, “Teresa said this…said that….talked about us here…talked about us there.” BUT, it was always done “Off camera and behind the scenes.” So, we’ll have to take their words for it. (In fact, Teresa said to Caroline, when they were out on Jax’s deck, that she never asked them not to talk to Melissa and Kathy. And Caroline said, “Well, you implied it.” Still, just Caroline’s take / word.) Yet, were have hours and hours of film over the past two seasons seeing those four talk trash about Teresa non-stop. They talk of NOTHING else. So, what the HELL is Melissa talking about?

    • THANK YOU. Melissa is lucky that Teresa didn’t freak out more over Melissa giving Danielle all the dirt. Why this topic is not discussed by anyone on the show more is so insanely obnoxious.

      • because Theresa is trying to move forward and doesn’t spend every blog and waking show hour trying to trash MeGo…Chuckie, Kathy, MeGo and their posse are the ones that are the stars for trashing people.

      • I would LOVE for Bravo to bring Danielle on the reunion show with the MeHo texts and emails begging to help take T down. Now that would make the ratings skyrocket but unfortunately, Bravo has it in for T so I don’t see that happening.

  19. This woman is so filthy! And anybody who falls for her line of BS is a complete idiot.

    A family member of mine, a legitimate “Don” — and that’s probably the first time those two words have been used in conjunction! LOL — married a woman with a background similar to MeGo’s. She was his second wife and he married her for “business reasons” — meaning so she couldn’t be forced to testify against him — and his mother and the other women in our family never referred to her by name, only as “that woman.” When the need for the marriage passed and they divorced, in addition to her settlement she stole something like $500,000 in physical cash from him, which was quite a lot back in the ’60s. His mother would be spinning in her grave if she knew that years later “that woman” had attempted to profit from their marriage.

    For the record, then — and out of respect for a truly incredible woman who would be spinning in her grave if she were thought to be attached in any way to “that woman” — MeGo is not now and never will be a member of Teresa’s family. She’s MARRIED to a member of Teresa’s family.

    Unfortunately, JoGo is no Don — in truth, LCN probably wouldn’t have him — so Teresa’s family may have to deal with “that woman” for a long time. Let’s not add insult to injury, though, by calling her a member of the family!

    • Real, your take on the MeGo situation is interesting. “That woman” is one heck of a piece of work for the Gorga family to have to endure.

      • I have been saying that since season 3. I said Meho needs to accept that, instead of change. Teresa and her family DOES NOT view Meho as a Gorga…Joe Gorga knows it too.

  20. What truth is coming out? Are we back to the freaking IN TOUCH magazine articles? There is no show without Theresa. Yes, it is the Theresa Show. And without Tre you and Koma Kathy would not be on the show. Instead of bashing your loved one, why not thank God that she had the ambition and drive to get on the show in the first place! Anything you and Kathy earned from the show is because of Tre. You are both disgusting, talentless ingrates.

    Do you actually think that Chuckie and her disgusting children give a darn about you Missy?

  21. Everytime Mego says “…it’s just sad…” it actually means she is very happy with the situation. I think that she is secretly happy that Joey does not get along with his sister and parents – it means more attention for her. Same for the relationship between Tre and DonCaro and Jax – the more they fight, the more attention mego gets.

  22. MeGo is completely dilusional! Has everyone of them forgotten about all the nasty things they CAME ON the show saying!!!! (Kathy and Melissa & Joe) How many times did Tre “turn the other cheek” just to be slapped again. I mean come on…i dont agree with some of the ways Tre is responding now, but after a while any human being would simply get tired of people talking iiish and start giving it right back to them. Now they’re soooooooooooo offended????? REALLY?
    NEXT did anyone catch last night when MeGo said “just remember who had ur back!” Now was that a line for cameras or what! This girl is dying to make the audience change their minds about her. You didnt have her back! You and Kathy sat right there and let the entire room charge at your “family”. STOP THE MADNESS disappointed in all the men. Anyone of them should have stopped that inevitable trainwreck. Any real man would have stood in the middle of that room and made a Taylor move: “ENUFF!!!” Joe came close, but still no cigar….well…wait…he did have a cigar huh?…hmmmm.

    • I know. I know my husband, dad, brother-in-law, cousins, etc. would never have sat there and listened to that b.s. BUT that is the real world, this is RHWONJ land and let’s remember that they are all getting paid so they had to bend over, assume the position and take it… so to speak.

