LISA HOCHSTEIN: New RHOM… Let’s Tour Her House!!… VIDEO

August 23, 2012  12:10 pm   Bravo…  

                               Lisa Hochstein…

“A self-proclaimed “professional housewife,” Lisa Hochstein is married to legendary Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein, who is known as the “Boob God” of Miami. Married in 2009 at their gorgeous Sunset Island mansion, Lisa and Lenny have been leaving their mark on the Miami social scene ever since. After traveling the world together to exotic locales like Venice, St. Tropez, and Paris, the couple recently purchased a house on Star Island where they plan to move next year with their two dogs, Puffy and Leo. This 29-year-old beauty made three appearances in Playboy magazine and can often be found shopping, lounging, and hanging out with her maid and friend, Daysy.”


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66 comments on “LISA HOCHSTEIN: New RHOM… Let’s Tour Her House!!… VIDEO

  1. Didn’t mean to sound so snotty, sorry! She tells us that she doesn’t use her bidet but assured us that her vag is sparkling clean.

  2. such a cheap bimbo……reminds me of SJP in “first wives club”….poor soul she has no clue how embarrassing she is.

  3. This girl is the one that gets punched by Adrianna in Lisa’s own house during a party. I think the jealousy bug is going to be going crazy with her and the other girl (who’s husband owns a nightclub).

    • When I saw the preview on TV showing the “PUNCH” my husband laughed so hard at me! Without realizing it I had bounced off sofa saying, “YES!!! Finally a HW does it!” with my fist slicing a upper cut through the air.
      Followed by this embarrassed Grandmother lowering her head as she slumped back to her sofa! (very red faced!).

  4. “Professional Housewife”?! Is that what it’s being referred to as now? Too funny! In the words of Sarah…”Is this the world we live in”???

  5. Okie doke. I kinda like that she called that front door area the foyYUR instead of the snooty sounding foyYEAH. but ,,, that’s just me.

    • Yes, me too. Maybe a ding a ling, too early to tell but so much better than a Countess LuAnn pretensions. That’s alls I have say.

      • Alls right! I can handle a ding a ling as long as she knows she is a ding a ling. A ding a ling who don’t know she is a ding a ling just sets my teeth on edge.
        You had to know I would post this one

        • Awesome! I commented before I watched her video but yes she probably is a ding a ling but like you said at least she knows it. And her dining room table looks like almost the same as ours that we also had made in Mexico so I will give her a pass. Haha. I’m excited about a whole season of RHOM especially Mama Elsa. I am mesmerized by her face.

    • But she made the usual “Housewives” grammar error by saying “here’s a painting of my husband and I” LOL I’m surprised Ms. SH didn’t call her out on that.

        • Ha Ha! Maybe Bravo gives the potential HW’s a test like “how would you describe that painting?” and when she said “I” they were like “Yep, she’s our gal.”

        • I thought of you immediately upon hearing it, SH!!!!!!!!! Is there some cookie-cutter factory for stupid, illiterate, bimbettes that wear TIGHT, one-shouldered mini-dresses that make their bellies look to be 3 mos pregnant? Their faces are all beginning to look alike too (she looks a tad like Adrienne). Yah, we believe that this is really your McMansion, chickie. Now, go show your clean chuckie to ancient Hugh Hefner, who gives a f**k. What trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything she showed had to be “expensive” and have a pricetag on it. That’s new money for ya! New, fresh and gone in about 10 minutes. Dumb trash!

      • I am starting to think that Miss Andy is just toying with Ms SH now mandating that all HW’s say it wrong. If they screw up and get it right they have to pay him a fee(kinda like putting money in the swear jar)

    • I don’t think shes reached the point yet where she thinks she should learn to become pretentious, maybe just bitchy to ppl with less $$$$

  6. “This 29-year-old beauty made three appearances in Playboy magazine and can often be found shopping, lounging, and hanging out with her maid and friend, Daysy.”

    Sounds like an interesting lady who has accomplished a lot in life!
    Miami? i wasn’t going to watch it anyway….

    • Her husband is not considered as one Miami’s most prominent plastic surgeons. Sorry.
      although boob doctors make a lot of money because it is all cash.

  7. OMG!!! She’s like the umm…. dumbest rich b*+c# ever!! O_o Why do we always have to be subjected to the morons in the big “tacky” houses, Bravo?

    My uncle is a multimillionaire. He married a woman who is 35 years his junior. She has several masters degrees, a P.H.D., she even graduated from The Wharton School of Business, for goodness sake. She quietly donates heavily to various charitable organizations {particularly ones focused on children}, she’s genuine, kind, loving and loyal. She never brags about her things. She actually cuts out the labels on her clothing. She drives a low-key grey Audi and has 5 children {all from my uncle} and does not, or will ever, employ a nanny. She does absolutely everything herself when it comes to her children. No drivers, nannies, babysitters etc. She does all that, and still finds time to make herself chic, beautiful and well-groomed. She also decorated her home, herself. It’s very chic, low-key and in a neutral palette, i.e. tasteful. It’s also a lot bigger than Mrs. Lisa Hochstein’s.

