BLIND ITEMS: “Cable TV Star Not Marrying GF”… “TVActress Gets Calls From EX”… Housewife “Divorce”?

August 16, 2012 3:33 am   NationalEnquirer…  

Why go elsewhere for blind items when SH can provide them from the very same sources!  

These are from the National Enquirer!

  • These two female TV personalities, who’ve also had success in the music biz, have bonded over their shared interest in mental health care. Turns out the ditzy duo had more in common than anyone thought when they were hired for the same gig, and now they sit around comparing panic attacks and which psych meds work better than others! Who are they?    “TV personalities”… could possibly be Housewives!
  • Which TV actress was getting late-night hang-up calls on her private cell phone that only a very select few people have access to? The petite brunette didn’t want to change her number again, so she hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of it. So who’s her  stalker? Her famous athlete ex.     Could be… Eva Longoria…
  • What Emmy-winning TV star has implemented a strict “no booze or drugs” policy on the set of his new sitcom? The actor is constantly reminding everyone on the set what’s NOT appropriate in the workplace – and he’s offering counseling to any co-stars or crew members who may be in need of a little 12-step work.    Could be… Charlie Sheen….

  Queen of England, Duke of Edinburgh… “Where IS that aging diva???” 

  • Which aging diva turned down performing at the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee in London because British officials would only pay for her hotel and airfare but balked at her demand for an exorbitant performance fee? The notorious cheapskate didn’t even RSVP to the queen’s invitation, so they settled for Grace Jones instead.   Could be… Barbra Streisand… BUT, glad that GraceJones showed up!  Grace took hula-hooping to a whole new level!
  • Which handsome cable TV star refuses to marry his long-term girlfriend – whom he really does love – even after she gave him an ultimatum? The hunky actor just isn’t the marrying type – he’d rather booze it up, hang with his buddies and concentrate on his career, rather than settle down! Who is he?     Could be… Jon Hamm…

This blind is from CDAN and is about a Housewife!!

  • What Real Housewife has secretly been taking birth control pills without telling her husband. He thinks they are trying for a baby. She thinks it may be time to get divorced and wants no part of a baby with him right now. It’s not RHNYC or RHATL.
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40 comments on “BLIND ITEMS: “Cable TV Star Not Marrying GF”… “TVActress Gets Calls From EX”… Housewife “Divorce”?

  1. Mego possibly? I don’t think it’s any of the RHOBH as only two of the women have husbands and Lisa is probably past that point and I can’t see Kyle having anymore kids. Alexis is the only housewife who is married on RHOOC, and I don’t see her divorcing Jimbob ever. It could be someone from RHOM, but I know absolutely nothing about them. So, that leaves RHONJ. Chucky and Kathy aren’t going to have children. Now I’m thinking it might be Tre. I dunno, guess I’ll stay with my guess of Mego.

    • I’m fairly sure Tree had IVF for the last baby.

      I’m thinking Mego too. Shes the only one young enough & married.

      • Missy would never divorce Joe even if she wants to. That would make Tre correct. But I can really seeing her as the type that would take bc secretly.

        • I went through the all the RHW and I truly think it’s Melissa. For one, Melissa doesn’t like Joe but she likes his money the reason for the kids. Even though she had all the kids she wanted that is what she told the cameras, Joe may be pressuring her for another child and she said okay. She can’t put off sex all the time, so she has to take birth control to make sure. Gorga wants the other baby because I truly think that he knows deep down that Melissa wants to bolt on him and in his mind her having another child might cement her to him permanently. She wants to bigger and better deal him out of the picture for another man, and she also knows he’s running out of money.

          It’s Melissa, big time.

  2. I was thinking Teresa Giuduce, although if they needed ivf before, idk if they’d just be “trying” now? Or maybe it is Jax, b.c. pills can make you gain weight..

  3. I hate to say it, but I think it might be Teresa. Melissa has always said that baby Joey was their last and her husband never disagreed or said anything about wanting more kids. Though, Joe Giudice has made it quite clear that he wanted more kids while Teresa has said NO WAY!

    • In the dining room scene where Mego wanted to play her new song for JoeGo, he guessed that her surprise for him was that she was pregnant. He seemed very excited by the idea of having another baby,

  4. I say Teresa. I remember Joe saying something about wanting a boy. Teresa was totally against it. Wasn’t Joe’s father going to give half a million if he or his bro. Had a boy? I guess he wants the Giudice name to carry on.

  5. I could see Tamara doing that, but can not imagine the honeymoon is over for her.

    Jim’s wife on the O.C. (blanking on her name). I can see her not wanting another child and divorcing. She just delivered the biggest booger out her nose, maybe that was all she could “bear” for now. Plus she has a her husband, who must be a constant reminder what it is like to have a toddler around. Yes, I am going with Blanking on her name.

