PAPER TOWEL HOUSEWIFE: Reid Drescher’s Ex… Claudine Kroll Drescher Gallo… PART II

August 18, 2012  6:15 pm

                                                                                      Reid Drescher… and whatever

March 22, 2008, New Hyde Park, L.I.

“Michael Gallo first approached Claudine Drescher on her 21st birthday party at Coffee Shop in Union Square. He was home in New York from school in Boston for another several weeks and they dated throughout that time. When Michael graduated and returned to town, they saw each other casually. “I really liked him a lot, but he couldn’t really follow through,” Claudine admits.

They saw each other less and less and, eventually, Claudine met someone else and got married.  (To Reid Drescher!)

During the summer of 2005, shortly after her divorce, Claudine was at a restaurant in the Hamptons with a friend. “There was this man staring at me and smiling from ear to ear – it was Michael. We spoke for a bit and he was glued to me that night and I finally told him we could go out as friends. He was different than I remembered him…”

Less than a year later, the pair was moving into a new home and engaged. But, true to their beginnings, their relationship soon went through stressful times and the engagement was called off.

NOTE:  According to the RHONY source, Michael was in his 30’s and had “addiction issues”…

“…judging by their courtship Claudine settled for a loser who wasn’t even that into her.”

“No matter what, things just kept pushing us back together,” says Claudine, now 38, owner of Cousin Claudine jewelry company. Michael, 39, who manufactures steel fireproof doors, proposed again in November.

NOTE:  “Cousin” Claudine, just as Reid’s second wife, was taking full advantage of the affiliation with Reid’s cousin, Fran Drescher!

CousinClaudineJewelry… Designed by Claudine Drescher, cousin of “The Nanny” Fran, jewelry by Cousin Claudine is characterized by simple, timeless designs that can be worn with jeans or evening clothes. Her jewelry is worn by Debra Messing, Katie Couric, Fran Drescher, Kelly Ripa, Britney Spears, Molly Sims and many other famous ladies, and looks great layered with other pieces. Made in the USA.   NOTE: The link to “CousinClaudine” may not work… the domain name expired.

The bride, in a mermaid gown by Kenneth Pool, carried peonies for the ceremony officiated by the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway at the Inn at New Hyde Park. Her daughter, Veronica, 5, was the maid of honor and wore a similar dress. Pedestal Florist helped create the winter wonderland atmosphere, complete with trees dripping with crystals and Judith Leiber-style hand-stoned table numbers. The couple performed a choreographed routine as the 12-piece band, Creation, played Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You and Me.”

They will honeymoon in Italy in June.