      • I agree. I have a son in his early 20′s, college educated, hard working, in a great relationship, an all around great kid, and he would always support / protect me ….UNLESS…I began acting like Caroline. At that point, he would have NO PROBLEM saying, “Ma, knock it off. You’re making a fool of yourself.”

  23. I want Andy to ask her about the Common Ground blogs. She did not just put Teresa and Joe down, she tore Caro and Jaqs marriages too. Please let Danielle be at that reunion.

  24. What happended since last night’s Talking Head when Melissa said Caroline should just “let it go.” Seems that maybe Chuckie, after seeing no one support her, has been turning the screws again to get her little minions back in line.

    • MeGo watched Chuckie’s talking head where she said that Teresa had told them all kinds of stuff about MeGo: that she was a stripper, a whore, a family wrecking slut, and so on. Hmmmm……it is almost as if Chuckie is putting wood on the fire of Teresa’s family problems instead of a lid.

    • Teresa speaks to her parents in Italian because they’re not comfortable in English. Caroline said several sessions ago she wished her parents had taught her Italian, but they insisted on speaking English to their children. It’s not unusual – I live in Florida and we have immigrants from all over the world. Some cling to their native tongue; others insist their children only speak English.
      The whole Kathy intruding in the middle of the fighting looked very much like one of the Bravo producers whispered in her ear and sent her over there (to see if she could fan the flames a little?).
      Everyone keeps talking about what happened later on in filiming, like Teresa did some horrible thing. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next (but then I guess that’s what Bravo wants, huh?).

    • Well, she has been a housewife for years, so she could have gotten her lazy ass p from the sofa and taken a language course or a private teacher. Not that difficult, huh…

  25. I don’t know, could Melissa really be that stoopid, she know this woman really hate Tre, if I know you hate this person I would never beleive any thing you told me about her. I don’t react to hear say and anyone who do is really a fool.

    Melissa’s a stupid liar, did’t she say in one of her interview that ey have dinner with her in-laws once a week.SMH

    • i had the same thought TOSMART, why would mememegore CHOOSE to believe the shite that came outta caroLYING’s mouth?

  26. Well, I am now crossing NJ off my list too. Along with OC, BH (as long as Taylor is on) and Atlanta. NY is really bad this year. I can’t get through one hour of them either. Bravo is about out of time with the “Housewives”

    • me too St Pete Girl. the only one i will be (read: can stomach) watching going forward is RHONYC. it doesn’t matter who is cut or who comes back, the fun is gone for me and it ain’t coming back.

  27. They should all look up to Tre, she more real than any of them and ‘, I would want her for a friend,
    Tre said she’s loyal to her friends and she has proven that because she knows what happen with Dina and Car and she could shot Car up, but out of loyaity to her friend she just let caroline keep bashing her for it, but I think Caroline is trying to make Tre betray Dina.

  28. It doesn’t matter what they say. It’s a year later and they still talk, trash, sell, and speak Tree’s name. Must be eating them alive. Tree has gone forward, does her signings, and lives her life with out saying their names (unless asked questions). But when Tree is interviewed they have questions they can ask “How’s the books, How’s the kids, When are you doing another book, Love the hair care line, Your teeth look so good, Love the wine, any new flavors coming and so on”. When the other’s (chuckie and the chipmonks) interview all they want to know is about Tree. Must go up thier butts KNOWING they are NOTHING without Tree….

    Tree had to do nothing, but let the other’s open thier mouth and speak. One year later girls and what do you all have??? NADA, ZERO, NOTHING….and what you do, IS ALL IN THANKS TO TREE. Hahahahhahahahahahahah you guys lose, once again. Must suck to live in Tree shadow girlfriend. You should of sided with Tree and made her your homie and then maybe you could of gone/done something with your no talent a##..

  29. And Missy you lucky you are not my SIL, because I would “out” you as a Lookers Stripper. I would have a custom made T-Shirt that glows in the dark, with signs posted, and because I have the money take out a few billboards…To expose you as the B@^%$ you are.

    No one made the Sr Gorgas hate you, but you. What you think they are blind and deaf? They know what you are. To keep the peace with thier son and to be able to see their grandchildren. Or did you forget that Gorga Sr. outed you when he said he would come over and you didn’t open the door. DID YOU REALY THINK they would of picked you over their flesh and blood. NOT going to happen and that drives you nuts. You can’t pull one over on them. They see you Missy, they see your heart and soul and it’s as BLK and nasty as that stuff the Manzo’s are trying to porn..They got your number and I’m sure they let you know, so that is why you stay away from them because you can’t play your game. Tree got it to, but wants to have her brother in her life, so she gives you a pass EACH AND EVERY TIME and still you can’t stand with her on anything. YOU ARE not worthy of licking the shitt off the bottome of Tree’s shoes…….

