YOLANDA HADID FOSTER: “YoFo” Doesn’t Watch RHOBH… WHY “YoFo” Signed Up For RHOBH… Doing Show To Promote Her “Hopelessly Romantic” Merchandise… VIDEO

June 19, 2012  3:15 pm   CanadaTimesProvince…  


“Why is someone as bright and beautiful as Yolanda Hadid doing a show like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  NOTE: Yolanda’s name on SH will be “YoFo”… if you happen to see it somewhere else, it originated today (June 19, 2012) on SH!  

Yolanda and David Foster…

“It’s very motivating,” said Hadid, reflecting on Dutch Hollywood Women, another show she starred in that inspired her.   NOTE:  “Dutch Hollywood Women” was cancelled… SH reader “SD” reported about the spinoff show “Astrid In Hollywood”… back in November 2011!

Hadid confesses she doesn’t even watch Real Housewives.  “It’s not the kind of TV I want to watch,” she admits, adding she’s doing it “because there are five other women on the show.”   NOTE:  HUH??  


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Hadid says she was motivated largely because Real Housewives could be a platform for her new business.  NOTE:  “Could be?”  

“They have 22 million viewers worldwide,” said Hadid, who will soon be launching…Hopelessly Romantic, a line of romantic merchandise such as linens, flowers, greeting cards and candles with titles of songs Foster has written.

 Yolanda and David Foster… married 11-11-11

“I’ve been working for two years on this business based on the David Foster collection,” she revealed.  “At this point in life I don’t think there’s anything else I can do and get that kind of exposure.”   NOTE:  YoFo will start out with “Hopelessly Romantic”… and then a BOOK… and then SKIN CARE… and, of course, a vanity WINE!

Yes… YoFo is gonna be all about romance.  You will be seeing more of this:


NOTE:  YoFo just started her twitter account July 31… in preparation for Season Four of the RHOBH.  For your convenience, YoFo’s twitter, facebook and website can be accessed via her  SH “Bio and Links” page!

Yolanda on “Dutch Hollywood Women”… preparing for wedding to David Foster…


Just to be VERY clear… this is NOT the RHOBH’s Yolanda Foster!


THIS is…

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