PAPER TOWEL HOUSEWIFE: Reid Drescher’s Ex… Claudine Kroll Drescher Gallo… PART II

August 18, 2012  6:15 pm

                                                                                      Reid Drescher… and whatever

March 22, 2008, New Hyde Park, L.I.

“Michael Gallo first approached Claudine Drescher on her 21st birthday party at Coffee Shop in Union Square. He was home in New York from school in Boston for another several weeks and they dated throughout that time. When Michael graduated and returned to town, they saw each other casually. “I really liked him a lot, but he couldn’t really follow through,” Claudine admits.

They saw each other less and less and, eventually, Claudine met someone else and got married.  (To Reid Drescher!)

During the summer of 2005, shortly after her divorce, Claudine was at a restaurant in the Hamptons with a friend. “There was this man staring at me and smiling from ear to ear – it was Michael. We spoke for a bit and he was glued to me that night and I finally told him we could go out as friends. He was different than I remembered him…”

Less than a year later, the pair was moving into a new home and engaged. But, true to their beginnings, their relationship soon went through stressful times and the engagement was called off.

NOTE:  According to the RHONY source, Michael was in his 30′s and had “addiction issues”…

“…judging by their courtship Claudine settled for a loser who wasn’t even that into her.”

“No matter what, things just kept pushing us back together,” says Claudine, now 38, owner of Cousin Claudine jewelry company. Michael, 39, who manufactures steel fireproof doors, proposed again in November.

NOTE:  “Cousin” Claudine, just as Reid’s second wife, was taking full advantage of the affiliation with Reid’s cousin, Fran Drescher!

CousinClaudineJewelry… Designed by Claudine Drescher, cousin of “The Nanny” Fran, jewelry by Cousin Claudine is characterized by simple, timeless designs that can be worn with jeans or evening clothes. Her jewelry is worn by Debra Messing, Katie Couric, Fran Drescher, Kelly Ripa, Britney Spears, Molly Sims and many other famous ladies, and looks great layered with other pieces. Made in the USA.   NOTE: The link to “CousinClaudine” may not work… the domain name expired.

The bride, in a mermaid gown by Kenneth Pool, carried peonies for the ceremony officiated by the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway at the Inn at New Hyde Park. Her daughter, Veronica, 5, was the maid of honor and wore a similar dress. Pedestal Florist helped create the winter wonderland atmosphere, complete with trees dripping with crystals and Judith Leiber-style hand-stoned table numbers. The couple performed a choreographed routine as the 12-piece band, Creation, played Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You and Me.”

They will honeymoon in Italy in June.

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49 comments on “PAPER TOWEL HOUSEWIFE: Reid Drescher’s Ex… Claudine Kroll Drescher Gallo… PART II

  1. And this guy (Gallo) looks like the Evan guy (slightly – unless I’m going blind)…. What are these people doing…? Trading boyfriends?

    I agree with MP though… VERY interesting story. You forgot to put Exclusive on it SH…. They’ll be swarming all over you and swiping this article very soon.

  2. Poor Reid , knowing aviva and the lying self promoter she is, he is hearing all this for the first time.
    I bet he thought paper towel dumped Evan at the altar and dumped Harry and everyone else. Reid your a schmuck!

  3. I don’t refer to the spouses of my cousins as a “cousin”. I refer to them as my cousin’s wife or husband. I only call my blood relatives a cousin. Is that unusual?

      • SH, I hear you…..fine, but when are you going to post the answer to the blind item about the seller of those luxurious fake designer knock off handbags?

          • Plus you can click on all the different jewelery and once you go to the checkout it says that the page is not secure so the checkout site if it even works (I am a computer dummy) is not encrypted. Some of it is unique but I make jewelery and I make a lot that looks like hers but no where near her prices. Although time and prices of all the pieces needed I lose money lol. I am a

  4. Aviva seemed more normal @ first say in comparison of some of the other HWs..I’m remembering the bathroom scene w/ their son imitating dad shaving. But now with all these revelations and a Georgey Porgey kinds dad…well she ain’t ..hollaheather you ‘re up! !

