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August 21, 2012  11:45 am   Bravo…  NOTE:  LuAnnie’s BORINGBravoBlog is included here, as LuAnnie decided to phone it in this week!  Not worthy of a separate post! 

No excuses. . .

Calling a man’s wife crazy was probably not the best approach but initially Mario didn’t seem to disagree that Ramona was acting irrational. And in light of her behavior, I think crazy wasn’t far off the mark.  Ramona should be fighting her own “bottles,” but instead of facing her issues she’s dropping bombs and then and running off, like always, and I am left to face Mario now. At least Carole seems to agree with me.

And Aviva? What’s with Aviva?  Is her attack on me a way of changing the subject? Come on ladies, I am right about Jacques. Reid is defending me while Aviva is defending Mario? And why is she is still talking about London?  LuAnn and I were excluded from Miami and we don’t feel wronged. Enough is enough. Aviva and I definitely aren’t on the same page all of the time, but at the end of the evening, we realize together that this really isn’t about us and we decide to let it go.

Despite the fact that Aviva frustrates me at times, I do admire her and care for her. I arrived really late to her charity event at SoulCycle — but not because I was angry at her or holding a grudge. I honestly am not. I was just held up at Yummie in a meeting I could not reschedule. You have to understand getting around in the city can be insane and you really need to allow yourself at least 30 or 40 minutes to make any appointment on time. Unfortunately, my meeting didn’t afford me this luxury. I knew it would be a tight squeeze, but thankfully I got there just in the nick of time to be counted and support this great cause.

Aviva discusses openly about the fact that she suffers from panic disorders, which can be traced back to her accident as a child. I’ve told her that she is the calmest panicked person I have ever met. She is so smooth about her phobias that you really never see her sweat. But, when she talks going to St. Barth’s without Reid, as I’ve said before, you can actually feel the panicked energy in the air around her. This is really stressing her out and I feel bad for her. I can only imagine how debilitating a disorder like this would be. It is clear that Reid really is her rock.   NOTE:  PaperTowel has stated reasons for signing up as a RealHousewife of NY; part of which was that after watching past seasons, she felt she would best represent a “born and bred” NYer.  Obviously, PaperTowel KNEW there would be trips involved.

Later, Aviva and I planned an outing with our families and I thought it would be nice for us to have a stress-free afternoon together. I care for Aviva, and, like I said, the fight we had wasn’t really about us after all. Reid seems to see what I see and he understands me more than Aviva does lately. I look forward to spending some time with the Dreschers. I do think Aviva is just having a momentary lapse of sanity with regard to Ramona and honestly hasn’t everyone admitted Ramona can be crazy? She really is just too much! I only hope she’s not contagious and is spreading her crazy to my friends!?

Flash to our playdate and there is that Hudson Drescher — how precious is he?!? I just died when he said he didn’t want to ride the merry-go-round because it would shake his penis all over. That is one of those moments during filming when everyone just falls out laughing! It was hysterical and precious at the same time and thanks to RHONY Viv and Reid forever have it on tape. My sweet little ones too!!!! It was a great day.

And speaking of great days. . .I have no words for the children Aviva works with. Seeing that little boy with his new running blade prosthetics left me speechless. I cried throughout that scene. Happy tears. I get extremely moved by how bittersweet life can be. . .so beautiful. Aviva had invited me to this and we had planned that I would bring Jax along. He and Aviva have developed a special bond based on their struggles and I love it. She can talk to him about things from a place I cannot and she takes it very seriously and as a “responsibility.” She loves Jax that much more for it. And I love her right back for it. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented me from attending this special day, but I loved watching it on TV along with you all. What a beautiful scene and how much do I admire Aviva for giving back the way she does. She is such an amazing role model for these little ones. Everyone is over-scheduled but this is one thing I was so very sad to miss.   No excuses.

           Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan… “What’s YOUR excuse???”

It feels like this episode was full of excuses. . .excuses for saying the wrong thing, excuses for not showing up to support a friend, excuses for not being able to travel, so many excuses! Some of them justified and others maybe not so much. We all have our reasons but wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need them?

