TERESA GIUDICE: Joe Giudice Phone Call… Another Look… Another Perspective… Another Theory…Someone In Editing Screwed Up…VIDEO

August 20, 2012  2:45 pm

                      Joe and Teresa Giudice…

The infamous phone call starts out by Juicy saying,

“Hold on one second, I gotta call my work”…

Juicy then stands up and starts to walk away.

While Juicy is walking, a Juicy voiceover says,

“Hey… what are you doing?”  then  “Oh, don’t even tell me that” then “We’re actually celebrating Caroline’s birthday up here.”

Tree then excuses herself from the other guests at the vineyard birthday feast, puts her napkin down and proceeds to walk over to her husband, who is chatting on the phone.   NOTE:  That is not actually what Tree does; however, it IS what someone with scant knowledge of basic manners would have done.

While viewers see Tree exiting from the table and walking toward Juicy, a Juicy voiceover can be heard saying,

“Here comes my biatch wife… She’s such a c-word.”

Juicy’s voiceover continues….

“But anyway, I’m gonna hang up.”  “I’m gonna talk to you whatever….”

We then see Tree confronting Juicy, asking him, “Who ya talking to?”

Juicy’s reply, “A worker, what the f do you want?”  Juicy continues saying something which DID need subtitles and then says to Tree,

“You’re such a re***” and “Don’t be a f’ing pain in the ass.”

While Tree talks, Juicy says,

“Talk all you want, he doesn’t understand English.”

Juicy then speaks “Spanish” asking,

“How much is it?” “Tell them when they come for it … Pete will pick it up.”

Tree then asks Juicy,

“Did you have to ANSWER it?”

Juicy insists that he DID have to answer the call as “they call him a million freakin’ times” and “If they call you ten times, you think it’s an emergency”…

Let’s watch… the actual “phone call.”  

First producer screw up:  Juicy says he had to call his work; after the work call ends, Tree asks Juicy, “Did you have to ANSWER it?”  Which was it… Juicy called his work or Juicy was called?   Note to producers:  One word:  continuity.  REAL shows and actual moviemakers know and use that word in their work!  It’s an important one!

First theory:  Let’s say that Juicy’s “WORK” which he had to call at that precise moment was Bravo and/or Bravo producers.

Second theory:  The majority of the phone all was Juicy’s voiceover.  Is it possible that Bravo and/or production already had Juicy’s words on audio and found that by using this “phone call,” they had the perfect situation to use the audio?

Third theory:  IF the urgent call from Juicy’s “WORK” had to be answered, it is VERY possible and VERY probable that Bravo producers were on the other end of the phone call baiting Juicy.

Producers:  “We’ll give you an extra $1,000 if you call your wife a biatch.”

**Producers all giggly because Juicy took the bait for a thou…  Producers can’t believe this and call MissAndy to let him know that Juicy called his wife a biatch for $1,000.  MissAndy suggests that they go one step further…. try to get him to call his wife the ‘c’ word.   Give him as much as he wants, but start at $1,500.

Producers:  “We’ll give you $1,500 if you call your wife the ‘c’ word.”   Hmmmm….  “OK, we’ll give you $5,000 if you call her the ‘c’ word.”

**Producers super giggly and on phone to MissAndy… “You’re not going to believe this!  We got Juicy callin’ his wife the ‘c’ word just like you asked… and he did it for only $5,000!!!  Oh, this is GOLD!!!

NOTE:  The phone call was a set up… totally voiced over… and badly at that!!

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109 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Joe Giudice Phone Call… Another Look… Another Perspective… Another Theory…Someone In Editing Screwed Up…VIDEO

    • No he was talking to his mistress on the phone and here’s a big clue. At 47 seconds when Tre questioned him, he made a mistake. He said I wasn’t going to talk to her and then slowed up and realized he said she and tried to dumb it up. You have to take into account, Juicy isn’t to smart and he was drinking and when he drinks his mouth says what he is thinking pure and simple.

