YOLANDA HADID FOSTER: “YoFo” Doesn’t Watch RHOBH… WHY “YoFo” Signed Up For RHOBH… Doing Show To Promote Her “Hopelessly Romantic” Merchandise… VIDEO

June 19, 2012  3:15 pm   CanadaTimesProvince…  


“Why is someone as bright and beautiful as Yolanda Hadid doing a show like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  NOTE: Yolanda’s name on SH will be “YoFo”… if you happen to see it somewhere else, it originated today (June 19, 2012) on SH!  

Yolanda and David Foster…

“It’s very motivating,” said Hadid, reflecting on Dutch Hollywood Women, another show she starred in that inspired her.   NOTE:  “Dutch Hollywood Women” was cancelled… SH reader “SD” reported about the spinoff show “Astrid In Hollywood”… back in November 2011!

Hadid confesses she doesn’t even watch Real Housewives.  “It’s not the kind of TV I want to watch,” she admits, adding she’s doing it “because there are five other women on the show.”   NOTE:  HUH??  


rhobh yolanda gif

Hadid says she was motivated largely because Real Housewives could be a platform for her new business.  NOTE:  “Could be?”  

“They have 22 million viewers worldwide,” said Hadid, who will soon be launching…Hopelessly Romantic, a line of romantic merchandise such as linens, flowers, greeting cards and candles with titles of songs Foster has written.

 Yolanda and David Foster… married 11-11-11

“I’ve been working for two years on this business based on the David Foster collection,” she revealed.  “At this point in life I don’t think there’s anything else I can do and get that kind of exposure.”   NOTE:  YoFo will start out with “Hopelessly Romantic”… and then a BOOK… and then SKIN CARE… and, of course, a vanity WINE!

Yes… YoFo is gonna be all about romance.  You will be seeing more of this:


NOTE:  YoFo just started her twitter account July 31… in preparation for Season Four of the RHOBH.  For your convenience, YoFo’s twitter, facebook and website can be accessed via her  SH “Bio and Links” page!

Yolanda on “Dutch Hollywood Women”… preparing for wedding to David Foster…


Just to be VERY clear… this is NOT the RHOBH’s Yolanda Foster!


THIS is…

RHOBH david yolanda clown pg mags

36 comments on “YOLANDA HADID FOSTER: “YoFo” Doesn’t Watch RHOBH… WHY “YoFo” Signed Up For RHOBH… Doing Show To Promote Her “Hopelessly Romantic” Merchandise… VIDEO

  1. Married11/11/11 just like Kim and Kroy.Who cares!!! More self promotion at the hands of Bravo.Every HW has a motive for being or joining the show.Blah Blah Blah!!!!


  2. Heres what i think; Yolanda is a very ghetto name. Yolanda looks skanky. Yolanda has obviously had a lot of work done but still shows her 49 yrs. Yolanda is good friends with vanderpump so I’m hoping she can possibly spice things up. Yolanda is replacing a dimwitted former dancer/hooker therefore I’ll assume we have no where to go but up…….here’s to YOlanda!


  3. She’s interesting looking. Does the carpet match the drapes re: her blonde hair?

    Yolanda is a ghetto name?. LOL. The more you know…


    • I doubt it,but there’s something off w her looks……..almost as if she’s wearing colored contact lenses a la Paris Hilton. Or she needs to change her hair color. Not interesting in these photos at all…….typical spray tan, boob implants, facial fillers, a dime a dozen in ny and LA. Good body though minus fake boobs. As I’ve said before vanderpump is the only real beauty. She actually looks like Cameron Diaz and Joanna krupas offspring


  4. She must like being on tv. Sure doesn’t look like she needs the money. I still can’t believe she was married to the Crypt Keeper Mohamid. He’s so creepy.


    • I guess Bravo either doesn’t care or has no control over how they present themselves. It sounds like she plans on an infomercial not a tv show. She is up front about her motivation.


  5. Dear SH, please don’t confuse Yolanda with Astrid. The first is Dutch (from Holland) and the second is Flemish ( from Belgium). Astrid is a phenomenon from a Belgian show, cancelled after one season which was called “Flemish Hollywood women” and Yolanda was a part of the cast of “Dutch Hollywood women” that lasted for 2 seasons. I believe those ladies never shook hands. Astrid could be easily Yolanda’s daughter.
    Astrid has now her own show on Belgian TV called “Astrid in Wonderland” in which you can see her rolling her eyes, she developed her own language (mixture of American and Flemish). She drives around with her ” pimped out, chromed out Pussy Wagon, has a lot of phobias and is more American than most of you.


    • Uh, Gigi…..easy on the “more American than” crap. We Patriots don’t take kindly’. Not surprised if this site has a global audience, however “most of us” likely bleed Apple Pie.


      • My comment “more American than…” is rather general. It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone. Shallowness is spreading all over the world, also in my country. Sometimes we need to look at the world without being too serious. I have family living in America who are very happy there, I’ve visited your country few times and I’ve seen some beautiful places and I’ve met some great people and I’ve seen some weird stuff too. I’m sure if you would visit my country, you would laugh with some of our local stuff; that’s life…
        Astrid has a lot of real fans in my country. She is very amusing with the way she talks. She did leave Belgium only few years ago and seems like she already forgot most of her mother tongue. Her brother moved to USA before her and doesn’t seem to have that problem. The way she interacts with her husband is also very amusing to watch. I’ve seen her in Belgium without cameras around her and she seemed totally different than on TV. We love Astrid like we love all of the Housewives. Peace:)


        • gigi: You certainly assume a lot. If you had an inkling of any knowledge of the US, you would know that Belgium would fit into the state of Maine… and ten Belgiums would fit info the state you’re most familiar with, California! I’m just among the many SH readers/commenters who have been to Brussels… no big deal. To be perfectly blunt: no one cares about Astrid. And to be even blunter: one thing that doesn’t go over on SH is passive/aggressive comments such as yours! “It wasn’t my intention… blah, blah, blah”… “Peace”… really?? Get lost. SH


  6. I don’t get it with these women, she doesn’t watch the real housewives, BUT signed up anyway. It seems the Dutch Women thing she did was JUST like the housewives. Ms. Thing is looking for TV times, and she is OLDER. Gotta give it to David Foster for marrying a 49 year old….


  7. OMG! Another fool willing to give all privacy and dignity for what? Signing on to a Housewife show is like selling your soul to the devil and the devil is BRAVO. For fame? Bravo can manipulate and control your story any way they want to create drama. You more likely to become infamous.
    For the big bucks? Most of these ladies come on the show thinking the same thing and end up broke! Hope she really has her own money cuz the making big bucks is mostly a fantasy.


  8. Total snob! And I love how she says she made every square inch of that house. Somewhere there are architects groaning and cursing! And designers. Like she did it all. And how many times does she have to say the house is 12,000 square feet! Okay, we get it. Your husband is rich and you are wife #4. When Kyle said she liked her refrigerator, Yolanda’s first comment was “I designed it myself”! Brag, brag, brag!!!


  9. whenever Yolanda appears on the show I change the channel- I cannot bear to even look at her – She is not even pretty she looks half man – and her husband is a joke – look him up and see the other reality shows he has done – he is a disgrace …She brags and brags about him like he can walk on water she is just to phony for me and saying that about a women who is on a show about being phony is saying something – and no I am not jealous – nothing to be jealous of as far as I can see – who wants to be wife number 4 ?….she needs to worry who will be wife number 5 – and how much she can take from David when this marriage ends like she did with the other husband . I am just hoping they get rid of her so I can go back to watching the entire show.


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