As always, thank you for all of your support and feedback. You make being on the show so rewarding for me. To learn more about me and my shapewear, go to Facebook,, and You can also enjoy 10 percent off your next Yummie Tummie order by entering code “iloveheathert10″ at checkout. And please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@iamHeatherT) and to visit to sign up to become an organ and tissue donor.

Xx Heather

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85 comments on “HEATHER THOMSON: IAmHeatherT’s BravoBlog… “No Excuses!”… Says Ramona Should Be Fighting Her Own “Bottles”… LuAnn de Lesseps BORINGBravoBlog Included…

  1. I think Sonja has a lot going on…..the fact that she couldn’t afford to donate to the charity speaks volumes. It appears her ex screwed her financially and she is struggling to make ends meet. I can see her pain.

    • I don’t know that her Ex screwed her or she lost the money she had in a bad investment via the film industry.

      • Yes, and I think it’s killing her. She’s a gal from nowhere, and in her mind she thought shed made it by marrying 80 yr old Morgan, and now it’s all gone. She didn’t have a good reputation n NYC and couldn’t land a rich young guy, so she settled for the geezer, and the geezer said ciao. I thinks she’s scared and emotionally in a dark place. Worse off than Lumann, but not worse than Papertowel? I bet she’d love for Harry to marry her now, eventually he’ll get his parents $$$$$$

        • From what sweet little Aviva implied Sonja marriage ended because she took too many Girls weekends.
          I can see an 80 year old tiring of Sonja’s antics. It was so sweet for Aviva to share that in her blog.

            • This blog is gonna make me pee in my pants. My compliments to SH for having the funniest and smartest commenters on the blogosphere, and also civilized. says much about u SH. A community in sync.

          • Yea and sharing how embarrassed she is that she married Harry. And he’s not embarrassed by u? Whose more embarrassing and unbearable just by watching the show? Mmmmmmmm?

        • I wonder what Harry is really like. Have you ever met him? I didn’t think his comment to Avivia “nice shirt” or sumpin like that was as big a deal as Papertowel tried to make it. Its almost like she wishes he WOULD legit hit on her again. Anyways its sorta odd that such a playboy type would get wrangled into matrimony with someone like that. They should start teaching a class at boys prep about how to avoid this type of person.

          • You wonder if Harry’s parents were wanting him to settle down and produce an heir? He probably told Aviva that just because they were getting married didn’t mean he couldn’t continue to party and chase women.

            • Could be. Hard to imagine parents pushing their child to marry someone even if that someone is wacky. Papertowel maybe didn’t handle that role very well. If she wasn’t batchit before he got hold of her she sure got that way fast.

            • What did he think about the Talking Head Avia did about the nice shirt comment? Is he so mad he could eat ball bearings and crap BBs? Or did he expect her to do sumpin like that?

            • Do u actually think I’d want anything to do w these ppl that I could answer that question today?

          • U nailed it MP. Love ya girl!!!!! I mentioned that before that Harry is not the marrying kind. PTs parents along with vivs held a gun and guilt to his head. She played nicey nicey until deal was done too, she kept her mouth shut, and Harry’s kinda dumb. And she turned a compliment from her X into something atrocious…….huh? She wants everyone to want her, and claims they’re all fighting over her. Delusional monster

            • She is super jealous and insecure, and Harry wants to have fun. Shes god awful nasty, vulgar, down right mean and embarrassing. It was a bad and uncomfortable marriage cuz of her, not that he’s perfect, but she is overboard

            • That’s horrible. Would love to have been a fly on the wall to watch Mr Treacherous or whatever go to work for his daughter on Harry. Must have been one heck of a snow job. I bet he didn’t pull any of that c.ring, squirting orgasm horny toad bullcrap then. How long were they married? Was she knocked up when they got married? Do you think Discountess would jump at the next opportunity to get another go at harry?

            • Married a few yrs, got preggers after married. Even though marriage on rocks…..she tried to keep him that way. Of course discountess wud go for Harry, he doesn’t want her, or else shed be all over it.