  1. If your hunch is true, then it just goes to show that the people at Bravo have no regard for family,marriages or friendships. (Like we didnt already know that). But to play it like Joe is cheating and cause problems in their marriage puts their 4 little girls at risk for a broken home.

  2. After hearing the language Teresa’s daughters are encouraged to use in regular conversation, I’ve no doubt Juicy’s words were common. He and Teresa have very limited vocabularies, with no inclination towards educating their daughters otherwise.

  3. That ” phone call” was weird no doubt about that. It just rubs me the wrong way.

    Still is wrong on every level for Joe to call Teresa those names, that broke my heart. :(

    • It’s NOT real! They’re used to those names b/c of their extremely limited, backwards language skills, and this was ALL acting. Don’t feel badly for her. I’m sure she agreed to do it for the $$. She is still with Joe and I doubt it’s because she “loves” him so much and can’t be without him!!

  4. Total set up, that was indeed a voice over. I was thinking they did it after filming. But the fact Juicy would go along with it is not smart. Bravo is horrible. I stopped watching NJ, just look at videos and read the overview here.

      • What do you all have to say now that he admitted to it and it wasn’t a voice over? Substantially it was all accurate…

  5. I said this in another one of my posts. You never saw Joe talking and I think this was a complete set-up even calling Teresa those names. I didn’t like the scene with them in the vineyards though.

    • Yup, set-up. Why didn’t you like the scene in the vineyards? Too demeaning for Tre, or too sexual, or too fake???????

  6. I truly do not understand the propensity to make excuses for Teresa/Juicy’s behavior. Crass, crude and ignorant as it was, he said it.

  7. I have another theory…someone on the other end of the phone was asking Joe about a conversation he overheard – maybe Al Manzo even.

    Joe: “man this trip is a mess you should hear what so and so Al called his wife” (edited out)
    Caller: “Hey Joe, what did Al say about Don Caro? Tell me!”
    Joe: “He said (edited out) here comes my B*** wife …she such a c****. ”

    I’ve had plenty of conversations that were gossipy in nature and so has my husband…men are absolutely notorious gossips. LOL

  8. Isnt there a Artcle coming out in IN TOUCH where Tre says she was Humilated and hurt at Joes words. I think she did a real interview with them addressing the Phone call. If it was faked why would she or would she.
    I dunno what to think
    if its fake shame on both of them for going along with it and not thinking of their 4 kids at home who will no doubt be teased and called the same names by classmates.
    if its real I feel for Tre i really do.

    • I’m SURE she did the IN TOUCH interview to spark more viewership right now, since their ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic! ALL.FAKE. And, yes, shame on them for bad acting and for placing their children in further situations where they could be ridiculed!

  9. oh IA Bravo will do the most extreme unethical things for viewers, but in this case Joe did call Tree those names. I do not buy the conspiracy theory.

    I feel for Tree… I cant imagine the hell she is in.

    • Not making any excuses here but I’m sure Juicy said those things – that’s who he is. Was he talking to a girl – NO. Even if you were talkn to your mistress, you wouldn’t use that language around her. I’ve witnessed some pretty foul language from wise guys when then didn’t know I was within ear shot. It was not made for everyone’s ears to hear. I’m sure Juicy felt terrible that it went on National TV. Quoting Chuckie “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

      • Agree with NonnaB on this totally..unless Juicy is totally stupid…you are not stupid enough to call your wife names to your whore because then the whore knows some day you will be talking to her the same way! He was totally wrong and really only made himself look as bad as the Manzos/Wakiles. while making Teresa all the more popular and bullied!!! If she leaves him in the dirt…he will go back to being the nobody that he was before the show along with the rest of the cast.

    • What names did we hear Joe call Teresa in that scene?????????? He used the C* word and the b**ch word, but were they directly about Tre or was it creative filming? He did say other henous phrases, but those are all typical in the Guidice language-guidebook! Nothing shocking there. Don’t feel badly for Tre. They made out with the extra dough for this ratings-booster.

