SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: RHOA Nene Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams… RichKids… RHONY “MobWives Take”…UPDATE: Latest “WatchWhatCrappens” Podcast! … Jax Laurita “ScaresBaby”!

August 14, 2012  10:20 am   8:20 pm

BubbaJax was out meetin’ and greetin’ her many tens of fans! BubbaJax looks like she’s campaigning for office… scarin’ babies!


We lovez TVGasm at SH… no two ways about that!  Each week Ronnie/flipit gets together with friends from B-SideBlog and Yahoo… and they chat about the latest from Bravo’s Housewives in their podcast, “Watch What Crappens!”

About this week’s “Watch What Crappens“…

“When it comes to women behaving badly, it doesn’t get much worse than the collective display of cattiness on Real Housewives of New York City and Gallery Girls. Luckily, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV) Ronnie Karam (, and Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) are here to analyze it all on the latest episode of Watch What Crappens. We start off with Real Housewives of New York City, which proved to be an hour of utter crazy bickering. Then it’s off to New Jersey, or California really, to talk about the Gorgas, the Giudices, and all those other mooks attempting to rough it out in nature. Finally, we take on Bravo’s new series (and potential guilty pleasure) Gallery Girls before wrapping up with Million Dollar Listing. If you’ve watched any of these shows, you owe it to yourself to take a listen. Heck, take a listen anyway!”

The latest “Watch What Crappens” is quite a laugh-fest!!  Please visit TVGasm to give it a listen!   And while you’re there, hop around the TVGasm site for more funny stuff!


Check out all the RHOA photos from Freddy-O

 Phaedra Parks, little Ayden and Apollo Nida… AWWW that little Ayden is so cute!!!!

 Nene Leakes… nobody lookin’ happy ‘cept Nene!


This is disturbing and disgusting…  “Rich Kids of Instagram“…


(Thanks to SH reader “CathyFromFM” and “FLPhil”!!!)

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  1. Great family picture of Phaedra. The Powerball for tomorrow here in FL is $320 Million, if I win I can contribute to those spoiled brat instagrams.


  2. NENE still hanging out with Greggie are they still doing the horizonal mambo? Enquiring minds must know.


  3. NeNe ‘s teeth look great! She’s got her new show coming up..happy gal. Love that Ayden cutie patootie!


  4. Phaedra and Apollo have split on another website.Says 2 HW’s will be leaving RHOALT not just Sheree.The salaries these witches make is unbelievable.They even get extra for the reunion.NeNe “Moose” gets $750,000 for season and $250,000 for reunion.ot worth the $$ for the trashy entertainment she thinks she brings.


    • Susie: Besides Sheree, MugshotMarlo ain’t comin’ back either. The new ATL Housewives have been mentioned months ago on SH! Will check on the reliability of the Phaedra/Apollo “split.” If there’s anything to it, will let SH readers know! TFC!!! SH


  5. Phaedra, Aayden and Apollo look so beautiful. Then you scroll down to the miserable Leakes family. I wonder how it affects Nene and Greg’s son with this ‘are they aren’t they’ crap? They are too damn old to be playing games like that.


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