        • Idk about “gal from nowhere”. Wasn’t she a model in Europe? And she worked as a hotel consultant and she has partied with rock stars. If that’s nowhere, I’d like to be from nowhere too! lol

          • Nowhere means grew up in a small town w no money, no college. She was a HOSTESS. Model? Every girl in NYC says she’s a model, have u ever seen her In a catalogue or magazine ? She’s also short. Model, is a euphemism for many jobs………..

          • Kel do ya really think partying w rock stars should be something positive mentioned on a resume?

            • Well it worked for Micheala Salahi. bahaahahahahahahaha. Did Sonja ever work as a NFL cheerleader? And meeting and seating(ahem) an entire football team at a restaurant does not count. tee hee.

            • I’m saying I think she’s had quite an exciting life, and seen and done a lot of cool things. I don’t think many women would pass up partying with Eric Clapton. There’s something to be said for having eccentricities and a lot of cool stories, it makes RHONY more interesting than just watching a bunch of catty business women do lunch and fake smile at each other.

            • Kel what’s your definition of partying? Some kinds of partying will leave you in a gutter, some will leave you w a bad reputation, some will just give u fun memories. Sonja has been around kel, and for worse. U think she wanted to marry an 80yr old? She wanted a young richie. You will rarely meet a woman who is good looking with style and a decent pkg with a man so old……….those guys r for certain kinda women

    • Well, Sonja did herself in financially! She blew 7 million dollars trying to make a “movie deal”. Sounds like visions of grandeur to me. Sonja imagined herself “Going Hollywood” and instead, she lost a bundle. She is so foolish! Clearly she is not a businesswoman. i mean seriously, she was married to grandpa Morgan for 7 years. How much, (other than child support) is he supposed to give her?
      Other women get divorced, pick themselves up and get a J-O-B!

  2. I love Heather, she does tell it as it is. Mario didn’t disagree because he knows he’s wife is unstable (the reason why he’s running around town having sex with other women). And Aviva is playing with fire in regards of being friends with Ramona and to be honest with you Sonja.

    • I agree Buck Henry. At first I wasn’t sure about Heather and I really liked Aviva. I also really liked Sonja last season, but as I’ve gotten to see more of the “real” them (it’s easy to put on a nice facade in the beginning, but eventually the real person comes out) I’ve changed my opinions. I don’t think Sonja is a bad person, but she is def in a downward spiral. Ramona has always been obnoxious and crazy.

      Aviva is starting to show her nasty side and as the St. Bart previews show, she was wrong to defend Ramona and Sonja, as she ends up attacking both of them.

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that Mario didn’t disagree with Heather when she said Ramona was acting crazy. He only started to act offended after Aviva started butting her nose in where it didn’t belong and stirring up trouble. He for sure knows Ramona is crazy and frankly, I don’t know how or why he puts up with her. My guess is the money- (I could be wrong, but I’m not sure what Mario does and if he makes a good living). He was embarassed and shamed into defending his crazy wife by Aviva saying something and not him.

      Heather may rub people the wrong way sometimes, but I do think that she handles situations more maturely than others and she never says things that are nasty or truly mean-spirited. As far as the London trip goes, she was having some weirdness with Ramona and Ramona being “unfiltered” could be a huge business liability. I don’t blame her for not inviting her and people may think it’s mean, but it was one of the few authentic and “real” things that has been done on that show. People in real life don’t invite people they don’t like on trips (NJ Napa trip anyone?)- so Heather didn’t! Makes perfect sense to me. She is not the phony people try to make her out to be.

      • mario works in his families business’s, i do believe and i could be wrong, but he was the one who helped ramona get started in her efforts. his family has a jewelry company and something else. she is nuts, and he knows it, he stays because of avery i bet.

      • Mario took over his families business, a company that makes trophies and religious jewelry.
        He was semi pro tennis player IIRC.
        He has a lot of respect for Moner for caring for his mom their whole marriage till a few years ago when she passed..