      • He said here comes my b*tchy wife…… she is such a c*nt,
        I like Juicy Joe…. but IMO he said it and there is no way around it.
        After all Tree is going through I wish it wasn’t true, I just feel sad whenever I think of Tree and the pain she must feel from her husband the ONE person that should be by her side.
        It is going to take Tree years to get the knifes out of her back, by the people that claim to love her. : (

        • I do agree that the rest of the cast has sideswiped her, but for some reason this stuff with Joe isn’t ringing true for me. Yup, he’s clearly an idiot, but she’s not THAT dumb as to be in denial like she appears to be. I think they’re both giggling all the way to the bank! I don’t feel sorry for her one iota!

  10. I would like to buy a round for all because I love love love this article. This is such bull crappy. Isn’t it against some law somewhere to name something Real when these shows are less than?

    • Antonella: Bravo changed the description of the HWs shows from “reality” to “semi-scripted” months ago. Don’t know how they get around it all… they credit writers on the show! TFC!!! SH

    • Antonella: There is irrefutable evidence that BRAVO actually made someone disappear at the Sur opening at the end of last year’s BH season. There is aired video and still production shots clearly showing Kim Richards at the table with all the women and Dr. NoSocks, and then poof! she is gone and the tables are pushed together and everyone is sitting closer together. Obviously from the look on her face, she was not going along with the scripted acceptance of the succubus’ story and so she was banished.

      Reality left the building a long time ago.

  11. Tree is sowing what she reaps. You have no moral consciousness about the people around you, you have no regard foe others. I have never once outside of season 1 seen T make any effort whatsoever to sheiks her kids
    You send it out it comes back on you threefold. That goes for any of these women.

  12. The sound quality in the voiceover is completely different from his voice when Tree starts talking to him. Now, if this was an issue of the mic being left on, wouldn’t it have sounded the same all the way through? Not to mention, they had to completely silence the gathering as they played the voiceover. I’m not a sound expert, but wouldn’t you have been able to hear background noises on his mic?

      • Where are these mics? Everyone says he forgot he was mic’d, this person was mic’d at the beauty salon, that person was mic’d…everywhere a mic-mic. But, I don’t see them. Joe’s shirt was unbottoned to his naval…no visible mic. Caroline was wearing a tube top…no visible mic. What about all those countless shots of Melissa in a teeny-weeney bikini…no visible mic. I know they’re small, but geez, shouldn’t you be able to catch a glimpse of one every now and then. I know they use the boom mics attached to the cameras, but they didn’t have a camera on Joe at the time and had to dub the voice over. It does make you wonder if it was all slick production.

        • Mic’s are worn around their waist or back. Most times they are strapped on the back of strapless dresses. Men are easier as they have belts and the ability to wear their mics on their pants. It could very well be what looks like his cell phone holder because that’s basically what the mic pack looks like. a small rectangular box. The actual microphone is tiny and hooked onto the front of their clothing.

    • Each mic is set up on a separate channel so each person has a different mic taping on a different track. Its easy to just keep one mic rather then all in one time.

      The sound difference is a editing but not splicing. It seems they just increased the volume in that portion to make the conversation more clear.

      • Yep. They each have their own channel. Thank you for mentioning that. I don’t think a lot of people know.

  13. SH, I like the scenario. Hasn’t it been demonstrated that Joe has no work except for being a HH? Looking at your phone, seeing missed calls and then saying I gotta call work does not really establish an inconsistency in the timeline. But if Joe’s only work is for Mandy and it was Mandy calling–hey we need you to amp up the tension [remember they told Russell and the succubus to amp up the tension or they were gone] so here’s what you’re gonna do…call her names etc. That he already calls her those names does not mean that she knows he calls her those names to OTHER people and that is what was supposed to get Tre pissed.

    And on another subject…does anybody remember when they all went to the cabin in the Catskills and Tre and Juicy got frisky? It’s not like they haven’t already done it for the cameras.