    Why can’t these shows focus on women like that, it would be very inspirational to watch. I guess they just want to focus on negative, selfish personalities, that are void of taste and substance.

    BTW, I have no problem with babysitters and nannies. I only meant that this type of woman, just throws her kids at the nanny and forgets about them. I hate to see things like that, it’s so frustrating.

    • your uncle’s wife sounds pretty awesome, except I don’t get the cutting labels off of her clothing, if I’m going to spend big money on a Chanel jacket or a Versace dress, I want to see that label everytime I put it on, no matter who else knows it.

      • I know that sounds a little odd. She grew-up that way. Her parents taught her to not be loud, boisterous or showy about material possessions. I know quite a few people who cut off labels. I, however, agree with you about keeping them on, though. :)

      • @ ‘I don’t get the cutting labels off of her clothing, if I’m going to spend big money on a Chanel jacket or a Versace dress, I want to see that label everytime I put it on’

        Well, obviously SHE buys the clothing for HERSELF, for HER own pleasure of wearing nice, comfy, classy things. Not for others to see, therefore making them into a status symbol. I completely understand her outlook – ‘I know what it is, how much I paid for it, and that’s who that knowledge ought to end with’. She may also be conscious that not everyone can afford such luxury items, and thus removes the labels to ensure nobody sees them and feels bad about their own attire.
        Hallelujah, there is at least one other woman out there who does not see her own value in the labels on her outfits.

    • I do have a problem with that actually…Useless “mothers” irritate me so much!

      A mother should be the one looking after her child, no one else. If they have to work, fine…put your child in a nice daycare…when off work, its time to be a mom. Having a child is a choice, not a consequence of a marriage.

      They dont even deserve to be called mothers! Because motherhood really starts after the baby is born.

        • It doesnt really matter if its 1952, 1990 or 2012.
          You’ll understand after you become a mom, dear.

          Now lets go back to the crystal clear c***

          • Not to cause a problem since I’ve been a reader here for quite awhile just a very infrequent poster, but I just have a live and let live attitude that has taken me 45 years to achieve. Sorry if I was rude.

      • I was at a child’s birthday party, when I was around 18 or so, I’m 29 now. The little birthday boy was having fun, running in the garden, where the party was being held. He fell down and scraped his knee. He started to cry and ran to his nanny. His mother ran over to him, but he didn’t want her. She was in tears, crying louder than her son was.

        That helped to bring her to the realization, that all of her get-togethers, social lunches and parties didn’t mean anything. She let the nanny go, gently phasing her out, over the course of a couple of months. She became the kind of mother she should have been in the first place. She, her son, and the two children she had after him, all have healthy close relationships with each other, now. That event even helped the boy’s father become a better parent.

        I honestly don’t understand how anyone could be so emotionally distant from their child. When my daughter was born, I didn’t sleep for six days, because I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. At least his parents realized what they were missing before it was too late.

    • Malissa: Your Uncle sounds like he had good taste. The bimbette’s on Andrea’s HW shows are all his cookie-cutter idea of a perfect woman. He’s a moron. He’s the biggest “jackhole” of all time. These women are the lowest of low. They’re what most people fear. Hard to believe that the HW series’ could get any lower, but apparently it could!!!!!!!!

  8. Please forgive me but she reminds me of my sons fiance. Dumb act smart manipulative girl, only another woman can read it.
    House is awful. Terrible ceiling mural. Something akin to a cartoon. I’d have to hold my laughter while eating. Less is more darling. If you want to try and pull off a mural invest in a great artist and cut corners elsewhere. I’m one of the odd ones, give me a 100y old tudor or stone house with lead windows, original lighting fixtures and great wood. No McMansions,give me the workmanship. Just my opinion.

  9. This dumb biatch is a basically a sign of the apocalypse. Why are all of these people so complacently idiotic? It’s as if being rich and idle rots your brain. It’s called a stained-glass skylight, you dimwit…

  10. To those who thinks she has bad taste in decorating, her husband actually built the house several years before he even met her, and Lisa only moved in shortly before they were married. I’m interested to see how she will decorate their new house on Star Island once it is built. And saying “foyer” while pronouncing the “r” is very much an American way of speaking, I’ve heard many Americans say it as such..potato/pot-ah-to, right?
    Also, it is not Lisa that gets punched in the promo, it is Joanna punching another one of the girls…Lisa and Joanna got along well.

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