RAMONA SINGER: Ramoaner’s BravoBlog… Ramoaner “Laughed and Cried”!!

August 21, 2012  8:20 pm   Bravo


What an episode!  I definitely laughed and cried! The scene with Jake getting his running legs was the most moving scene of the season. To see such happiness on his face and eagerness to learn and use his new legs was so touching. What an incredible and inspiring boy.

Aviva has been very supportive of me, holding her own against LuAnn and Heather.  I truly wanted to support her cause, by not just a donation but by physically being there. This event was so important to her and I truly regret not being there. I was dressed  and ready to go right after my doctor appointment. I had a terrible reaction, which prevented me from going, but my lesson was learned. I should not schedule appointments on the same day as important events because you never know what can happen. Live and learn.


I was surprised by Aviva’s reaction to Sonja’s situation. We have never seen Aviva act like this up until this point. It was pretty shocking. Sonja has had Millou for 18 years! Millou was her first child.

For all of you pet owners, I’m sure this is something you can understand. Our pets become our family. An integral part of our family! They are our children and deeply loved. Naturally, Sonja would not allow someone else to bring her very sick pup to the vet. She wanted to be there because she was so concerned. Aviva did not seem to understand this connection and how tough it was on Sonja to see Millou so sick. Sonja was not dismissing Aviva’s event. She was sorry she could not make it but life happens. Unfortunately, Millou passed away in March. He is missed.

On a lighter note, who knew I would have so much fun shopping with LuAnn!?! When she compared bikini shopping to masturbating in private, I was roaring inside! So funny! Life is short and sometimes it is just time to let the past be the past. That was the first time in forever that LuAnn and I were able to hang out, have fun. and laugh together. I was really looking forward to going to St. Barth’s with her!

Speaking of letting the past be the past, the tension between Heather and I is growing tiresome.  NOTE:  When will these Housewives EVER learn the correct usage of “me” and “I”???   It’s “Heather and ME”… NOT “Heather and I”!  

I didn’t react well at the party. I definitely pulled a hit and run but I had gotten to a point with Heather where enough was enough. I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I think Heather double-talks. She says one thing and then five minutes later changes it. “Ramona’s crazy.” “No, I said Ramona’s acting crazy.” Just say what you mean and stick with it. I can’t keep up with her when she changes what she says and contradicts herself. I hope this whole situation between us will pass and we will get to a better place like LuAnn and I. Perhaps, in St. Barths and in calming, relaxed atmosphere this shift would occur.

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30 comments on “RAMONA SINGER: Ramoaner’s BravoBlog… Ramoaner “Laughed and Cried”!!

  1. I just wonder what did the guy say right before sonja said ‘that’s for sure’ ? Did he say ‘you looked fabulous tonight? ‘


  2. RIP MILLOU! SH, they are illiterate, hate to admit it but the only one that can speak
    English properly is the one and only viva paper towel.


  3. Attorney Gloria Allred was raped, I never knew that, that’s why she is such An amazing advocate for female rights, even if she gets looney sometimes. I guess the Same can be applied to an amputee. If she/he has a heart and a morsel of humanity she/he should reach out to other amputees, specifically those less privileged and unable to afford prosthetics. Given that said amputee had enuf years to overcome his/her own handicap and insecurities. 20yrs enuf time? That would make an amputee who was maimed at 6 yrs ready to giveback by 26………right? Or at least her/his parents might set an example some how……….right?


    • I see what you are saying Girlfriend. Its sorta scary that Papertowel is claiming to “counsel” other amputees. I guess that’s in lieu of cold hard cash huh?
      Now about this Gloria Allred being an amazing advocate business…..ifn you ever type anything as silly as that again I am gonna have to give you a virtual butt whoopin.
      Just kiddin, you are entitled to call her amazing if ya want to but that just aint gonna make it so.


  4. NOTE: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with “I”. – Ramona

    Here is a trick Romana. If the sentence does not make sense when you shorten it, you’re not using right word. Sonja and (I/ me ) went to the store. I went to the store. Me went to the store.’


  5. OMG! Someone else noticed the poor grammar on RHONYC. The use of “i” instead of “me” makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! It makes me crazy! Aren’t these women supposed to be high powered, educated executives? PUHLEZE!


  6. I’ll bet RaMOANa was surprised by Aviva’s reaction to her and Sonja’s lame excuses for not attending the charity event. After all, going bat sh*t is RaMOANa’s specialty. RaMOANa tried to deflect the anger by instructing Aviva to get angry. Pretzel logic at work in her tiny mind. Then she threw a crumpled check to Aviva as if to say, “Here ya go, Bitch!” Watching RaMOANa fly around the scenes correcting everyone around her for the exact bad behavior she’s guilty of, is not funny anymore. She’s a tired old hag who requires her butt to be zapped with her plastic surgeon’s taser. I can’t stand the sight or sound of her anymore. When Bravo cleans the NYC house, my hope is that RamonJA is included in the trash.


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