  14. As is usual. Bravo messes up the subtitles.

    When he speaks “Spanish” which really is a Spanish/Italian mix, he does not say how much is it. He says ‘cuando ese’ which is When he. The correct translation is
    when he
    when he gets there you tell him…
    Yes, don’t worry about it
    *here he switches to Italian*
    Pete will take it
    Don’t worry about it Pete will take care of it.
    *Tree says – Lets Go*
    Ok. Ok Bye.

    As for this whole theory of editing. Who knows what’s true or not. But Here she comes my bitch wife is in fact said. “She’s such a c__” might be different only because we don’t hear the full last word but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

    Was it a woman? Who knows. The don’t tell me that followed by the odd giggle makes it seem as if it was. But then again I’ve heard the same kind of reaction if say he was talking to his buddy and he was at a go go bar or at atlantic city or something. Not defending him in any way with this but we can only draw our own assumptions. Who knows for fact? But the conspiracy theories are kinda out of control.

    What we do know is he has said some nasty things to his wife. He has admitted it himself on Watch What Happens Live. But to each their own. She might get off at the nasty talk. Some people do. At this point we have talked about this scene for over 2 weeks as this video was available for dissection for that entire time. I’m pretty tired of it.

    • He was speaking spanish (as spoken by Italian contractors) Quanto esse, is how much is it? and afterwords he says Pete prende which is Pete will get it. Makes sense since Pete was probably overseeing the workers while Joe was away.

      • I speak both spanish and italian. Di is right. Cuando ese is spanish for when he. Easy enough to mistake it but in Italian how much is it is Quanto costa. Quanto Esse would be As soon as they. Same as Cuando ese in spanish.

        And honestly, if you speak Italian you understand spanish pretty well even if you speak it. It’s very similiar.

    • Juicy was speaking his version of Spanish. He wouldn’t speak Italian because his wife knows Italian.

      • Hee hee. My cousin was living in Italy and was tryin’ to use her really bad Spanish, thinking the Italians would understand it. She meant to complement a co-worker’s hair cut, but how it came out in Italian was more or less, “I like your pubic hair”.

  15. I’m leaning towards theory #2 because he said the caller doesn’t understand English, there is no reason why Joe would say here comes my bleeping wife…she such a bleep. Joe probably got a call from work and told the producers he had to leave the table and take care of it or the caller was going to keep calling blah blah blah. The producer said to go ahead and take it because Caroline’s surprise birthday was boring and no one was drunk enough to start drama. Then theory #3 comes in and Tre goes over to Joe because it’s weird for someone to take a phone call during filming.

  16. When they first started promoting this it had an additional line. That line was “Hey babe” or “Hi baby” and it was not on the episode and no longer on the website.

  17. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I think it’s TOTALLY possible, if not probable that Juicy IS cheating, but I also know “reality” show producers are unscrupulous thugs who have no qualms about destroying someone’s life and/or marriage.

  18. It was edited to create drama and to humiliate Tre. Season 4 is named “Humiliate Teresa Giudice.”

    • why would she go along with this? If it were me I wouldnt continue doing a show that humilated me the way this show has done to Teresa nothing is worth that.

  19. Alright good peoples , I think I got it figured out. Prepare yourselves for the HW conspiracy theory to end all theories. I think RHNJ producers hired one of them there “sexy decoys” to trap Juicy. This doesn’t absolve him at all because he had to be the cheatin type for this to have worked. I am going with the sexy decoy because of the following reasons:
    1) “oh dont tell me that” did not sound like he was talking to any long term side dish(like a Tara)that was new strange if I ever heard it

    2)Tree had just started spending time away from home for book signings

    3)Production knew exactly when she would not be home so the decoy could make initial contact

    4) The hired decoy would know just when to call him during filming

    5) This type of low down shenanigans is not beneath them

    6)Juicy was ripe for it due to his feeling of failure as a provider

    Now notice in the video the lil feller says “you gotta quit smelling my underwear.” Why would he say this? Because these creepers bring out the strangest behaviors in their victims. For further demonstration of this crazy-making look up the Let Me Smell Yo D*** video.
    So there it is yall. Lock stock and barrel what I think happened. You’re welcome.

