SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Kandi Burruss… Manzo/Laurita “VacationDiary”… Tori Spelling “BF Called Ugly”… UPDATE: Joe Giudice, BigAl Manzo “Chicken Argument”… PT’s “Beauty Tips”… Alexis Bellino “Looks Like THIS After Plastic Procedures… “Cafface”…

August 23, 2012  3:40 pm   4:25 pm   Today’s robotic arm afternoon snack is loaded with:  A frozen Snickers bar wrapped in chocolate fudge cake, double dipped in marshmallow sauce, then dipped in thick caramel, covered in chopped pecans… and a side of bacon bits.  YUM!!


                                          Alexis Bellino…

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 Aviva “PaperTowel” Drescher…

PT did a PHONE INTERVIEW with some lucky chick at a site called “FashionDish” … which PT obviously made a “deal” with…and chatted about PT’s “fashion choices.”

Included in the coveted PHONE INTERVIEW was this gem:

HS: What are your go to beauty and hair products?

AD: Fred Brandt skin products, Yarok Hair products (organic), and Biologie Recherche P50 astringent.

NOTE:  Poor Fred Brandt products!  PT is NOT a good advertisement for skin care products!   YIKES!!


The JoeGiudice/BigAl Manzoid argument re the chicken shack can be put to rest!

                             Thanks to “GLH”!!


             Kandi Burruss and boyfriend, Todd…

From BET:  Kandi Burruss has enrolled in sex ed classes.  More than likely an online course…


If you want to know how the Manzoid/Lauritas spent part of their summer, check out how they vacationed “just like you and me” from Patch!  Some of the highlights:

  • Jacqueline went canoeing and jet-skiing with Caroline. (I’d pay good money to see that!)
  • Caroline didn’t have much time to work on her tan, since ”she was cooking her ass off!”
  • Big Al knocked off and prepared on helluva large lobster for dinner.
  •  Notice the water bottles by BigAl’s arm…
  • Al and Caroline got up early every morning to walk the beach together (Al’s quite the romantic)


Totally OT… Tori Spelling is whining to ETWeekly about her old boyfriend, Nick Savalas (Telly Savalas’ son… and kinda related to Nicolette Sheridan)… Tori is blabbing that Nick called her “ugly” back when they were dating.  Back when Tori was on 90210.

UH… hello… Tori…

NOTE:  Look at it this way, Tori… had you not been the daughter of the producer of “90201,” you would never have been cast on that show… or on any show, ’cause your looks very obviously were made for radio!  Another whining “need no talent, ’cause of I was born to the right parents” case!


                                                 Beloved by “BSL”… and many others… the ever effervescent Adrienne Maloof!

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111 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Adrienne Maloof, Kandi Burruss… Manzo/Laurita “VacationDiary”… Tori Spelling “BF Called Ugly”… UPDATE: Joe Giudice, BigAl Manzo “Chicken Argument”… PT’s “Beauty Tips”… Alexis Bellino “Looks Like THIS After Plastic Procedures… “Cafface”…

  1. Every time I read about the Chuckie and her band of fools reporting on every aspect of their lives I am reminded on Dina’s blog at the end of S3. Dina made reference to instead of the show being about their lives people doing everything for the show and publicity. Their constant tweets go above and beyond marketing themselves.

    • I think Chuck is the type that needs to feel like she’s important in someone’s life. Get’s too caught up in that instead of her own life I think. One major reason for the bitterness.

  2. I cannot believe Miss Maloof is still trying to sell those over priced jokes she calls shoes. They had to put those things on clearance at Lord & Taylor, because no one would touch them. I was in the checkout line at L&T and the ladies in front of me where making jokes, cackling and snorting about them!!! They were originally priced to compete with Louboutin and Feragamo! Too funny! :D

    • Jax spent her vacation with a blender of alcoholic beverages. Because that’s the first thing “they” tell ya when your child is diagnosed … go home get and stay likkored up. Your child responds better to consistency so now is not the time to sober up Jax.

      • Yup.. Jac looked real comfy with that blender..and probably all the booze that went into it. She seems like the same old Tree bashin, trash talkin, wine swilling Vegas gurlllllll to me.

        • I saw the video that Ashlee took of the vacation and the two boys looked great and going about playing and enjoying themselves…………….mommy and daddy looked great also….

          • That’s great the boys were playing. My autistic cousin couldn’t still still to do that on the beach with all the sounds. He had to find a quiet place and stay there. And his mom stayed with him all day not off drinking. It makes me wonder about the truth or if Jac is embellishing this alittle. I really feel for her son and the family. But I believe Jac is crazy and is not liking the fans trashing her and sticking up for Teresa. Why would Jac be so focused on Teresa and her magazine covers if all that is going on with your little boy? That wouldn’t even cross my mind. Maybe I am wrong . I hope her son gets the help he needs.