  5. I have heard that Aviva is very close with Fran.Everyone deserves a friend but this has me thinking of what kind of person Fran is.I never gave a thought to it until now.Fran seems nice,funny and smart-a pleasure to be around;Aviva…not so much.Opposites do attract but in my experience men are more likely to keep a a-hole friend-women run from b****hes.

      • True.But a true B**** always exposes herself.It’s hard for anyone to keep up a charade for that long.

        • Aviva is the only one passing herself off as a socialite. Fran has always embraced her working-class roots. Imagine the nightmare that Claudine and her dh have to endure dealing with that looney?

          • If Claudine were single it would be a big problem,but she’s not, she’s married, much less threatening

            • I’ve seen Fran on interviews and she seems genuine. She has had her share of negative and heart breaking experiences…

  6. I don’t think they are that close, also Fran is much older than her, she will be able to control herself because Fran is famous even if she is not alist. Aviva is socially and status conscious and wants the association cuz Reid offers no one else.

  7. Claudine and Michael gallo live in Whitestone queens, new York. The “nanny” was from queens too. Even Reid is one step above queens, so that means his daughter Veronica lives in queens.

    • As a girl who grew up in Queens I’m offended? What’s the implication here? That queens isn’t all hoity toity? You are mistaken if you think as much.

      • I personally have nothing against queens, plz don’t take offense. But these housewives are snobs and think they are too hotly toity to even drive by queens. Queens is not considered ritzy or social for them.

    • I do, they’re playing hoity toity and Reid’s daughter lives inqueens? They don’t own the apt in Miami , they rent a normal house in the hamptons, they probably rent the ny apt too. They have less money than all the other housewives, and aviva came on the show saying that all the other housewives were “social climbers”, and she’s the only true NYer, so then what’s Reid ms.papertowel?

      • Ok well it’s really trivial since they arent a part of the show the ex wife I mean, and I don’t recall Aviva ever saying she was the only true NY’er. Show have to pull out the tape on that.

        • She did say it, and she did refer to them as social climbers , it was kinda gross. I don’t know if it was a promo tape or what but she definitely said it. 100% positive.

          • Girlfriend, you seem to have her number down. Do you think she faked that fall down the steps to play on her poor pitiful me one legged status that she claims to want everyone to forget but cant seem to quit bringing up?

            • Mp, That I don’t have pegged, but who knows . This woman will do anything for attention, she did sign up for a reality show like all crazies do. But can you imagine the fighting that must have ensued between Michael, Claudine & Reid????? Lol!!!!!! …..” because of ur crazy bitch wife all our personal life is exposed on some stupid blog for the world to see!” and aviva saying ” Reid, tell your lower class queens wife to shut up its not my fault it’s that miss SH,I did nothing!!!!!”. LMAO

            • lol. I bet. Really wonder if the ex wife has given permission for her daughter to be shown on film. I cant remember seeing her on the show. But if Claudine didn’t sign for her to be on the show then Avivia really needs to get rid of the “family” portrait on her public twitter. And needs to quit letting on like she is raising FOUR children all by her lil law degreed self.

  8. At one time they had Kim Richards at 20 million too! I don’t remember what they had the Armstrongs at but it was something substantial. I don’t know where they get their info from or how they calculate it other than it’s what their PR firms tell them.

  9. I know that losing a leg is traumatic no matter what age. Countless women every year undergo mastectomies every year. Nothing is more devastating to a woman and who she is as a person. I feel sorry that Aviva lost a limb but most of us have had to bite the bullet and move on in life regardless of our fears. There is always someone much worse off than you, so count your blessing and don’t let your handicaps handicap you! That is not a message that Avivia can send to others as a role model.

    • Exactly. So If a person(aviva) hasn’t come to terms with it after 35yrs , 4kids, husband…..then don’t expose yourself on reality tv, claiming you are the face for amputees now

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