    • Alright after reading Tree’s blog I have another wrinkle to add. She most certainly did NOT address the phone call, the cheating, which to my way of thinking in this day in age is a murderous assault with all the deadly diseases out there. So…. she says she begged them not to air it. And there WAS a week delay… so I am thinking they added the B*tch wife and C*** sound bite after the fact to give her sumpin else to focus her reaction on.

  20. Not directly related to the call…… I thought it was rude that Joe Giudice tried to get Caroline to sit at the end of the table next to him and Teresa. Just as rude was when he interrupted the Manzos to give his own tribute to Albert when the party was to honor Caroline. Frankly, Joe seems scared to death of Albert.

    Another option I just thought of (probably out there for a long time, but I’m just catching up), Bravo is trying to show Joe as the ass he really is for the benefit of making Teresa seem like a victim, but it’s backfiring because Teresa has already shown how much like him she really is. Teresa is way past the victim stage, IMO. She’s crossed over to the VOUNTEER side.

    • I thought Joe Giudice thought that Caroline should be facing the Vineyard.

      Her back was to it. That was done deliberately by BRAVO. They wanted the camera’s on Teresa and Joe. And we all know that Caroline will not sit next to them.

      I think Joe was innocent on this one. It was her b’day and they were celebrating it at the Vineyard. Yet Caroline had the worst view. Not that I give a rats tail where she sat, in fact it would have been priceless if she had fallen backwards and rolled down into the Vineyard with grapes in her hair.

    • The reason Juicy said she should sit at the other end of the table was so she could have the better view of the vineyard. As it was, according to Don’s own blog, she was staring at a U-haul truck. His interrupting the toast was not cool however.

  21. Oh, come on. I think the girlfriend was blowing up Joe’s phone. He waited until the toast was over and called her back. You’re reading too much into the call/called part. Teresa knew damn good and well that there was no “work” for Joe to call or be called from. She knew it was a woman. And she probably knows which one. She more than likely went over to get him to hang up so the mic and camera’s didn’t pick up too much. After all, she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s smarter than Joe. He forgot all about the mic, I’m sure. Then, either for show or to try and convince Joe that she is the only one for him, she dragged him into the grapes. I felt awful for her. She knows what’s up. I just don’t understand why she’s so opposed to divorcing him. He’s dead weight.

  22. I was gonna say in her blog she says she tried to stop Bravo from airing it
    if it was fake why would she? I suppose she could be lyin gin her blog to make us think it was real
    one Lie just begets more lies.

  23. The whole call-scene was so stupid…and if anyone beleives that
    ‘sex” scene with Joe and Teresa you’re nuts…that’s not Teresa’s style and it was a bit overacted..give me a break

    • Not Teresa style you are talking about the women who Showed her sex toy and commented on her Hubby peen size on national TV and is always trying to get him to grope her and have sex with her Please it is exuatly Tre’s style to go have sex in a vineyard or anywhere else Did they have sex I dunno but i swore she said they did

  24. I want to see the footage Bravo no doubt has of Juicy driving with no license. Surprised there’s been no conveniently timed phone call to local PD with the tip. That would put his ass automatically away for a long time. Juicy’s getting to the trysts somehow and I truly do not believe it is a hired driver.

  25. Juicy practically had an orgasm when his mistress responded to him as to what she was doing. Duh people!!! He then insults his wife to his mistress and once Teresa appraches him he’s standing there like a cheating man who just got caught. He was in total defensive mode with his arm up ready for battle and everything. I live in northern New Jersey and it is a FACT that Joe cheats on Teresa. This is old news. What does it tell you when your friends and family can’t even stand you?! Teresa is sociopath who only cares about herself and spending money. Joe blames Teresa for everything he has had to endure with great reason. She is the reason why they had to file bankruptcy. When Caroline said “Teresa wants it all and Joe is going to have to pay the price for it” she wasn’t far off.