  30. Ah Melissa, Caroline is SUCH a good person! Maybe she could help you embrace YOUR truth. And if Caroline is lucky enough, maybe just maybe Christopher and Albie will bring home two gems like you for daughter in laws. Then you can all exchange sprinkle cookie recipes!

    • If Melissa plays her cards right, maybe Mama Manzo will let her be the headliner at Critturfur’s stripper car wash for a while.

  31. She is a jewel isn’t she? Clearly she is desperate to be famous, to have a singing career (would be helpful if she could sing) and to copy Tre’s success. If only MeHo can tolerate Joey’s pawing a little while longer until she can latch on to a bigger, better more successful “owner”.

    • Yes, and when she finds her next meal ticket she already has her excuse of why she is leaving Joe Gorga… Teresa ruined her marriage, Joey couldn’t turn his back on his family so he ultimately turns his back on Melissa… Blah blah blahhh more victim garbage.

  32. Caroline mentioned that Teresa said that Melissa was a stripper. That is how Bravo found out and set up Melissa with her former boss.

  33. This is to Melissa Gorga:
    Melissa, Caroline is the one who “outed” you as a stripper in her talking head. The Bravo Producers are the ones that dug up the Lookers manager and set you up. Can’t you see that? You are such an idiot for kissing Caroline’s ass! Hahahahaha!!! Caroline is the one with a history of “investigating” and exposing somebody’s past, look what she did to Danielle with her book.
    Teresa could have told the public long ago, but didn’t because she knew it would hurt her parents. You know that. I know you do.

  34. It’s obvious that Tre told Chuckie and JaxStaber shit about the fame whorgas when they were not in a good place. The viewers never heard Tre say anything bad about them until they came on the show trying to take her down.

    Chuckie the female famewhorega and Jaxcohilic make sure that we know every mean thing Tre has said or done. Even tho it was done while they were so called friends. How JAXASS and Chuckie can do that is disgusting. Those bitches have no loyalty and the lengths they will go through know no bounds.

    I could never do a former friend.

    • You just know that Teresa knows plenty about them that she could spill. Part of me wishes she would tell all and part of me respects her for not betraying the trust that was put in her while she was friends with these s#it stains, even though she is no longer friends with them.

  35. Mego is just idiotic. She would think the sky was red, if Caro told her it was. A normal family member would take anything told to them by someone who despises their sister in law with a big grain of salt. But not Mego, she believes Caro and goes right on the attack against Tre. This just makes anything and everything Tre said about Mego being nasty and disrupting the family ring true.

  36. Total different topic…If you look at episode 17 of RHONJ, while sitting on top of Joe, Teresa said “hon, we should go and do something on one of these vineyards. That’s when Meho suggested a sex tape. This was in the beginning of the episode. I don’t think she was “marking” her territory in the vineyards. Shoot she just wanted to have SEX with her husband in the vineyard…He had already said HECK NO in the car, when she suggested it, so i don’t think it was him not wanting her. Also season 3, he was all over her in Catskills, and it was filmed less than six months within each other, so i just don’t believe that this man does not want his wife…He wants his cake and eat it too..THEY ALL HAVE SIDE PIECES…except Dickie Wakile…i mean come on WHO WANTS THAT?

  37. When the hell is Teresa going to bitch and whine about all the nasty things that Melissa and Kathy have said about her to the press? Let’s all be real here, Melissa and Kathy were bashing Teresa long before that infamous “In Touch” article came out. The things that were written about Melissa, kAthy and Caroline were all direct quotes out of their mouths from season 3.

    Melissa and co. are acting like they never threw Teresa under the bus or bashed her in the media. But of course, since it’s RHONJ and everyone is against Teresa, Bravo conveniently leaves out all the articles that Melissa and Kathy have “sold” where they bashed Teresa nonstop.

    Teresa needs to grow a bigger back bone and come to the reunion with a list of things her family and friends have said about her behind her back so they can all STFU and realize that they’re all in the same boat.

