JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ $110 Per Person Charity Event… ER Nurse Giving Patients Black Stuff!

August 22, 2012  1:25 pm

If you were not aware, before announcing her child has been diagnosed as autistic, Jax Laurita announced that she would be going the charitable route with an event to “benefit” Autism Speaks via “Sparkle Speaks“…

In between BubbaJax tweeting about the $110 per person “charity” event being held at the Brownstone…

BubbaJax is also tweeting Mother Teresa videos!

MORE INTERESTING than the perfectly timed autistic announcement in conjunction with her charity event, the following message was left on BubbaJax’ Facebook page!

From BubbaJax Facebook page

“They just starting selling blk at one of our conscience stores here in pa- I got all my girls at work HOOKED! I’m an ER nurse and even was giving it to patients last night to try!!! They’ll be lots of blk sales here in York !!!!   Monday at 3:57pm via mobile

NOTE:   Having a ‘charity’ event softens everyone’s heart… especially when the event benefits children.  However, BECAUSE this ‘charity’ event benefits children, the question of what percentage of this event will go directly to the beneficiaries, Autism Speaks, is often overlooked.  So… what percentage of the take of this event being held at the Brownstone will go to Autism Speaks?  After speaking with a representative at Autism Speaks HQ, it was VERY unclear as to what Autism Speaks expects from a “third-party fundraiser” such as this.  The AS rep said that usually ALL of the money raised goes to AS.  However, when asked if by saying “ALL” the money that meant after expenses were covered first, it was again unclear as to what exactly was expected from this fundraiser. With that in mind, IMO anyone interested in donating to this very reputable cause may want to bypass the $110 ticket and instead donate that FULL amount directly… and anonymously… to AutismSpeaks.    

The AS rep DID provide the following:  BubbaJax’ event is in conjunction with AS; any event stating that it will benefit AS, using the AS logo must have permission from AS.  BubbaJax is working with the AS Princeton field rep for this event.