        • Thanks for the info everyone, I really appreciate it. So, it’s not the money, huh….Deb- yes, children are certainly a reason people stay, and billie- I hadn’t heard about her caring for his mom- if that’s the case that is something that would make me really love and appreciate my spouse- and possibly overlook the crazy lol. I’m surprised she did that, but maybe she has a softer side we don’t see. Girlfriend- Mario should make Ramoaner a trophy that says ” #1 Crazy” heehee

        • Thanks billie, I didn’t know that stuff. I think Ramona and Mario are pretty happy. I don’t think Ramona is really that wacky in real life, it is all for the cameras.

  3. But she could afford to get little procedures done at a high-end plastic surgeon’s office with Ramona? Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!

          • Aviva doesn’t seem to be the shallow type. If she knew that a “friend” was going through a very rough financial period, I’m SURE she’d appreciate the gesture of giving even $10 towards her charity!

            • No she wouldn’t. Only if the person was homely or worse off than her.
              Sonja is not handicapped or disfigured and toinked/toinking her x husband. So she’d all sahnja a whole bunch of names if she did that

            • But Aviva does seem shallow, when she screams at Sonja at the table. If someone says they had to take their dog to the vet, just say oh, ok, and let it go already, don’t be so vain about it. If I had a “friend” who picked at me and yelled at me like that for not coming to their charity event, I’d back away slowly….

            • PT is selfish and self absorbed. If she shows concern for anyone it’s an act. So fake. She’s bitter, how can she genuinely care.

            • Well, we all know that this whole show is scripted. Aviva’s “charity” was created like a day before she raised money for it. It’s all crap. BUT, if Sonja and Romana promised to participate in the charity and then they backed out, it’s not nice.

    • I agree, I think Heather was just looking for trouble. If she didn’t like what was being said, she could have went around the corner and called everyone out. Instead she listened and waited, then started in quietly with Aviva.

  4. Heather seems ok, decent human being I think, but fooled by aviva thinking she’s sooooo responsible and charitable.

  5. I like Heather…she’s no nonense…her and Ramona’s dynamic is soooo different than JillZ and Ramona. Heather isn’t playing..she’s honest and real. That London trip just keeps on giving here…

  6. I was totally on Sonja’s side when she first started talking about her dog and how she had to take him to the vet. She had him for 18 years! That’s much longer than most marriages last (sadly). I am a dog lover, so when Sonja explained she might have to put her dog down, I completely agreed that she would want to be there. I also don’t think it’s Aviva’s place to decide which reason is “acceptable” for not attending. She is not a Judge (she’s not even really a lawyer) and Sonja is not on trial for murder.

    People should be charitable if they WANT to, they should not be forced or guilted into it by anyone. That, to me, is unacceptable and would turn people off to Aviva and her charity.

    Sonja did lose me however, when she started talking about how embarassed her dog was at being incontinent……really Sonja? She went from having a reasonable excuse to crazyville. That’s what would have offended me if I were Aviva. Her dog was embarassed? I’m sure all the kids who can’t afford prosthetics and are probably teased or stared at are embarassed. She should have kept her mouth shut! Oy vey!

    • Dogs can be embarrassed, it’s weird but true. Still it’s her dog and she loved the little guy. We can’t say avivas charity is more important than Sahnjas problems. I sincerely do hope that this show will jump start PT into a more productive life and see the benefits of giving and continue with her newfound work

      • I totally agree about it not being PT’s place to decide her charity is more important than Sonja’s problems. I also hope that she will continue with the charity work. I had no idea that not all insurance companies cover prosthetic limbs bc they are deemed “not a medical necessity.” I would bet the head of those companies would have a different attitude if someone they loved needed one and couldn’t afford it. I hope this awareness might lead to some change in that dept.

        • Yea the insurance thing not covering prosthetics is demonic. Heartbreaking. However that has nothing to do with fake aviva.

    • Yes, dogs can be embarrassed, they feel many emotions like we do. My cat gets embarrassed when he coughs up a hairball! lol And many people love and care for their pets almost like a child.