      • Caroline is afraid of failure/not being perfect on camera at all times. She even refused to belly dance at Kathy’s house. If she can’t completely control a situation she won’t participate.

        • True , you remember even on the first season when Danielle was fussing at Joe for a remark he made during a lesson? She refused to even try that- lessons. If someone’s trying to be perfect they can’t really have any fun , they have to try & judge… you see what that’s led to with her. I really think she’s gotten worse over the seasons.

          • Hence the reason I nicknamed Don Chuckie the “Fun Vacuum”. If there is fun to be had she will suck it up! Maybe Al Sr. wouldn’t cheat if she used her “sucking” in better ways

        • I agree and if her book fails she will say Teresa called people in the book buisness and sabotage it. Lol.

  3. Hahaha! Beloved by BSL…yes, and so are you, Ms. SH! I notice a sweet and salty trend with your snacking. I know a fleur de sel caramel addict, so makes total sense.

  4. Yeah – DonCaro and Jax – canoeing and jet-skiing.
    FICTION. Would love to see DonCaro jet-skiing.

            • Lindsay is totally hanging on to this bunch in hopes of achieving their “fame”. And Lauren is happy to help because now she has a “friend”. Because we all know that baby Al has no sexual attraction….oops…I meant time…for women. He is cute, but damn….absolutely no sex appeal. Anyway, Lindsay, you should probably hitch your star to another wagon.

            • Oops. Hit the reply button too quick on that one. I think Chuck is comfortable with her brother Jamie…so long as it is at a distance. A brother is one thing, but I dont know so much if it was her son. Thats a different ballgame. Its totally different when it is your kid. Im not sure…just putting it out there…how do you all think shed feel about that? Especially baby Al? I wonder if shed say that whole…..I just dont want his life to be harder, prejudices, etc thing. Or maybe it would be a good storyline for her fambly. Maybe she really wouldnt care. I dont know.

            • They never miss an oppurtunity to throw a dig at Teresa! I hope Dina is in and Caroline and family is out. they will get so jealous watching Dina and Lexi back on TV. Lexi will be 17, so she probably wont need that waiver signed by her dad.

          • This link is no longer available, I watched part of it earlier and had to go somewhere and I just got back. I tried to watch the rest and they took it down!

        • why would you put on a wet suit to jet ski? I’m just curious, I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and have only a handful of times if the air temp was below 60

      • That’s because she would melt like the Wicked Witch of Oz when wet.
        I bet that she probably can’t see her reflection in a mirror either…no wait, that’s a vampire. Never mind.

  5. And I could have SWORN that the 2 idiots on NJ were speaking about KFC joints; not just chicken joints… Checkers isn’t anything like KFC.

      • Checkers is nor a burger place, read the sign. It says Chicken, Joe said at end of Union and Al Sr. said he grew up on Kearney, which is a few blocks away down Union.

        • I’m pretty sure that sign says Checkers on it. I know I was reading it without my contacts on but…yeah it says Checkers.

        • Teresa grew up 2 blocks away from gelotis(did i spell it right) the other end od union ave.Wonder were Joe grew up,prob not far.

        • True, Antonella, but it’s known for burgers. And it sucks. Even the fries suck!!!!!!!!!!! They were talking about good, greasy/cripsy fried chicken. You don’t get that at Checker’s–you get it at KFC!

    • They were arguing about whether or not a KFC *used to be* on a certain street, they weren’t arguing about it being there now. So the Checkers photo is completely irrelevant.

    • But, they do have chicken sammiches and chicken tenders. Their burgers are awesome. I’ll only go to Checkers or Five Guys for fast food.

      • I agree with you on that!! I love me some Five Guys….but I’m in So. Cal where we also have In-N-Out too.

        • Boy, oh boy!! If you think that’s good, you HAVE to venture to this dreamy little bar on LI that has the absolute BEST burgers I’ve had in my life (and I’m a foodie). If you’re ever planning on going to LI, ask me and I’ll give you the name and addy of this place!! I swear, it has something addictive, like heroin, in it b/c it’s sooooooooooooooo good and as soon as you eat it, you want more! Even their coleslaw is to die for!

    • Nope, Juicy originally said chicken joint at end of Union, Al Sr chimed in and said KFC and Juicy agreed. According to twitter from either Lapband or Chrittifur, the argument went on for hours and Bravo edited it.

    • Yes she does and she’s got a nice looking man, too! Hope she doesn’t need the Bedroom Kandi so much anymore!

      • But her momma doesn’t even love her, aren’t they on the outs? When Daddy Spelling died he didn’t leave her any of his millions.

