TERESA GIUDICE: Joe Giudice Phone Call… Another Look… Another Perspective… Another Theory…Someone In Editing Screwed Up…VIDEO

August 20, 2012  2:45 pm

                      Joe and Teresa Giudice…

The infamous phone call starts out by Juicy saying,

“Hold on one second, I gotta call my work”…

Juicy then stands up and starts to walk away.

While Juicy is walking, a Juicy voiceover says,

“Hey… what are you doing?”  then  “Oh, don’t even tell me that” then “We’re actually celebrating Caroline’s birthday up here.”

Tree then excuses herself from the other guests at the vineyard birthday feast, puts her napkin down and proceeds to walk over to her husband, who is chatting on the phone.   NOTE:  That is not actually what Tree does; however, it IS what someone with scant knowledge of basic manners would have done.

While viewers see Tree exiting from the table and walking toward Juicy, a Juicy voiceover can be heard saying,

“Here comes my biatch wife… She’s such a c-word.”

Juicy’s voiceover continues….

“But anyway, I’m gonna hang up.”  “I’m gonna talk to you whatever….”

We then see Tree confronting Juicy, asking him, “Who ya talking to?”

Juicy’s reply, “A worker, what the f do you want?”  Juicy continues saying something which DID need subtitles and then says to Tree,

“You’re such a re***” and “Don’t be a f’ing pain in the ass.”

While Tree talks, Juicy says,

“Talk all you want, he doesn’t understand English.”

Juicy then speaks “Spanish” asking,

“How much is it?” “Tell them when they come for it … Pete will pick it up.”

Tree then asks Juicy,

“Did you have to ANSWER it?”

Juicy insists that he DID have to answer the call as “they call him a million freakin’ times” and “If they call you ten times, you think it’s an emergency”…

Let’s watch… the actual “phone call.”  

First producer screw up:  Juicy says he had to call his work; after the work call ends, Tree asks Juicy, “Did you have to ANSWER it?”  Which was it… Juicy called his work or Juicy was called?   Note to producers:  One word:  continuity.  REAL shows and actual moviemakers know and use that word in their work!  It’s an important one!

First theory:  Let’s say that Juicy’s “WORK” which he had to call at that precise moment was Bravo and/or Bravo producers.

Second theory:  The majority of the phone all was Juicy’s voiceover.  Is it possible that Bravo and/or production already had Juicy’s words on audio and found that by using this “phone call,” they had the perfect situation to use the audio?

Third theory:  IF the urgent call from Juicy’s “WORK” had to be answered, it is VERY possible and VERY probable that Bravo producers were on the other end of the phone call baiting Juicy.

Producers:  “We’ll give you an extra $1,000 if you call your wife a biatch.”

**Producers all giggly because Juicy took the bait for a thou…  Producers can’t believe this and call MissAndy to let him know that Juicy called his wife a biatch for $1,000.  MissAndy suggests that they go one step further…. try to get him to call his wife the ‘c’ word.   Give him as much as he wants, but start at $1,500.

Producers:  “We’ll give you $1,500 if you call your wife the ‘c’ word.”   Hmmmm….  “OK, we’ll give you $5,000 if you call her the ‘c’ word.”

**Producers super giggly and on phone to MissAndy… “You’re not going to believe this!  We got Juicy callin’ his wife the ‘c’ word just like you asked… and he did it for only $5,000!!!  Oh, this is GOLD!!!

NOTE:  The phone call was a set up… totally voiced over… and badly at that!!