SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!

August 16, 2012  7:50 pm     August 17, 2012  2:45 pm

Why prolong the answer to this blind any longer!  

The info re this blind came from someone who was with the Maloof/Nassif’s within 48 hours BEFORE their announced “split.”

This BH source told SH that there was absolutely no sign of any tension, discord or stress while they were with Adrienne and Paul… they were the same as they always had been!

The BH Source said to look for the Maloof/Nassif’s to “reconcile”… and for Adrienne to give Bravo her two-week notice!

This is ALL a part of the RHOBH publicity machine!

Which Housewife is going along with her producers by agreeing to a totally revolutionary story line?  Someone very close to this franchise’s production company said that this Housewife’s “heartbreaking split” is simply a part of her story arc.  You don’t really think that Housewife and husband are breaking up… do you?

NOT Alexis Bellino… NOT Lea Black… NOT Kathy Wakile  

NOTE:  Clues to blind… “revolutionary” “production company” = Evolution Media, the RHOBH production company.  “Heartbreaking split” = every site’s description of the Adrienne/Paul “split”!