        • And her mouth has that “melted wax” look that MJackson had; no real shape to the lips. Very odd looking lady, IMO.

          Eeek! Poor Dr. Brandt, hope he doesn’t put PT on his website, she’s NOT a good example of the efficacy of his products. yikes!

    • With all the severe angles to her face and the heavy makeup she’s been wearing lately Heather really looks like a drag queen. I’ll tell ya’ RHONY has never really had many lookers.

      • No they never have lookers, except for vanderpump…….but this is wretched looking just like her insides

  6. Oh Miss SH, absolutely not good advertisement for Fred Brandt. LOL! Nor for biologie recherché. I bet Paper towel said it with that usual smugness of hers too. SH can u send that photo to the person who did the interview please (I’m hysterical), let them see what good her beauty tips did for her.

  7. I left a comment on FASHIONDISH for everyone to see her skin and other mentions on this site too. LMAO!

  8. Asslee sure likes to see herself in pics doesn’t she. Wonder what she’ll do for a living after HWNJ ends or her family is no longer on the show. It seems the only reason she got her BUZZNET job is cuz she was on the show.

    • her blog is such a joke. it’s just photos of herself or her little boyfriend. oops, my mistake–she blogged cute kitten photos from the internet recently. WTF??!!

      • That or she asks rhetorical questions. You know she doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. She’s delusional and thinks she’s oh soo cool and a trend setter. Hope she’s saving her money for when the Buzznet gig ends.

    • My daughter and niece are guilty of this. Too funny. I love them. Since I am maternal witness to this phenomenon it makes me giggle. Just know that for every picture Ashlee posts there are at least 50 she has deleted.. sorta time consuming.

      • at least your niece and daughter aren’t getting paid for it. I’m sure there are a lot of former buzznet interns that were more deserving of the paid gig, but the job goes to Ash and her kitten photos. I wish some of those buzznet interns that worked with Ashlee would write SH and give us the dirt.

        • Wouldn’t that be sumpin. Surprised it hasn’t already happened. But then again unless its verifiable dirt we will never see it.

  9. Tori was never pretty, just thin with a big rack and rich parents. I’m not sayin she’s fugly, just odd looking. Didn’t she have an eating disorder? I always wonder how they will afford their lifestyle in later years, I don’t think she inherited much.

  10. Kandi looks gorgeous and happy. She is really shining I am glad that she seems to have found a good man.
    That Manzo kitchen is so disgusting. A big sack of garbage on the floor and all sorts of rubbish stashed on the kitchen counters. Yuck!
    Too funny with the water bottles

  11. Lol @GregsLooseHole :-D You rock! Thanks for tweeting that! Please tell me you also tweeted it to Tre and tagged the febus idiots?

  12. I met Tori Spelling once while waiting in line at Matsuhisa restaurant. It was during the period of time she is referring to and I believe the guy she was with was Savalas. My 16 year old daughter recognized her and approached her to sign an autograph for my 17 year old son who was not with us. Tori, who btw was so thin and small that I had actually been looking at her wondering how a waist could be that small w/o knowing who she was, could not have been sweeter to my daughter. She seemed flattered, was gracious and signed the note with “Love”, asked my daughter a question about herself.

    AND – Tori was respectfully waiting in the long line with the rest of us.

    Whenever I read derogatory comments about her looks, which she was born with, I feel bad for her. People are attacked for their plastic surgery and atacked for not being beautiful – the line of acceptance is a very, very fine line.

    • I think when someone’s intentions are good, and by nature are decent, I agree leave them alone. But I don’t know tori and never met her…but the rest of the lot we discuss on this blog deserve the scrutiny, and also they did ask for it.

  13. once again, juicy was referring to a CHICKEN SUPREME restaurant on the corner of union boulevard and ryerson avenue in paterson. but yes, checkers is also at the end of union boulevard, however its not by a car wash like juicy said

    • There was a KFC a few doors down from Checkers up until about 15 years ago; it is now a car wash (126 West Broadway). Juicy was off by a couple of blocks but that is what he was referring to. It was owned by Ron Johnson, former NFL player. I worked at his other KFC in Paterson for a couple of years.

      • Interesting. So since they said the convo went on for way longer than it showed, i am imagining that Poppa Manzo must have been discussing plans to buy that car wash… ya know for his boyz to have nakeds warshing cars.

        • So funny …although, Caroline will not have a sense of humor about it – she might even put a hit out on you for that comment. Jk of course. So Juicy Joe was right and MR Manzo was wrong after he made such a stink about it.

  14. I watched the video long enough to see nicholas a few times, he seemed sweet, normal and a cute little 3 yr old hanging out with his family. It looked like a nice family vacation. From the few minutes I saw. Chris, Jax, CJ and Nick.

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