SONJA MORGAN: Sonja In The City’s Party For “The Beekman Boys”… All RHONY Attend, Except LuAnn de Lesseps… VIDEO

August 23, 2012  6:40 pm    Bravo

                Sonja Morgan… Sonja with A “J”

Sonja Morgan throws a party for her friends, the Beekman Boys, who are former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia vp Brent Ridge and drag queen-turned-ad executive Josh Kilmer-Purcell…

                                                         Beekman Boys…

All the Real Housewives of New York, except LuAnnie are in attendance… interesting… for many reasons!!


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24 comments on “SONJA MORGAN: Sonja In The City’s Party For “The Beekman Boys”… All RHONY Attend, Except LuAnn de Lesseps… VIDEO

  1. Mmmmmmmm……..Wonder why its so interesting that Lumann wasn’t in attendance? Annoying how sahnja always boasts about what a fabulous party thrower she is, usually name dropping along with it. But these days if you look closely everyone of sahnja parties is filled with such cheezoids, and nobody looks great. Yup, I’m dying to Goto one of your parties sahnja, and Fo sure I’m gonna hire you for my next fete….promise. And there goes Papertowel howling ” hey gorgeous” (hope ya lose a leg too) fake fake fake fake

    • the reason Luann isn’t there is because she has half a brain and decided the beekman boys are about as relevant as Blair’s retarded cousin on the facts of life.

  2. Sonja uses everyone. Her make up artist, hair dresser, designer are all gay and not bashing them but think that she fakes this gay avocate to draw in fans and ger freee services. Id like to see how much they really give once shes not on the show. I guess thats the price she will pay for using ppl. Shes claiming shes getn child support now, must be how she affords her botox, restelene, nice clothes. I think if she didnt drink she wouldnt b so bad but you hang with ppl who do the same things as yourself so she will be besties with Ramona as long as shes supplying the wine and a free place in the Hamptons. Ahhh Cant believe she believes she is so ENTITLED

    • woah i agree so much with you. I’ve felt that for so long about using the gay community. Entertainment in NY is lead for sure by the gay world. No offense about that, but Sonja must know … No rich straight guy would keep up with her craziness, plus wouldn’t trust her being drunk all the moment. Also I think there’s more wrong with Sonja then we can see, she shows very much symptoms of a highly abused woman. And also about her hanging around with wrong ‘same’ people. So True, she’s just not able to learn her lesson, she doesn’t know how to be patient in life and really build up a new life!!

  3. Good god, not the ‘Holla’ again…….Sonja didn’t arrange to have a DJ? Her parties always look so low rent.

  4. At 2:13 in the video, is that a weave in Ramona’s hair? It surely looks like one!!! Can’t these chicks afford any decent haircare????????????? These HW shows are all the lowest of low!!

    • Well Papertowel takes good care of her hair. She sees yarok. Mordechai is a genius at restoring damaged hair and hair conditioning treatments. Even if her style is kaput, the quality is nice now, she used to have fried brittle hair. It looks good cuz of yarok salon/ mordechai

      • I’m not talking about the style, nor the state of damage her hair might be in. I’m talking about the obvious clip-on weaves she has that are attached almost near her scalp-line, in the back. It’s pretty cheap looking for someone “wealthy” in these shows. You could buy better quality clip-ons at Sally’s!!!!

        • I meant that papertowel seeks quality care and spends the $$$$$. You used the word afford, that is what I was referring to and added the rest strictly for educational purposes

  5. It is very annoying that Sonja keeps talking about “Her Catering Company.” She Does Not Own a catering company. Sonja helps to arrange for caterer’s for her “parties” and I use the term “party” quite losely.
    I really do feel sorry for Sonja. She is a very broken woman. I think the reason that she puts on airs, name drops and drinks so much is because she is desparately unhappy and afraid for her financial future. It is like she is trying Too Hard at having a good time, but it is not genuine.

  6. For a “Lady”, SonJa and her party planning biz seem low end. The venues are either crass or cramped or both. She should retitle the company, “SonJa in the Sleazy”… In addition to that, she’s trying to place all her bets on a gargantuan sized, out dated, utilitarian kitchen appliance that most people don’t need: A toaster oven. WTH?

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