    • He did respond to the person on the other end of the phone’s reply of ”what are you doing” with an intimate tone, it was definitely a woman and she said something sexual. The other thing was his lie to Tree about the person on the other end of the phone not being able to understand her anyway because they didn’t speak English…he was just speaking English a few seconds before Tree walked up.
      So sad to see but everything Samantha makes sense. I think their marriage is busted and probably beyond repair at this point..

    • Oh my. That Tre, She is capable of so much evil. Wha, Tre Guidice might even be the devil herself. Sigh….Oh yes women been taking the blame and shouldering the load since Eve gave Adam that apple. Don Caro and her mob busy pimping blk as a miracle cure for autism? Ugh. Just ugh. If Chuckie Manzo told me the sky was blue I’d grab my umbrella.

  26. So are we supposed to believe that these people are allowed to have their cell phones on them during filming?

    Why has no one else ever gotten a call? Big Al is so busy at work that he has to sleep there but no work calls for him?

    They all (except the Manzos) left their children during a hurricane but no phone calls?

    Something stinks…..

  27. SAD, SAD, SAD. MOST sad for the Guidice daughters. Sad that Juicy doesn’t appreciate, respect his wife and daughters enough to keep “it” in his pants. Sad that Tre is in denial about Juicy. VERY sad that Bravo exploits Tre and Tre continues on this show.

    • I wish she would leave the show for the sake of her daughters and herself. Such a shame if she has to stay because of the money they owe.

      • Tree would be better off without Joe financially. She isn’t responsible for Joe’s companies debt and their personal debt was only a hundred thousand. I’m sure that would be easy for her to cover. I’m sure she earns enough to cover their living expenses.

  28. It really doesn’t matter how it was edited that voice was not anyone impersonating Joe it was him clearly calling his wife a b***h and a c. He was clearly talking to a woman and he clearly tried to pretend he was talking to a worker. The why’s and wherefores do not matter he is obviously cheating on Teresa and a gazillion people heard that conversation all over America. I am amazed that Teresa completley overrides that fact in her blog, all she seems to address is the fact that he called her a couple of names a year ago!! I like Teresa and Joe but he is what he is a typical New Jersey neanderthal he always uses that type of language around Teresa and everyone else, it is who he is. If I were Teresa I would be more concerned about the fact that he is cheating and if she is only just learning about it he has been cheating for a while. I would be pissed that he has humiliated me in front of the whole world, and I would be doubly pissed that the Manzo’s, Lauritas, Gorga’s and Wakiles’s are having a good old laugh at my expense. As much as I like Joe I think she needs to cut him loose, Caroline and Jaqueline have made many a reference to Joe’s infidelties even though they need to look in their own back yards. IMO Teresa has always known he was cheating hence the overkill on the pda’s with him from the beginning.
    Joe has put her through a lot, the accident, the driver’s license, the bankruptcy which she has taken most of the flak for, the way he talks to her and now the ultimate humiliation cheating in front of the America I hope she wakes up and cuts her losses. Teresa reminds me of MaryJo Buttafucco in denial for years I was so happy when she woke up hopefully Teresa will do the same.

  29. SH I did not mean it to come across as though you were implying someone was impersonating Juicy, what I meant was the editing or how they edited it doesn’t really matter, either way you slice it he said those things and he was clearly talking to a woman. There was a definatley a continuity problem and they may well have done the voice over thing, but the fact is he said it, Bravo are ruthless in their quest for ratings not caring about anyone or anything while Teresa may have signed up for it I don’t think she deserved to be publicly humiliated that way.
    I think ultimatley this will all back-fire on them and the rest of the cast, people are already starting to see through Kathy and Melissa, Rich needs to sit down somewhere. The Manzo’s are a joke and Jacqueline and Chris are both idiots.

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