  6. I want to say it’s someone from Miami, solely because I don’t think I can see the other women planning on divorcing their husbands while their husband thinks they’re gonna have another kid.

    Alexis is too manipulated by Jimbo to even think about divorcing him; Kyle and Lisa are past that point in their lives on having kids; same thing with Kathy and Don Caro; and with everything going on with the Giudices, I don’t think either of them would even think about having kids, and Mel is too much in love with Poison’s money to even THINK about divorcing him.

    So I would say someone from Miami.

  7. Sounds like a married housewife who hasn’t had a baby yet so is taking birth control pills to keep it that way due to wanting a divorce. But, not knowing about all the housewife shows, I don’t know where this would apply. But, if it is about someone who has had 1 baby, and hubby wants to try for a second, then it could be Phraedra. A lawyer, who gets her felon client out of jail, marries him and tries to hide her due date, is suspicious. She just may want to get out of it at this point. Oops, just took my own advise and reread the item–it’s not an Atlanta housewife, lol, or a NYC one. Melissa has been adamant that their 1 daughter and 2 sons is it, so I don’t think they would be trying. Caroline, of course, is set. Joe Giudice wants to have a son, and resents those who do, having a lot to do with his hatred of his brother-in-law, but Teresa had ivf the last time and is in her 40s so it wouldn’t be about just trying and taking birth control pills for prevention. Besides, Teresa, no matter what he does, would chase Joe to the ends of the earth to keep him. Jac also had ivf, so again, it would be more then trying and taking birth control pills for prevention. Besides, they both seem satisfied with their 2 young sons. Gretchen and Tamara aren’t married. Kyle is set baby wise, and Adrienne, with her circumstances, is out, so’s who’s left?

  8. And calling his trick on a cell phone that Tree prolly bought… dirty talking on the plan Tree bought… on the show that Tree MADE. He lost ever bit of his mind if this is true. Ever bit.

    • He’s always been this way, seen since season 1, always annoyed with her and telling her to shut up and leave him alone, so there is no surprise. He had no problem with saying he broke up with Teresa and that she chased him to get him back. Of course, he speaks that way at home, duh! But Teresa is just covering for him for public consumption. Sorry, but imo she ruined the show, willing to throw people under the bus for her own greed and if there is karma, it will come.

  9. I think it’s Teresa. Doesn’t Juicy’s family have a trust that’s warded to the first sibling to have a son? So far only girls.

    • TO: According to someone VERY close to the Joodice’s… they told SH that Juicy’s father is willing to give a financial reward to the first produced Joodice boy. No “trust”… doubt the Joodice’s even know what that is! LOL!!! TFC!! SH

    • That’s odd. I didn’t know that until I read it here. If it’s true how backwards to not value a girl like you would a boy. But whoever it is , at least they’re not the type to try to trap someone in the marriage by having a (or another) child. Very sad situation when you see that, doesn’t usually end well.

      • It’s not about favoring a boy, it’s about carrying on the family name. VERY important in the Italian culture. The giudice family name dies with Joe and Pete. Years ago, Italians didnt have a choice in how you named your children. 1st boy and girl after males parents and 2nd boy and girl after females parents. the 3rd girl or boy was named after the man’s brother or sister. That’s why Joe Gorga’s kids are named after his parents

        • IMO sorry but that reason still puts the male child’s value above the girls. Openly stating that there is a “monetary reward” for the first male child just sounds positively medieval.

  10. On the Diva one- immediately Madonna came to mind. She is a known “cheapskate”. It’s well known that she doesn’t even comp concert tickets for her shows for radio stations or even friends. And she is an aging Diva and lives in England most of the time… it seems plausible to me.

  11. It can’t be Charlie Sheen. I just don’t want to live in a world with a clean and sober Charlie Sheen.

  12. I think the housewife blind could be Melissa. Maybe Tarzan thinks they would have a better shot at being on season 5 if they have a pregnancy story line, because I am sure he knows this family feud thing is gettin old. Jax had her tubes ties and I think Teresa had IVF because she had her tubes tied after Milania. it could be Marysol but she is in her mid 40s and would probably be going to a dr for testing and wouldnt be able to get away with taking BCP. Did Adriana get married to her french fiancee? Maybe Dina Manzo? She has been joking about being prego on twitter??

  13. IMHO the birth control couple is MeGo and JoeGo. She loved his money enough before, but now she is delusional enough to think she has a new career ahead of her and there is no way a baby fits in with her pop star aspirations. Joe thinks he’s a HW anyway, and I think deep down is afraid Teresa is right and wants to keep his wifey home.

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