SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Kandi Burruss… Manzo/Laurita “VacationDiary”… Tori Spelling “BF Called Ugly”… UPDATE: Joe Giudice, BigAl Manzo “Chicken Argument”… PT’s “Beauty Tips”… Alexis Bellino “Looks Like THIS After Plastic Procedures… “Cafface”…

August 23, 2012  3:40 pm   4:25 pm   Today’s robotic arm afternoon snack is loaded with:  A frozen Snickers bar wrapped in chocolate fudge cake, double dipped in marshmallow sauce, then dipped in thick caramel, covered in chopped pecans… and a side of bacon bits.  YUM!!


                                          Alexis Bellino…

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 Aviva “PaperTowel” Drescher…

PT did a PHONE INTERVIEW with some lucky chick at a site called “FashionDish” … which PT obviously made a “deal” with…and chatted about PT’s “fashion choices.”

Included in the coveted PHONE INTERVIEW was this gem:

HS: What are your go to beauty and hair products?

AD: Fred Brandt skin products, Yarok Hair products (organic), and Biologie Recherche P50 astringent.

NOTE:  Poor Fred Brandt products!  PT is NOT a good advertisement for skin care products!   YIKES!!


The JoeGiudice/BigAl Manzoid argument re the chicken shack can be put to rest!

                             Thanks to “GLH”!!


             Kandi Burruss and boyfriend, Todd…

From BET:  Kandi Burruss has enrolled in sex ed classes.  More than likely an online course…


If you want to know how the Manzoid/Lauritas spent part of their summer, check out how they vacationed “just like you and me” from Patch!  Some of the highlights:

  • Jacqueline went canoeing and jet-skiing with Caroline. (I’d pay good money to see that!)
  • Caroline didn’t have much time to work on her tan, since ”she was cooking her ass off!”
  • Big Al knocked off and prepared on helluva large lobster for dinner.
  •  Notice the water bottles by BigAl’s arm…
  • Al and Caroline got up early every morning to walk the beach together (Al’s quite the romantic)


Totally OT… Tori Spelling is whining to ETWeekly about her old boyfriend, Nick Savalas (Telly Savalas’ son… and kinda related to Nicolette Sheridan)… Tori is blabbing that Nick called her “ugly” back when they were dating.  Back when Tori was on 90210.

UH… hello… Tori…

NOTE:  Look at it this way, Tori… had you not been the daughter of the producer of “90201,” you would never have been cast on that show… or on any show, ’cause your looks very obviously were made for radio!  Another whining “need no talent, ’cause of I was born to the right parents” case!


                                                 Beloved by “BSL”… and many others… the ever effervescent Adrienne Maloof!

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