    • See Nicole, when you making money, there is NO TIME for small timers,such as Meho. She can’t whine, she needs to work and pay her bills, and i think her immediate family and her business should be her focus right now…gotta make as much as you can and pay down those debts, before that 15 minutes clock run out. See The Gorgas have no DEBTS (can’t keep a straight a face), that is why they have TIME…they are WEALTHY.

  38. Teresa needs to spill the tea on Melissa if she was really a stripper. If she can’t prove it, it makes her look bad to say something this horrible about a person. It’s a lose, lose situation anyway. If it’s true then she looks like a bad person for trying to hurt her brother because he is madly deeply in love with his wife. Btw is possible that Gorga knows if this is true. He seems like a person that would fall in love with a stripper. LOL. If it’s not true then she really looks like a horrible person. Teresa phlease provide proof or zip it.

      • That’s right, and there’s no proof that Teresa actually told her. We’re supposed to take Caroline’s word for that. Caroline could and probably did dig up the info just like she did with Danielle.

          • Here’s the thing: if we can see it, why can’t MeHo? Or do you think she can, and doesn’t care, she just wants Tre off the show? Doesn’t she understand that if that were to happen, Caroline would completely destroy her? I just don’t think Tre would or could destroy her in the same way. Why would she NOT align herself with Tre? She can’t really be that dumb, to not see through Caroline’s schemes, can she?

            • Good point. Same thing could be asked of Jax. Time and again, Don has broke one off in her too. This time MeGo’s outing Jax’ semi outing via the Poshe show was just collateral damage. Don’s main target was to make it look like Tree did it… and possibly a little pay back to Jax for daring to dream on the couch instead of verbally taking Don’s side. Evil.

              • So maybe they’re just too afraid of her, and are taking their chances that she won’t do it to them too? Maybe that’s why Teresa went after Danielle (not giving her an excuse, just trying to understand why they all seem so cowed by Caroline, including Teresa, who still appears to want the woman’s friendship after all she’s done to her!)

              • Could it be completely orchestrated between those nasty four. Something along the lines of….”Melissa, you take the fall. Jax, you feign complete devastation and skip tomorrow’s reunion. Kathy, you back me up that Teresa was the mastermind. And, together, we can go on the prowl and attack Teresa. She’ll never see it coming, because she’ll never expect that WE set-up the whole Fashion Show fiasco. Are you with me, ladies?” Again, in Caroline’s SMALL mind, this could have been a perfect way to get rid of Teresa forever, and for the rest of the no-accounts to finally have some sympathy (eg. marketability) with the viewers.

  39. Don Caro comes across as angry but not calculated. Yet people underestimate her motives. Carowhine accomplished 2 goals with her big reveal. 1) She threw Teresa under the Bravo Bus and destroyed any reconciliation that might have occurred . Mission accomplished for further damaging Tre’s character. 2) Carowhine revealed that MeHo has a stripper past therefore putting her safely in Danille territory for next season.

  40. If MeHo would eggmit her past(whatever that might be) she takes away all Don Caro’s ammo in one fell swoop. Same for Jax. The reason the Don keeps stabbing away at Teresa is because Tre DID say sorry and the viewers didn’t react as angrily as Carowhine wanted. Make no mistake Carowhine wants Tre’s blood on the floor and off the show.

  41. I apologize if someone mentioned any of this above– I think Melissa and Kathy are defending Caroline and Jacqueline, because they desperately want to remain on the show. It’s obvious that the Manzo family is very friendly with the producers of the show, especially the Manzo boys and Gregg (or at least that’s the impression I got when I checked out their twitter many months ago), plus it’s obvious that Andy Cohen adores Caroline. I think Melissa and Kathy should tread carefully, however. When Caroline wanted to get rid of Danielle she adored Teresa and her girls (and believe me, I understand why Danielle had to go). Now Caroline cannot stand Teresa, so she has to go, so she needs Melissa, Kathy and Jacqueline. Caroline has an agenda– I believe this is the reason viewers are confused when reading the blogs, because they do not always correlate with what is currently taking place on the show, so we’re told “read between the lines.” Melissa, Kathy and Teresa have their issues, but clearly Melissa and Kathy are willing to sell their souls for a reality show and Caroline realizes this. I just find the show so hard to watch now. I think many of us feel sorry for Teresa, because we do not believe she is malicious — she has trouble articulating her thoughts (I can so relate) and does not give much thought to what she says. And if you’re this way around real friends, it’s not a big deal. But if you’re this way around people who are looking for a reason to bash you– you’re in real trouble.

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