      • my cats get embarrassed, I have a sofa with very high arms and they love to sleep on them it puts them at a height that is right above my shoulder. Every once in awhile someone falls so deeply asleep he rolls right off! He is so humiliated he stalks off and hides for awhile. One of my dogs had a bladder infection once and peed in the house by the door to go out, I have never seen a dog more ashamed it was pitiful!

      • Aww, poor guy :( Tell him that Midnite says he has nothing to feel bad about, it’s totally natural ;) My cat just turned 1 and he hasn’t had one yet….wonder what he’ll do when he finally does? lol

        • Lol Midnite79, if he’s like my cat, he will gag a while and try to hide, then look at you with big sorry eyes while you clean it! My cat is 10, and I feed him too many table scraps, so maybe you feed your cat better, that’s why your cat doesn’t gag up a hairball every week like mine!

    • My dog gets embarassed. If he makes a “mistake” he sort of hunches down and slinks off. BTW this was filmed in February and the dog passed away in March.

      • Didn’t we see pics last season of dog poop in SonJa’s place?? The camera zoomed in on it, as I recall. But as for dogs getting embarassed, that is what makes it so heartbreaking when I hear stories of pets living in their own filth in houses. Just think how desperate that poor dog was to NOT go in the house for as long as it could and then to finally have to give up its training, knowing it was not supposed to go.

        My dog is on lasix and he peed on the floor one day and just stood there watching me with the towel looking like “I’m sorry, man, it was the meds…you know it was the meds, right??”

      • Okay, okay, I have come correct lol- pets do get embarrassed. I also agree that some people love their pets as though it were a child (guilty as charged). I actually have a menagerie of pets and love them all deeply, and think that sometimes pets are better than people- they don’t judge you if you’re having a bad hair day and they absolutely give unconditional love.

        I just think it was bad timing for her to go on and on about the severe emotional issues her dog was dealing with. I think it made her seem less sympathetic and although I am not an Aviva fan, I would have been offended that she was discussing how serious her dogs emotional upset was if I were Aviva, who sees children with physical disabilities and knows herself the emotional pain of losing a limb. Those kids who can’t afford a prosthetic are probably embarrassed constanlty by it, as kids can be so cruel. I just think she should have left that part out.- But yes, you are all right, pets can be embarrassed :)

  7. Shapewear needs to be more reasonably priced! like Rhonda Shear. Shapewear, is shapewear….Yummie, is not Spanx….and Spanx, I guess, has the right to be so expensive because she was first?

  8. we had to put our 15 yr old lab down, this was after quite a long illness and every time we took her to the vet, we didn’t know if this was the day she was going to be put down, even knowing that the time would come sooner rather than later, this didn’t make it any easier to deal with. I totally empathize with Sonja on this. Having had several dogs, each one is different and some look/act shamed/embarrassed from using the bathroom indoors or even knocking over something.

  9. i cant’t believe that people would put their pets first.than helping poor kids with no limbs.Unbelievable.

    • dosi: “Poor kids with no limbs”! What are those “poor kids” gonna do when they need NEW prosthesis?? Will PT pay for them??? PT just got involved with her “charity” September 2011! Where was she before then??? Where are all the “poor kids with no limbs” that she ALREADY helped?? SH

    • I might have felt the same way, dosi, until I got my shihtzu as I went into renal failure. He was with me day and night when others couldn’t be….darnit….i’m such a wuss….i’m tearing up as I write…..he def is very close to being a child and would come before a spinning class

  10. Dosi ur asking us pet owners to abandon r furry children for an event that one can write a ck for, or do something later for, do you hear yourself? Neglecting a sick animal is considered abuse and subject to a fine. Let alone an animal that died only a few short weeks later. That’s a life! An extraordinary life filled with love, devotion,loyalty, and genuine dignity, not to mention abundant joy! Pets r companions and members of the family, you are so off base I can’t believe it. I’ll assume you’re a very young child writing this stuff. Mind you viva papertowel never cared about those limbless kids herself, she cares now for an image. Im disgusted!! I wonder what all my buddies @ “best friends” & ” animal haven” would say……..mmmmmmmmm????

  11. That charity “Event” was not what I was expecting- it was a small spin class- how much money could they have possibly raised by doing that?

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